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Left 4 Dead 2
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Left 4 Dead 2
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Deep Rock Galactic
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  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet 13 hours ago


  • Timetomine32 [TPDF]
    Timetomine32 [TPDF] 18 hours ago

    What why is this saying it's months ago but it's new?

  • Spence Smithback
    Spence Smithback 19 hours ago

    Best Animal in Plant Zoo coming when

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya 20 hours ago

    You can change your filters and heaters now :D And try to research some food for the guests, if you're able

  • Delenter
    Delenter 21 hour ago

    *facepalm* YOU CAN PUT ON ANOTHER PUMP!!! YOu just have to make sure it is CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE TANK!!! The area that shows up, the strange AURA that you where talking about not knowing why the meaning of it was IS WHY!!!! If the aura touches the tank, and by touch I mean, Get at least ONE SQUARE inside the tank, the pump can be hooked up to it!!!!

    • Delenter
      Delenter 21 hour ago

      edit... Also I dont own this game, But I'm pretty sure that is what is going on... The tank must be within the aura of the pump.... So if I'm mistaken i'm sorry....

  • Ibe Vanholme
    Ibe Vanholme 22 hours ago

    Loving this series, can't wait for the cool stuff to be unlockee

  • Nico Mc Tacos —is a member—

    Love your vids!!❤️

  • sammy lizard
    sammy lizard 22 hours ago

    Hi I love your videos and I'm 10 and live in Wales britan

  • gosi 1
    gosi 1 22 hours ago


  • stillaslifevideo
    stillaslifevideo 22 hours ago

    Zozo may be the most popular ride but since it has such a small capacity, it wouldnt be able to get as many people through over time.

  • David Salazar
    David Salazar Day ago


  • Its Frost
    Its Frost Day ago

    Trying to type this while not reading the other comments As much as I liked this series I'm glad that pancake park is now coming sooner than ever

  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet Day ago

    Said it

  • Pie Eye
    Pie Eye Day ago

    *Hates sprinkler and small ball* *Has sprinkler and small ball* WhY aReNt ThEy HaPpY?

  • Isaac Servin
    Isaac Servin Day ago

    Pancake park

    • Isaac Servin
      Isaac Servin Day ago

      Yay I have been waiting long and please a other roller coaster tycoon 3

  • Bee
    Bee Day ago

    Great series ! Love your commentary haha. Can't wait for pancake park!!

  • DAndre Harvey
    DAndre Harvey Day ago

    A DO Challenge castle story like endless warlock

  • Jason payne
    Jason payne Day ago

    Should do one where queue times are taken into account, think that would give a different result

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya Day ago

    The legend says the creator of Zozo sold his soul to the Devil in order to make the best ride in Planet Coaster. And this tournament has proved that legend to be true :D

  • Zynacle
    Zynacle Day ago

    The expected winner, but that doesn’t mean the journey wasn’t fun.

  • Amber Browne
    Amber Browne Day ago

    Thank you for doing whole series! Enjoyed it allllllll!

  • Aj Candeias
    Aj Candeias Day ago

    Who else is hyped for pancake park

  • Aj Candeias
    Aj Candeias Day ago

    I mean, who was surprised?

  • Garf 1101
    Garf 1101 Day ago

    Thank you toadlet for this series!!!

  • Erin Nichole
    Erin Nichole Day ago

    Wooooow. That was a nail biter for a sec! 😳 Can’t wait for Pancake Park!

  • megod 40
    megod 40 Day ago

    Did he do this tournament in Parkitect?????

  • PRO EVIDENCE Here now anytime

    PANCAKE 🥞 PARRK Is going to be great

  • MysteryGames
    MysteryGames Day ago

    Huh were you paid for Zozo advertising?

  • Dollannn Goodboi

    So your telling to get the muns I just make a park called zozo land?

  • Tony
    Tony Day ago

    You never put in the Loop O Plane. That would give the Zozo a run for it's money. There just about the same kind of ride. What happened? Why didn't you put the Loop O Plane in the mix?

    • Toadlet25
      Toadlet25 Day ago

      This series was just the 42 flat rides in the base game, I don't have any of the DLCs 😂

  • AbovegroundRuler

    I'm still confused on how a chair swing makes it this far

  • Carlos Ailongomes

    First of the Day 12:44 pm😎😎

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger 2 days ago

    7:40 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yelena A
    Yelena A 2 days ago

    Try putting in red pandas and you are really entertaining

  • Evan Zhang
    Evan Zhang 2 days ago

    Jesus Christ this is a throwback, I remeber watching this series back in the days.

  • PookieBear Cub
    PookieBear Cub 2 days ago

    I like the content there is a problem in the beta which is you won't see the food on the animals food bowls

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger 2 days ago

    🐡🐟🐠 I love this series🐟🐟🐠🐡

  • Porsche Duésnburg
    Porsche Duésnburg 2 days ago

    "Wooden Coaster 1 looks too intense for me!"

  • Amy Raines
    Amy Raines 2 days ago

    😊😊 I thoroughly enjoyed playing Beta and am sooo excited for the full release!

  • senthil dilip
    senthil dilip 2 days ago

    Idk SOOO FUNNY he’s like YEET

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya 2 days ago

    Can't wait till this game is fully released. It looks so good!!

  • Alexhog07
    Alexhog07 2 days ago


  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet 2 days ago

    Much size wow

  • Funny Video
    Funny Video 2 days ago

    I’m third

  • Shaeck Meme channel


  • Ryan Price
    Ryan Price 2 days ago


  • I like Crabs
    I like Crabs 3 days ago

    Wait... you’re a city planner, roller coaster manufacturer, and youtuber?

  • I like Crabs
    I like Crabs 3 days ago

    Just look at those high way signs next to the houses!

  • E. Andrews
    E. Andrews 3 days ago

    Set up shelters!

  • E. Andrews
    E. Andrews 3 days ago

    Please send a savefile to Sam Bur of before it is completely destroyed! Like so he can see.

    • E. Andrews
      E. Andrews 3 days ago

      Watch Sam Bur's traffic guides!!!

  • Zack Blake
    Zack Blake 3 days ago

    First comment you are very funny I watched your rct3 vids I remember the peep abuse videos

  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet 3 days ago

    Hohoho human suffering

  • Janice Riccardo
    Janice Riccardo 3 days ago

    Poor poor Flossington was getting hammered by mother nature. Yikes. Lol

  • Amy Raines
    Amy Raines 3 days ago

    🤣🤣 that was fun!

  • Mariah Boisvert
    Mariah Boisvert 3 days ago

    i think you broke it

  • robeclave
    robeclave 3 days ago

    The Mod you're using only increases the frequency and reads out the games random factors for the disasters. The maximum thing you're reading is the maximum the intensity could be, not what the intensity will be.

  • Ian Woodruff
    Ian Woodruff 3 days ago

    I love how the tsunami just makes a slight squelchy noise.

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya 3 days ago

    I just love how the tsunami was all poopy water. Like, if you didn't get killed by the water, you get killed by the infections xD

  • SiebayToo
    SiebayToo 3 days ago

    But what if you put a tsunami inside of a tornado? You get a hurricane.

  • Goblin games64
    Goblin games64 3 days ago

    A tusnami has struck the city!

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration 3 days ago

    A tsunami has struck the city! Take caution and avoid roads and waterfronts until the water recedes!

  • Kate D.
    Kate D. 3 days ago

    I'm assuming the city is probably going to get demolished next episode. Judging by how many disasters happened at the end of this episode, I don't think it's going to survive next episode.

  • Charlie Burns#5
    Charlie Burns#5 3 days ago


  • random Stuff
    random Stuff 3 days ago


  • random Stuff
    random Stuff 3 days ago

    You might want to build a space centre (Comes in the base game!)

    • random Stuff
      random Stuff Day ago

      @Toadlet25 don't worry its space reformatory camp for flossers (the rockets can fail btw!)

    • Toadlet25
      Toadlet25 Day ago

      I don't want these fools to escape to the moon to floss there...

  • AzzyBoi
    AzzyBoi 3 days ago


  • random Stuff
    random Stuff 3 days ago

    Btw Ragnarok DOES let disasters that happen normally go higher Also the game tells ya if any mods are Overlapping each other!

  • random Stuff
    random Stuff 3 days ago

    Messing ton!

  • Bee
    Bee 4 days ago

    Enjoying this season ! (Bit late to the party) might you feel like streaming rimworld again at any point ? :)

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger 4 days ago

    Toad and Cyclops best romantic movie of this year 6:00 9:17 that scare seriously got me! That map reminds me of outlast for REAL

  • Brandon Hembreevideos

    Is it ride

  • yeet productions
    yeet productions 4 days ago

    Toadlet. Castle story was really fun to watch you play and I am hoping that you could do more videos playing it. :))))

  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet 4 days ago

    Still think zozo will win

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger 4 days ago


  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger 4 days ago

    HOW immersive toad!👏👏👏 #letmetakeaselfiewhile this dino eats me

  • Willum Kett
    Willum Kett 4 days ago


  • CrazyGamer Gamer
    CrazyGamer Gamer 4 days ago

    The puke-inator

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration 4 days ago

    Guessing chair o plane vs zozo with Zozo victory 3-2 running the rides every time. They are just tame enough kids will ride but just interesting enough thrill seekers will ride.

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya 4 days ago

    Zozo vs Chair-o-Plane go go go!!

  • cogoro
    cogoro 4 days ago

    someone explain to me why this guy doesn't have 100000 subs, seriously!

    • Crow Migration
      Crow Migration 4 days ago

      @Valderon it's a joke he's said these things on stream lol

    • Valderon
      Valderon 4 days ago

      ​@Crow Migration Same reasoning for your channel I assume?

    • Crow Migration
      Crow Migration 4 days ago

      Cause his voice is annoying and his face is stupid and he has no friends (I bet he likes this comment if he sees it)

  • Zynacle
    Zynacle 4 days ago

    I’m now officially on team Chair-o-Plane, it’s the underdog that proved its might.

  • PRO EVIDENCE Here now anytime

    Who’s waiting for pancake park?

  • ThatRandomDude 999999

    Luke is Dumb: “let me guess... your home?” Toadlet: “it was... and it was beautiful!”

  • ThatRandomDude 999999

    I need to know all the mods you used in this series. It looks so fun! The only ones I do have are mo’ creatures and biomes o’ plenty

  • Michael Teague
    Michael Teague 5 days ago

    You need a feeer

  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet 5 days ago

    Liquid meth

  • Andrew Rutherford
    Andrew Rutherford 5 days ago

    0 dislikes, not bad!

  • Gary Clarkson
    Gary Clarkson 5 days ago

    More Castle story

  • Simon Høst
    Simon Høst 5 days ago

    My second or third ever stream of Toadlet25 this badboy right here

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya 5 days ago

    This is gonna take a while... :P Also build more tanks. You have enough money

  • JC music and gaming

    Yo I remember this.

  • Derp Sans
    Derp Sans 5 days ago

    I didn't even realize u had a live stream on this cause I didn't get the notification

  • dariel aguilar
    dariel aguilar 5 days ago

    Will you do a tiny zoo when planet zoo gets released?

  • finn gaming
    finn gaming 5 days ago

    Always used to watch your rct and just found you again so happy

  • Zynacle
    Zynacle 6 days ago

    This game is already better than RCTW, granted that bar is so low it’s melted in the Earth’s core.

  • PRO EVIDENCE Here now anytime

    Intro ?

    • Toadlet25
      Toadlet25 Day ago

      I recorded this hours at a time since it was a limited beta, so it just picks right up where the last one left off!

  • Lars Marivoet
    Lars Marivoet 6 days ago

    Love tortles

  • Valkiwi
    Valkiwi 6 days ago

    Eveytime I see a tortoise, I can hear "TuRtLe sAvInG iS a HobbY"

  • Derp Sans
    Derp Sans 6 days ago

    wut u dont say mmmm tasty when ur in a bathroom?

  • Lizzie Nya
    Lizzie Nya 6 days ago

    7:48 you were looking in the right place but, for some reason, wood barriers can't be curved. You have to place glass first and then turn it to wood for it to work