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  • Delong Wang
    Delong Wang Minute ago

    Hongkong Style protest : wear masks ,use umbrellas as a weapon sheld ,paralyzed the traffic. smash every shop related to "spain" ,attack people who disagree with you. damage all the security cameras .smack and burn down all the subway stations ,use molotov cocktails attack police stations.cry in front of media when got caught.

  • Rui Duarte Andrade Adao

    Abortion is the evil of all evils. 🙏😳

  • Richie and Ava
    Richie and Ava 2 minutes ago

    Thanks Donny.

  • Chris Van Bekkum
    Chris Van Bekkum 7 minutes ago

    So? As long as you do the polluting in name of save the planet , it is o.k.???

  • phil osophical
    phil osophical 10 minutes ago

    And most of the oceans rubbish is dumped by people and companies in regions like asia and africa. Regions which have a total combined population of about 5 billion. Make them clean it all up.

  • MsReylla
    MsReylla 14 minutes ago

    Why can’t these adult able bodied men stay and fix their own problems and countries?

  • Samm
    Samm 15 minutes ago

    Does anyone know the name of the arabic song at 16:20??

  • je&moi-meme *
    je&moi-meme * 15 minutes ago

    So this is what Mohammed taught his daughters?

  • Public Opinion
    Public Opinion 20 minutes ago

    El Feminismo es un ASCO 🤮 Un Cáncer Social...

  • je&moi-meme *
    je&moi-meme * 21 minute ago

    Nasty. Disgusting Lebanon.

  • Iamtop
    Iamtop 23 minutes ago

    The problem of plastic is single use plastic yes. Plastic roofs we can probably recycle. That said any plastic pollutes, they are made from fossil fuel which has to be extracted...

  • Anthony Harness
    Anthony Harness 23 minutes ago

    And folks were mad at Trump for changing the trade deals. You really think that a government like China is gonna be honest? Now pair that with all of our past presidents on both sides who didn't do a damn thing. That deepstate is as real as it gets if they side with China like that.

  • Ash
    Ash 28 minutes ago

    Until someone decides to consume it..which is how the movie Prometheus begins

  • SHEEPY 14842
    SHEEPY 14842 29 minutes ago

    what is the deal, 10 years headache ? Boris biggest achievement hanging from a rope ..

  • Augusto Lori
    Augusto Lori 30 minutes ago

    You always repeat 52 - 48 devide but those numbers are not speaking about the real truth. You should say that 48% represent a group of people, but 52 is an alliance of groups. This means that the group of Nigel represents much less than 52%, and probably much less than 48% ! Nigel Farage represents about 34% of the voters and we saw that in the last european elections! So I do not see anything bad if the minotory Group of Farage does not get what they want.

  • Fred Norman
    Fred Norman 34 minutes ago

    so what is the root cause of all of this ISLAM.

  • SHEEPY 14842
    SHEEPY 14842 37 minutes ago

    Art? strange one than .. putting a cat on fire art too ?

  • Beverlyne Wanjiru
    Beverlyne Wanjiru 39 minutes ago

    Its interesting

  • André Rothweiler
    André Rothweiler 40 minutes ago

    Rape capital of Europe and feminist government, it says it all!

  • VOTE TRUMP 2020
    VOTE TRUMP 2020 42 minutes ago

    It’s like monster blood from Goosebumps.

  • Jeff Tombrello
    Jeff Tombrello 45 minutes ago

    France24 really is untrustworthy with the facts. It invites biased commentators and gives a completely false impression. France 24 has nowahown itself the be FAKE NEWS.

    DON HUANG 46 minutes ago

    Hong Kong protesters are exporting their brand of "BE WATER' tsunami to the rest of the 'independence fighters all over the world by peacefully blocking public roads, disrupt parliament, mass sit-in inside business/ shopping districts, vandalize MRT stations, dismantle road traffic lights / CCTV and trying to goad the police to react aggressively for the global community to see. And also don't forget to throw in some home-made molokov cocktail bombs for special effect. Independence movements in the following places should copy what the Hong Kong protesters have been doing so successfully for 4 months now Spain - Catalonia / Basque / Canary Islands / Galicia; UK - Scotland / North Ireland / Cornwall (Cornish) / Isle of Man; France - Brittany / Corsica / Alsace / Basque; Germany - Bavaria; Italy - Veneto / Sardinia / Sicily; Denmark - Bornholmsk / Faroe Islands.

  • Geffo Me
    Geffo Me 46 minutes ago

    Boris is the pied piper luring the country toward the precipice. Half the people only grin like fools while the rest of us are nauseated by his lies and deviousness. Too many have been mesmerised into Brexit dementia.

  • pee Ivate
    pee Ivate 48 minutes ago

    Watch his space what was the EU vote? Leave just leave.

  • doocieonu
    doocieonu 49 minutes ago

    Nothing pretty about bull fighting I seen it in Mexico before. It's sad and makes humans look evil. Bulls are beautiful creatures. I rather see two evil criminals fight to death.

  • Onur Sag
    Onur Sag 50 minutes ago

    These people are funny. Kurdish terrorist group pkk has been attacking Turkish citizens inside borders of Turkey for the last 40 years, killing more than 20.000 people. Including attacks in the streets killing thousands of civilians. And these jerks on the channel are making fun of this fact. That woman asks what happens of this happens while it has been happening for 40 years. Ignorant liars.

  • Antonia De La Rua
    Antonia De La Rua 51 minute ago

    You should never show their faces, until they have reach their destination and is settled. then its ok to show their faces

  • Roger Stubbs
    Roger Stubbs 52 minutes ago


  • Religion is a curse not a blessing There is no God

    It's Theresa May part 2

  • brian yvr
    brian yvr 57 minutes ago

    No brain. 720 sexes. Is it the new mascot for the gender fluid movement

    SEAN PAN 57 minutes ago

    They are inspired by the much more violent PEACEFUL protest labelled "Hong Kong style occupation". It's the kind of events called by American house speaker-Nancy Pelosi---------Beautiful Landscape.

  • TM G
    TM G Hour ago

    Is that so called objective French diplomacy?! All about anti - turkish policies! Pity!

  • Rongrong Cai
    Rongrong Cai Hour ago

    Games about to be over. Heard money is going to start pulling out

  • Abhishek Meena
    Abhishek Meena Hour ago

    Long live narender modi.....

  • Loraine Jones
    Loraine Jones Hour ago

    Hate china hate Turkey haha does France hate everybody 😆 Europe turn their back on NATO ally??? Yellow vest???? No words loooooool

    • Alt Metin
      Alt Metin 5 minutes ago

      Hypocrisy as it finest

  • Valencia L
    Valencia L Hour ago

    Andromeda’s Strain anyone?

  • Tansirul
    Tansirul Hour ago

    ahh how the french hates!! Turkey dose not need help from nato and certainly not from a country famous for only raising the white flag. stick to fighting in mali because thats your league france.

  • Firoz Khan
    Firoz Khan Hour ago

    Idiots shut up

  • Per Nielsen
    Per Nielsen Hour ago

    BBC denying deniers is not new - but who cares about the BBC? - Indeed, who cares about this bunch of clowns who'll soon be busy explaining to people why they can't afford to eat and heat their own homes.

  • Eric Harvey
    Eric Harvey Hour ago

    Dead Rat

  • Palmyra & Claire

    That is a piece of info for that "pundit" analyst: Adana, October 20,1998.

  • Judge Morville
    Judge Morville Hour ago

    One thing to be said in favour of the treaty is that it does get us out of the EU, no more extensions, no second referendum & no fear of article 50 being revoked to put us back to square one. Scrapping this new treaty at a later date, would be a far simpler affair than Brexit.

  • MegaLangosta
    MegaLangosta Hour ago

    Y'all are fkin gay as hell.

  • Alessia
    Alessia Hour ago

    The alien from that 2017 movie Life

  • estote parati
    estote parati Hour ago

    Hugh mungus what? How dare you! Reeeeeee

  • Elena O.
    Elena O. Hour ago

    Excuse my English. Let's put it this way, I am doing a sort of survey, open to all [(I have nothing against anyone, I do NOT discriminate against anyone (it would hurt)]. And based on the answers / "answers", I can for example understand which topics to touch, and which ones instead We begin: - I sincerely prefer to receive only dislike, rather than fake like, but I hope in my heart to receive many likes and <3 [(for example)]. A) I agree / agree with the thought of some or many [(not to say all, frankly, I hope NOT so, that there are people who think differently)] members of the UAAR, linked for example to articles on attacks terrorists in the churches, or ... I mean with these thoughts: Enrico In fact it is from Catholicism that atheists are attacked. peppe Well, I wonder where your god was when the bombs went off. The priest from the altar: go in peace and then ... boom! Carnage. Something does not come back to me: either this poor people pray and risk their skin for the wrong god, or indeed your god is a sadist or - worse - an incompetent. To you the verdict, genius nightshade90 @enrico brievnik was certainly not Muslim, and the victims weren't exactly a group of players ... ... and if you wanted to go back a little further back in history, for every Christian killed now by Muslims there are 100 atheists / apostates / heretics killed by Catholics with fire and torture ... ... DEFINIVE atheist, but in fact it made ideology a religion (by definition atheism is incompatible with the single thought). and he has not but PERSECUTED ANYONE in the name of ATIISM, only in the name of communism (in the Soviet Union a believer could access any office, as

    • Elena O.
      Elena O. Hour ago

      Mettiamola così, sto facendo una sorta di sondaggio, aperto a tutti [(NON ho niente contro nessuno, NON discrimino nessuno (ci mancherebbe)]. E in base alle risposte / “risposte”, potrò per esempio capire quali argomenti toccare, e quali invece evitare. Iniziamo: - Sinceramente preferirei ricevere solo dislike, piuttosto che finti like, ma spero in cuor mio di ricevere molti like e <3 [(per esempio)].

    • Elena O.
      Elena O. Hour ago

      fully understand. [(I could, intrigue / intrigue, for example, the "opinion" of the atheists. - For example, I disapprove (in full) of the "homophobic ideas" of some members of the "Family Day", and I apologize for past errors and horrors, although I have NOT committed them, although being (completely) innocent; well now notch to le / te / Voi, for whatever is or is not your "creed" or "I do not believe", I hope you participate / take part in many of these, my humble, probing.)]

    • Elena O.
      Elena O. Hour ago

      long as he was a communist, while a non-communist was persecuted regardless of religious faith, on the other hand in the Vatican if you are not baptized you cannot access any public office). and if one really wants to win over the dead perpetrated by the various countries by counting them on the basis of the state religion professed therein, ALL THE DEAD IN EUROPE UNTIL THE LAST CENTURY ARE ATTRIBUTABLE TO YOU. the Soviet union would have professed to be an atheist, but Nazi Germany professed to be Christian, just as Catholics professed the conquistadors who gave birth to entire populations of Native Americans, and the Eurpoei countries killing witches and heretics were Caristians. the number of deaths caused by you always continues to tarnish even that of the sovioetici. Francesco The terrorists have made a nice Christmas present to the Vatican and to the underdeveloped people who run after it, here in Italy in fact and in all those countries where civilization (secular), despite their efforts to prevent it, has managed to prevent them from being able to do and undergo similar atrocities (and superstitious Italians also have the courage to say that the merit of this is their and their supposed Christian roots), allows them to stay calm and so, hearing this news, they can complain that they are discriminated against and divert attention from the scandals that are currently engulfing the church (privileges, pedophilia ... ... etc.), so much to their colleagues abroad what can happen to them if they do not care, on the contrary if they are tortured and killed they can exploit the thing in their favor. Roberto Grendene ... ... ... on the other hand, the religions, and in particular the monotheistic ones, are still making blood. wunsche and I

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson Hour ago

    If turkey keeps moving fire on them. Then invade and take the entire country.

  • Fiona Corliss
    Fiona Corliss Hour ago

    Every single comment here has helped to restore my faith in the human race. My snarky reply is unneeded.

  • Javier Lavin
    Javier Lavin Hour ago

    The truth is we Spanish are our own worse enemies. The Dutch guy is a lot more positive than the 2 Spanish men speaking in the video. Almería is an incredible story, from extreme poverty to changing Europe's culinary pratices for the better. Salads and vegetables in Winter. Water there are desalinazation plants but that would raise the price of the produce for the wholesalers which earn a lot more than the producers then you have the guy talking about the plastics This came about because this year there were storms that tore through the area and who says It is not going to be cleaned up!!

  • apxv467 je
    apxv467 je Hour ago

    India is the cancer of Asian continent.

  • martin crespo
    martin crespo Hour ago

    The USA is paying the price of having a Clown as President

  • mazlum dogan
    mazlum dogan Hour ago

    Never FORGET armenian greek genocide terrorist turqiya

  • Steven Oviedo
    Steven Oviedo Hour ago

    How weird. Spain saying Independence is not an option. And then they whine about how we talk about them here in Latin America. Shame

  • Soturian
    Soturian Hour ago

    European logic: Plans "rebellion." Executes riot. Gets arrested. Condemns the arrest of "peaceful protestors."

  • David Clawson
    David Clawson Hour ago

    I wonder if it’d be better to have some kind of incinerator buoy to cleanly burn the plastic to generate electricity? Yeah, it’s not carbon neutral, but if it could operate without having to be serviced as much. Could be emptied of the non combustible stuff by a passing ship.

  • Andrew Jiang
    Andrew Jiang Hour ago

    This is a absolutely peaceful protest as in Hong Kong!

    • Loraine Jones
      Loraine Jones Hour ago

      Yes spain is following peaceful protests like hong kong

  • Butch Hertz
    Butch Hertz 2 hours ago

    He's doing what he said and what We want. 5 more years.

  • unpaid troll
    unpaid troll 2 hours ago

    Catalonians are not impressed with the EU's muslim relocation program. Catalonian citizens do not like Islamic rape gangs. They do not like having their shops looted. They do not like being replaced. get that through your thick heads and report on it accurately

  • Eusunt Dac
    Eusunt Dac 2 hours ago

    "It's rush hour in London" with that self-entitled tone ... haha!! Swine.

  • Mon Joxley
    Mon Joxley 2 hours ago

    Order something from Deliveroo everytime he says "you know".

  • AwramAndStorm
    AwramAndStorm 2 hours ago

    I love all these private profiles of obvious chinese shill brigading every single thing about hong kong trying to convince us that the protesters are completley in the wrong like the hk police or should i say chinese military is kidnapping, raping and killing people on the street right now

  • unpaid troll
    unpaid troll 2 hours ago

    all these people who believe the world is going to end in 10, 12 or whatever years need to all just kill themselves and allow the rest of us to live in peace for the next decade. thanks

  • Marijo Se
    Marijo Se 2 hours ago

    Finland has the most advanced school sistem in the worlld

  • Palmyra & Claire
    Palmyra & Claire 2 hours ago

    Yes, they are not angels but real human beings, and being humans they have their dream and interests as every other nation in the world has!!! Moreover, they are loyal to Syria!!!!!!!

  • MARC
    MARC 2 hours ago

    Catalonia is not Spain. There are several nations in Europe that deserve their independence or a reunification with their brothers: - Catalonia - Scotland - Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland - Belarus and Ukraine with Russia

  • Az Az
    Az Az 2 hours ago

    In summary: 0:10 Non-Polish Globalist Supremacists and French 'reporter' are unhappy. 1:00 Actual Polish citizens are happy.

  • Jabba Jay
    Jabba Jay 2 hours ago

    Geoengineering is climate change xr are a bunch of lying cnuts!

  • Marijo Se
    Marijo Se 2 hours ago

    And vikings also.

  • Marijo Se
    Marijo Se 2 hours ago

    Well. They have something. Crudaders.

  • A.B. Anand
    A.B. Anand 2 hours ago


  • John Lenin
    John Lenin 2 hours ago

    I am going to enjoy watching everyone suffer before they die

    • Jabba Jay
      Jabba Jay 2 hours ago

      You won't have that pleasure.

  • Mono Palle
    Mono Palle 2 hours ago

    Kind of pathetic FRANCE does NOTHING while pointing fingers at stronger men...

  • Serashie
    Serashie 2 hours ago

    1800 French Navy VS 1800 British Navy *Colorized*

  • a.3.20rh Instagram Amber Hester

    Probably over the phone I was using... But they probably racist but I still want a class act lawsuit against the government and corporations and countries...🤔🧐

  • Ian Scott
    Ian Scott 2 hours ago

    他媽的共產主義 Hong Kong should NEVER have gone back to the TYRANNY and civil rights abuse of Communist China.

  • Marijo Se
    Marijo Se 2 hours ago

    He meant. Obligations

  • SJ I
    SJ I 2 hours ago

    Thank you for taking action to this sad problem. Better then going crying in front of a camara crying like a spoil baby and accomplish nothing.

  • genatzvale'
    genatzvale' 2 hours ago

    I love Woody's films, his humour, and I don't believe he molested the child. He just paid excessive attention to the girl and was a bit obsessed by her. For the first time in his life he discovered his parental instinct and kind of overprotected her which is not an uncommon thing. Mia cooked it all up about molestation and made her daughter believe and reiterate it just to revenge Woody for Soon-Yi affair. Remember how Mia also accused Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of sexual harassment in India after he gave her a hug? Seems like it's her thing. She seems to be such a sick woman. Accused Woddy of so many vile things, then went on and claimed that she had had an affair with Sinatra while with Woody, and the son who Woody thought was his, was in fact Sinatra's. But noone pays attention to this, everyone just keeps on hating Woody and reiterating that he's a pervert and paedophile. I admit that his romance with Soon-Yi - a 36 year younger adopted daughter of his partner! -was really kooky. But then he hadn't had adopted her, he wasn't a father figure for her. Yeah, Woody is a weirdo, but not to the degree Mia wants everyone to think. She's just got a chip on her shoulder and can't stand seeing Woody's success, she wants to revenge.

  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer 2 hours ago

    Hey, have to support those capitalist merchants who stole their patents and copyrights honestly, by bribing politicians to write favorable 'intellectual property' legislation.

  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer 2 hours ago

    Meanwhile, men continue to live in a pre-Roe v Wade twilight where they can be forced into parenthood against their wills at any time by even the most casual sex partner, with no enforceable parental rights, then have 25% of their gross incomes dunned under threat of prison, which in the US results in 200,000 men each year being incarcerated. It also means blue collar men will have little chance of forming families with women they love.

  • Odd Sigve Tengesdal
    Odd Sigve Tengesdal 2 hours ago

    Stands to reason he's not a part of the curriculum in French schools, because then they have to explain the reason why Normandy is called Normandy and that William was descendant of a Norseman called Rollo. It opens up a can of worms that the French don't really like to talk about.

  • Gerald Miller
    Gerald Miller 2 hours ago


  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 2 hours ago

    Yes start growing cannabis farms <<< FREE ASSANGE

  • Alicia Page
    Alicia Page 2 hours ago

    Oil and pedophiles, makes bribe money sense.

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 2 hours ago

    Julian Assange?

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 2 hours ago

    Wait till they're slapped with <<< CARBON TAXES

  • bngr bngr
    bngr bngr 2 hours ago

    Parmigiana cheese is delicious but so are American cheeses. Not buying any Italian cheese. Support America first.

  • BioCapsule
    BioCapsule 2 hours ago

    It's certainly a far better result the EU could have hope for... a deal worst for the UK then Theresa May's, quite the spectacular failure. Now it's up to BoJo to scam the public into thinking it's great.

  • Alicia Barba
    Alicia Barba 2 hours ago

    And this is why he’s hated!

  • Alex Jeremic
    Alex Jeremic 2 hours ago

    The tribal leaders does not work.

  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer 2 hours ago

    Yes. Yes it does. Crapping on facts. Ignoring that women in the West are doing better than men in nearly every aspect relevant to well-being. Believing menstrual blood is paint... asserting color, form, proportion are all masculine constructs, believing when bad things happen to men, shrug, that's life, but when bad things happen to women, MISSSSOOOOOOGGGGGGYYYYYYNNNNYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosida Andriyana
    Rosida Andriyana 2 hours ago

    Ugly person Brasil president

  • A A
    A A 2 hours ago

    Maybe you should import more cheese than muslims.

  • Terry Tater
    Terry Tater 2 hours ago

    Banned abortion led to the crime waves in the 90s and early 2000s..

  • Fabulous Jax
    Fabulous Jax 2 hours ago

    I fully support HK rioters!!! 手动滑稽

  • TEO Do
    TEO Do 2 hours ago


  • Yubraaj Subedi
    Yubraaj Subedi 2 hours ago

    Hongkong police should act as IDF( Indian or Isareal).

  • luminita viasu
    luminita viasu 2 hours ago

    Like for the struggle.

  • S KL
    S KL 2 hours ago

    Screw up brain of Hong Kong protester

  • S KL
    S KL 2 hours ago

    I hope he get the maximum jail term