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H.E.R. - Good To Me (Audio)
Views 616K3 months ago
H.E.R. - Going (Full) (Audio)
Views 405K3 months ago
H.E.R. - Fate (Audio)
Views 1.1MYear ago
H.E.R. - Free (Audio)
Views 2.2M2 years ago
H.E.R. - Rather Be (Audio)
Views 2.6M2 years ago
H.E.R. - Hopes Up (Audio)
Views 1.3M2 years ago
H.E.R. - 2 (Audio)
Views 3.8M2 years ago
H.E.R. - Changes (Audio)
Views 23M2 years ago
H.E.R. - Avenue (Audio)
Views 3.9M2 years ago
H.E.R. - I Won't (Audio)
Views 11M2 years ago
H.E.R. - Lights On (Audio)
Views 4.1M2 years ago


  • Nowah Taylor
    Nowah Taylor 9 minutes ago

    My gf sent me this song

  • Zaisha Mahar
    Zaisha Mahar 57 minutes ago

    Les twins brought me here😍

    JMBDAQUEEN !!! Hour ago

    i love how she actully had clothes on, we need more of this!

  • Jessica A
    Jessica A Hour ago

    Whheew chile. Whos that fine yg at 1:26

  • Mellissa Clarke
    Mellissa Clarke 2 hours ago

    how could u not love this song

  • Purple
    Purple 2 hours ago

    Les twin brought me here

  • King Reyna
    King Reyna 3 hours ago

    I fucking love when YG say "Girl yu better show off them eye lashes" 🥰😍 boy say that does something to me 🤤🤤🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Marie Wilson
    Marie Wilson 4 hours ago

    Here I am again, thinking bout that mfer, knowing we no good for each other, knowing I hurt him/he hurt me...walking away, walking back, wishing I could go back n change my response to, "...what u think, don't cha think we should be together...?" I would say, "Yes, baby, yeah we should be." Gonna shoulda, coulda, woulda myself to death over him...already have😟😢

  • Blake Elliott
    Blake Elliott 4 hours ago

    like is you agree SHE IS sexy ASF

  • Unknown Munda
    Unknown Munda 4 hours ago

    Yg verse garbage in this

    ALEXANDRIE73 5 hours ago

    Oohhh wow! What a song!!! Totaly my lífe! But i my faith it's bigger. Now

  • SergiothegullY Soberanis

    good damn . im so over H.E.R ughhj ! she's way too fire ... got me dancing like the cranberry juice dripping down my inner temple ouhh.

  • Mellz M
    Mellz M 6 hours ago

    Melz was here ❤💯🎵🎶R.I.P to my daughter 🙏😇

  • Sharie bowen
    Sharie bowen 6 hours ago

    Yasss yasss 💃🏾

  • Moksh Dance Covers
    Moksh Dance Covers 7 hours ago

    who is after larry's freestyle?

  • Quinsheryl Mosley
    Quinsheryl Mosley 7 hours ago

    Yes I will like to rocket u in my heart it beats for your smile as it creeps up to red light of my body

  • strxxgxrl
    strxxgxrl 7 hours ago

    I'm the one who thought on YG Entertainment ?

  • Kc B
    Kc B 10 hours ago

    Her songs are great and deep and emotionally charged but they're too slow and they drag on. It takes a lot of energy to listen to them

  • kayla hope
    kayla hope 10 hours ago

    Yg ruined the whole song

  • Layabout
    Layabout 12 hours ago

    NEW Jamaican Indie Rock music with a cute singer ru-clip.com/video/wem5W2EpgX0/video.html 🇯🇲🙌🎸

  • Ahleena Maheen
    Ahleena Maheen 14 hours ago

    Who is here becuz Larry of Le twins danced on it 😍😍

  • Rachel Barton
    Rachel Barton 16 hours ago

    I love how she doesn’t feel the need to be half naked in this video like so many other female artists do. 🙌🏼🤩

  • Ingrid
    Ingrid 17 hours ago

    I love listening to her while high.. omfg.. it's so perfect!!!! I remember the first time I listened to this high with my eyes closed. I could imagine/see a butterfly with green metalic wings, flapping it's wings along with the song. It was magical 🤤🤤🤤🤤💖💖💖

  • roneisha Allie
    roneisha Allie 17 hours ago


  • Taher Ahmed
    Taher Ahmed 17 hours ago

    Who's here coz of LES TWINS?❤❤

    • ChrisStyles 1
      ChrisStyles 1 15 hours ago

      Just watched a video of one of the twins dancing to this.

  • TheQueenC
    TheQueenC 18 hours ago

    Oooooowwwwwwweeeee I love me some yggggg

  • Nevaeh Limbacher
    Nevaeh Limbacher 18 hours ago

    What genre would this song be?

  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia 19 hours ago

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  • Auni Lewis
    Auni Lewis 20 hours ago

    Khalid’s part omg 🤰🏾

  • Originald Powers
    Originald Powers 21 hour ago


  • dmactexas007
    dmactexas007 22 hours ago

    YG fucked this song up.... dam this shit was jamming before his dirty breath got on the track

  • Phillip Cano
    Phillip Cano 23 hours ago

    This just went from 45K- #M hits withing 5 min of my #rp #🤐.

  • Phillip Cano
    Phillip Cano 23 hours ago

    I heard this advertisemnt played played twice alternative hip-hop and r&b.... #📸 -Nov 1, 2020 delay.#🙏..🅿️

  • L Brown
    L Brown 23 hours ago

    Favorite song keep this on repeat

  • CantStop WontStop

    Yeeeeee Much Love From FRE$NO!

  • LolaP69me
    LolaP69me Day ago

    I love it

  • lanessa minter

    Yg fucked her whole song up he is so wack to me

  • Kimberly Alejandre

    Slide ..mmmmhmmmmmm delixiousss

  • A Flores
    A Flores Day ago

    Making me homesick

  • Whoisthis Kas
    Whoisthis Kas Day ago

    Came for billie, here for H.E.R

  • King x Koa
    King x Koa Day ago

    What’s the dance move called when they just hop from left to right? Looks so smooth

  • Claude Policano

    Swag wher her does music like this is fire 🔥

  • Neliah A
    Neliah A Day ago

    The remix should have Megan the stallion. That would be fire!!

  • Theezy Cheezy
    Theezy Cheezy Day ago

    But look the inside scoop is Sasha and Misha are married

    GALAXYWING909 Day ago

    I’m here from Larry’s freestyle 🥴❤️

  • ci rob
    ci rob Day ago

    She’s got that Same big forehead as rihanna , that drawback

  • Manjinder Singh Saini

    i didnt come from chris brown's story but from les twins performance at TSBD

  • Instantãneo
    Instantãneo Day ago

    Les Twins

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Day ago

    Only here cuz of les twins...

  • Kovvak Velvet
    Kovvak Velvet Day ago



    Chris probably talking about kae or Rihanna but idk who knows lol

  • Jean christophe Metge

    Thank you Chris Brown for bringin me here

  • Les twins Lover

    WHO IS HERE AFTER seing larry from les twins showcase ?

  • Brent James
    Brent James Day ago

    Black chicks rule

  • Sabrina Black
    Sabrina Black Day ago

    I get Lauren Hill meets Rihanna with some Aaliyah on the side vibes from H.E.R.

  • Albert Mendez
    Albert Mendez Day ago

    Vallejo's Princess!

  • Ms N.S.
    Ms N.S. Day ago

    I seriously thought a guy sung this.🤦🏽

  • Parables & Tribulations

    It's the fact that even her car being this old school Cadillac is a harder flex and smoother vibe than any boring sports car could've been. True to the West culture, she ain't try too hard cause she making money now 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Monique Elamin

    This is the part. I was feeling that i had no hope, then heard this beautiful tune that restored my love for music and life. Thank you HER and Daniel

  • natalia
    natalia Day ago

    I love this song so much omg😭😭😭😭😭😭😍❤️

  • noah wood
    noah wood Day ago

    Anyone else from the Bay 👀

  • Keely Henderson

    Wow!! This really highlights my situation rn

  • hellen vitoria

    show essa musica🇧🇷

  • ninja
    ninja Day ago

    more doggshitt

  • 907 Star
    907 Star Day ago

    Just found this track. Definitely been missing out.

  • Grace Estacio
    Grace Estacio Day ago

    She favors Lauren Hill

  • Anna Hays
    Anna Hays Day ago

    you’re my everything ❤️

  • NinaB0307 T
    NinaB0307 T Day ago

    I love HER!!!!! A very underrated artist! I can listen to HER Miguel and Sade everything

  • Deron Fleming
    Deron Fleming Day ago

    My shit luv HER

  • Stefane Ribeiro


  • 6shawty1
    6shawty1 Day ago

    More of a Sade vibe with this hit.... Loving it..

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K Day ago

    Here from Chris but love h.e.r 💜

  • Nicole
    Nicole Day ago

    Got my boyfriend boomin this song😎😎

  • Alejandro Murillo

    Salute! This shit slap ! Da Bay mane! Yeeee Rip jacka Rip Mac Dre

  • the chany girls thomas

    H e.r is so so so cool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • shirle colares

    MUSGÃO DA POR**♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Plantation Crip

    White girls forehead>black girls fo’head

  • 305 Florida Breed 954

    Shit slidinnnnnnn

  • SKILLZ 954
    SKILLZ 954 Day ago

    Y.G. sounded like a male Megan the stallion

  • angelina sanchez


  • Dee Fish Keeper

    Just in time for that late night winter playlist 😌

  • itZ zRxper
    itZ zRxper Day ago


  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 2 days ago

    The vocals on this are just...*chef’s kiss*

  • Say' Less
    Say' Less 2 days ago

    Sound like India Arie a lil to me, love it such a nice song. Keep em coming...

  • Ahmad Thames
    Ahmad Thames 2 days ago

    When we gone slide?

  • Its Kaitlyn
    Its Kaitlyn 2 days ago

    LARRY 😭 Les Twins

  • Keana Allen
    Keana Allen 2 days ago

  • Farol Gráfica
    Farol Gráfica 2 days ago

    Can a voice be sexy?

  • nina muli
    nina muli 2 days ago

    This been on repeat all morning 💞

  • Blagovest Stoyanov
    Blagovest Stoyanov 2 days ago

    This is by far the best and smoothest song I have ever heard. Hyped me so much, that I listen to H.E.R. every day multiple times. <3 Cheers ! YAY!

  • Jenay
    Jenay 2 days ago

    this has to be the best song of 2019... just saying here. lol

  • Ahrtreah Aaliyah
    Ahrtreah Aaliyah 2 days ago

    God 🤍❤️

  • La Tina
    La Tina 2 days ago

    She is raw..., yes HER❤️ 🔥 🔥

  • Deanna D. Jackson
    Deanna D. Jackson 2 days ago

    I miss listening to H.E.R.'s music. I needs to catch up! She will always be a fave. 💕

  • Amber BSJC
    Amber BSJC 2 days ago

    I can't wait for a club to play this song!! I hope whatever club I go to, I'm going to recommend to the djs to play this song 👏🎶💃👏🎶

  • Tomi
    Tomi 2 days ago

    Songs hits hard when you’ve just broken up😭

  • Veda Couture
    Veda Couture 2 days ago

    this song is still the best!!! still in my rotation

  • Vincent_ 007
    Vincent_ 007 2 days ago

    Boss vibes. 😌

  • 1320 gees
    1320 gees 2 days ago


  • ALLnightALI
    ALLnightALI 2 days ago

    I just found out that we have the same birthday, June 27th. Where's my other 6/27's at?