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  • sweet-rain Jewel

    I am so glad someone besies myself relized the pacing is now off with all those cut Scenes but the worst for me is the whole cast sounds lacadasical while simultaneously being over acted or sung which is the entire reason for watching this film my favorite childhood movie ruined here better to watch all inclusive gold version form tape then this souless 1998 psycho level garbage

  • Mason Free
    Mason Free 2 hours ago

    This show is so good and I love Roxy. You too spence and also joe now that I think about it.

  • Stephen Siegel
    Stephen Siegel 3 hours ago

    Why a thousand years later all of a sudden we're hearing about this? 🤔🤔🤔 Also Brando was a method actor and the late actress was new to the movie industry. I just believe she misunderstood the whole thing. Brando besides being a magnificent actor, he was also a unique & eccentric fella.

  • Hyun Roses
    Hyun Roses 4 hours ago

    At the end of the day Disney will earn billions and then they will still make bad films. Money over quality. Let's talk about Little Mermaid.... 🤦‍♀️ I just PRAY PRAY PRAY that will do good.

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho 5 hours ago

    Batman the return of joker

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W 6 hours ago

    thumbs up for slatterns

  • DaveD
    DaveD 7 hours ago

    This is why I watch things with subtitles at home and just leave it at one volume. I hate having to continuously change the volume.

  • DaveD
    DaveD 7 hours ago

    At least the cold keeps me awake.

  • DaveD
    DaveD 7 hours ago

    The long beep in 2001 was too much.

  • DaveD
    DaveD 7 hours ago

    Bigger problem some cinemas have the sound too low. Especially for a non-IMAX, Dolby presentation.

  • year of the snitch
    year of the snitch 9 hours ago

    Get a thesaurus and look up BAFFOON

  • elle moreland
    elle moreland 9 hours ago


  • elle moreland
    elle moreland 9 hours ago

    This movie was so painful to sit searching the internet for a support group after seeing this pile of crap. None of these characters were interesting enough to care about at all!!! Whats up with a total rewrite of how this story even goes??? How is maleficent even auroras mother???? I didnt see the first one, so maybe 2 makes more sense...this was horrible like what was done to willy wonka...i want my money back.

  • Richard Koen
    Richard Koen 10 hours ago

    On yeah Monopolism is COOL. Take all my money Disney. I love you. You bought everything and now this world is perfect

  • i11even
    i11even 10 hours ago

    Perhaps the script is bad due to the rating limitations? It felt so children centered.

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 12 hours ago

    Dan is a close second, but Spencer is the funniest guy on this channel. When either of them breaks into impressions, I'm always laughing. And didn't Dan say sometime in the past 6 or 8 months that he isn't good at impressions? So untrue! He and Spencer could make a living just doing impressions of famous people.

  • Keking Meme
    Keking Meme 13 hours ago

    2026 hello.

  • Bose Mpuchane
    Bose Mpuchane 15 hours ago

    Just watched it today. "Parasite/ 기생충" is amazing!

    MARTHE LENTSOLO 15 hours ago

    Nicole Kidman I am

  • Hershey 14344
    Hershey 14344 15 hours ago

    I wonder if you guys had them back in the show after their engagement? I went through your video list but couldnt find it. Hopefully you guys will add the suggestion link. Thanks.

  • Emily Edlund
    Emily Edlund 17 hours ago

    I watch the mask singer everyweek

  • The weirdest smart Channel

    To me Keaton is Batman cause bales voice was horrible

  • Lungile Mini
    Lungile Mini 18 hours ago

    I love these awesome nerds

  • pyo some more
    pyo some more 20 hours ago

    Did they touch upon how mal got separated from her clan & ended up in the moor kingdom? Coz i srsly am???

  • Edmund Tan
    Edmund Tan 20 hours ago

    I truly love that 90% of the comments all loved bale’s batman most !! ❤️❤️

  • emils r.
    emils r. 21 hour ago

    Hey, Screen Junkies, please give Joe his ninja Honest trailers!

  • Vasil Iliev
    Vasil Iliev 21 hour ago

    Someone from 2019 bahaha (October)

  • Custom Jeff
    Custom Jeff 22 hours ago

    You two are too old you forgot to watch a movie for the movie. I brought my daughter and her friends to see this movie and they loved it They don't know about Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer all they went to see was the movie.

  • Yellowmobile
    Yellowmobile 22 hours ago

    Agree 100%. I saw it in 3D 60FPS and hated *hated* the cheap non-movie look of it. Also, for all HFR is supposed to benefit 3D (which I'm a lifelong fan of), I thought the 3D composition in Gemini Man was only very occasionally good, mostly mediocre. Outside of Jackson, Lee and Cameron, do any other film makers have anything but contempt for this hideous technology..?

  • Bass Dojo
    Bass Dojo 22 hours ago

    Thanks, you saved me $20. I'll wait for Redbox.

  • Sanjay Raju
    Sanjay Raju 23 hours ago


  • potterpotty01
    potterpotty01 23 hours ago

    twin peaks would be cool, im still saying i want Big Trouble In Little China Trailer. PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

  • potterpotty01
    potterpotty01 23 hours ago

    28:30 jucy steak v steak tartare would have worked for that metaphor too billy, just saying!

  • potterpotty01
    potterpotty01 23 hours ago

    need to see this doc come to UK. also wouldn't it be great if on the per theatre for charting it was the galaxy quest doc. people in the US please go see this!

  • Lord Doraemon
    Lord Doraemon Day ago

    Bored of Christian Bale comments. I personally like Michael Keaton. He was the one who said “I am Batman.” So don’t go out and say “I am Batman” if u like Christian Bale type of Batman. I also like Christian Bale too.

  • Ashton Turner
    Ashton Turner Day ago

    Watched the film tonight. Loved it!

  • Sean Jung
    Sean Jung Day ago

    What about Ben Affleck? He was a good Batman!!

  • Nope And Nope
    Nope And Nope Day ago

    0:41 Hehehe. Its endgame

  • chris t
    chris t Day ago

    7 years later and still nothing

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith Day ago

    Of course Dan references Snowpiercer, because it has captain America in it. Phoney film Critic

  • West McGee
    West McGee Day ago

    I enjoyed it.

  • Jonathan Farrow

    I feel like 90% of Dan's childhood could be my life.

  • ako tairi
    ako tairi Day ago

    Trust a Jewish/Maori (one half hated by the nazis the other feared by them), to meld Mel Brooks and Anne Frank together.

  • Donski Grajo
    Donski Grajo Day ago

    Great director with his favorite actor to collab with...the shift of emotions of this film is absolutely insane!!!

  • Brooklyn Taylor

    0:54 you’re welcome🥵💋🤯🔥

  • bernadmanny
    bernadmanny Day ago

    Love Farscape does not get enough love from modern fandom.

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor Day ago

    Brandon Routh is the best Superman. Lemme just explain. Christopher Reeve was a great comic accurate Superman, Henry Cavil was a great realistic Superman and Brandon Routh is the best of both worlds. I’m so glad he’s returning for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  • 보주
    보주 Day ago

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T! 봉준호

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor Day ago

    The Dark Knight isn’t the best Batman movie. It’s the best movie ever.

  • Timothy Greener


  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor Day ago

    Why isn’t Ben Affleck on this list? He was an amazing Batman.

  • Paul Morales
    Paul Morales Day ago

    I wonder when was this recorded since the Critical Role cast described their campaign 1 characters, which ended in late 2017

  • Lauren Anderson

    Everyone I know says, "dash hound" and that is all I have ever heard.

  • Marina Gridina

    Tom's voice................🤪😍

  • Antonis Tsikelas

    damn would lovee to see alicia vikanderr

  • Monica Torreblanca

    I saw FFH on 4th of July right after the fireworks. I melted. It was beautiful. 😄😍😭

  • Kuris Winchester

    You know, on that note, it saddens me that my niece and nephew both love Jurassic world and have never even seen Jurassic Park... *Sigh* my nephew said he has no interest in even seeing the first movie

  • Nora Csiszar
    Nora Csiszar Day ago

    Thank you for the review Dan, I am really looking forward to watch this movie!

  • Sherman Smith
    Sherman Smith Day ago

    Favorite low budget film. Half- Baked

  • Sherman Smith
    Sherman Smith Day ago

    Michael Bay isn't an actor but we shouldn't judge him just by transformers. He Has made many great movies. The Rock is definitely one of his best.

  • Sherman Smith
    Sherman Smith Day ago

    Nicholas Cage is Underrated

  • Sherman Smith
    Sherman Smith Day ago

    Roxy, your hair looks great.

  • Sherman Smith
    Sherman Smith Day ago

    I was definitely thinking yoda with your barney impersonation.

  • YZ
    YZ Day ago

    After seeing the horrible review from beyond the trailer this was refreshing. Good to see that people have common sense

  • Michael Podgorski

    Lexington is the only decent place in Kentucky.

  • Zhixuan Liang
    Zhixuan Liang Day ago

    your posts are great Roxy

  • Andrés Barriga

    This beautiful video has made want to start worshiping the lord of hell, Satan. Thank you very much.

  • Jacob Reister
    Jacob Reister Day ago

    That blond lady looks like a swollen pig

  • Tigre Blanco
    Tigre Blanco Day ago

    I saw the movie and i really thought it was a great movie


    Craven is da G.O.A.T

  • Susan Daniels
    Susan Daniels Day ago

    I saw this movie last night, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. There was some parts of the movie I liked and others I thought was not.

  • S Marcey
    S Marcey Day ago

    Holy mother of god Woody is just in another dimension. That was wonderful, the man is an inspiration. Amazing show today everyone, heres to another.

  • S Marcey
    S Marcey Day ago

    Holy mother of god Woody is just in another dimension. That was wonderful, the man is an inspiration. Amazing show today everyone, heres to another.

  • Sherman Smith
    Sherman Smith Day ago

    MR. mind, He's a worm.

  • FrankiePan1
    FrankiePan1 Day ago

    Wrong! This is an entertaining, beautiful continuation of the Sleeping Beauty world. KIDS will love this movie. It’s not for most adults. Of course Dan didn’t like it, he’s not an 8 year old little girl. Critics need to bring a kid when reviewing kids movies. Children’s movies need to be reviewed by children. Period.

    • Ethan Jones
      Ethan Jones 21 hour ago

      I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty. - Walt Disney

  • Phelie315
    Phelie315 Day ago

    Fun fact Dachshund is German and pronounced "dakshoond" 😀

  • Skyler Cerda
    Skyler Cerda Day ago

    Bad scenes: Lovers Trangle Horsepower Trap Go Kart trap (Strongest Bad Thing Recorded) Seeing trap Furnace Trap Reverse Bear Trap

  • nir penker
    nir penker Day ago

    Thank's dan!🔥😎🤘

  • Mey
    Mey Day ago

    I've been waiting to hear your thoughts on the movie for two months and I hope you'll get a chance to elaborate on it. Best movie of the year for me (so far)

  • Kabyr Denis
    Kabyr Denis Day ago

    it's true about the massacre xD 20 min after it a wedding happens and they are all friends and even FLIRTING to each other xDD

  • Alisson Lich
    Alisson Lich Day ago

    Of course Todd wouldn't have a conversation about it, look how these guys get butt hurt by his commentary on comedy. The guy on the left even suggested he is a jerk.

  • Nagnullat
    Nagnullat Day ago

    I am searching my memory, but I don't think I've ever seen Spencer standing before. Weird.

  • Frir10
    Frir10 Day ago

    But... They are also still making movies for theatrical release, right? I mean, I think they can still hope to get little bit of revenue from that. Unless everyone suddenly stops going to see Marvel movies AND Star Wars movies AND the Disney/Pixar animated movies AND the new live-action Disney remakes. We all know they have that market completely cornered. So I don't think they're "betting the company" by simply opening a new source of revenue. Am I the only one thinking that?

  • Nagnullat
    Nagnullat Day ago

    Every once in a while, I revisit this video specifically to enjoy Dan's Aspect-Ratio rant. 20:40. It's glorious.

  • WordsWorthLiving

    loved the movie.

  • Chris Lawton
    Chris Lawton Day ago

    Someone should invite Tom Hanks to play!

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley Day ago

    I stopped judging Miley Cyrus after I saw the episode of Black Mirror she’s in.

  • Thales87 G
    Thales87 G Day ago

    The galaxy quest documentary, I'm sure you've already considered it, but what about putting the doc on itunes? Im curious to know how a film becomes eligible for them. Anyway i really wanna see it so i hope you guys can work out a deal with an online platform like iTunes or amazon!

  • Thales87 G
    Thales87 G Day ago

    Is it just November 26th or will there be showings after?

  • ShelbyBaby27
    ShelbyBaby27 Day ago

    First Batman Returns, now The Matrix Sequels. Billy Business, you complete me 🤗

  • Joker Badboy
    Joker Badboy Day ago

    I like plant vs zombie

  • Morgan Parry
    Morgan Parry Day ago

    Yes he is the batman🦇

  • Margarita Coale

    they made the wolfman 2010

  • romxxii
    romxxii Day ago

    I'm so surprised that the entire table doesn't know how to pronounce "dachshund". It's supposed to sound like "DOCKS-hənd"

  • MFields2178
    MFields2178 Day ago

    I would love to see a spin off of Badger and Skinny Pete. Just please don’t kill them off.

  • Lvetto
    Lvetto Day ago

    Roxy's Barney voice sounds like one of the evil creepy birds from The Dark Crystal

  • golgo 13
    golgo 13 Day ago

    oh man i totally relate to having to hide all my books growing up

  • Carla MSM
    Carla MSM Day ago

    THANK YOU for reviewing this! Please review Pain and Glory if you’re able Dan, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Raymond Everon

    where's Ben Affleck?

  • Aaron Hatton
    Aaron Hatton Day ago

    Will you guys be doing a spoiler review of the joker?