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My New Car!
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Who Makes The BEST TACOS!?
Views 879K2 months ago
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Who Makes The BEST PIZZA?!
Views 838K2 months ago
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  • SnowyGrinds
    SnowyGrinds 2 minutes ago

    If This Is Blue Your A OG Jesser $ubscriber🤤💝 👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)

  • Mulugeta Beraki
    Mulugeta Beraki 4 minutes ago

    hi mulugeta

  • PRaiSe Rocko
    PRaiSe Rocko 6 minutes ago

    Do one with who has the best boba

  • Chaz Arizola
    Chaz Arizola 14 minutes ago

    You are the best 2hype

  • Chaz Arizola
    Chaz Arizola 15 minutes ago

    You are the 8

  • Christina Reitmann
    Christina Reitmann 24 minutes ago

    That’s sad to watch that Zack broke his keyboard

  • MayceFace
    MayceFace 25 minutes ago


  • Yuyu Zhang
    Yuyu Zhang 26 minutes ago


  • Josh Chappell
    Josh Chappell 34 minutes ago

    That’s always been my favorite car and now my favorite RU-clipr has ot

  • Nate Tx
    Nate Tx 41 minute ago

    Costco trash wtf

  • Nathan Yuhnick
    Nathan Yuhnick 42 minutes ago

    Play more 2k

  • Sara Sipes
    Sara Sipes Hour ago

    happy birthday mopi

  • πανος παναθας


  • Bossman 13
    Bossman 13 Hour ago

    Jesser has the potential to be in the nba

  • Magnificent Panda

    I NEVER had a Big Mac from the last 15 years of my life From McDonald’s

  • Capital D
    Capital D Hour ago

    2:53 what's that from?

  • Drake Playz
    Drake Playz Hour ago

    Best French fries?

  • Fre3ze 11
    Fre3ze 11 Hour ago

    Y’all gotta try flying iguana

  • I'm Ethan Bradberry

    You gotta get something on there that says “not my dad’s car” hahahah

  • Vincent
    Vincent Hour ago

    8:28 Jesser wit the handles🔥

  • Jacob Steffe
    Jacob Steffe 2 hours ago

    No sound bro

  • Traedon Nock
    Traedon Nock 2 hours ago

    Put more hide and seek

  • Jve Gaming
    Jve Gaming 3 hours ago

    And forgot 3 was Chipotle

  • Jve Gaming
    Jve Gaming 3 hours ago

    This is how I rate the best taco's: 1: *Baja Fresh* 2: *Sharky's* 3. *Taco Bell* 4: *Jack In A Box* 5: *Del Taco*

    OSCAR LOH YAU HENG 4 hours ago


  • Ken McCagh
    Ken McCagh 4 hours ago


  • Ken McCagh
    Ken McCagh 4 hours ago


  • Ken McCagh
    Ken McCagh 4 hours ago


  • Ken McCagh
    Ken McCagh 4 hours ago

    Your girlfriend is the nicest girl on RU-clip ☺️

  • Ty Harris
    Ty Harris 4 hours ago

    Can U do another guess that nba player?? Those vids are awesome

  • Teatio Houston
    Teatio Houston 5 hours ago

    Jesser is gay

  • Hane Hoxhaj
    Hane Hoxhaj 6 hours ago

    ERMAL mamaqi

  • Jonathan Ferrara
    Jonathan Ferrara 6 hours ago

    these niggas is clapped

  • thomas host
    thomas host 6 hours ago

    As an aussie, i appreciate you xx

  • King07 Ekstrand
    King07 Ekstrand 7 hours ago

    Mopi thinks he is something in coocking he is stupid

  • Connor O'Bryan
    Connor O'Bryan 7 hours ago

    Y’all need to run 2-3

  • Lamont Thomas
    Lamont Thomas 7 hours ago

    Zake was. So post to have a e

  • Pappi to
    Pappi to 7 hours ago

    Jesser next vid finna be last person to stop running from me gets burnt by the flamethrower

  • Pappi to
    Pappi to 7 hours ago

    Mopi is friend of the year

  • Gyle Gonzales
    Gyle Gonzales 8 hours ago

    Next time I want t jass to play in your team

  • Tyler O'Hearn
    Tyler O'Hearn 8 hours ago

    Jesse your the goat but lance 210?

  • Debbie Burke
    Debbie Burke 9 hours ago

    I clap to!!!

  • Liam Bodokh
    Liam Bodokh 9 hours ago


  • Liam Bodokh
    Liam Bodokh 9 hours ago

    Jester I’m really grateful for you and I’m really happy to see you happy to have this car

  • Yuri De Grano
    Yuri De Grano 9 hours ago

    where is kris???

  • GG XxMoneyToMuchxX
    GG XxMoneyToMuchxX 9 hours ago

    Jessie got a tat?????

  • GsG_ Zoox
    GsG_ Zoox 9 hours ago

    James will forever be known as the guy that got crossed by mopi😂💀🦴

    EXOTIX_SKYZ 9 hours ago

    I think Humphrey is cracked😳🤍

  • Shadowfang64009
    Shadowfang64009 9 hours ago

    These people should walk on my driveway, it is twice as more painful than legos. I take this back, I can live walking on legos since they aren't even as close as painful to my driveway, but hopping on legos is something I don't want to imagine.

  • Bhagwati Patel
    Bhagwati Patel 10 hours ago

    What a game play

  • DorkiaGaming
    DorkiaGaming 10 hours ago

    People should feel bad for Jiedel because he had to sit out and watch the whole game while he was in pain.

  • max tatis
    max tatis 10 hours ago

    That has happen in the nba Blocking the ball and grabbing it at the same time A player frome the Lakers retired

  • david druken
    david druken 10 hours ago

    Intro song please? 0:00

  • Darrel Cole
    Darrel Cole 10 hours ago


  • Cedric Allen
    Cedric Allen 10 hours ago

    0.06 made me die laughing

  • Flammin Gallahs
    Flammin Gallahs 10 hours ago

    Wasn’t a travel... rules state first step is a gather...

  • Chillzyy__ YT
    Chillzyy__ YT 10 hours ago

    What the website called

  •  10 hours ago

    Hey Jesser is that your daddy’s car

  • raphluis
    raphluis 10 hours ago


  • Prayer Xx10
    Prayer Xx10 10 hours ago

    Flight the only ONE that’s didn’t score bro 😭 NOW THATS TUFF!!

  • joshlol123 Lee
    joshlol123 Lee 10 hours ago

    Jeidel vs ginger

  • Stephanie Finau
    Stephanie Finau 10 hours ago

    Where mobi Is he brindles the sense

  • Happy V
    Happy V 10 hours ago

    its 2020 now everyone Lavar Ball for president

  • Zorus
    Zorus 11 hours ago

    Imagine if you missed your first layup 💀

  • guru gara
    guru gara 11 hours ago

    zack moves has potential

  • Luca Giannini
    Luca Giannini 11 hours ago

    Thanks so much bro I’m in Australia and it’s terrible ur a legend

  • Eric Augustin
    Eric Augustin 11 hours ago

    I love the names

  • David Akilov
    David Akilov 11 hours ago

    you should do a top 10 best hiding spots in 2hype

  • Kirat Cheema
    Kirat Cheema 11 hours ago

    Wtf was that dream

  • Antoinette Johnson
    Antoinette Johnson 11 hours ago

    Curry rang

  • AlexWhite_Official
    AlexWhite_Official 11 hours ago

    Bruh anyone here I’m 2020

  • Brayden Dodge
    Brayden Dodge 11 hours ago

    I think that Cash is the worst shooter in 2-hype.

  • Nallely Rodríguezq
    Nallely Rodríguezq 12 hours ago

    Do a Photoshop challenge

  • Icy- Fortnite
    Icy- Fortnite 12 hours ago

    Bro I didn’t see Jessie’s first dunk

  • Andrew Harfenist
    Andrew Harfenist 12 hours ago

    His next car gonna be a tesla

  • what up Bitches
    what up Bitches 12 hours ago

    Now it is zack likes big men hence Kevin love

  • _trxps.pabs_
    _trxps.pabs_ 12 hours ago

    last time i was on this youtube channel jesser had his birth mark

  • what up Bitches
    what up Bitches 12 hours ago

    On Mike Conley I dead ass thought he pulled a picture of YNW Melly

  • Marco Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez 12 hours ago


  • what up Bitches
    what up Bitches 13 hours ago

    In the first game the players started yelling ben simmons

  • Sullivan Weir
    Sullivan Weir 13 hours ago

    I can’t watch this without tearing ip

  • Kicks with SoySauce
    Kicks with SoySauce 13 hours ago

    Ya where’s Jesse first dunk

  • Cc Isom
    Cc Isom 13 hours ago

    10:18 Jesser: “you know what, I’m just gonna leave this until the next person gets out. If you want to stop the pain, one of you choose to leave.” Zack: “Mopi, just get the fuck out” Mopi: “No” Me: “aha🤣🤣”

  • Melissa Stojcevski
    Melissa Stojcevski 13 hours ago


  • Melissa Stojcevski
    Melissa Stojcevski 13 hours ago

    Warriors are the best

  • Nobu
    Nobu 13 hours ago

    So 31k people are grandmas

  • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Vladimir Kuznetsov 14 hours ago

    Popeyes and chick chick chick fully

  • iRuShh_pinnn
    iRuShh_pinnn 14 hours ago

    Loving the lillird Jersey

  • Skeptic Clan
    Skeptic Clan 14 hours ago

    What happend to the chicken sandwich at McDonald’s on youtube

  • Vortex Legend
    Vortex Legend 14 hours ago

    15:19 he pulled a marcelas howard 😂😂

  • Josh Cummings
    Josh Cummings 14 hours ago

    no one: literally no one: Jesser: very nice