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Sunset In: Mumbai Teaser
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Sunset In: Greece Teaser
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Sunset In Panama Sampler 1
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Tone Diary Presents: Ukraine
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Cobra Vs SS
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Diana's Dance
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Lip Fart
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  • Sztancsik Tamás
    Sztancsik Tamás 2 years ago

    Please, please, please!!! I really would like to download your Sunset Series! They are absolutely fantastic, some of them even better then ISOS. Contact me pls. I would give anything for them! - Budapest - Cairo - sao Paulo - Greece - Paris - Tel Aviv - Portugal - Hong Kong - Buenos Aires - Seoul - Cape Town - Dubai - Rio de Janero - Ibiza - Los Angeles - Mumbai

  • Juliett Sarrafoğlú

    Lyrics please ?! 😁

  • Red Rebel
    Red Rebel 2 years ago

    You can find me here💙💙

  • jp tomas Zhukovski
    jp tomas Zhukovski 3 years ago

    Hola , quiero estos temas pero no me deja bajar el set !

  • Dave Neven
    Dave Neven 4 years ago

    Thanks for the support!

  • Jin Xiong
    Jin Xiong 7 years ago

    She has a beatiful voice!

  • toranm1
    toranm1 7 years ago

    This is too pro.

  • FatTonyCologino
    FatTonyCologino 7 years ago


  • Sander Viet
    Sander Viet 7 years ago

    @fkkkkkenig unfortunate? No i Love the heavy Bass! :D

  • fkkkkkenig
    fkkkkkenig 7 years ago

    @KungPowCheekin ah, i see.

  • fkkkkkenig
    fkkkkkenig 7 years ago

    @KungPowCheekin then my point still stands. Nowhere did i say that this song is dub. There are thousands of genres of music, in general you don't expect everyone you come across to know each one, and frankly at this point I don't care. Read the comment thread I replied to, dubstep is mentioned.

  • fkkkkkenig
    fkkkkkenig 7 years ago

    @KungPowCheekin nowhere in my post did I say this song is dubstep.

  • danny j
    danny j 8 years ago

    god this song is just.... sensational

  • Wally Valenzuela
    Wally Valenzuela 8 years ago

    Hey RU-clip Surfers Check Out My Promo Videos Of My New Promotional Mix "Sunset In: Ibiza" 2 Mixes a Progressive & Club Mix! Supporting all of my personal favorite Dance lables & thier releases. The Download Link Is Included!! Support The Artist! "Like" & Leave Comments! ENJOY!! Yours Truely -Wally (AKA Gualberto) :)

  • raj desai
    raj desai 8 years ago

    very cool keep it up

  • TheCarlyWoo
    TheCarlyWoo 8 years ago

    sounds like deadmau5 to me

  • Moses Chan
    Moses Chan 8 years ago

    strong track/10

  • Wally Valenzuela
    Wally Valenzuela 8 years ago

    Not my cup of tea but I support Armada and its music :D

  • realdjhero
    realdjhero 8 years ago

    yea exactly itz electro drop like fast foot an such i can't believe ppl compared da original too a skrillex traxx

  • fkkkkkenig
    fkkkkkenig 8 years ago

    @kentarre yeah, dub in its progressive/melodic form sounds amazing, it's unfortunate that the heavy bass tracks became the stereotype.

  • ru bear
    ru bear 8 years ago

    i thought it was more electro like ( the one part)

  • Dama
    Dama 8 years ago

    There is no fucking dubstep beat in this O.o what are you guys talking about?

  • George Sever
    George Sever 8 years ago

    I like how this song supposed to prove that dub step is finally good. Actually all it proves, is if 30 seconds of a beat similar to a dub step beat is in a trance song; that the qualities of trance over rides the inferior sound of the dub step.

  • kentarre
    kentarre 8 years ago

    @szymonmatuszewski dubstep is actually a legit style of music, however because of some its quick acceptance into mainstream listening, and a few "popular" tracks, it has been stereotyped as a heavy bass + "WUBWUBWUBWUB" kind of music, which of course does not sound like anything at all

  • Erica Opsvig
    Erica Opsvig 8 years ago


  • DaftSebPunk
    DaftSebPunk 8 years ago

    @szymonmatuszewski So what are you doing here ?... This is a trance and dubstep video...

  • Szymat
    Szymat 8 years ago

    @DaftSebPunk Sry but dubstep is not a music :<

  • DaftSebPunk
    DaftSebPunk 8 years ago

    Oh my god this is awesome... Trance + dubstep fit so well together

  • hervé potentier
    hervé potentier 8 years ago

    amazing tune

  • SouLMasterS19
    SouLMasterS19 8 years ago

    beautiful voice Ange<3

  • TranceManiac10
    TranceManiac10 8 years ago

    another great track from Aurosonic Yeah

  • proudbugowner
    proudbugowner 8 years ago

    Breathtaking track!!!!!!111 Amazing!!! Thanks for the upload!

  • juang1iv3
    juang1iv3 9 years ago

    aaaa muy buena esa rola

  • Donovan Wilson
    Donovan Wilson 9 years ago

    First comment, All i gave to say is .

  • Ion Popa
    Ion Popa 9 years ago

    Tiesto ?

  • VelkisD29
    VelkisD29 9 years ago

    hi, just want to know if you are from Panama... :-)

  • Ersoy Tuhafi
    Ersoy Tuhafi 11 years ago

    i love tony diary