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  • Lucy Sarkissyan
    Lucy Sarkissyan Hour ago

    Once I heard his I fell in love with music so yeah why because his voice was amazing 🤤

  • Denv
    Denv Hour ago

    That was a bit rough choosing between the NT1-A and NT2-A. Think the NT2-A nudged it out slightly.

  • Scott Selfridge
    Scott Selfridge Hour ago

    NT2-A get's my vote. Rocking that URM SWAG!!!

  • This Is My UzeHerName

    OK I'm sold! You absolutely know what you're talking about! New sub! xx

  • Lormill
    Lormill 2 hours ago

    It's hard to say. First time I heard the NT2-A I thought that was the winner for sure, but it sounds like it handles fry screams better than false chord screams. Maybe that's just my imagination. When it comes to false chord, I think the M2 handled it the best.

  • Quincy Kane Morris
    Quincy Kane Morris 3 hours ago

    All the "NT"s sounded good: The "NT1", the "NT1-A", and the "NT2-A" were my favorites. Not sure which is actually best, but any of them could get the job done!

  • Louis Vasquez
    Louis Vasquez 3 hours ago

    NT1-A..and love the urm sweater!

  • Paige Potter
    Paige Potter 3 hours ago

    NT1-A for sure! That was a great demo!

  • Mooferoo
    Mooferoo 3 hours ago

    The NT2-A sounded best to me. It was like a blanket was lifted compared to the other mics.

  • Jaakko Kunnas
    Jaakko Kunnas 4 hours ago

    Great, I'll have to try this! Also concerning sinuses and flu in general: One crucial thing is to blow your nose upside down. Bow down properly deep, and ONLY then blow your nose. And do this every time, never upright. This way, the airstream will actually empty your sinuses, instead of cramming stuff into them. My infections were at least annual, but after I started doing this they're totally gone.

  • Felipe Dzam
    Felipe Dzam 4 hours ago

    NT1-A won, NT2-A came close but I feel it filtered off a bit of your scream/voice

  • sorcierenblk3000
    sorcierenblk3000 4 hours ago

    Nt1 a sounded best to me.... when I could focus and not giggle

  • holly armijo
    holly armijo 4 hours ago

    NT2-A 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gringo Beats
    Gringo Beats 5 hours ago

    NT2-A all day🔥

  • Rolando Ernesto
    Rolando Ernesto 5 hours ago

    I liked the NT2-A the most...

  • Daniel Mankiller
    Daniel Mankiller 5 hours ago


  • Ciprian Constantinescu

    M2 sounds better.

  • Dave Mcgiveron
    Dave Mcgiveron 6 hours ago


  • Patrick SilverRose
    Patrick SilverRose 6 hours ago

    Definitely the NT1-A. It picked up a lot more sound and even though it seems like the type to be sensitive (can't think of a better word to use lol), it allows it to sound more clear since it picks things up so well. But that also means that everyone can hear it when you mess up lol.

  • Nervosa
    Nervosa 7 hours ago

    The NT1-A . Would love to have a microphone as I am starting to try to make my own music and I am vocalist but don’t I am in a tight spot when it comes to money.

  • hutchmusician
    hutchmusician 7 hours ago

    Any of the condensers. The response is just so much more vivid they make dynamics sound like you’re singing through a pillow. I’ve just started to use a Shure Beta 87a live after years of using my trusty Beta 58 and everything’s so much easier suddenly. The NT-1 for me was the best of these. As you say though, subtle differences, especially for harsh sounds.

  • Reverb Twang
    Reverb Twang 7 hours ago

    NT2 a for studio

    VIDEOHEREBOB 7 hours ago

    Very subtle differences. Since I don't perform harsh vocals, I'm not in a position to comment.

  • Neil Weir-Smith
    Neil Weir-Smith 7 hours ago

    I would go NT1/NT1A for recording and the M2 for live.

  • Kent Cairy
    Kent Cairy 7 hours ago

    Good good

  • Kent Cairy
    Kent Cairy 7 hours ago

    Yay god good

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes 7 hours ago

    Just remember what pre-amp and processing you use can really make a mic shine. SM7 (The standard for harsh vocals) needs lot of love to get it to the stage where it sounds godly.

  • Diego Fernandez Trujillo

    NT2-A all day every day. Procaster also sounded awesome, close 2nd!

  • Christina Kelley
    Christina Kelley 7 hours ago

    NT2-A seems to have the best clarity.

  • Michael Hoilman
    Michael Hoilman 8 hours ago


  • Josh Grooves
    Josh Grooves 8 hours ago

    NT1-A. NT2-A was nice as well.

  • jonathan finer
    jonathan finer 8 hours ago

    Can you do a reaction to home sovereign by stone sour?

  • RØDE Microphones
    RØDE Microphones 8 hours ago

    They all sound awesome to us, but the NT1-A and NT2-A were great here, we'd have to agree!

  • Eduardo von
    Eduardo von 8 hours ago

    NT2-A is a tiny better in the lower end, NT1-A and NT2-A are very similar in the higher end

  • Niko Sihvonen
    Niko Sihvonen 8 hours ago

    NT1-A sounded pretty good to me!

  • Succube Lilith
    Succube Lilith 8 hours ago

    Marilyn Manson ?

  • W.B. Trujllo
    W.B. Trujllo 8 hours ago

    My decision is based on the LOW Pitch Fry Vocal Cords Closed. M1 Dynamic Mic.

  • CoreyMooney33
    CoreyMooney33 8 hours ago

    I'd say the M2 sounded the clearest, yet the NT1-A was better in terms of delivery.

  • TheBassManJeff
    TheBassManJeff 8 hours ago

    I listened to them all on my Harmon/Kardon Bluetooth speaker (best sound quality ever btw) and I say that the NT1-A sounds the best consistently through each vocal style. Not much air, and picks up all of your frequencies.

  • Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis 8 hours ago

    Probably have to agree with the masses and go with the NT1-A.

  • remmile
    remmile 9 hours ago

    NT1-A for sure

  • Trin Zilla
    Trin Zilla 9 hours ago

    The NT1-A. The NT2-A, as previously mentioned is a very close second. I feel like the NT1-A just picked up a little more.

  • André
    André 9 hours ago


  • Assia Tolpygo
    Assia Tolpygo 9 hours ago

    Just now learning about mics and not having much background to go on, I still think the NT1-A was the most well rounded for the various ranges!

  • J. Snider
    J. Snider 9 hours ago

    NT-1...clearest transients, most volume and detail...you can really hear every nuance of each technique...

  • Nikos Georgakis
    Nikos Georgakis 9 hours ago

    I' m liking the NT1-A and M1

  • Tony Mann
    Tony Mann 9 hours ago

    Procaster seemed the best to me. It gets every little raw nuance and texture of your amazing voice! It's remarkable how consistent your voice is throughout this whole testing process!! I love that ! Amazing!

  • Ximon Trespalacios
    Ximon Trespalacios 9 hours ago

    I'm liking the NT1 and NT1-A the most

  • Vincent Weber
    Vincent Weber 9 hours ago

    Really close between the NT1-A and the NT2-A, with a slight edge for the NT1-A. (But I have to admit that I might be biased towards this mic because that's the one I use.)

  • Matt Mommaerts
    Matt Mommaerts 9 hours ago

    I like the NT2A seemed to have a better response to me...

  • Lorena belizon bautista

    NT1-A in my opinion was the best one in all kind of voices, thank you for trying them out for us!

  • Errol Dre
    Errol Dre 9 hours ago

    *Happy birthday* )

  • Med Tounsi
    Med Tounsi 9 hours ago

    NT1-A sounds best imo.

  • Matt Peters
    Matt Peters 9 hours ago

    NT2-A especially on the low frys

  • Neo Plan
    Neo Plan 9 hours ago

    Nice idea to test this way and nice from Rode to do this! :D Place one overall for me for me is the Procaster, short followed by the NT-2A. The others have for me to many weaknesses with this "kind of use" in several points to be my choice. Best regards from Germany

  • Carlos Alvarez
    Carlos Alvarez 9 hours ago

    NT1-A for sure. Captures more of the highs and air which is easier to remove if needed rather than being too dark and trying to boost those areas. Set at fixed distance, pop shield, profit

  • flyercow
    flyercow 9 hours ago

    They all sound great cause you're awesome <3

  • VoiceHacks
    VoiceHacks 9 hours ago

    MY vote at the end was the NT1-A as well - I am a bit partial to condenser mics on harsh vocals! But they all sound excellent, only subtle differences really ! Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/voicehacks instagram.com/metalmaryz

  • Mandi Justine
    Mandi Justine 9 hours ago

    The NT2-A and NT1-A where the two I liked best for the majority of the screams. I may have liked the NT2 slightly more tho...I’ll have to listen again lol

    • Mandi Justine
      Mandi Justine 9 hours ago

      Nope...on second listen the NT1-A was better!!!

  • Damon Rain
    Damon Rain 9 hours ago

    NT1-A sounds great all round in my opinion.

  • donepearce
    donepearce 9 hours ago

    NT1-A does it for me. Pop filter and back it away about a foot.

  • Foxbody Boogie
    Foxbody Boogie 16 hours ago

    I think yarling was a forward placement thing. It seems to help push your voice in that pharyngeal area a little easier. Still, it was a dumb trend.

  • David Tillwach
    David Tillwach 18 hours ago

    Mary Zimmer are you a witch .

  • Bathory McClemont

    Dani filth would be very interesting to look into

  • MilitaryDog
    MilitaryDog Day ago

    Do frozen vocal chords shatter?

  • Andrew Virtue
    Andrew Virtue Day ago

    Secy scar.

  • Official Young Cain


  • Ronan Damizza
    Ronan Damizza Day ago

    I follow Yannis's work since Wardrum's era. He is a unique singer. The notes he reach plus his interpretation makes him one of the greatest in the world.

  • Mato Kuroi
    Mato Kuroi Day ago


  • Steve Steve Steve Steve

    So knocked loose?

  • I was a creature before I could stand

    Hi, I have a question (: hopefully someone can answer this, when I fry scream if I touch my neck I feel it vibrating, but my neck itself can’t feel the vibration, is that normal?

  • Andrew Brundage
    Andrew Brundage 2 days ago

    Holy crap, Is that Mary Zimmer from Luna Mortis? I had no idea you had a RU-clip channel! Great work!

  • The real laughing Joker

    🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 there is no words for why I just peed my pants laughter in public is not a good idea 💡

  • Rick Riffel
    Rick Riffel 2 days ago

    I think yarling is a throwback to the early 20th century American country and folk music singing. The tongue-curling that makes a yarl often ruins the voice my making it go through the nose and making sour notes. That same tongue-curling can also garble the words of a song. The results can be quite unappealing.

  • Tsaddiq
    Tsaddiq 2 days ago

    I love the breakdown. I prefer the darker timber of voices, especially for bands like Nightwish. It seems more sensual and powerful.

  • Legion Lab
    Legion Lab 2 days ago

    You inspired me to clean my desk lol

  • Fucktha World
    Fucktha World 2 days ago

    Do a video about greg gilbert from shrine of malice

  • Lin Pei
    Lin Pei 3 days ago

    Who has heard this in tic Toc?

  • Blanch Daddy
    Blanch Daddy 3 days ago

    Now try it with sulfur hexafluoride!!! It has the opposite effect of helium!

  • Manzana1C
    Manzana1C 3 days ago

    2:00 dude... She sounds like Jasper from Steven Universe

  • Bretton M
    Bretton M 3 days ago

    well now we need the sulfur hexafluoride sequel

  • polickm
    polickm 3 days ago

    Woooooooo!!! This is incredible!!! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼 I’m suscribing for sure 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  • Fandom trash
    Fandom trash 3 days ago

    The helium screams sound like angry goblins

  • Marvelous Maker
    Marvelous Maker 3 days ago

    hello I just popped over from your helium video I was wondering have you ever tried talking on the inhale breath? I wouldn't recommend trying it at high volumes and I have no idea what the long term effects are if any. But it does produce some weird vocals.

  • Steven Walker
    Steven Walker 3 days ago

    Can you stack vocals when recording

  • Sgrinwaipwr
    Sgrinwaipwr 3 days ago

    It would be interesting to hear a male vocalist try this too, as the typical male voice differs from the typical female one - especially on the lower tones.

  • Christie mccullough

    So can you just Bluetooth connect with iPhone and sing non karaoke songs from your Spotify app? It would be nice to be able to play my Spotify thru this machine. Please let me know. I am planning on getting this as a Christmas gift!!

  • Jay Carlo Bulanadi
    Jay Carlo Bulanadi 3 days ago

    I love the way you don't hide the scar with make up.

  • Mikey Miller
    Mikey Miller 3 days ago

    Black Metal As Fuck lol

  • Death and Decay
    Death and Decay 3 days ago

    So helium is basicly screamo

  • Ross Dixon Ellis
    Ross Dixon Ellis 3 days ago

    I got discouraged from singing for the past few years. Heard of your channel through Rob Chapman's "I almost gave up video." a few days ago. I like your content. I wanna try these tips out! I gotta turn this franchise around. If anything, this is gonna at least be good for my skin probably, so I will take that voodoo.

  • Rhysand -High Lord of the Night Court

    Honestly, the scar looks amazing! I know it sucks how you got it, and that you did get it, but I think it looks awesome with your aesthetic! Also, you yourself just look amazing and very pretty!

  • 4200cg
    4200cg 3 days ago

    I do the same screaming when taking a dump

  • Ariadne Marie Buscato

    you are so right about annette's voice being bright. floor is so talented, but the darkness just makes the already dark nightwish songs boring. i love annette best among these singers

  • Eduardo MV
    Eduardo MV 4 days ago

    "Now let's try a low fry toilet roll on a frying pan, wheels on a bus".

  • Xx_HOLOGRAFICMOONS_xX moon child

    Looks like wind in your window

  • Gabs A Estranha
    Gabs A Estranha 4 days ago


  • Marvelous Maker
    Marvelous Maker 4 days ago

    Maybe wrap the head stock in pool noodles?

  • El Paletero
    El Paletero 4 days ago

    Why was this on my recommendations

  • Marvelous Maker
    Marvelous Maker 4 days ago

    Santa's elves sing metal maybe?