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2013 Yamaha FZ6R
Views 722Day ago
2015 BMW F800GS
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2013 Yamaha FZ6R
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2010 Honda Goldwing
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2008 Victory Vegas
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2013 Suzuki Boulevard C50
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2016 Honda CBR600RR
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2015 Yamaha FZ6R
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2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
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2005 Ducati ST4s
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2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900
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2008 Honda VTX1300
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2005 Honda VTX1800
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2014 Yamaha Road Star 1700
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2008 Yamaha R1
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2003 BMW R1150RT
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2015 Yamaha Bolt
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2016 Moto Guzzi V711
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2007 Honda Shadow Spirit
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2009 Honda Shadow
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2004 Honda Rune
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2002 Honda Goldwing
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1993 Honda Goldwing
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2007 Suzuki Bandit
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2011 Honda CBR1000RR
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2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S
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2015 Honda Rebel
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2017 Hyosung GD250
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2010 Honda VFR
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2013 Suzuki M90
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2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 900
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2007 Honda VTX1300
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2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900
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2007 Yamaha Warrior
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2013 Kawasaki Versys 650
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1996 Dodge Viper GTS
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  • William Griser
    William Griser 42 minutes ago

    I have 2009 c109r with cobra camander, hyper charger, no baffles. The bike is insane. Same as m109r lower top end but way more torque.

  • Wesley Jones
    Wesley Jones Hour ago

    Nice change up with the videos

  • Wesley Jones
    Wesley Jones Hour ago

    Harrison needs to do more videos

  • F!@#Guilt
    F!@#Guilt Hour ago

    Loud pipes make my ride suck

  • Live Jones
    Live Jones Hour ago

    Should have called it the Raven cause it looks like a damn bird. Terrible looking thing.

  • F!@#Guilt
    F!@#Guilt Hour ago

    Colin Kaepernick doesn't like your flag. Neither does Nike. :-)

  • Raden Sulaksana
    Raden Sulaksana Hour ago

    the sound is ideal

  • t.b. smith
    t.b. smith Hour ago

    i think it would be just a bit easier to move the camera.

  • Raden Sulaksana
    Raden Sulaksana Hour ago

    its a good thing the engine is austrian made coz they compete in MotoGP and rally and motocross. Australia doesnt make motorcycles.

  • Shawn Marion
    Shawn Marion 2 hours ago

    I had a 2018 M109R BOSS. black and orange edition. ABSOUTLY LOVED IT!! It had freedom short curve exhaust, K&N air filter, and a fuel management system. it was a beast!!! Sadly i was only ever to ride her for about 3 months before a chevy 1500 decided he wanted to pull out in front of me and i had no where to i lost that bike.... I will be getting another one though asap after my injuries finish healing and i am cleared to work/ride again. miss this bike. great bike!!!!

  • Raden Sulaksana
    Raden Sulaksana 2 hours ago

    which one is better you down shift yourself or let it do it for you? is there any aftermarket product to change the foot brake into a right handbrake?

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu 2 hours ago

    They MAJORLY fucked up, by ditching Buell!!......they would Have the customer base for ALL these "hipster" bikes they are producing right now! Keeping Buell under the roof doesn't "steal" Harley brings NEW customers they seriously fucked up!!

  • Christian Lardy
    Christian Lardy 2 hours ago

    loud pipes save lives.

  • Kinny Bingman
    Kinny Bingman 2 hours ago

    I have a white one that I bought brand new in 2007. I've owned 37 bikes so far and I will never sell this one. I plan on getting other bikes in the future but I'm not letting this one go in the meantime. I've never owned anything like it before never rode anything like it before

  • steve johnson jr
    steve johnson jr 2 hours ago

    your wrong it the cb 750 sohc

  • Drake Orion
    Drake Orion 2 hours ago

    Did you have it in low?

  • jagerbomb29
    jagerbomb29 3 hours ago

    There's a 2005 for sale in my area with 20,000 miles for $1,500. Is this something I should jump on it?

  • Dog Face Soldier
    Dog Face Soldier 3 hours ago

    But Yamaha killed almost all of their cruisers. Broke my damned heart too, I had sold my Vstar when I moved, loved that bike so much. I love my Magna too, but the Magna has a lot of plastic on it. My Vstar was all steel. Thing was a beast.

  • Wehtam Silliw
    Wehtam Silliw 3 hours ago

    Who ever owned this couldn't ride for shit I put 12000 miles on a brand new 650 sv never dropped once and I ragged on it a few good times

  • Bob Diaz
    Bob Diaz 3 hours ago

    There are several safety rules I follow: (1) Match the speed of traffic. (2) Don't be a dick and piss off other drivers. (3) If a driver does something to piss me off, let it go. Between a car and motorcycle, the car always wins. (4) Assume the other drivers can't see me and avoid getting into a spot with no exit if they screw up. (5) Safety gear is a must, the day I fail to use it is the day the accident occurs.

  • xox CUJO xox
    xox CUJO xox 4 hours ago

    How much

  • Scotty H
    Scotty H 4 hours ago

    Classic sportbike made for 22 years (1987-2009). Good deals do show up on Craigslist.

  • Scott Redeen
    Scott Redeen 4 hours ago

    I like the sticky on the tank. Stuck on there the entire trip.

  • rahjr65
    rahjr65 5 hours ago

    I’m digging the paint scheme

  • ima piledriver
    ima piledriver 5 hours ago

    you finally got something right but both are considered old farts bike. you wanna be softails is the way.

  • TsevenC
    TsevenC 5 hours ago

    You like those gloves?... good luck sliding down the road on your hands in that junk. You like your hands?... those gloves offer you no real protection.... if i can see skin... you're fuk'ed when you hit the road.

  • salvatruchorider Cruz salvatruchorider

    Srk what u think of a 2007 cb919f

  • D S
    D S 5 hours ago

    Nice Chemtrails

  • Drax68
    Drax68 5 hours ago

    Is that a Road King Classic in the background?

  • Billy Berghoefer
    Billy Berghoefer 5 hours ago

    Love this bike looks awesome thanks for the tease :D

  • ima piledriver
    ima piledriver 5 hours ago

    Wrong again 750 shadow ace is the greatest bike honda has ever made period.

  • Hugo Mora
    Hugo Mora 5 hours ago

    After break in it might do 55mph!

  • Glen Melancon
    Glen Melancon 5 hours ago

    I picked up an 08 suzuki gsx650f with 2200 miles for $2750. Look around and find a better bike, with better dealer support, before you pick up a hyosung.

  • Chas106 G.
    Chas106 G. 5 hours ago

    This is a Kingpin.

  • James Wiles
    James Wiles 5 hours ago

    To put the bikes performance into perspective. It’s faster than any 250 300 or 400 and can keep up pretty alright with a 650. Not quite as fast but top end not to far off. Love these bikes for the money

  • James Wiles
    James Wiles 5 hours ago

    I bought a low miles 09 ninja 500r and wrecked 08 ninja 500r parts bike for $1200 and was my first bike! Best beginner bike ever! And heck I still jump on it sometimes and go for a rip! It’s a fun bike and gets up to 120 pretty quick for what it is.

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman 5 hours ago

    "...changing oil...whether you have to do it or's kind of questionable" (or words to that effect). I can't claim to be a bike mechanic, but I have played at mechanic as a hobby for pretty much the past four decades. I would do a bit of research before I would neglect to change oil in a four-stroke engine. I change the oil in my cars every 5,000 miles, but when it comes to my CB750, I change that every 2,000 miles or so. Of course, my 750 is running a hell of a lot higher rpm's than this bike, but still, no oil changes?

  • Lucas Luo
    Lucas Luo 6 hours ago


  • longbeachgary
    longbeachgary 6 hours ago

    What is it with you and the left mirror? Some videos the mirror is looking at the sky, or the ground and in this one - it's just missing....

  • Zynouger
    Zynouger 6 hours ago

    Lol it looks like a very dull bird.

  • clinton johnston
    clinton johnston 6 hours ago

    I have a 2001 FZ1 I bought it with 70K miles on it. Yes that’s 70K miles one it. I was told the dude that had it before me was a motorcycle mechanic and he road the bike in endurance races but let me tell you this bike is FLAWLESS!! Super fast and starts up every time. My previous bike was a 06 ZZR600 and my FZ1 is ALOT faster!! AWESOME BIKE!!!

  • Shane Bailey
    Shane Bailey 6 hours ago

    A gutless wonder with shit dynamics Racing paint??? You are a dill or very easily pleased. Far from Honda's best

  • cdresz
    cdresz 6 hours ago

    My daily commuter... It has sport bike styling, but it's really just a standard bike with a full fairing. Very easy to live with. City riding or highway riding, it's very capable.

  • George Burns
    George Burns 6 hours ago

    Chrome on the Tank Top = Sun in the eyes. Black Duct Tape. ;)

  • vic vapor
    vic vapor 7 hours ago

    . I will luv it and squeeze it and i will call it Scuffy. 😍 .

  • Napoleon Einstein
    Napoleon Einstein 7 hours ago

    I like your attitude..

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy 7 hours ago

    I have a 2017 m109r I’m here to say they handle great

  • ringhunter 100
    ringhunter 100 7 hours ago

    I am saving my money man $2300 or so and counting!!! I had wrecked my nice little 02 Honda Shadow into a deer which had tried to jump over me why I was moving at 45-/+ mph I lived and that ....Deer limped off and well I am a nice guy so I assumed it lived well when the time comes I will give you guys 1st try at selling me the perfect used bike I can muster $$ P.S. my gear saved my ass really!

  • JB Motorrad
    JB Motorrad 7 hours ago

    Wow. Someone who did not know how to care for a motorcycle owned this poor machine. That chain and sprocket are rusted all over, the switch gear is faded almost to unreadable. Sorry guys, this one is not a good find regardless of the low mileage. Sure, you can replace all that stuff, but then why not just buy a new bike? ;) This bike doesn't need to be bought, it needs to be rescued.

  • ringhunter 100
    ringhunter 100 7 hours ago

    Well since I met a deer with my shadow last year! :( I have been riding my kids bike every now and again which is 2017 CBR-300r and well it is a very fun and usable bike but for long haul only if I really must I mean like the Devil was chasing me and my car wont start I would.....1st your Butt go numb and hurts then your knees start to hurt then blood to lower legs start`s to become part of the break down process. well I could go on but Fun and Fast to kill ya, yea for some people.

  • Cool Gadget Reviews
    Cool Gadget Reviews 7 hours ago

    dude stop preaching and twist that throttle!!!

  • Charlie-Tango Motors

    "Successfully added to my wishlist."

  • Charlie-Tango Motors

    Man, I want a goldwing so bad. Just gotta be patient.

  • talentedmangina
    talentedmangina 8 hours ago

    A few more things: Your hands will be cold if you don’t go prepare. A sportbike may look the coolest, but you will enjoy any other type of motorcycle more. You are your own worst enemy. Watch your speed, give space cushions and maintain your bike.

  • Del Bollox
    Del Bollox 8 hours ago

    I want to live where you do your test rides

  • john doe
    john doe 8 hours ago

    I don"t get the Taliban beard thing.. Sorry! Like the vids though.

  • Frank Wiley
    Frank Wiley 8 hours ago

    I like Ducati's but Not that one. Uggh, its ugly. 😣 How can you screw up a Ducati so much ? Designers, *YOU'RE FIRED*

  • Dan Cherian
    Dan Cherian 8 hours ago

    This scooter review made me rethink about bike😡

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 8 hours ago

    Maybe you should talk about cassettes and 8 tracks too.

  • Gw Vincent
    Gw Vincent 8 hours ago

    I had to get rid of my shadow because I couldn’t keep up with my old man on his Harley on the freeway 🛣. I disagree with you about a windshield. I don’t care what the elements are like, you can easily attach a wind vest on that bike. To me it means the difference between fighting the wind with your upper body or being able to cruise down the highway comfortably 👍❤️

  • TEST123
    TEST123 9 hours ago

    Carburated *facepalm*

  • OkFixer
    OkFixer 9 hours ago

    Ugggg can it be the best? It has spoke wheels that you got a fool with after a few thousand miles of riding. And it has chains and sprockets. Plus It looks like every other Harley clone out there But what truly makes this worthless, is it powered by a V twin. The best Hondas I ever had were in lines. Four cylinders. Smooth like oiled glass. Shaft drive, with mag wheels. They were doing this along time ago. Check out about a 1984 nighthawk S 700. Now that was a beautiful machine.

  • eve EN
    eve EN 9 hours ago

    I cant decide between the M109R or a stratoliner/roadliner. I currently own a 950.

  • Jack Cook
    Jack Cook 9 hours ago

    I have a 02 spirit 750. It has been rejetted with straight pipes. It has 78,000 miles. It runs great with good acceleration under 12 second 1/4 mile and stops good also. I just change the oil once a year. Only thing I recommend is a high performance chain and sprockets. OEM stretches from hard launches .....

  • David Brilmyer
    David Brilmyer 9 hours ago

    Damn do i want that bike!!!!absolutely beautiful!!!!

  • hamdog
    hamdog 9 hours ago

    I've been a sub for awhile now, I ride a 107 streetbob (HD softail). I've been riding for years but I've never owned a sport bike. I really like how you are doing the "recommended skill level" for each bike now

  • D PIW
    D PIW 9 hours ago

    the Vrod was the only bike from harley I would ever consider. Too bad...

  • Robert Mizen
    Robert Mizen 9 hours ago

    If you hit a deer with that it’s going to cut it up into ready to cook portions. Great video though, thanks. Regards, Bob M. South Wales

  • Dwight Gaylor
    Dwight Gaylor 9 hours ago

    most of the mounting of a motorcycle comes from that of a horse, you alway approach a horse for mounting from the left, thus transfer to the motorcycle saddle up from the left side

  • Dennis Schell
    Dennis Schell 9 hours ago

    Uh Sean, Sportster had 4 speeds until 1991...

  • Hawkeye Hillbilly
    Hawkeye Hillbilly 9 hours ago

    Bought one for my wife and I ride it all the time. Love a Honda

  • potato filming
    potato filming 10 hours ago

    Harley Davidson = two wheeled tractor

  • Sololane Mvlog
    Sololane Mvlog 10 hours ago

    7800 miles omg.... why even buying this if you just put 8k miles on it ... it’s brand new

  • michael monahan
    michael monahan 10 hours ago

    U have a string on ur mirror

  • peter yeung
    peter yeung 10 hours ago

    I don't have a license, I don't know how to ride, but I want this bike.

  • Scott Alan
    Scott Alan 10 hours ago

    With all the scratches and dents what's it worth 1500 bucks

  • Scott Alan
    Scott Alan 10 hours ago

    My 82 Suzuki has less scratches on it

  • Skooby Cub
    Skooby Cub 10 hours ago

    Wow, that package Shawn shows. Look how he has to walk because of it. He's must have a very satisfied lady. Lucky lady too. So hot!

  • Keith Schreurs
    Keith Schreurs 11 hours ago

    Mine is a silver 2004 Fat Boy. Love the bike.

  • hujimix
    hujimix 11 hours ago

    That thing is as fat as bumblebee

  • John pan
    John pan 11 hours ago

    216 k

  • bob goop
    bob goop 11 hours ago


  • fladave99 Mills
    fladave99 Mills 11 hours ago

    Have a 2008 1300 ST - Paid $5,000 with 5,000 miles on it. Buy them for 5 - 7k all day long. Best bike on the market.

  • Frank Madden
    Frank Madden 11 hours ago

    Giving Caleb a mandatory union break??? Tons of walk around a today!

  • Frank Madden
    Frank Madden 11 hours ago

    Daaaaaaaannng Caleb is earning his pAy check today posting all these videos....... LoL

  • Amanda Leigh
    Amanda Leigh 12 hours ago

    What a stupid clickbait video.

  • scary terry
    scary terry 12 hours ago

    Get some sport bikes in stock, all old man bikes lol

  • Iain Findlay
    Iain Findlay 12 hours ago

    If there is no helmet law then there is no law regarding helmets. #logic.

  • ChrisGeez
    ChrisGeez 12 hours ago

    I like how Sean pronounces ‘boulevard’ as “BOO-luh-vard”! 😉

  • Jake Boldt
    Jake Boldt 12 hours ago

    Lol when you swing the bike around

  • Kodi
    Kodi 12 hours ago

    How much was that bike going for

  • Cael Geel
    Cael Geel 12 hours ago

    Please do a review on the suzuki gs500 🙏

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 12 hours ago

    great color.

  • Eric B
    Eric B 12 hours ago

    I currently have a VTX 1300 but the M109R will be my next bike

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 12 hours ago

    U finally got a bike I can really get into!!!

    • SuperSport
      SuperSport 11 hours ago

      Joe Schmoe lmaoooooo for real not everyone likes cruisers

  • joe toronto
    joe toronto 12 hours ago

    I heard you a few times on the Suzuki transmission it's the way they build them if you get it too much it is either not following the instruction according to owner's manual how to shift a Suzuki or you need to do an oil change with a better quality motorcycle engine oil according to your weather condition which could be a 20W50 grade instead of a 10W40 Shifting is like first get it to speed do not over do it clutch rev down .Rev up a little then lightly shift your gear up without applying any force on the shifter it will get to it's speed synchronize and shift on it's own while the rev adjust to vehicle speed

  • Ken Graeff
    Ken Graeff 12 hours ago


    FOOLSGOLD7875 12 hours ago

    Loud pipes seem to help carve out a lane when I filter. I wont say it necessarily saves lives but certainly avoids minor injuries.

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson 12 hours ago

    First!! I love the honesty..

    • scary terry
      scary terry 12 hours ago

      @Ray Johnson excellent come back, I can tell you're intelligent too! Your boyfriend must be proud!

    • Ray Johnson
      Ray Johnson 12 hours ago

      @scary terry Im also happy, you came out the closet Terry! Congratulations!! You played yourself..

    • scary terry
      scary terry 12 hours ago

      Gayest also...congrats

  • Jared Mymudes
    Jared Mymudes 12 hours ago

    first Love the channel!!