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How To Warm Up Your Voice
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ANJOCAINE - Little Light
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  • Make Meirman
    Make Meirman 7 hours ago

    Hey guy, where's the reaction to Dimash? Many, like me, subscribed to your channel for this. Do not grieve us. We will wait for a review of his concert in New York.

  • Agnes Quiros
    Agnes Quiros 7 hours ago

    Thank u for reacting to KZ. She is popular in Philippines. Mabuhay!

  • Esther Ruth Garcia
    Esther Ruth Garcia 7 hours ago

    Thanks for your wonderful comments and support for Marcelito, I love your comments, hope he would be given an opportunity to showcase his unique talent and gets what he deserves..he's a very humble person, also he's not just a good singer but he can also be a very funny comedian, I saw his Canadian tour and he made me laugh so hard!

  • Agnes regards
    Agnes regards 7 hours ago

    Great reaction. I agree with all you said. I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this performance. Blows me away each time. What a future she has!

  • Hady Hakim
    Hady Hakim 9 hours ago

    go to her channel and do a reaction to "the show must go on" if you like high notes

  • Pete Stephan
    Pete Stephan 9 hours ago

    She does all the arragements for all her songs

  • Trayz Gredner
    Trayz Gredner 9 hours ago

    Unreal, just incredible.

  • Bearbunny Bun
    Bearbunny Bun 10 hours ago

    Please react his Time to say Goodbye

  • Elya Iztleu
    Elya Iztleu 11 hours ago

    And this one too 🙏👍👏❤️

  • Elya Iztleu
    Elya Iztleu 11 hours ago

    Hi! Please listen and react to our Kazakh band:

  • Annie bannie
    Annie bannie 12 hours ago

    Love your reactions thankyou

  • Владислав Шадрин

    Сделай русские субтитры и будет тебе счастье

  • William da Silva
    William da Silva 15 hours ago

    Pra vocês que sabem o que é cantar . Eu aprendo mais quando olho a expressão que cada um faz exatamente no ponto de impressão que a musica causa meio que ao potencial de voz com mudança do alto para baixo e vice versa . Muito bom pela honestidade . Dimash is a fenomeno!

  • Кикимара Бабаежкина


  • Linda Strauss
    Linda Strauss 15 hours ago

    listen to her acapella audition for Norway's Got Talent when she was seven--I'm a Fool to Want You

  • Sally Kasper
    Sally Kasper 15 hours ago

    People have a different difinition of high notes

  • Gina STABILE
    Gina STABILE 16 hours ago

    Vitas chantait cette chanson pratiquement toujours en play-back. Et ça s’entend...

  • #freeHongKong 2020
    #freeHongKong 2020 16 hours ago

    Too much studio work with the Wishbus format-thats why when he is actually singing Live his female voice is never as good as on the Wishbus so it shows there is alot of pitch correction and autotune placed on the mike.

  • Rhodeza Beter
    Rhodeza Beter 16 hours ago

    Hi! I recommend you to check another marelito pomoy sing celin deon POWER OF LOVE.☺️

  • Vwasil Kuzmytzmi
    Vwasil Kuzmytzmi 17 hours ago

    Excellent!! You will find she has many that are the new best. Truly she is something to behold. Your doing great. Keep them coming please.

  • Lorenzo Jacobs
    Lorenzo Jacobs 18 hours ago

    Hey great reaction like always ! I think Angelina has her hooks in you . You viewed I put a spell on you , but the one you have seen is the weaker version of : . You liked the version she idd when she was 11y , in the link she just turned 9 when then recorded it . Enjoy and be blown away by Angelina again .

  • Yara Beatriz Hurtado Olivari


  • Toni Foster
    Toni Foster 19 hours ago

    She does not ever disappoint ♥

  • Edwin Semidey
    Edwin Semidey 20 hours ago

    I can't believe Howie would not use his Golden Buzzer on him

  • Valley Stina
    Valley Stina 20 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure this is the wrong video of Angelina Jordan, singing "I Put a Spell on You"... the one they want you to watch is where she is around 8 years old. And you say, "it's better than her song on AGT", but did you ever think she's NOT going to shoot off her biggest guns in the BEGINNING of a competition with people from all over the world? I think you're being a little stuck up in your opinion to not give her due credit for her "Bohemian Rhapsody"... it is DEFINITELY Unique in her delivery... HAVE you EVER heard anyone else sing that song the way she did? EVER? I don't think so.

  • Alita Depollo
    Alita Depollo 20 hours ago

    Primera vez que encuentro sexy escuchar a un hombre expresar su amor a otro hombre :D

  • Jacques Picotte
    Jacques Picotte 21 hour ago

    Why did you abandon her! This reaction has been posted April 1, 2019. Then, you came back to her because of AGT?

  • Jacques Picotte
    Jacques Picotte 21 hour ago

    I command you to be so humble about yourself and to continue to do reactions to Angelina s songs! Keep them coming, man, and i will suscribe to your channel. Deal or no deal?

  • bob lacks
    bob lacks 21 hour ago

    You should know that the version you played of "I Put a Spell on You" has only 33,000 views, while the original version when Angelina was only nine is the real classic with over SIX MILLION views! I think it would be great if you reacted to this version as well and then did a comparison of the two performances.

  • Mark Hansen
    Mark Hansen 21 hour ago

    Her voice has a depth that defies description...

  • Jacques Picotte
    Jacques Picotte 21 hour ago

    Hey, Anjocaine! Not that one. The one, in black and white, that she sang when she was 9!!!! Try again! Thanks!

  • Lisbeth Vangeid
    Lisbeth Vangeid 21 hour ago

    This one is great! Thanks for your reaction! This is an orginal:

  • D Salyo
    D Salyo 21 hour ago

    That is a great version of hers - and offers proof to any who doubted it was actually her singing in the B/W version. You mentioned this one had a great ending, so I recommend you check out her live performance of “Feeling Good” - at the age of ten. Crazy good.

    • D Salyo
      D Salyo 21 hour ago

  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf 22 hours ago

    This song is near the bottom of my Angelina list, just above Back to Black. Angelina improved this song immensely, but it is still a dreary song that does not show off all the talent Angelina has vocally. Still, it is certainly light years beyond the original.

  • Michał Chojnacki
    Michał Chojnacki 22 hours ago

    Dimash should get a job as a Godzilla Atomic Breath.

  • Dan Daniel
    Dan Daniel 22 hours ago

    I'm confused by the 'live recording' thing. I don't see any monitoring earpieces. How is she able to hear the music and sing live without monitoring? Playing the music through the speakers in the room would lead to feedback. Doesn't she need to be lip syncing in these videos? For example, in her 'I Have Nothing' video (you like high and belting, check it out), it seems she loses sync in little spots here and there. Subtle, slight. I mean, she's a master craftswoman, could probably sing the same song ten times with almost no slip in timing, but still, little slips. I am not questioning the quality of her singing. She's amazing. Simply amazing. But I do question that many of her videos show her actually singing the vocal track live that we hear. And once you accept that the track is laid in, the high quality processing (and possible splicing of different takes) makes more sense.

  • james mullineaux
    james mullineaux 23 hours ago

    Great reaction Chris, this is the first time I've heard thia version of Angelina singing this sone the other one is in black and white when she was much younger, well a few years younger, maybe you could have a listen and compare for us

  • D Salyo
    D Salyo 23 hours ago

    I can hardly begin to imagine what this young lady will deliver in future recordings/releases. She will require quite a large and sturdy display case for future industry awards she is bound to receive. Please also consider “Young and Beautiful” and “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”.

  • james mullineaux
    james mullineaux 23 hours ago

    Love your reactions to Angelina's songs and really look forward to more from you on Angelina, maybe you can check out some of her Elvis covers

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 23 hours ago

    You said this Angelina video was your favorite reaction and you have seen lots of others. I have seen all of the reactions to Angelina, and this one ranks right up there at the top for me. One of the things you said that I love... Headphones! Yes! I try to stress this point to anyone I see reacting/listening to Angelina. It makes me sad when I see people trying to listen to her with laptop speakers or (heaven forbid) a phone speaker. There's so much texture and detail in that voice. Listening to Angelina with cheap speakers is like listening to pink floyd in mono... it's just.... NO! So glad you are checking out more Angelina. I have to chuckle a little when you call out your "favorite". You will find that selecting a favorite becomes a more impossible task the more you hear from her. I have heard it said many times among the Angelina fan community, "My favorite Angelina song is whichever one I am currently listening to" ...she has that many, that are that good. ;) There are so many to recommend. Someone said in another comment, that you like the harder stuff, but you really like this one and million years ago, so I'm not so sure. I think as someone that really understands how difficult it is to do the stuff you have seen her do so far, you are going to like literally anything you hears from her. This is a playlist that I like to share with reactors, it is 84 of my personal favorites (see... when it comes to favorites, I could only get it down to 84). These are arranged in chronological order so you can get a sense of where you are in her progression. Pick literally any of them... whatever title jumps out at you... these are all reaction worthy performances IMO. You should really check any of those early ones... it will start to make a little more sense how deep it runs in her......

  • Fernando F.
    Fernando F. 23 hours ago

    You should listen A MILLION YEARS AGO again, but without analyzing it so much, just listen to it... this one and BORN TO DIE are my favorites by far, just because of the low register

  • Qi Ne
    Qi Ne 23 hours ago

    Not meant as criticism, but boy I was hoping you'd do the black and white version..

  • Fernando F.
    Fernando F. Day ago

    this is the best reaction/no-reaction (since you kind of didn't move while listening to the song) I've seen. This song is amazing so deciding not to comment on top of it is the best decision. The bit is incredible and her voice is like butter to my ears. I heard this song 30 times in the past week and sounds amazing each time.

  • Reginald Workman

    My favorite cover she does but I love them all. Magical voice. Very large hands and so very expressive. Love how she can sing any style she so desires.

  • yberism
    yberism Day ago

    Chris, I still think you need to listen to the black and white version when she was 9 years old singing "I put a spell on you". Its not at all the same as the last you reacted to! You will get to hear her all her powers, she don't hold back on anything in that video. And maybe we will see you cry too :)

  • Eric Ropars
    Eric Ropars Day ago

    I just love your reaction, and if I may ask, could you please react to her version of ' someone like you' it is simply stunning thank you thank you

  • David Touma
    David Touma Day ago

    Thank you for your reaction to this amazing young lady Angelina Jordan. She can sing the phone book and make it sound fantastic, even better she can sing a 241 yrs old poem by Robbie Burns and make it sound heavenly. Classical composer Nico Cartosio decided to have a vocalist for for one of the compositions on his album and chose Angelina to sing to the lyrics of this poem "Rigs O'Barley" Some of the words have been changed to modern English as in "Ridges Of Barley".I would love to hear your reaction to it. thank you.

  • Torbjørn Lund

    Also listen to: A Million Years Ago, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart and Valerie. 🙏🏻❤️🎧

    • Geist derStunde
      Geist derStunde Day ago

      To " A Million Years ago" he has already reacted.

  • Bruce Bradley
    Bruce Bradley Day ago

    i love her and thanks for your great reaction

  • Kaspar Hauser
    Kaspar Hauser Day ago

    I`d really like to see Angelina performing this one in the final of agt, but I guess she might have chosen an original (most likely "Shield").

  • Vickie Ball
    Vickie Ball Day ago

    PLEASE LISTEN TO HER EARLIER VERSION of "I PUT A Spell ON YOU"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She was barely 9 years old.!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ek 1707
    ek 1707 Day ago

    I would like to recommend her version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" (, then Frank Sinatra's (and others) "If You Go Away" ( Click my link and check out my Playlists to see the range of her repertoire, as well as types of performances.

  • brian tang
    brian tang Day ago

    neumann tlm 2

  • brian tang
    brian tang Day ago

    if you like the vocal fry and the measured power and controlled dynamics and tone, listen to ""someone like you"".. its total mastery so powerful and dynamic. 2019sept . if you will notice her style in ALL of her performances to build from beginning to end, and sometimes to come back down after a peak somewhere. she is a master of that. and she never oversings, ..all other singers sound like they are singing through their nose compared to her.

  • Albert Tenfoot

    Hi Chris. Thank you for a very thoughtful and enthusiastic reaction to Angelina. Although she has the gift of singing and all her performances appear to be effortless, Angelina works very hard to ensure that the one she is going to record reflects what she sees as the correct way to meld both lyrics and melody. If you go to you will find many rehearsals where, not only do you get to see her rehearsing but being the "ordinary" girl she is (if indeed one is able to apply that word to her). Most of her performances are recorded in her home studio, either with background music or a single guitar. Most are done in one take. She treats the whole thing as a hobby. As we would have said when I was young. "There is no 'side' to her" She is completely transparent to the world. Determined - Yes. Aware of her unique abilities - Yes. Shy in public -Yes. Exhibitionist - No. Desire to introduce high notes into her performances just to say "Look how good I am" - No. And,so I could go on listing the positives and negatives of this very talented and versatile young lady. But in reality there is no need to. To know Angelina only one thing is necessary. Listen to her perform .After that one word will be sufficient and that is "Angelina" All others are superfluous. One thing which several of the new reactors - and those who have returned to her have decided, is to follow her career from the start. If you should decide to do the same, go to Rusty Shackleford's and look at the list he has compiled of Angelina songs in chronological order.

  • Peter Fällman

    Great vocal. Saying so.. Lana del Rey has a very special and unique voice.. and I am used to LdR voice here, however Angelina’s cover of LdR Young and Beautiful... I’m not sure whose version I prefer..

  • Ivar Choi Espedalen

    Wonderful reaction video! This is an impressive Lana Del Rey cover when she was 12. She is unique and has the ability to touch our souls again and again !

  • Yozhik v Tumane

    Mesmerizing, enchanting, spectacular and immensely tremendous ..... words aren't enough. Not just her tone and vocal skills, but also, as You mentioned, to keep those long phrases together in a single take. I also like very much how she's _jazzed it up_ with a more syncopated phrasing almost all through the song.

    • Yozhik v Tumane
      Yozhik v Tumane 14 hours ago

      @Jacques Picotte Syncopation is the term used to describe when a note is played (or sung) _off beat_ to the music (one note is extended at the cost of the one before or after). Compare Angelina's version, @ 1:24 with Lana DelRey's recording @ 1:25, at the end of the phrase, "... in the meantime". This shift in the rhythm is present to various degrees throughout the song, but most obvious in this phrase. _Syncopation_ isn't something specific to jazz, but in jazz it is more stretched and varied and the amount of offset to the beat is often varied within a phrase

    • Jacques Picotte
      Jacques Picotte 21 hour ago

      What do you mean by saying syncopated phrasing? Thank you. Yozhik! I know you will answer me like you always do with so much kindness and respect for my ignorance. Your answer will help others too.

  • Ирина Бондаренко


  • Made Laca
    Made Laca Day ago

    Her lower register is insane!!! It envelopes you. And the nuances and subtleties she impresses in each performance is unbelievable!

  • 9Ballr
    9Ballr Day ago

    Thanks for the reaction video! This is one of my absolute favorites from Angelina as well. In addition to being extremely talented she is also incredibly versatile, adapting her voice remarkably to different songs and different genres. Another brilliant cover from her that I would highly recommend is Stay (the version with just her and Ivan Mendez on guitar).

  • Stein Gunnar Johansen

    this is a studio version that is rare and i think you would love it. Angelina Jordan - i'm still holding out for you

  • soy soy
    soy soy Day ago


  • sylvio horta
    sylvio horta Day ago


  • Alex Argesanu
    Alex Argesanu Day ago

    Awesome!!! This song its great.

  • Brenda Veselich

    I am so happy for you to finally discover this beautiful gifted child. Looking forward to more Angelina Jordan reactions. Could you react to Angelina Jordan , It's A Man's World, Live Summer 2018?

  • Rachel Ginter
    Rachel Ginter Day ago

    Love your reactions would you plz check out her original " Shield " this is my favorite so far of her originals

  • Stealth Mode
    Stealth Mode Day ago

    I suspect the "super fans" will choose Marcelito. Lame. The world will know & embrace Angelina. It will quickly forget him.

  • Stealth Mode
    Stealth Mode Day ago

    Love her breathy gravelly voice ability. You cant learn that. Angelina is going places.

  • Lene Lene
    Lene Lene Day ago

    This one is great. You should check out her original song, Shield, or Oslo. And her cover of it's a mans world and wicked game. She is something Else. I don't know og this would work on agt, there isn't crazy runs and high vocals. It seems to me that on that show that equals talent and quality. Following Angelina since she enteted ngt when she was 7, I know her strenght and style is jazzy and those raspy lows. So the performance on agt seemed like it was perfecteted to give each judge theire favorite element, and to me it didn't feel like 100% her style. But hers still, and the song was a killer on that show, absolutly correct. But I wish she would truly show herself, her talent in that show. But I dont know ifthat will go that well. She has shown that she can sing in the higher registet with I will always love you and I have nothing, by Whitney Houston... pteferably the last of those two. She is great at it. But her strength and comfort zone is still the now, thats where she is truly killing it.

  • Stian Bjøntegaard

    Amazing talent, but I have heard she has practiced her singing very very much as well. Her album “It’s Magic “ was recorded when she was 11 and released a year later, I love it a lot, hopefully you will share your view on it one day?

  • PatriciaL Ledoux

    I second the idea that you must hear "It's a Man's World" by Angelina sung also two years ago at age twelve with a live performance (my preference too). There are two versions one done outside with a military band that has very poor sound quality. The one I suggest is live and indoors and, if you think you loved this video wait until you hear this classic done by (originally) James Brown. Again by Angelina sung to flow your mind.

    • Spirit Wolf
      Spirit Wolf 22 hours ago

      @Arpad B I agree the one with the band far eclipses the other one.

    • Arpad B
      Arpad B Day ago

      For me, the other version with the band, is way better, especially the end of the song. The sound quality doesn't matter anymore :D :

  • Darrell Eldridge

    If you like this you should check out her cover of Patsy Cline’s Crazy, it’s unbelievable.

  • tonton cad
    tonton cad Day ago

    listen his version of to a million years ago from adele you can feel the emotion

    • krisztián p
      krisztián p Day ago

      He done that already like 9 months ago,as a reaction video.

  • D J
    D J Day ago

    Great reaction. I really do appreciate your honest and technical insight, I look forward to it. We can't improve without corrective criticism. Some people don't know how to take it though. Keep it up!.. Most of her songs are live with some that are processed and enhanced afterwards but they say that have been enhanced. The only song I know of where they over processed, I guess you would say, is the Avicci Volvo commercial where I believe she sings Feeling Good. Everyone says its her, but its hard to tell

    • pa1189j
      pa1189j 15 hours ago

      D J it’s here

    • Tomas Odebrant
      Tomas Odebrant 17 hours ago

      It doesn't sound like Angelina. I think it is Audra Mae singing

    • D J
      D J 20 hours ago

      @pa1189j Would be interesting to see it. Where is it posted?

    • pa1189j
      pa1189j Day ago

      D J that was my video. It’s the first 50 seconds which is Angelina.

  • David Huggins
    David Huggins Day ago

    Great reaction to our "Angel"

  • Chris Bach
    Chris Bach Day ago

    Well i started with this video and i love it to but unfortunately i have to say you over 120 Songs still waiting on your reactions. And there are much more songs like this. So i wish you a great time to watch all of her stuff and beware of your jar it might drop to the floor. Best Chris

  • Roy Johansen
    Roy Johansen Day ago

    👍😊❤️❤️❤️, ❤️ your reaction 👍😊

  • Clyde Harris
    Clyde Harris Day ago

    Thanks for that great reaction , She does leave one stunned with out words and in shock for a while, realizing you have been mesmerized by a pre- teen vocal master. Don't know if you have heard her pre show audition, acapella version of" I'm A Fool To Want You" for Norway's Got Talent Show she won at 7-8 years old. It shows her talent at this young age just stunning vocal control pitch perfect .. she left the judges in total shock...

  • The Mask
    The Mask Day ago

    Great reaction ;-) You mentioned that Angelina was a record artist. Listen to this: Angelina Jordan - Song For A (by Nico Cartosio) -The composer wrote this piece for Angekina specifically. - also proof that Angelin can be called "the angel with a thousand voices" - This is a masterpiece!

  • Ron McNabb
    Ron McNabb Day ago

    You reacted to the wrong I Put A Spell On You. Read your comments on your last video! She recorded I Put A Spell On You at 9 years old. It's the black and white version when she was younger. It's so much better than the one you reacted to.

    • tikiband
      tikiband 23 hours ago

      Ron McNabb ... He's not listening to us.

  • william johnson

    I have felt the same about this performance since she released it. But if she did it in the finals of AGT, she would probably finish last. The so-called 50 super fans, which is a ridiculous format for determining the best, would not be impressed like you and I and millions of her fans. I don't believe a singer will ever win with this format in place. This is one of Angelina's best performances, and it is (IMO) better than the Lana Del Ray original. And concerning studio cutting and pasting, Angelina doesn't do that. If you get a chance to listen to her album "It's Magic" that she recorded when she was 12, well, it's magic. I loved your reaction, Chris. And I'm happy to see you visiting Angelina's performances more. Wishing you the very best. Billy j

    • Peter Christopher Banlon
      Peter Christopher Banlon 10 hours ago

      Speaking of It's Magic, I just got it in the mail last week and I love it. It's one purchase of many more to come. Cheers!

    • Reginald Workman
      Reginald Workman 13 hours ago

      Yozhik v Tumane Political I guess, shouldn’t be surprised, hope she got what she wanted from this. Almost wish she hadn’t done the show, but RU-clip alone is not enough. She has some sharp folks around her, hope it pays off for her.

    • Yozhik v Tumane
      Yozhik v Tumane 14 hours ago

      @Reginald Workman From what I understand, the whole series of _AGTtC II_ is already recorded, including the final, so if the superfans jury isn't voting, that leaves only the 4 judges to decide.

    • Yozhik v Tumane
      Yozhik v Tumane 14 hours ago

      @william johnson And other streaming services as well i believe. I mentioned Spotify because Chris mentioned that site.

    • william johnson
      william johnson 22 hours ago

      @Yozhik v Tumane It's also on Amazon Prime. I listen to it there quite often.

  • Jaques Azevedo

    Great reaction. Its dificult indicated same Angelina songs, cause she sing a lot kinds of songs, and diferents people react of diferent ways, Have a song that is not know a lot, but maybe you like, "Im still Holding out for you":

  • maddalena c
    maddalena c Day ago

    Bravo Chris! ♥ Angelina è la reincarnazione di tanto..essenza e studio, naturale presenza di un'arte misteriosa. Guardala quando canta Adele, o Rhianna. Thank you Chris. ♥♥♥

  • Sailing Wannabe

    Look on Spotify The artist Nico Cartosio has an album and he wrote a song for specifically Angelina which she recorded for his album the name of the song is "A Song For A"

  • John Tracy
    John Tracy Day ago

    If you like high notes you need to hear It's a Man's World (live 2018).

    • Spirit Wolf
      Spirit Wolf 22 hours ago

      I think people have a different definition on high notes. They are belted out notes, slightly higher than usual and I now love that song, but higher notes are better found in Unchained Melody and Oslo.

    • Yozhik v Tumane
      Yozhik v Tumane Day ago

      I too would recommend the version mentioned by johnnybgbg. Even though the audio file from _Kongsbergs Jazz Festival_ is recorded at the mixer table hand has better audio quality than the "fan-cam" recording from the outdoor release concert of the album _It's Magic,_ it still adds an extra little something to be able to see the artist on stage. I think Angelinas performance is equally outstanding at both concerts, and they both have their place to fill in the music library.

    • krisztián p
      krisztián p Day ago

      Live Oslo 2018.It will blow your mind.Also I Put a Spell On You black and white version video!

    • antonio belli
      antonio belli Day ago

      @johnnybgbg Me too!

    • johnnybgbg
      johnnybgbg Day ago

      I was just going to write that, my first thought :) But I prefer this one with live video, and where the high notes doesn't crackel.

  • Michael Keating

    Great reaction :) Bear in mind, she was only 12 years old here and she just turned 14 this month. What a gift and future we have to look forward to!

  • Alejandro Flores

    Not god, but her desire to sound like those artists her grandma played for her since she was a baby, for sure her grandma sang while watching Angelina, there’s video of her at 1.5 years of age holding a microphone learning to talk while learning to sing like the greatest of all times, her grandmothers taste for jazz is the reason Angelina sounds like she does. All humans have the capacity to become the greatest anything, but you need many factors in early stages of life, and of course her absolute desire to want to do it. Cheers!

    • Yozhik v Tumane
      Yozhik v Tumane Day ago

      *_Nature & Nurture_* two of the three key ingredients to become a great star, the third one is of course _practice, practice, practice_

    • william johnson
      william johnson Day ago

      Amen! I completely agree!

  • Preben Johansen

    Looks like she put a spell on you once again :) Awesome reaction, thanks so much for sharing! <3 Yes you are so right, headphones are required to understand how good this is. She has 120+ song on youtube, so I think you are right that she didnt practice this for too long. She is a natural, so she doesnt need to. I think you will like her version of Rihanna song 'Stay'. And I know her fans would love to see you react to it :)

  • Marie Dominique AUGE COURTOI

    Tout simplement hallucinant ❤️❤️❤️

  • Geist derStunde

    Wonderful reaktion, thank you very much! Here you can hear Angelina singing live at concert "It's a Man's World". I promise it's the best version you've ever heard. Born to Die, was just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks Chris

  • Elena Vahreeva

    🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😍😍😍Марина Кравец. Zombie!


    By far one of my favorite performance of all the reactions I have done!

    • Gulzar
      Gulzar Day ago

      Hi Chris! Please react to Hua Chenyu "Nunchucks" song. You'll like it!👍👍👍

  • Marie Dominique AUGE COURTOI

    Magnifique chanson et magnifique voix bravo👍👍👍

  • TheLassenman
    TheLassenman Day ago

    The new Amy Whinehouse? :)

    • Geist derStunde
      Geist derStunde Day ago

      Amy was great, but Angelina is Angelina and she is out of this world.

    • petespinkypigs
      petespinkypigs Day ago

      NO NO NO, She is the new Angelina Jordan.

    • Arpad B
      Arpad B Day ago

      no, shes better

  • Буба Касторский

    Она из космоса! Мы смеемся, но это так!

  • laura sanchez
    laura sanchez Day ago

    Dimash es único, espectacular, sigue reaccionando a dimash gracias un saludo desde España 😘😘

  • Brian Harkness This is the performance that you need to react to. She was 9 years old and smashed it.

  • per-erik clasen

    I think she started to listen to music (jazz) as early as 1-2 years old. You normally start developing feelings early in your life. I think that is why her song is full of motions. So her talent i think is based upon early exposer to music, her voice and her determination to become a singer (a star).

  • robert shaw
    robert shaw Day ago

    This is one incredible singer. Prety high voice - He is in the soprano range without effort. This is incredible