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  • Rob Harwood
    Rob Harwood 8 seconds ago


  • randal gibbons
    randal gibbons 33 seconds ago

    The only candidate that stands out is Yang. Everyone else is business as usual. Yang is a chance to make the system work for the future. He is a once in a lifetime opportunity.! How can you turn your back on him? Our elected officials can't remember who they work for I honestly, I feel revolution is just around the corner, and I'm all in. Seriously, how can we give up the vision of Yang and be forced to accept the likely hood of 4 more years of the "Republican Shit Show" that is Donald Trump! If Yang becomes a missed opportunity, I can only believe that Washington has it's own agenda, and the American people are nowhere on it. Shame on you!

  • Delling Conley
    Delling Conley 36 seconds ago

    Warran will go so heavy with identity politics there will be a red wave. The tyt generation hasn't figured that out yet. I think Yang will be the best choice. Division is a losing card.

  • Hairymuffin2010
    Hairymuffin2010 47 seconds ago

    Trump has literally confessed to breaking the law LIVE ON TV on numerous occasions! Emoluments clause, nepotism, 10 counts of obstruction of justice, breaking of campaign finance laws, the fucking list goes on!

  • hrmIwonder
    hrmIwonder Minute ago

    That would be simply glorious if this brought down both Trump and Biden.

  • Kyle Lee Hufnagel
    Kyle Lee Hufnagel Minute ago

    Yikes Saagar, you gotta tone down the childish dismissive ticks. You have a hot mic and people can hear your performative sigh, disinterested acknowledgements as the guest speaks, and the curt “yep” as you are thanking a guest for their time. You might not agree with someone but you got to tighten up your broadcasting demeanor.

  • William Moody
    William Moody Minute ago

    Warren tried to claim Indigenous roots... and now trying to claim Bernie's roots.

  • James Lee
    James Lee Minute ago

    Ball you make good points. However YOU need to explain Sanders hemorrhaging voters to Warren. Lets also compare Warrens negatives to Clintons.

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez Minute ago

    I wiah Krystal would say how she really feels. Lmao Kystal Ball your awesome!

  • Dezhavu13
    Dezhavu13 Minute ago

    Disclosure: I am not a Harris voter. Is Warren a progressive? Maybe. Is she the one we need right now? No. While Warren appears to be more progressive than some, Harris has a much more progressive voting record. That alone should be a clue. Another clue is how many of Bernie's progressive legislation bills (especially those regulating Wall St) has Warren co-sponsored. From what I have read, none of the Wall St ones and only few of any others. Yet another clue is her judgement based on her not only taking the DNA test but then publicizing it.

  • jha shua
    jha shua Minute ago

    I think they're mischaracterizing and making AOC a little simplified by saying she just hates Trump. I think she feels very strongly about trumps immigration policy how he separated children at the borders and how he has quote "concentration camps". AOC sees Trump specifically as inhumane and breaking international laws in a sense. So I think she feels it's immoral not to press for impeachment and I think she feels the amount of impeachable offenses by Trump is very high because impeachment is not really about a specific law being broken, although the more I actual clear laws broken the easier it is to argue. And let it also be known if you're really research AOC has a very clear video where she goes over Trump's financial tax stuff with his golf courses and other areas that she really wants to press in terms of him breaking laws.

  • Nicholas Sharaf
    Nicholas Sharaf Minute ago

    Mate, make up your bed before going on video call...

  • Mr jujube
    Mr jujube 2 minutes ago

    Warren is fake Please people vote for Bernie

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 minutes ago

    This woman is Toxic. She is just a bag of feces..

  • JDC57
    JDC57 3 minutes ago

    Obstruction of justice, hush money payments, ignoring Congressional subpoenas, violation of the emoluments clause, soliciting election help from foreign governments, and on and on. Saagar must be joking when he says Trump "hasn't done anything." Impeachment should proceed. It should be a moral imperative, not a political calculation. Trump is by far the most blatantly criminal president in US history, and we need to insist that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. If we don't, what will constrain future presidents from engaging in even more egregious behavior? It makes no difference whether Trump is convicted in the Senate. Remember, if the House votes for impeachment the impeachment is official. Conviction by the Senate is an entirely separate matter. If the House impeaches him, Trump will bear that stain with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, the only other two presidents to have been impeached. And we will have made a powerful statement that presidential misconduct will not go unpunished.

  • Mark Tenzer
    Mark Tenzer 3 minutes ago

    saagar should read the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Next time you guys discuss impeaching trump have Cenk on. He's a lawyer and will explain at length all of the reasons trump could be impeached, even though Cenk may agree with Krystal that it would be a bad idea. I agree with AOC that everyone should be tried if illegal behavior is suspected. Once it's shown that trump is a criminal, let the republican senators vote, and go on record, to give him a pass. You can see how saagar's got nothing by how irate he becomes. BERNIE 2020

  • JustConsuelo
    JustConsuelo 4 minutes ago

    Shahid Buttar is challenging Pelosi in the Primary. Grassroots activist who is people funded; not corporations like Pelosi. #GetNancyOut

  • g g
    g g 4 minutes ago

    Trump, Biden are both corrupt neither should be president

  •  4 minutes ago

    The more the media pushes Warren, the more untrustworthy she becomes in my eyes. It's Bernie or bust this time for me, I made the mistake of supporting Hillary in the general last time, I won't compromise this time.

  • Ryan Corinth
    Ryan Corinth 5 minutes ago

    I’m really worried centrist democrats will nominate Biden and we will lose to Trump again

  • Mr jujube
    Mr jujube 5 minutes ago

    Only Bernie 2020

  • d_dave
    d_dave 6 minutes ago

    Saagar is out of his mind. There are multiple grounds to impeach Trump. The only reason Trump hasn't been impeached is because Pelosi thinks it will make it harder to win the next election. That's /it/.

  • StandingUpForJustice
    StandingUpForJustice 6 minutes ago

    602 IA voters polled via landline phones = older population. Even though I'm a voter in NY that is of the 55+ crowd, we must acknowledge the younger voters & be sure they get to the polls! Be sure they know to register Dem if they're in a sem-closed or closed state & their voter reg. deadline. Besides that Independents make up more of the voting base then either Dems or Repubs COMBINED!

  • Geoff Zephyrus
    Geoff Zephyrus 6 minutes ago

    I think it’s super interesting how the race is shifting as we get closer to the vote. All of the “leaders” in the race have major flaws which creates this narrow path for Andrew Yang on which he could emerge as the winner. It would be amazing if he could successfully navigate that path.

  • Scott Taylor Davis
    Scott Taylor Davis 6 minutes ago

    Drop the music track. Its distracting.

  • dumb cell
    dumb cell 6 minutes ago

    Bernie is the only sure candidate

  • Sheck Best
    Sheck Best 6 minutes ago

    It's called nepotism.

  • sharper68
    sharper68 7 minutes ago

    If calling out your leadership when they betray your ideals is not helpful then what is the option? Do nothing? We have plenty of democrats who do that already and none are considered part of the solution either.

  • Carrie See
    Carrie See 7 minutes ago

    Warren wins, I dropping the dem party like a hot rock.

  • Mark Lang
    Mark Lang 8 minutes ago

    The one to beat is anyone and everyone who isn’t named Bernie Sanders.

  • Larry Menasco
    Larry Menasco 8 minutes ago

    Krystal is right. The Dem leadership wants to have their cake and eat it too!

  • E. Bell
    E. Bell 8 minutes ago

    people who have to really work for a living will vote for BERNIE 2020, be prepared to lose again elitists

  • No Spam
    No Spam 9 minutes ago

    I will Sam that this hopefully is not an all or nothing situation. Bernie would try to help Warren if she gets elected. That said, Bernie wipes the floor with Trump in the general. If it's Warren, we're going to have some work to do. Biden loses. But as their discussing on the show, the more the centrists realize Biden is a sinking ship the quicker they start endorsing Warren, because Bernie scares the crap out of them. That pretty much tells you all you need to know. ;)

  • Michael DePetrillo
    Michael DePetrillo 10 minutes ago

    You're to wrapped up in identity politics.

  • Alan Parker
    Alan Parker 11 minutes ago

    Warren Is Progressive On The Outside, Neoliberal On The Inside!

  • Gabriel Cyr
    Gabriel Cyr 11 minutes ago

    Great work Krystal. You're killing it these days. <3

  • Laura Kamienski
    Laura Kamienski 11 minutes ago

    For a detailed historical analysis of how the Democratic Party got here check out the book, Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? by Thomas Frank

  • Man P
    Man P 12 minutes ago

    Mainstream media never talks good news for Bernie. He never surges, he’s never surged, he’s currently “falling” and has been perpetually “falling” for 30 years. Voters with a bit of intelligence notice: “If Bernie IS “falling” why was it never reported when he was surging? And if they can’t report anything good about Bernie, who’s to say what they’re not reporting NOW!

  • Alberto
    Alberto 12 minutes ago

    Over my dead body

  • Larry Willamson
    Larry Willamson 12 minutes ago

    When I first saw Pete , I thought how refreshing it would be to have a well educated President, but after looking deeper I see he is a product of BIG Money , just more of the corrupt past. Now after investigating Yang for several months it is clear that he is the only who speaks the truth and has real plans on how to move the country forward. I just love his slogan , "PUT HUMANITY FIRST" , put the average American first, not the people sucking the wealth from the middle class and the poor. Yang has more sensible plans to actually fix what is broken than all the others that I have seen come and go for the last 75 years. Amazing!

  • Haedrix
    Haedrix 13 minutes ago

    Thank you for having Sam on for this important conversation. I have noticed a trend while watching your interviews though in that most of your guests don't get audio / video quality as high as they normally do on their own channels. I know most people aren't surprised by the mediocre connection because some of these guests are from youtube / radio shows but their streaming quality on their own programs are actually fine / better than on here so I've always wondered about that. Not to be too critical, I think you guys are doing good work. Do you guys just skype them in or something? There has to be a better method.

  • chimpakawanzelu
    chimpakawanzelu 13 minutes ago

    investigate both drumpf and biden... and their stupid kids. flush all of those turds.

  • Xavier H
    Xavier H 14 minutes ago

    Wow. Im surprised at how dumb Saagar comes across in this segment. AOC has literally tweeted several different reasons she supports impeaching trump. Not one of them is because she hates him for no reason lol

    • Xavier H
      Xavier H 13 minutes ago

      All of them are actual crimes committed by the president that seem to get ignored for some reason

  • POP
    POP 14 minutes ago


  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 15 minutes ago

    The corporate media’s giving Warren all this free 24/7 airtime the same way they did with Obama in 2008 and Trump in 2016

  • Elizabeth Henderson
    Elizabeth Henderson 15 minutes ago

    Y’all should make it clear in your header that this is a program that unapologetically shills for Bernie Sanders. You really cannot call this bipartisan.

  • William Trotman
    William Trotman 15 minutes ago

    I will say Sanders and Warren seem like the only two democratic candidates who seem to grasp that they’re going to debate Trump at some point, but there is so much Trump can use against Warren that the democratic debates haven’t been covering. The Native American thing and the DNA test is going to be a huge talking point against Warren if she gets the nomination. Not to mention her lack of specificity on foreign policy, or her healthcare plan, or her votes for defense spending, or taking corporate money in the general, etc. These things are going to bite her in the ass when she’s up against legit opposition. Sure the other candidates are opposition in the context of the democratic primary, but she has not had any kind of smear campaign launched against her yet, the way she will if she’s up against Trump. The only person who can go toe to toe with Trump in 2020 and win is Bernie Sanders, there’s no good reason to support anyone else at this point in time.

  • Wheat Water & Fire
    Wheat Water & Fire 15 minutes ago

    Warren can't meme, and you can't beat a brutish troll without good meme's. Any debate against Trump is going to be a pissing contest with meme attacks. Warren doesn't know how to do that. Nor does she know how to handle it being done to her.

  • David Motyka
    David Motyka 15 minutes ago

    I hope the Republicans win.

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 16 minutes ago

    Go Saagar! Thoroughly vet Biden because we know the bias media won't do it.

  • torrie johnson
    torrie johnson 16 minutes ago

    Thought My internet was buffering but it was just sam stuttering endlessly....SMFH

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 17 minutes ago

    What is the republican talking about? Republicans wouldn't vote to impeach Trump. Not only because they are tribalist, but because he has given them all they ever wanted: increase of military budget, deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, anti-immigration policy, you name it. In the rare occasion somebody from the republican establishment dares to speak against Trump they gets totally chastised by the rest... and the only criticism they have is that Trumps acts "unpresidential." They only hated him during the 2016 elections.

  • Hasan Syed
    Hasan Syed 17 minutes ago

    Welcome back krystal!

  • copycoonie
    copycoonie 17 minutes ago

    Yes Biden is going down . Warren is on the rise , But Trump will scalp Warren in the General . BERNIE 2020 .

  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 17 minutes ago

    The for profit corporate media is the enemy of the American people because the corporate serves and caters to corporate power. The corporate do their darndest to trick and deceive voters into voting against their own economic self interests by virtue of them jamming corporate democrat candidates like Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, and Kamala down their viewer’s throats 24/7.

  • john walker
    john walker 17 minutes ago

    As a black person, I want Bernie, if no Bernie, then I will vote for trump

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 18 minutes ago

    yes Bernie 2020

  • Photo Booth Rental
    Photo Booth Rental 18 minutes ago

    Sam Seder was shilling for Hillary all of 2016. Seeing Sam Seder melting on his electing night stream has the best video i've ever seen in my life; he even cut the video early and went to bed an hour before the election was called for trump. My cat has better political analysis than Sam Seder.

  • Ish
    Ish 18 minutes ago

    Sagar sounded a bit unhinged here. And I thought he was one of those "reasonable" Republicans

  • 360Rumors
    360Rumors 18 minutes ago

    Interesting point about cultural fit. I agree Warren is so phony now.

  • Greg Franklin
    Greg Franklin 19 minutes ago

    re: Pocahontas, Warren has not fought for Native American rights; she was nowhere to be found on Standing Rock. Especially after Obama's 180 shift from "yes we can!" populist rhetoric on the campaign trail to "yes we can sell out to corporate interest" while in office, people are rightfully skeptical about politicians sticking to their word once in office. as a senator, Warren has fought for some progressive causes, but a bulk of her campaign material covers uncharted terrain. she hasn't shown up and that will hurt her chances. Trump won by such a thin margin in '16 against one of the most polarizing, disliked figures in modern politics, who ran an abysmally bad campaign. chances are Biden would lose and Sanders would win against Trump. with Warren, it could swing either way. She's definitely more likable than HRC, but is that enough? unlike Warren, HRC is not a nerd. personally, I'm okay with having a dorky nerd for potus, but have we EVER had a nerdy president? or recently? I don't see the country that elected Trump, anti-intellectualism in human form, immediately switching to a nerdy technocrat. Warren, like Trump, could defy history but I find it highly unlikely.

  • Sean
    Sean 19 minutes ago

    She is weak, hard stop. This is in the face of Trump's attacks. She just appears weak.

  • TizOnly1
    TizOnly1 19 minutes ago

    AOC didn't run on impeaching Trump at all. She ran on undercutting corporatism in the Democratic party. This Trump shit is honestly a side issue for her. The notion that she's just waiting to pounce on this is a lie. His shit has just been brazen to the point where any reasonable member of the opposition party would HAVE to support impeachment.

  • Mark Halstead
    Mark Halstead 19 minutes ago

    Are you guys a liberal channel?

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 20 minutes ago

    I am beginning to think the majority of Americans are dimwits,half racist and mostly touched.Bernie will make all your lives better,healthier and cheaper AND he has receipts from 40 years of never wavering.Dam America,as your Canadian neighbor ,I am embarresed of and for you.

  • Stefan Kristersson
    Stefan Kristersson 21 minute ago

    Vote for people we can trust like Yang or Sanders and we won’t have these problems

  • copycoonie
    copycoonie 21 minute ago

    I despise Trump . But Biden and his son need to be investigated . More than likely indited . The corporate media will try to spin and cover this up . It's not that Trump is more corrupt overall . It's just that he is a bit more blatant and honest about his corruption .

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 21 minute ago

    This is a bad faith argument and not one of your better segments.

  • howdydutt1e
    howdydutt1e 21 minute ago

    Just remember white women brought us Trump, couple we trust them to carry Warren across the finish line?

  • JelqtronZero
    JelqtronZero 21 minute ago

    i just want to pinch his nose hes such a cutiepie, hope he wins demo

  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 22 minutes ago

    Bernie Sanders/ FDR Economic Bill of Rights and the Green New Deal. UBI is one of the solutions to global technological unemployment and job automation

  • M x
    M x 22 minutes ago

    I like the hill but for them to join in on giving this poll (that they all know is bs) the time is cheap and beneath what i expect from them.

  • αlιуαн
    αlιуαн 23 minutes ago

    Y’all are on fire! Keep dishing out those facts 👌

  • A Kaler
    A Kaler 24 minutes ago

    I feel like Sanders gets cheated every single time. He doesn't get a fair representation in the media. Other candidates are stealing his ideas but get all the credit for it. I sometimes wished Bernie would go on the attack so people can see what makes him different from Warren. Instead we're going to get a compromise candidate and nothing Bernie was fighting for like Medicare 4 All will get passed and the working class will continue to struggle as always. I have no faith in the political process if Bernie doesn't get the nomination. Everything is rigged and that's the reason why people don't vote!

  • Husnain Mahomed
    Husnain Mahomed 24 minutes ago

    Dancing with Wall Street would lose horrendously to Trump

  • Thomas McMillan
    Thomas McMillan 24 minutes ago

    I support Tulsi. Why? Trump don't surf.

  • Ronnie in VA
    Ronnie in VA 24 minutes ago

    Biden’s campaign should be over. His son’s employment record is a real issue that was exactly the same kind of crap Hillary and Bill were doing when she was SoS...he gets a present, the gift giver gets their shit approved by Hillary. The Biden job issue is especially concerning considering that he had a top job with crazy high pay with NO experience, and those jobs followed his father’s sphere of influence. People, really: We don’t need the neoliberal corruption any more than we need Trump’s corruption or Republican corruption. And we sure as hell do not need Miss “Team Player” “Dark Money” Warren with her Hillary girl crush and Pelosi fundraising. And I get the feeling that that little fundraiser soirée deal is the signal to the neoliberal insiders whom it is they are now supposed to back. They know Biden won’t slip out of his little mess...the crown has passed on to Warren...all bow to new queen of the neoliberals!

  • Jacklynn Jackson
    Jacklynn Jackson 25 minutes ago

    Really sick of her face. KH

  • Tom Edwards
    Tom Edwards 25 minutes ago

    Those idiots will never learn and they will blame Russia again and throw a hissy fit, they don't get the fact that they aren't normal and they're a little libtard cult

  • i Neifion
    i Neifion 26 minutes ago

    Love his socks!

  • Berry F
    Berry F 27 minutes ago

    She is loved and appreciated and speaks the truth to a nation that is living a lie.

  • Omer Cora
    Omer Cora 28 minutes ago


  • Tosca
    Tosca 28 minutes ago

    This sounds really dodgy. It's routine corruption. Biden is a routine corporate Democrat too. Routine in power is dangerous whichever way you cut it. Yes, Trump is bad. But if the Democrats don't start being real about their corporate relationships they will never be elected again! It's about time the Dems take responsibility for this. Hillary won't ever do it. So that means the DNC has to - and the signs are not good there either. Tragic is what it is.

  • Dee Blan
    Dee Blan 29 minutes ago

    Warren is the new establishment darling, since Harris and Biden have failed utterly. If youre gonna vote Warren, just vote Bernie.

  • RemarkableSean
    RemarkableSean 30 minutes ago

    Krystal, this is the best, boldest, and clearest summary + forecast I've probably ever heard from you - thank you for this!

  • Robert Indemarugamba
    Robert Indemarugamba 30 minutes ago


  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson 31 minute ago

    Ugg, and to think about how much air was given the grievances aimed at Don Jr. and Ivanka for benefiting from Trump's presidency. I'm not a Trump supporter, but the hypocrisy is beyond nauseating. I hate hypocrites more than anything else. I can't listen to another moment of fake outrage.

  • sharper68
    sharper68 32 minutes ago

    This needs to be spread far and wide!!!!!

  • Omer Cora
    Omer Cora 32 minutes ago

    There is only one candidate for dems. Andrew Yang.

  • Chris Erickson
    Chris Erickson 32 minutes ago

    Sam Seder is great. Please make him a regular guest.

  • Mr. Alexander
    Mr. Alexander 33 minutes ago

    I'm going with Bernie Sanders, period. I do not fully trust E. Warren and I believe she's playing on both sides of the fence and neither side has her loyalty.

  • Fixel Heimer
    Fixel Heimer 33 minutes ago

    You cannot really forget to mention, what Biden did to the ukrainian prosecutor, that tried to investigate his son. He got him fired by blackmailing the ukrainian government, guys?!?

  • dolcedada dolcissimo pepon


  • Brian Jenkins
    Brian Jenkins 33 minutes ago

    Yang is garbage. I wanted to like him I really did but I’m not convinced. I don’t support the “freedom Dividend” the way he’s laying it out. Cutting other programs out because of this and getting less doesn’t make sense. The idea that we need a businessman as President has already proven to be a failed and tested concept. Hard pass. I think having him on the stage is helpful, especially on the war on drugs, he’s right and Bernie is wrong on that one.

  • Kenny Taylor
    Kenny Taylor 34 minutes ago

    Did you guys like forget your on the air? It's like you guys are fighting over AOC and the Dems while forgetting about your audience.

  • Electron Creations
    Electron Creations 35 minutes ago

    What makes you think Bernaise Sauce won't lose? Trump will play the commie card. Buck Fernie! Warren 2020!

  • Tran Phan
    Tran Phan 35 minutes ago

    Yang can beat Trump.

  • fc stpauli lover
    fc stpauli lover 35 minutes ago

    "Let's call it the Rachel Maddow vote" LMFAO

  • DopeRAPHitz
    DopeRAPHitz 35 minutes ago

    love the headlines you are exactly correct

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 36 minutes ago

    Anyone who says they’re going to take Corporate,PAC, and Dark Money in the general election isn’t a progressive, Warren said that. She’s a fauxgressive. Don’t get duped into voting for Warren.