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  • Arshiya Khan
    Arshiya Khan 2 hours ago

    Wow how u made it iam surprised

  • Pratibha Jadhav
    Pratibha Jadhav 2 hours ago

    Very nice

    GANGAVATI RATHOD 2 hours ago

    wow.. nice👍👌👌

    GANGAVATI RATHOD 2 hours ago

    wow... so nice😀😀👍👍👍👌

  • tv apple
    tv apple 2 hours ago

    museli bar

  • Ritter Lott
    Ritter Lott 3 hours ago

    No sugar was hilarious. Dates and honey. No added sugar. :) Looks great and healthy. Plus I know what's in it! Thank you

  • Wynn Horton
    Wynn Horton 3 hours ago

    unhealthy...too much fats

  • Srivani Ventrapragada

    Nice recipe

  • Ashwini Jadhav
    Ashwini Jadhav 3 hours ago

    Nice thank you mam

  • Seema Jaiswal
    Seema Jaiswal 4 hours ago


  • sava Khan
    sava Khan 4 hours ago

    Inhe kitne din store kr sakte h

  • Guenet Girma
    Guenet Girma 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much. I love bars. You get all the nutritional contents from the nuts with this snacks that is done easily and with less time. Very useful

  • Kendrick Carroll
    Kendrick Carroll 5 hours ago

    I hate jaggery.

  • Weirdboy Rard
    Weirdboy Rard 5 hours ago

    Those look a different kind of disgusting. Healthy doe

  • prathibha n
    prathibha n 6 hours ago

    Nice reciepies for healthy people. Awesome i like the preparation methods. I wanna prepare these items😍😍

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    전정이연변조 전현이재변이

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    나우영 7 hours ago

    교전학이은변성 교전학이름변아

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  • Ishwari p
    Ishwari p 8 hours ago

    The recepies are good but She’s annoying at the end ..when she offers a bite.. how silly is that ..!!

  • Katelyn S
    Katelyn S 8 hours ago

    Is the daal in the first chutney dry/raw or pre cooked??

  • Dunali Kalpana Ranawana

    worst recipe i ever made.Seriously this cake is so dense and dry

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan 8 hours ago

    Needs more improvement in rotimatic

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan 8 hours ago

    Roti ki sides khachi hai and bhut thick roti hai

  • c.s g
    c.s g 9 hours ago

    Why do you use ENO? It’s not healthy.

  • Rukhsana Azhar
    Rukhsana Azhar 9 hours ago

    Zabardast yummy

  • Laxmi Patel
    Laxmi Patel 10 hours ago

    I did made it with your recipe just added half whole wheat and half all purpose flour! Turn out perfect! Thank you!😊

  • Preeti KhAnna
    Preeti KhAnna 10 hours ago

    Don't try it guys.. I had tried it... The look come same but the taste was like the most worst dessert in the world...

  • Srivani Canada lo Telugu Vlogs

    Wow Love this video

  • Anam Khan
    Anam Khan 10 hours ago

    Areyyy I dnt have this machine yaaar...kya karna chahiye?

  • The Rock Band
    The Rock Band 11 hours ago

    Honey is made up of Jaggery

  • l d
    l d 11 hours ago

    Nice but obviously not healthy recipes

  • Simran Anil K.
    Simran Anil K. 11 hours ago

    Can I skip rice flour ?

  • Chaju's World
    Chaju's World 11 hours ago


  • Fouzia Firdousi
    Fouzia Firdousi 11 hours ago

    Second recipe dates cake

  • Fouzia Firdousi
    Fouzia Firdousi 12 hours ago

    Rather than olive oil what can v use plz reply Thnx for the recipes

  • Uma Sedhuram
    Uma Sedhuram 12 hours ago

    thank u. tomorrow I m gng to try

  • All In One by Munaza Waqar

    V nice yummy recipe

  • Poonam Gehani
    Poonam Gehani 12 hours ago

    Any other oil if no olive oil

  • Maithile Joshi
    Maithile Joshi 12 hours ago

    I prepare it today and it was awesome...thanks hebbars kitchen..

  • Rakhi Dhavale
    Rakhi Dhavale 12 hours ago

    It's overatted , price is at an affordable cost and it will sell like hotcakes !

  • Niky Sonanis
    Niky Sonanis 12 hours ago

    I think You had forgotten to add sugar that's why you have written no added sugar......😅😅

  • SAKSHI More
    SAKSHI More 12 hours ago

    Nice one.... yummm 😊

  • monika jain
    monika jain 12 hours ago

    Butter ke badle oil le sakte he kya or kitna lena he oil

  • Babunandan Singh
    Babunandan Singh 12 hours ago

    Kya is machine ke Bina sev nhi bna sakte?

  • Shruthi Bannigol
    Shruthi Bannigol 12 hours ago

    Tried this today... Came out excellent

  • vaishnavi gramopadhye
    vaishnavi gramopadhye 12 hours ago

    Crispy and nice tasty recipe!!.. 😊👌👌👍👍

  • princess Amne muhamad
    princess Amne muhamad 13 hours ago

    ☺😍😍😍i love to hear shakar pare😋😋😋

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 13 hours ago

    I just love your cooking your awesome hebbers kitchen

  • Preeti2012 Sharma
    Preeti2012 Sharma 13 hours ago

    Superb ji

  • mr YouTube
    mr YouTube 13 hours ago

    Wow awesome

  • Avadhani shruthikrishna

    Nice recipe

  • 마이배뷔
    마이배뷔 13 hours ago

    I can't believe she made cholae in one table spoon oil 😅

  • Vijaya Mane
    Vijaya Mane 13 hours ago

    Thanks for this crispy sev .

  • K T Usha Shree
    K T Usha Shree 13 hours ago

    I'm ur biggest fan . I've tried some of ur recipes & they were amazing . Thankyou very much for the wonderful recipes .

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 13 hours ago


  • buvana ramachandran
    buvana ramachandran 13 hours ago


  • kalyani pawar
    kalyani pawar 13 hours ago

    As usual superb.. Yummy 😋😋..

  • geetha babu
    geetha babu 13 hours ago

    My fvrt dish avalakki tqs alot for preparing this dish mam🥰

  • Pathan Khan
    Pathan Khan 13 hours ago

    Can v add hot oil instead of butter??

    PINKY PALIWAL 13 hours ago

    I love your all recipes mem

  • geetha babu
    geetha babu 13 hours ago

    Jzt luv ur videos a lot🥰. Ur way of cooking is awesome . After coming from clg I use to see ur videos and try those recipes mam. Tqs for your tastiest recipe's

  • Usha Chauhan
    Usha Chauhan 14 hours ago

    Thank you mam this amazing recipe

  • vidhya sri
    vidhya sri 14 hours ago

    How many days it ll last long???

  • sagar sarma
    sagar sarma 14 hours ago

    R u married??

  • Gazala Parveen
    Gazala Parveen 14 hours ago

    Can you give the link of the gadget you used for lahsun sev

  • Lakshmi P
    Lakshmi P 14 hours ago

    Made it today. Everyone in my family loved it. Thanks for sharing this recipe 😊

  • Chandini shafiyullah Chandini shafiyullah

    Nenga Marvaadiya 🙄

  • Preetham Vishwa
    Preetham Vishwa 14 hours ago


  • Aakanksha Sahare
    Aakanksha Sahare 14 hours ago

    Mam kya hum enhe store kr skte h

  • Sujal Bhaduri
    Sujal Bhaduri 15 hours ago

    Sent motton biriyani process. Show to clear with evidence. Thanks.

  • Aphsana Fakir
    Aphsana Fakir 15 hours ago

    Thanks mam, you are doing well,God always bless you

  • Shaikhmuskan Shaikhmuskan

    Wow 😲👍👍👌👌 👌

  • Subrata das
    Subrata das 15 hours ago

    What is the protein content in this recipe? Just a bu...l sh...t video

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 15 hours ago

    Very easy method

  • Nikki Sharma
    Nikki Sharma 15 hours ago

    It was so yummy and tempting awesome

  • Anil Gupta
    Anil Gupta 15 hours ago

    Can we use amul low fat cream

  • bhushan kulkarni
    bhushan kulkarni 15 hours ago

    U r really smart,sharp n massive shafe , u r awesome, I wanna eat some food from u

  • keshari prachi
    keshari prachi 15 hours ago

    Kbhi to reply kar do mam

  • Divya V C
    Divya V C 16 hours ago


  • Shloka Sastry
    Shloka Sastry 16 hours ago

    Ma'am if u add milk powder the curd turns sour too fast

  • R J
    R J 16 hours ago

    It's really good snack for tea time 😋🍁🌹😄

  • Sutej Pokle
    Sutej Pokle 16 hours ago

    Atif Aslam & Radhika Apte Eggless Black Forest Cake ❤

  • Malathi Ramana
    Malathi Ramana 16 hours ago

    Super recipe....

  • C Sreenivasulu
    C Sreenivasulu 16 hours ago

    Live ki ranadi plz

  • Sutej Pokle
    Sutej Pokle 16 hours ago

    Jubin Nautiyal & Sanya Malhotra Oreo Cheesecake ❤

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh 16 hours ago

    So easyyyy recipe😋😋 but still I can't make like u 😣😣😥😥

  • Sutej Pokle
    Sutej Pokle 16 hours ago

    Riddhi Sen & Diana Penty Biscuit Cake ❤

  • Sutej Pokle
    Sutej Pokle 16 hours ago

    Riteish Deshmukh & Kiara Advani Steam Cake Chocolate ❤

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 16 hours ago

    Yummy 👍

  • Latha Devi
    Latha Devi 16 hours ago


  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 16 hours ago

    Nice 👌

  • Sirisha K
    Sirisha K 16 hours ago

    Looking awesome rey... I will try for sure

  • Rashmita Gauda
    Rashmita Gauda 16 hours ago

    So nice