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The Crew Best Moments 2
Views 48K4 years ago
The Crew: Train Carnage
Views 5K4 years ago
A Very Quick Update
Views 7824 years ago
F1 2013: ?
Views 7175 years ago
F1 2013: Lan Fun
Views 2K5 years ago
5 Years
Views 3.9K5 years ago
GRID 2 Best Moments
Views 15K6 years ago


  • joesmom19
    joesmom19 17 hours ago


  • -VideoGaming4694 -

    Where is link

    CGHOW Day ago

    anyone interested in Unreal Engine Niagara Tutorials!!

  • AlexGaming G B
    AlexGaming G B 3 days ago

    Where is link

  • lele Gaming
    lele Gaming 6 days ago

    In 1:40 most wanted (2012) audio car its like Toyota Supra tom Castrol from GT 4

  • Abdou Zak
    Abdou Zak 9 days ago

    is black edition means nfs most wanted 2012?

  • Dhimanta Vedajna
    Dhimanta Vedajna 12 days ago

    Enjoyable...very nice also... at first preparation, then last victory...

  • Thaeir Mukattash
    Thaeir Mukattash 13 days ago


  • TheRubberStudiosASMR

    This is so good

  • 01greenj
    01greenj 15 days ago

    Wanted to replay NFS:MW so bought it again ... Didn't know there were two. Loaded 2012 expecting 2005. Severe disappoint.

  • Luke playz
    Luke playz 15 days ago

    that jump was inpossible

  • Jharana Baral
    Jharana Baral 17 days ago

    Nfsmw 2005 is best I am still playing it I am in blacklist 7

  • Horse Rider
    Horse Rider 18 days ago


  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall 19 days ago

    Did you download the cars yea no i dont think so but you neeed for subs for what your last breath of thed cars you made

    • Aaron Hall
      Aaron Hall 19 days ago

      Cuz you dint make this for no reason you did haters hate as mutch till he has no breath yet

  • Lion Gamer
    Lion Gamer 20 days ago

    grian has finnaly been defeated

  • Mohammed Mujeebuddin


  • Hyper Gamer
    Hyper Gamer 24 days ago

    More Like GTA IV vs GTA V graphic comparison

  • Audii-Kun
    Audii-Kun 26 days ago

    I feel old when I watch this.

  • Himanshu Chavarkar
    Himanshu Chavarkar 28 days ago

    How to open easy drive...???

  • Mithu Bhadson
    Mithu Bhadson 28 days ago

    In this game if they add some characters and a character to operate it will play by many people

  • Ahmad SW
    Ahmad SW Month ago

    Most wanted 2005 is the shit man, i used to play hours none stop without ever getting bored with that game

  • Vampirion The Vampire Flower

    Beautiful! I remember watching this years ago!

  • XxFoxyThePirateFoxX 8375

    Is there an android link?

    PETER ZARI Month ago

    Great airplane. I make my own large scale aircraft in minecraft and I have to say that this is good. (I also uploaded a few videos of them on youtube) NOT BEGGING just telling you that I upload stuff like that.

  • Ayy lmao
    Ayy lmao Month ago

    Need for speed came out in 2015 not 2016

  • RaspyGundam Unicorn

    Try this hehe mclaren senna

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan Month ago

    Which key turn off engine?

  • Khiry Brown
    Khiry Brown Month ago

    2012 looked better but I played 2005 more. 05 was better.

  • its rifat
    its rifat Month ago

    mw 2005 is overrated

  • Ivan Ivancok
    Ivan Ivancok Month ago

    I had my Ps3 and the gam itself and watched also your videos at the Time, I miss these days so much it was such an good feeling

  • Makbule Güngör
    Makbule Güngör Month ago

    OMG 😱

  • J_Mathew Fox
    J_Mathew Fox Month ago

    (3:37) Its Time to Fly

  • CAiden Bikelife
    CAiden Bikelife Month ago

    That’s a rare sight, a lhd skyline 😂

  • Hamburger King 9
    Hamburger King 9 Month ago

    Watch an M3 get gangraped by some cops in Range Rovers.

  • igor grilo
    igor grilo Month ago

    need for speed most wanted 2005 is always my favorite

  • capshups sss
    capshups sss Month ago

    U are talent

  • Khang Nguyen
    Khang Nguyen Month ago

    i still remeber watching this back in 2013 . jeez time flys

  • Micoknight1146
    Micoknight1146 Month ago

    How to turn off engine?

  • X gamer ĐŽ
    X gamer ĐŽ Month ago

    0:48 lool hahahaha W.T.F

  • Akhil TT
    Akhil TT Month ago

    2012 is shit ,2005 rules

  • ButoY
    ButoY Month ago

    sound on the 2012 is better,i own both games and i can say that,and of course the graphics are better on the 2012 mw

  • ImHulma
    ImHulma Month ago

    Its all normal day in the streets until those flying cars shows up

  • Vinnis Vidya
    Vinnis Vidya Month ago


  • GallaxiFlame545
    GallaxiFlame545 Month ago

    ducks can fly

  • Karime P
    Karime P Month ago

    Where are you ?

  • Hard Trejo43
    Hard Trejo43 2 months ago

    MW 2005: better story, 15 blacklists, better soundtracks, great cars MW 2012: better graphics, 10 blacklists, decent soundtracks, great cars as well.

  • Yorkson's Gaming Station

    Did you know cops jumping is not good try big jump in pursuit.

  • Tj Price
    Tj Price 2 months ago

    I seen that glitch many time with the car being invisible

  • Ridwan Dunggio
    Ridwan Dunggio 2 months ago


  • JARVIS2_0
    JARVIS2_0 2 months ago

    :) See this smile ???? He is just waiting for Need for Speed Most Wanted 2019 Which hopefully has Razor returned

  • Vincent Howard Devilleres

    Is it just me? or I enjoyed 2012 more? (well, not in the story, but in the gameplay)

  • Егор Цыба
    Егор Цыба 2 months ago

    How do you hacked game to race at this track and to play online?

  • johneygd
    johneygd 2 months ago

    Ahahaha the last part was the most funniest part.

  • Chopper7729
    Chopper7729 2 months ago

    Reminds me of the even older days in need for speed undercover

  • just a van
    just a van 2 months ago

    Nfs 2012 sins 2 billion nfs 2005 0 sins

  • Audii-Kun
    Audii-Kun 2 months ago


  • Megan Dodson
    Megan Dodson 2 months ago

    It Minecraft

  • TrainMaster15
    TrainMaster15 2 months ago

    Am I really the only one who fell in love with 2012 MW. Fuck the story, you don’t need one in a game like this.

  • Lego bro builds Brick
    Lego bro builds Brick 2 months ago

    Thats not yours that tittle qho made made is 15 cars

  • prime _plaz091
    prime _plaz091 2 months ago

    I made on with my mention in Minecraft if you wanna join then come join my Discord Primeplaz091 then add me in minecraft so we you can see my mention and my lambo

  • Jason Lanko
    Jason Lanko 2 months ago

    I found this spot 1:26 myself and use it a lot

  • mmvhl .knl'
    mmvhl .knl' 2 months ago

    how?! nfs the run & nfs mw aka burn oout paradise r a big fiasco

  • luciano giurdanella
    luciano giurdanella 2 months ago


    CaT Ops COTOOPS 2 months ago

    So.. Nfs most wanted legendery game Nfs most wanted 2012 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • JumpyCoolingdan123 888 FBI

    *this is why we need tanks*

  • BEANTON - 69
    BEANTON - 69 2 months ago

    Hmm I wonder... you can use a technique where you go to your car mods, and spam for example 'track tires' - (continuously equipping it) - in mid air, and for some reason, it Ames the car stay straight. I wondering if you had hit the ground when you car was straight, rather than on an angel, if it would stay there. It would be like a super cool secret area lol. Ive got to do some investigation :o

  • Chris Muldrow
    Chris Muldrow 2 months ago

    Wrong MW How did you swap the maps in Undergrounds 1 & 2?

  • Snack3rS7
    Snack3rS7 2 months ago

    One - uninstall the most crap and the most stupid of the stupttidness game in the history of NFS...

  • Con b
    Con b 2 months ago

    Wrong MW

  • Kronx
    Kronx 2 months ago


  • Five Cars Five Guys
    Five Cars Five Guys 2 months ago

    how do you change the camera angle..?

    • BojanV03
      BojanV03 2 months ago

      There's a camera hack for the game, it's written in the description :)

  • Hidden Identity
    Hidden Identity 2 months ago

    0:48 Drift 41,053 meters, Holy crap

  • Silence Of Moon
    Silence Of Moon 2 months ago

    People: O_O Me: cool

  • John Rubian
    John Rubian 2 months ago

    NFSMW 2005 is still the best. The new one sucks

  • Taharaat Tashreeq
    Taharaat Tashreeq 2 months ago

    You should make more stupid cops videos

  • urko hotmail
    urko hotmail 2 months ago

    Bravo srbine* I will

  • Helix Adam Oxford
    Helix Adam Oxford 3 months ago

    Vinny played this!!

  • jimi ramos
    jimi ramos 3 months ago

    I can make that

  • JERRY Wzhang
    JERRY Wzhang 3 months ago

    PS2 vs PS4

  • Violet Evergarden
    Violet Evergarden 3 months ago

    2005 :)

  • Wessy-Doo
    Wessy-Doo 3 months ago

    PLEASE make a Tutorial

  • Gamer grex
    Gamer grex 3 months ago

    Look at 2:54 its awesome

  • Abuzer kıllı dozer
    Abuzer kıllı dozer 3 months ago

    I finished this game 2 times , he is too right.

  • Maurice Louvier
    Maurice Louvier 3 months ago

    Slappy do you spell don't miss out on video

  • Maurice Louvier
    Maurice Louvier 3 months ago


  • Maurice Louvier
    Maurice Louvier 3 months ago

    Subscribe love

  • Maurice Louvier
    Maurice Louvier 3 months ago


  • Dheeraj Ranjan
    Dheeraj Ranjan 3 months ago

    Graphics are really improved and I appreciate that but only better graphics does not mean the game is better.......(god=2005)

  • Jonah Best
    Jonah Best 3 months ago

    I’m so sad I lost nfs 2016 but I’m happy I have underground 2 instead :D

  • Gülünaz Koç
    Gülünaz Koç 3 months ago


  • Gülünaz Koç
    Gülünaz Koç 3 months ago


  • Gülünaz Koç
    Gülünaz Koç 3 months ago

    Why Nintendo!!

    DESTROYE R 3 months ago

    Music please 🙏

  • vky gamer
    vky gamer 3 months ago

    How can rotate your camera like that in game

    GAMER GURU JI 3 months ago


    • riley c
      riley c 3 months ago

      GAMER GURU JI its not minecraft

  • Ajith Raj
    Ajith Raj 3 months ago

    Wow , but this suppose to be POV Mario !!!

  • joy alcomendras
    joy alcomendras 3 months ago

    whats this song

    THANOID 3 months ago

    How to change camera angle please reply

  • lane hare12
    lane hare12 3 months ago

    That's incredible

  • Tiểu Anh Manh Manh
    Tiểu Anh Manh Manh 3 months ago

    I have just bought it yesterday and i had a problem with my drift. Use e-brake or brake to make a drift guy, i cannot control my drifting