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I maid a mistake (I'm sorry)
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Real ”Live Action” Sonic
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Cringe has gone too far
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YouTube Drama Awards
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*Emo* Anthony Returns
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Fans Roast My Hair
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should we break up? you decide
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2 High Guys Carve a Pumpkin
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Dear Virgos...
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Am I Adopted?
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I'm getting a divorce
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I’m going to jail
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Kids help me GET A JOB
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Taking a Dare Too Far
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Meet My New Girlfriend
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He saved me
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Boys night pranks
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Honest workout routine
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Guess who's back!
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Honest Daily Vlogger
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I forgot how to write
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  • Blake Blackstone
    Blake Blackstone 5 minutes ago

    Most people I ask tell me nothing crazy ever happened behind the scenes of a fast food restaurant. But one time I was hanging in the kitchen of a KFC with my friend who worked there and I dared him to spit in the mashed potato mixer while it was on. I didn't think he actually would but he did. I have never eaten at that KFC ever again. Even 10 years later. It was pretty nasty. lol

  • Faz Ewale
    Faz Ewale 26 minutes ago

    This girl actually cried about not being able to go😂

  • Faz Ewale
    Faz Ewale 28 minutes ago

  • Faz Ewale
    Faz Ewale 29 minutes ago

  • Vaiyren
    Vaiyren 37 minutes ago

    Idk how the ads are gonna work out for you, but good luck regardless

  • moreno recca
    moreno recca Hour ago

    😂 James in the end : Wear your seatbelt

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando Hour ago

    "Then I did my job." That was badass haha I really admire stunt doubles now because of this video

  • Smile
    Smile Hour ago

    Hmm, I watch RU-clip since 2006 and never heard of Brandon Rogers...

  • Hyuna Humilde
    Hyuna Humilde Hour ago


  • TehMFS
    TehMFS 2 hours ago

    Every drama ever

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell 2 hours ago

    I'm very fuckin late for this but your fans will always be here for you. Anthony keep your head up keep doing you you're amazing ♥️

  • Zag Roblox
    Zag Roblox 2 hours ago


  • ItsUnspeakable Channel


  • Marina Sunshine
    Marina Sunshine 2 hours ago

    Oh my god the tongue tho 😩🤢. Not a fan but the green eyes is cool.

  • Send Help
    Send Help 3 hours ago

    18+ of a youtuber being a anime maid for the cafe.

    • Send Help
      Send Help 3 hours ago

      This sounds very confused able.

  • justthatgirlwithfeelings

    Sorry, I have band. Deadass my band show is October 12th.

  • J
    J 3 hours ago

    ill be honest i only recognize brandon from fbe

  • Reyna Cano
    Reyna Cano 3 hours ago

    Most videos are clickbait from Mr. Beast Like morgz

  • New Memers
    New Memers 3 hours ago

    This is unholy

  • Olivia Black
    Olivia Black 4 hours ago

    I honestly struggled to tell them apart after they swapped clothes

  • A stupid Potato
    A stupid Potato 5 hours ago

    I'm laughing at how Arin already had Anthony's fursona done PFFFF.

  • violent pikachu
    violent pikachu 5 hours ago

    Hey guys I just boiled a elephant alove anyone want a bite

  • Jett Halili
    Jett Halili 6 hours ago


  • Sisjshsu Jwuwuiw
    Sisjshsu Jwuwuiw 6 hours ago

    I like Rob's shirt tbh

  • Krish Bud
    Krish Bud 6 hours ago

    Anthony stole my parents

  • Leah curtiss
    Leah curtiss 6 hours ago

    SomethingelseYt = SomethingelseRU-clip

  • Zinger
    Zinger 6 hours ago

    Next is spending a day with my former coworkers??😗

  • Sophia
    Sophia 7 hours ago

    Though I would never cause I'm too self conscious but I don't think it's a bad thing to be naked in public(unless you're around children) but we were born naked and I shouldn't be sexualised even though it highly is

  • Addie Bear
    Addie Bear 7 hours ago

    And just like that, he's Dan Howell again

  • abigail dorismae
    abigail dorismae 7 hours ago

    wtf she’s from love island

  • Romina Arredondo
    Romina Arredondo 8 hours ago

    Three bros chilling all together not apart because they are gay lol who heard that from some one

  • Sean Janowski
    Sean Janowski 8 hours ago

    Your the man bro ✊

  • EnvyNeff
    EnvyNeff 8 hours ago

    Remember when you dropped the donut and the cat trying to kill you thats how long I’ve been a fan

  • My parents named me Priscilla so yea

    i mean…*crickets* Prince is so chill and hilarious, this is literally my second time watching this bc of how funny him and Anthony’s interaction was😭 More of Prince!

  • Tyler Laster
    Tyler Laster 8 hours ago

    Husky man can sing to my baby any day of the week

  • Zeneka
    Zeneka 8 hours ago

    Level emo: *OVERKILL!!*

  • Austyboy04 gaming
    Austyboy04 gaming 9 hours ago

    October 12 is literally on my birthday sooooo This will be the best birthday yet

  • Derek Morales
    Derek Morales 9 hours ago

    Do they have to wear clothing full time in the winter?

  • James
    James 9 hours ago

    I only know wut the black parade is because of my brother who is obsessed with MCR and Green Day and he changed my profile and it looks like this now..

  • Grace Music
    Grace Music 9 hours ago

    Sold out.

  • domsol
    domsol 9 hours ago

    i got laid 3 times in the past 2 years of being an uber driver. other than that, its complete ass.

  • Logan Davey
    Logan Davey 10 hours ago

    She ended up being on doctor Phil for being an attention wh*re

  • Hamilton Potter
    Hamilton Potter 10 hours ago


  • Ari Espinoza
    Ari Espinoza 10 hours ago

    You can watch me harp and cry over not being able to go to this 😱😢💔

  • Ari Espinoza
    Ari Espinoza 10 hours ago

    You can watch me harp and cry over not being able to go to this!!!! 🥺💔😂💗

  • stevenARTify
    stevenARTify 10 hours ago

    Kind of awkward when Anthony is one of the most popular youtubers

  • Hugs not Drugs
    Hugs not Drugs 10 hours ago

    I'd never go nudist cause I like dressing but it totally makes sense.

  • Hamilton Potter
    Hamilton Potter 10 hours ago

    I once had a sub that purposely missed every name so when he didn’t get it right he had already gotten everyone else’s name wrong

  • Daniel Ko
    Daniel Ko 10 hours ago

    Guys make sure to watch his ads, he needs money to fix his walls

  • Sara
    Sara 11 hours ago

    "I have good teeth for a British person." Damn Daniel. Throwing shade at your people? 😅😎

  • noel finch
    noel finch 11 hours ago

    My friends 11 and in fifth and didn’t repeat a grade....

  • Landon Hayes Knight
    Landon Hayes Knight 11 hours ago

    Cuts the part of his shirt where his nipple shows

  • PM L1ME
    PM L1ME 11 hours ago

    So why did he leave like for real why did he leave

  • Meg Guidry
    Meg Guidry 11 hours ago

    Tequila mockingbird literally sounds like “to kill a mockingbird”

  • Shahir Kabiri
    Shahir Kabiri 12 hours ago

    He cut his hair. 😦😦😦😦

  • Alex Brun
    Alex Brun 12 hours ago

    Hey Anthony, Remember that time you dressed as Taylor Swift and dissed Yourself?

  • Mia The HotDog
    Mia The HotDog 12 hours ago

    I am not weird. UwU

  • Mr. Zexa
    Mr. Zexa 12 hours ago

    "I'd just say I'm very FREE" "I've been on this JOURNEY for about 2 years" God, so pretentious... YOU'RE NAKED. THAT'S IT. IT IS VERY UN-SPECIAL OF A THING TO BE.

  • Joshua Morel
    Joshua Morel 12 hours ago

    I would do RU-clip

  • Twisted Shadow
    Twisted Shadow 12 hours ago

    Pls Anthony can you spend a day with people with split personalitys

  • Lemon Wolf
    Lemon Wolf 13 hours ago

    Well say goodbye to my childhood

  • Franco Sabani
    Franco Sabani 13 hours ago


  • AB does gaming
    AB does gaming 13 hours ago

    I liked the part where he looked at the camera I’m sry I was just trying to lighten the mood

  • jay the gay
    jay the gay 13 hours ago

    Brandon you have hit me on that deeper level that I can’t fathom I love you so much and you make me so truly happy any time I see you it makes me happy

  • Dovahkiin Septim
    Dovahkiin Septim 13 hours ago

    Do you like cats too? Cats wake you up at 6:30 asking for food.

  • Kristy Leigh
    Kristy Leigh 13 hours ago

    him n miel have broken up and I am fucking devastated.

  • Hayden Marcum
    Hayden Marcum 13 hours ago

    Lol no one went😂😂

  • Light's Blade
    Light's Blade 14 hours ago

    Didn't Anthony and Ian's Channel have more subs than these guys for a time back in the day?

  • CairoDot
    CairoDot 14 hours ago

    It was Y.

  • Gabriella Dure
    Gabriella Dure 14 hours ago

    0:51 Yo she looks *exactly* like Emichiru

  • Gabriella Dure
    Gabriella Dure 14 hours ago


  • TheLoneKnight
    TheLoneKnight 14 hours ago

    Is it seriously held at a Burger King 😂

  • 10469
    10469 14 hours ago

    do you really think they would stop doing that.. they go from eating steak.. to eating crap.. yea they will be staying for the long haul.

  • 10469
    10469 14 hours ago

    Sugar babies, sugar mommies .. shit my wife is both, she takes all my money but she wont leave. and it is a contract I don't want to break... so im screwed

  • Boo boo
    Boo boo 15 hours ago

    only normie girls are uncomfortable by these questions,thats why katie was my fav

    • Boo boo
      Boo boo 15 hours ago

      also, i love anthonys red cheek stripes they make him look real fresh

  • Myles Hodges
    Myles Hodges 15 hours ago

    Go back to smash go back to him smash go back to smart please

  • Myles Hodges
    Myles Hodges 15 hours ago

    You could havethis channel and go back to smash

  • Myles Hodges
    Myles Hodges 15 hours ago

    It’s not the same without you

  • Fallingsakura265
    Fallingsakura265 15 hours ago

    Anthony is one of those lucky guys who gets hotter with age. PadilDADDDDDYYY❤️

  • Crazy Star
    Crazy Star 15 hours ago


  • DarthZak
    DarthZak 15 hours ago

    Anthony stood clear.

  • Jonnathan Piedra Pastrano

    No saben avalar en español putos

  • Andrea Alvarez
    Andrea Alvarez 15 hours ago

    Imagine seeing your sub on this

  • Andrea Alvarez
    Andrea Alvarez 15 hours ago

    The 14 year old gives this video hope that the 10 year old stole😂😂

  • Ducky datduckbro
    Ducky datduckbro 15 hours ago

    hey culter35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Alvarez
    Andrea Alvarez 16 hours ago

    The girl🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • quacc my sacc
    quacc my sacc 16 hours ago

    Wow on Saturday!? My birthday is on the 11th!

  • Christina Mansen
    Christina Mansen 16 hours ago

    Oh Ryan. Thank you so much for everything and I am sorry that you feel dead inside. I hope your podcasts help 😁👍

  • Christopher Moreno
    Christopher Moreno 16 hours ago

    Purple is not gay I like purple

  • joe lechner
    joe lechner 16 hours ago

    I didn't know that this sh-- was even legal in the US of A. -Barack Obama

  • TheBot 824093
    TheBot 824093 16 hours ago

    I'm still going to molest you once I get through this door

  • omar Haweri
    omar Haweri 16 hours ago

    Be serious pls

  • WoahBuddyZ
    WoahBuddyZ 16 hours ago

    Take out the cencor bars