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sneak preview
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Sneak preview
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Drawing a knightly dagger.
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Forging a huge Bowie knife.
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Forging a knightly dagger.
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  • K. Mark
    K. Mark Hour ago

    Great job and video

  • Furkan Oguzturk
    Furkan Oguzturk 2 hours ago

    47:31 Yoğurt kovası nice

  • Walter Tegischer-Painsi

    Well done! Perfect work!

  • Строитель будущего

    И в тюрьму ..... за изготовление холодного оружия. And jail ..... for the manufacture of edged weapons.

  • Marooned
    Marooned 3 hours ago

    Voce é o melhor parabéns

  • Oldies Boy
    Oldies Boy 4 hours ago


  • Waldemar
    Waldemar 4 hours ago

    Does quenching in with the blade facing North-South reduce the likelihood of warping?

  • Emre Geylani
    Emre Geylani 6 hours ago

    what is that dust he sprinkled on the hot metal?

  • Sharkel
    Sharkel 7 hours ago

    Excuse me, but what's the 13:11 and 24:00 mean?

  • Syam Da Ros
    Syam Da Ros 8 hours ago

    WOW! Nothing to say beyond "WOW"!

    EVOLUÇÃO ! 17 hours ago

    PERFEITO ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍 ABRAÇO . 🇧🇷

  • Lordie Pamalaran
    Lordie Pamalaran 20 hours ago

    The blade is so beautiful, everything is flawless, but can you put it in a couple of test, like a strength test to see if that blade really has the strength as it should be.. Thanks.

  • Darin Bell
    Darin Bell 21 hour ago

    Masterful work. That had to be the lightest straw color for a sword I have ever seen. Can you get away with that because of the lower carbon steel?

  • imad sabaaneh عماد سباعنة

    What this solution did you used to change the blade color to gray Regards

  • Emre Geylani
    Emre Geylani 22 hours ago

    Cthulhu approves

  • Johnathan Grey
    Johnathan Grey 22 hours ago

    WHO THE F U C K CALLS YOU A "FREAK!"? Why? Because you make kickass badass weapons their democratic little minds can't understand? F u c k them!!!

    • Johnathan Grey
      Johnathan Grey 22 hours ago

      After watching this video several time's. I like to bbq with this guy and talk about commissioning him to make a Native American rifle club. A melee weapon.

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young 23 hours ago

    Does anyone know what the tool is called that he used to add the fullers? Really need help

  • Justin Cody Bennett

    What metal do you use for bolster and pins

  • Don Roberto
    Don Roberto Day ago

    that sword is stunning.

  • Стас Шаповал

    У меня нет слов.

  • Forging armor. ArmorSmith.

    New video!!! Like :)

  • Arjan Leeuw
    Arjan Leeuw Day ago


  • Jon Strickland

    Absolutely fantastic!

  • Karush Khodadad

    50:04 : he’s using no cutting fluid 😱, what a monster

  • Lester Chaykin

    Ни досок, ни канатов, ни помидоров, никаких тестов. Хоть бы колбаску ей порезал, что-ли.

  • Алексей Морозов

    зачем он содой дерево покрывал ?

  • an truong
    an truong Day ago

    This sword really beautiful.

  • David -01
    David -01 Day ago

    Nice work, but that's a long sword not a bastard (hand and a half) sword.

  • punkloader
    punkloader Day ago

    Guessing this is for a middle age show or reanactment, but where do you just go and pick up a massive bellow like that... 😂

    • Freerk Wieringa
      Freerk Wieringa Day ago

      It is from a old forge. I bought it via a durch ebay store

  • punkloader
    punkloader Day ago

    I’m guessing this is for going to middle age fairs or re-enactments or something like that? Real nice work. 👍🏻

  • Morten Solberg Jr

    Awesome job . That is one beautiful blade!

  • placid renegade


  • tubes5150
    tubes5150 Day ago

    I’m salivating and I just subscribed. That is amazing! Hope you come sub to my channel as well . Love my Bowie’s !!!! Thanks so much 🤠

  • DiRT Stone
    DiRT Stone Day ago

    Love the look not it's purpose though.

  • Ralf Hartung
    Ralf Hartung Day ago

    Awesome Craftsmanship! I only wonder why the tip of the sword is so round and not more pointy?

    • Ralf Hartung
      Ralf Hartung 6 hours ago

      @MARVIN THE BOON what you don't say... But look at Glamdring vor Anduril from Lord of the Rings. Solid. But pointy

      MARVIN THE BOON 6 hours ago

      its for hacking an arm off, not picking berries :-)

  • Tore Foncello
    Tore Foncello Day ago

    Arte di forgiatura e se non lo sai tene vai oia aia cuando ti imparo ti perdo occhio

  • Brahmo G
    Brahmo G Day ago


  • sharon h
    sharon h 2 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. Meticulous job.

  • James Flockton
    James Flockton 2 days ago

    This guy has some machines! Plus a darth vader blacksmithing helmet.

  • Ajay Dwivedi
    Ajay Dwivedi 2 days ago

    Please give me your contact or email no. Please am parchece this talwar please

  • 聶文傑
    聶文傑 2 days ago


  • Tarek Blandi
    Tarek Blandi 2 days ago

    Good job

  • Patrick Schuberth
    Patrick Schuberth 2 days ago

    isn't it actually very unlikely for a man who works with fire to have beard and long hair? ^^

  • Gerry Martinez
    Gerry Martinez 2 days ago

    Hey Freerk, I know that you're VERY busy, my daughter sent you a Facebook message for me, since I can't receive your emails. I'm still interested in the two Seax Bowie knives that I've asked you about. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Clyde Cox
    Clyde Cox 2 days ago

    It's getting closer. Veddy nice...

  • Eric French
    Eric French 2 days ago

    That ANVIL tho!

  • 황성태
    황성태 2 days ago

    What is that mask name?

  • sman7290
    sman7290 2 days ago

    I'm confused as to why you are building bellows into a propane forge. That burner isn't set up to be dual fuel capable. I'm assuming it's just for looks. Is this portable forge going to be used for demonstration purposes?

    • Freerk Wieringa
      Freerk Wieringa 2 days ago

      Yes. But I can also use the bellows on one of the burners.

  • Michael Roof
    Michael Roof 2 days ago

    well done.

  • Trey Grubbs
    Trey Grubbs 2 days ago

    I come here to learn, so I don't mind asking dumb questions. Why do you need the ginormous bellows on a propane fired forge? Bellows make sense on a coal fired forge, but not so much propane. Can someone help me understand?

    • Freerk Wieringa
      Freerk Wieringa 2 days ago

      @Trey Grubbs I have a plan for more autentic forging videos. I need a shop or studio for this purpose. I would like to use the container for this as it is a controlable and relatively small room so I build this transportable shop more authentic looking. Also the presentation value of old tools are great on shows, especially pieces that are not shown that much like ballows.

    • Trey Grubbs
      Trey Grubbs 2 days ago

      @Freerk Wieringa That's what I was thinking, but I thought I would ask. You put a lot of work into it and it took up do much room, I thought there might be other reasons. Add with everything you build, it's beautiful. Also loved the horse and rider in the background at 0:15.

    • Freerk Wieringa
      Freerk Wieringa 2 days ago

      It is a homage to the past.

  • Matt P
    Matt P 2 days ago

    Is there a tool that you don’t have?

  • Focalplane
    Focalplane 2 days ago

    The big bellows made me laugh.........I love it!

  • Owl-O5 Cannan
    Owl-O5 Cannan 2 days ago

    Just wondering how much did all your equipment cost

  • Mike Vanoverschelde

    Really nice forge, I need to build one that I can use

  • Mike South Carolina

    That is one beautiful piece of work my friend

  • The One
    The One 2 days ago


  • Mike South Carolina

    Where are you and your shop located may ask Please

  • Ignis Firmus 21M
    Ignis Firmus 21M 2 days ago

    Cobra Kai @ 55:17

  • Mike South Carolina

    I don’t know where you are sir but I watch every video that you make that I can see you are a fine blacksmith it’s a pleasure watching you work i’m from Charleston South Carolina thank you for your entertainment

    • Jesse Marshall
      Jesse Marshall 2 days ago

      Freerk Wieringa I’ve work with some people from Holland. They built the wenches for our lifeboats.

    • Freerk Wieringa
      Freerk Wieringa 2 days ago

      thanks. I live in Holland

  • Redmar Kerkhof
    Redmar Kerkhof 2 days ago

    Het is jammer dat ik het hele weekend druk ben, anders had ik wel even willen komen kijken in Eindhoven. Leuk om te zien hoe je dit allemaal in elkaar knutselt!

  • الصقر الحر


  • Londinium Armoury
    Londinium Armoury 2 days ago

    Cool. Way nicer than the one i made today 😚

  • messylaura
    messylaura 2 days ago

    2:58 easiest time that machine has ever had! (edit) strike that, 5:18 was easier

  • Виктор Свершков


  • Katzztar
    Katzztar 2 days ago

    Now THAT is a set of bellows!

  • Doc Skate
    Doc Skate 2 days ago

    Absolute Spitzenklasse. Nach so viel Pathos von Mr. America war's Zeit für'n bissl Deutsch.

    • Doc Skate
      Doc Skate 2 days ago

      @John Bovee Du bist ja ein ganz Schlauer. Deventer ist in Holland korrekt.

    • John Bovee
      John Bovee 2 days ago

      Er ist kein Deutscher, er ist Holländer. Nur damit du es weißt

  • The real American99.

    Noice Job. And first English comment.

  • Свободный Человек


  • Mariano Cornaglia
    Mariano Cornaglia 2 days ago

    Despues miro el video tranquilo 😎. Se ve interesante

  • Pan Kirył
    Pan Kirył 2 days ago

    Адзін з лепшых каналаў якія я бячыў!

  • Ignis Firmus 21M
    Ignis Firmus 21M 3 days ago

    Reiner/armoured Titan @10:37

  • Maurice Tyack
    Maurice Tyack 3 days ago

    Un couteau extraordinaire superbe et beau merci

  • Акбар Мусанов

    Good 👍👍👍

  • Reinhard Rödig
    Reinhard Rödig 3 days ago

    Meisterhaft, perfekt ! >>>============> Erstklassige Arbeit !

  • Grant Pickens
    Grant Pickens 3 days ago

    Is the white powder in the mystery bucket borax?

  • Grant Pickens
    Grant Pickens 3 days ago

    In watching the wootz docu on Alfred pendray he eluded to thermal cycling like a minumum of 6 times all the way to black to shrink the grain structure and bring out the carbides clusters, mind you the we're adding a carbiding agent, I believe .02% vanadium

  • Alexandre Lobo
    Alexandre Lobo 3 days ago

    Ficou perfeita, parabéns

  • Muzi Moyo
    Muzi Moyo 3 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your masterful work good sir. T'was a pleasure to watch!

  • Marco Cavasassi
    Marco Cavasassi 3 days ago

    Your art is amazing! I’d love to buy a knife like this. Are you selling it? Where can I buy it?

    • Budi Lee
      Budi Lee 3 days ago

      He does exquisite works indeed. AFAIK his videos especially knives and swords are commissioned/ ordered works. So, yes I believe you can commission a similar knife from this video by contacting him. Go to his about-page to find his email.

  • Yakov Egoist
    Yakov Egoist 3 days ago

    Подскажите а что это у кузнеца на голове за шлем с трубкой одет ??? Это для чего ???

  • Mikołaj M.
    Mikołaj M. 3 days ago

    Make anduril

  • Fernando Braun
    Fernando Braun 4 days ago

    Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho e capricho !!!

  • SilverMKI
    SilverMKI 4 days ago

    Really nice. It would be very helpful just to have a little text or voiceover at key points just to say what you are doing but otherwise another enjoyable watch :D

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller 4 days ago

    I love everything about his except one thing. The glue to hold the sheath to the belt. I feel like that would be the first thing to fail under stress. The sword is awesome though!

  • nut nut
    nut nut 4 days ago

    You don't get better then this guy is Merlin

  • Constitutional Auditor

    Beautiful craftmanship! You've got mad skills

  • Timo Verschuren
    Timo Verschuren 4 days ago

    Gaat die mee naar de makerfaire? :)

  • jimmy nicolas
    jimmy nicolas 4 days ago

    Magnifique ! 😃

  • Blacksmith Arm
    Blacksmith Arm 4 days ago

    perfect ^^

  • Reno James Reyes
    Reno James Reyes 4 days ago

    Man, I'd definitely go to you if some zombie f*cking apocalypse happen.

  • Sergio Campos
    Sergio Campos 4 days ago

    Aqui no Brasil não tem um cuteleiro com esse gabarito parabéns fantástica.

  • Sergio Campos
    Sergio Campos 4 days ago

    Gostaria muito de saber como posso adquirir uma dessa???

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 4 days ago

    The gallop on that hammer is legit

  • Musalman 124000
    Musalman 124000 4 days ago

    Can You Make it for me ? But in Damuscus Blade . if You agree ! You are Great Artist . Beautifull Sword Making skills you have .

  • Badongis Masalsal
    Badongis Masalsal 4 days ago

    Bastard sword[2] or [3]?

  • Joe
    Joe 4 days ago

    Think i appreciate the scabbard/leather work just as much since many smiths put 99% of the talent into the sword and only 10 into the scabbard.

    • Joe
      Joe 2 hours ago

      @dennis henriksen 9 too close to 0 on this new phone but I should have left it. 109% sounds better.

    • dennis henriksen
      dennis henriksen 2 hours ago

      Joe that would make 109 percent?

  • Joe
    Joe 4 days ago

    Everyone knows you're not supposed to hammer with your left hand. It's bad luck.

  • paul coronado
    paul coronado 4 days ago

    Cómo se llama ese polvo blanco por favor

  • Idelmar Souza
    Idelmar Souza 4 days ago

    Como é que agente pode conseguir um facao desse