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Tahitian Rider
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  • Anchors
    Anchors Hour ago

    I always look forward to your videos. Fantastic!

  • Arobz Miqdam
    Arobz Miqdam 2 hours ago

    more video please

  • Sebastian Zamora
    Sebastian Zamora 3 hours ago

    Just awesone!!!

  • Jeremy Kisner
    Jeremy Kisner 4 hours ago

    I absolutely love your vids man!!! keep it up! honestly i know these builds take a while, i just wish you would put them up more frequently! i've watched every vid so far! thanks again.

  • Yuri Starks
    Yuri Starks 4 hours ago

    Always love these videos, hope you keep pushing them out.

  • Bainzoo
    Bainzoo 5 hours ago


  • Video Perest TR
    Video Perest TR 6 hours ago


  • kaf ouille
    kaf ouille 6 hours ago

    Elle est magnifique ! Bravo

  • Jakob Bredal
    Jakob Bredal 7 hours ago

    Love your channel! Great work work few means 🙏

  • piledriver x
    piledriver x 7 hours ago

    Vous êtes le meilleur...you are the best 👍❤️❤️❤️👍❤️👍

  • Andy H
    Andy H 8 hours ago

    Love the cans, hate the tyres

  • François Lucas
    François Lucas 8 hours ago

    On en veut plus des vidéos du genre ! 😍

  • Luis Viana
    Luis Viana 8 hours ago

    Parabéns a moto ficou linda

  • Houlii 515
    Houlii 515 9 hours ago

    I had an 89’ fzr600 for my first bike! Awesome to see the old Yamahas out and about

  • kuba ram
    kuba ram 9 hours ago

    my xj600 beterr xdxd

  • Abe Trve
    Abe Trve 9 hours ago

    Amazing result with so little effort, the livery looks really good!

    • xenosaga2286
      xenosaga2286 8 hours ago

      Abe Trve I don’t know about little effort. I’ve restored vintage Japanese bikes too and I’m sure at least 30-50hrs went into this and he is clearly a much better mechanic and painter than I. Not to mention his time in setting up everything for recording and the editing... but I agree, his result is amazing.

  • Chris laz
    Chris laz 9 hours ago

    Excited to see new video. Clean build as always. Very enjoyable 👍

  • funny bunny Sk
    funny bunny Sk 10 hours ago

    It looks like damn hell cat bro

  • SamMight
    SamMight 10 hours ago

    Yeah buddy! New vid! Keep them coming my man, we love 'em.

  • alexshalyn
    alexshalyn 10 hours ago

    апгрейд за 5 минут))) на сезон наклеек хватит??? такая похабная работа(исполнение)

  • Snoopozore Djaksk
    Snoopozore Djaksk 10 hours ago

    Magnifique bravo

  • Falak Gamer
    Falak Gamer 10 hours ago


  • Griffin Jones
    Griffin Jones 10 hours ago

    I might get a drz 400 sm for my first bike

  • Edvin
    Edvin 10 hours ago


  • Khalid Islam
    Khalid Islam 11 hours ago

    hello.yur bike i love him .plz sele your bike me

  • Gero Madrigal
    Gero Madrigal 12 hours ago

    What hapened whit this bike? Anyone have instagram from her or something?

  • Vancha March
    Vancha March 17 hours ago

    Please show what happened to the plastic water bottle that you put the gasoline in 😂

  • Yann Panda杂货铺
    Yann Panda杂货铺 18 hours ago

    c'est supercool ,il est a paris?

  • Nagendra Sardar
    Nagendra Sardar 21 hour ago

    just Perfect!!!!

  • The Great Restoration

    You forgot one thing!!! Punch those fucken baffles out!!

  • Roney Min
    Roney Min Day ago


  • Hai Le
    Hai Le Day ago

    I would love to learn how to build this bike, is there a guide?

  • BravoBear
    BravoBear Day ago

    As of recently I’ve really started to dig the stock look of those older bikes, maybe change the rear lights but man I love the look, kinda getting over the cafe racer thing.. weird, I used to like boots, now I love dress shoes, I was a dive watch guy, now I want a Cartier.. I’m growing up! 😂

  • Mr សុវណ្ណ

    You heip Subscribe me now ok Thank😘

    KAMEL MCA 2 days ago

    ههههه هههههه

  • Thức Hoàng
    Thức Hoàng 2 days ago

    So amazing!!!

  • Muhammad Rafiq
    Muhammad Rafiq 3 days ago

    How do you make this legal in your country

  • Saif Hasan
    Saif Hasan 3 days ago

    Restoring the bike would have been better,these are timeless classic... Anyways awesome modification 👏👏👏

  • hamid ardehali
    hamid ardehali 3 days ago

    Tel? 🙏 Give me

  • emmanuel moise
    emmanuel moise 3 days ago

    Wanna play gta

  • Nikash Yonjan
    Nikash Yonjan 4 days ago

    Dream bike

  • Jana Rdhan
    Jana Rdhan 4 days ago

    I think seat is not suited

  • Giacomo Jekketto
    Giacomo Jekketto 4 days ago

    Plus ou moins c’est qoi le prix d’une moto de ce genre ?

  • Jakob Dejonghe
    Jakob Dejonghe 4 days ago

    Hallo i have a question do you now whit which brand of spray that i have to spray my for forks from my moto?

  • Thomas Pigg
    Thomas Pigg 4 days ago

    You made a nice clean looking bike Sir!!! Back when I stripped down my KZ 1300 to a racer, I removed the front (drivers) pegs and welded attachments to the frame and ran my shifter and foot brake to the rear pegs (as well as welding the pegs solid). That way even if someone ask, I couldn't carry a rider (passenger). Put on a 6 into 1 header, pulled the guts (baffles) out of it, removed the turn indicators and everything else I could. Only had a tach on the triple tree (Ain't got no time to look at a speedo!!!). I had the drive shaft and rear hub gears changed by a pro (I'm a country boy!, I don't know anything about such stuff), and she'd top out about 165-170 m.p.h. The reason I know this... That's what I was clocked at. Lost my license for a year, had to pay a crap ton of money to the state and was told if I was ever caught speeding again with in the state they'd revoke my license permanently. Glad I wasn't ever caught afterwards.

  • ladamyre
    ladamyre 4 days ago

    Beautiful. I used to own a 79 CX500 and they handle pretty damn good. Kinda like a mountain/street hybrid mix and I see you've even made her 110 pounds lighter! She must really handle great. I'm jealous. NOW... That girl has about 45 horses moving her along. Just think what her sister CX650T would do with her 100 horses!

  • Moon frog Moon frog

    M looking suck kind of bike to buy

  • Earl Patrick Gargarita

    Wow! Just wow ♥️

  • Abinash Tamrakar
    Abinash Tamrakar 6 days ago

    I Bet HONDA has offered you some satisfying job a handsome salary ofcourse after watching this modification..

  • Eugene Martinez
    Eugene Martinez 6 days ago

    nice! i love it!

  • Max De Doncker
    Max De Doncker 7 days ago

    Love the build! What kind of white marker did you use for the tires?

  • Peter Netped
    Peter Netped 7 days ago


  • Parthiv Ved
    Parthiv Ved 8 days ago

    Great video brother. You built a beautiful bike!

  • sowham giri
    sowham giri 8 days ago

    Price & u r amazing u r custom is speech less u r outstanding

  • sowham giri
    sowham giri 8 days ago

    Hi, I am sowham from India I love this cafe race bike & I even want to build

  • Roberto Pereyra
    Roberto Pereyra 8 days ago


  • muhammad usman
    muhammad usman 8 days ago

    You have done a great job Man

  • Victorinox e non solo

    Name of exhaust

  • Michel Guerrero
    Michel Guerrero 8 days ago


  • Patrickplay
    Patrickplay 9 days ago

    je veux la meme ♥♥♥

  • Florian T.
    Florian T. 9 days ago

    My heart is melting

  • Abdul Raheem
    Abdul Raheem 9 days ago

    Light is not good man that led us not matching to this metal babe

    • Dony Cherian
      Dony Cherian 7 days ago

      150 hrs he worked on that bike and turned into something beautiful. All you can say is whats not good ? I like the light. So does the others. Learn to show some manners.

  • Benjamin B
    Benjamin B 9 days ago

    Would be nice to know what the overall build cost was. including what you paid for the bike.

  • FaceCap1
    FaceCap1 10 days ago

    Wow, that was amazing! How much would something like that cost?

    • FaceCap1
      FaceCap1 6 days ago

      deepak sharma that’s surely worth it!

    • max factor
      max factor 8 days ago

      Here is Uk a bike like this cost less than 1000 pounds to buy however the parts for a restoration like this could go up to 2000 to 3000 pounds

    • deepak sharma
      deepak sharma 8 days ago

      In india ...One can modify in 80000 rupees ..Around $1000

  • Al B
    Al B 10 days ago

    Nice! One of those rear tire huggers would look cool on that ride.

  • papillon407
    papillon407 10 days ago


  • jeff deathrage
    jeff deathrage 10 days ago

    No motor will ever FEEL as good as an old str8 4 w/carbs. Fuel injection, doesn't have that throttle response. Not even aftermarket systems that cost more than most cars.(think motec)

  • Monster E
    Monster E 11 days ago


  • fauzfnd
    fauzfnd 11 days ago

    i like your bike, the style, effort. but sory to say, i dont like your rims XD

  • شركت تلگرام


  • Blue moon
    Blue moon 11 days ago

    Wow what a amazing creation

  • Paulo Pimentel
    Paulo Pimentel 11 days ago

    Essas musicas são irritantes...

  • Beto G
    Beto G 11 days ago

    What size jets did you use for the carbs to run smooth with those pod filters ? Thanks

  • coot Ingram
    coot Ingram 12 days ago

    What forks did you use?

  • Rob 397
    Rob 397 12 days ago

    Looks good, however, I don't like to see the frame getting cut up without putting some strength back in, a little knowledge can be dangerous.

  • عمرو محمد
    عمرو محمد 12 days ago

    God is upon you الله عليك

  • jeff deathrage
    jeff deathrage 12 days ago

    GREAT bike, but that frame can't make a cafe' racer- bars are too high, pegs are too forward n low. It's a standard, or a street-tracker. Honestly, though, it's a bike.

  • pavan pavan
    pavan pavan 13 days ago

    how can we content u

  • red headed stepchild

    Dust masks but no eye protection ?? Fail .... You're fired !!

  • red headed stepchild

    78,000 miles on the clock !!~ ?? Dang !! Honda tough !!

  • WeAre138
    WeAre138 13 days ago

    Sweet meat.

  • Luis Blanco
    Luis Blanco 13 days ago

    Her mo sa! Tal cual la quisiera hacer yo y justo con la moto que quiero yo...solo un par de cosas le haría yo...me parece q la unión del tanque con el asiento quedó medio desprolijo....yo le bajaría un poco más el velocímetro y ocultaria un poquito la batería pero por lo demás es tal cual lo haría yo...felicitaciones un muy buen cambio de cara a una moto ya hermosa

  • Rezki m'sila 28
    Rezki m'sila 28 13 days ago


  • Mr. Robinson Crewso
    Mr. Robinson Crewso 13 days ago

    Wow amazing!

  • M.S. Gannets Dosel
    M.S. Gannets Dosel 14 days ago

    So damn beautiful ...

  • KiÐō
    KiÐō 14 days ago

    ich hoffe du baust einen Unfall xD r0fl

  • Raj Dicosta
    Raj Dicosta 14 days ago

    I want to buy your bike

  • mostlyHarmless
    mostlyHarmless 14 days ago

    I know it is not magic. Takes work and dedication and heaps of talent. But still.

  • mostlyHarmless
    mostlyHarmless 14 days ago

    Even better on half the speed. You are clearly very talented. You do tutorials? I would watch.

  • mostlyHarmless
    mostlyHarmless 14 days ago

    You sir are brilliant. Gorgeous. I wisk i could do that.

  • T4I
    T4I 14 days ago

    The is awesome!!

  • Rage3Alpha
    Rage3Alpha 15 days ago

    🤘🖖✊ R.S.P

  • Jalgo Films
    Jalgo Films 15 days ago

    after watching this for the 100th time still is the most beautiful bike ever built! life goal to be able to make a masterpiece like this one!

  • piledriver x
    piledriver x 15 days ago

    Bravo 🙂🙂🙂👍👍❤️

  • basba Qal
    basba Qal 15 days ago

    Is it for sale? And how much?

  • Zack Mercado
    Zack Mercado 15 days ago

    fuego 🔥

  • Michael Mandel
    Michael Mandel 15 days ago

    Awesome job. Can you tell me what kind of instrument cluster you used and how hard it was to install?

  • Gamal Kevin
    Gamal Kevin 15 days ago

    5:12 was that a big milipede walking on the bottom left?

  • Sudarshan Rai
    Sudarshan Rai 15 days ago

    awesome 😍

  • Dinesh bhandari
    Dinesh bhandari 15 days ago

    Saxy beast!!