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Today is my last day...
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Why I HATE fake boobs!
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Will YouTube last forever?
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Drama Channels are DYING!
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RIP to my friend Arturo.
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My lack of motivation.
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Babe Ruth Gravesite
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  • Pooppanfs Streams
    Pooppanfs Streams 3 days ago

    i hit the thumbs up

  • Pooppanfs Streams
    Pooppanfs Streams 3 days ago

    i did it pete

  • Kay Wallace
    Kay Wallace 9 days ago

    Wow. Looks awesome.

  • Cole-Con O
    Cole-Con O 28 days ago

    It's all cool bro

  • mob city
    mob city Month ago

    agp smoke weed back in 2010 thru 2013

  • Asset
    Asset Month ago

    U can’t swing 1st you don’t lift your foot up and plant forward 2nd you swing 50% and stop at your left side 3rd you don’t put power into the swing because you don’t even raise your arm back, all you do is knee down and swing 4th you don’t finish your swing and don’t turn back leg

  • Jhonatan Gomero
    Jhonatan Gomero Month ago

    Lease Time? Do I win a price or something

  • xMeliix
    xMeliix Month ago

    we in germany get for a bottle 25 cents :),so we get like 2 to 4 bucks

  • Shane Foster
    Shane Foster 2 months ago

    Bolt on tits are gross.

  • swallace1112
    swallace1112 2 months ago

    I have a suggestion. Recycle 20 million bottles and you will have 1 million dollars. That’s all you have to do.

  • falcon territory
    falcon territory 2 months ago

    Turtel boiiiiiiiiiiii

  • mickey 1000.000
    mickey 1000.000 2 months ago

    I thought this video was about the jeep not doughnuts and playground lol

  • Kiko Jones Frank
    Kiko Jones Frank 2 months ago

    That’s the way I want my Jeep 🙌🏼🔥

  • 1Dynam1c _
    1Dynam1c _ 2 months ago

    In Canada everything has a amount of money their worth. milk cartons 25 cents and other stuff. I have mad more then $140. I don't know if we have the machines though we have people sort them.

  • CieloaltoA340
    CieloaltoA340 3 months ago

    Hello ! Do this size STT Pro All- Season Radial Tire-32X11.5R15 113Q is the same like your cherokee ?

  • Gary S.
    Gary S. 3 months ago

    Pete, if people have the nerve to bully your hair (or the lack thereof), screw 'em. Their day will come! Besides, there are so many traits worse than baldness, like their being an "asshole" as you pointed out. Hey, are you no longer doing your videos? I used to enjoy some of them.

  • leonardo899
    leonardo899 3 months ago

    I've actually met a young guy, in great shape, who goes to the gym, who needs to wear diapers.

  • CrazyHunterXIII
    CrazyHunterXIII 3 months ago

    Its a grass spider. One of the many beneficial spiders to have around. They are not poisonous, their venom paralyzes prey and is non threatening to humans. In fact, most to all spiders poisonous or non poisonous attempt to run from human contact.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 3 months ago

    I’m thinking of doing the same lift kit for my 08 GC with 32” tires as well but what did you do so there is no rubbing when turning. did you get spacers ?

    LPJ_ IS_KOOL 3 months ago

    It’s actually not free money, you actually pay a deposit fee when you pay for the bottles. Some people don’t realize that and they throw them away not knowing that they just spent an extra 40¢ for the 8 pack soda they bought

  • Lusviayoutueaccount
    Lusviayoutueaccount 4 months ago

    I learn how to make money

  • RyanTheBest RTB
    RyanTheBest RTB 4 months ago

    I saw you on vanity fairs video

  • me love you long time
    me love you long time 4 months ago

    Oh my god 44 bottles for 2.20 dollars, u might as well just throw em away

  • Braydon
    Braydon 4 months ago

    Thinking of getting this same lift, how did it change the driving of the car, and are the tires loud

  • jfsfrnd
    jfsfrnd 4 months ago

    Didnt you have to pay a fee to get cash?

  • Manin 12345
    Manin 12345 4 months ago

    Because the library is their and I’ve been there

  • Manin 12345
    Manin 12345 4 months ago

    I live where you live

  • despacito 2
    despacito 2 4 months ago

    Apple still sells it. Noice :)!(:

    YEA NICE 4 months ago


  • Kevboyproductions
    Kevboyproductions 4 months ago

    At least make the bottles a dollar shoot got no food at home.

  • Isaacfess
    Isaacfess 4 months ago

    *Alright. It's been 9 months since my last comment. Still not back.*

    • Isaacfess
      Isaacfess 3 months ago

      Oh look, a heat. A possible return? Noooooo....

  • Spqqky_peach
    Spqqky_peach 4 months ago

    I went there for my senior trip last week, I had a blast!

  • sluggerisrandom
    sluggerisrandom 5 months ago

    i never thought that it'd be so simple, i found a way, i found a way

  • Francine Clarke
    Francine Clarke 5 months ago

    Went on it today So scaryy!!!

    • Anna Traore
      Anna Traore Month ago

      Francine Clarke it’s Not Scary It’s Mad Fun

  • Phone Screen Fiend Machine

    Yellow banana!

  • Pinkamena Pinkie Pie
    Pinkamena Pinkie Pie 5 months ago

    😲 Rugrats 🍼👍

  • Sparkle Love
    Sparkle Love 5 months ago

    Everything Dylan said was true. Why else would Michael and Issac go after him? Clearly they were hiding shit.

  • most legit videos
    most legit videos 5 months ago

    I use to work for a subway I can tell u a few things one get a points card and if you register it under your email you will get a free 50 points and that will get you a free six inch so all you gotta do is repeat it over and over and you can get unlimited 6 inches but some subways do tokens now and they are different so find out if you guys subway has points are token if its points then grab a card register it you will get a free 50 points and then go claim your free six inches if you wanna keep doing it over in over you gotta keep making emails and getting the free point cards and keep registering them and your all set hope I help

  • Henrique Rocha
    Henrique Rocha 5 months ago

    What’s the difference about the refurbished one ?

  • nhanduc le
    nhanduc le 6 months ago

    *This works nicely for a small room>>>**** but it's always on and fairly loud. However, if it's a bedroom, the sound is very constant, and becomes mostly white noise. So not hard to sleep with. You'll hear a "thump" when the condenser switches on and off, but it's not all that distracting. For a small living room, it's great. And it's gets pretty darn cold, too. I installed it in a window for a very small bedroom (20x10), upstairs in an old house. It's cold enough that on hot days, we could run it and leave the bedroom door open. The unit cooled down the entire upstairs hallway to tolerable.*

  • Ms. Dari WalkingInDivineFavor

    I have laughed so loud!!! that paper towel roll and a piece of wood!!! do YA Thing!!!!!

  • CieloaltoA340
    CieloaltoA340 6 months ago

    looks cool !

  • CieloaltoA340
    CieloaltoA340 6 months ago

    Good video ! what is the size of your wheels or rims ?

  • Jake Joris
    Jake Joris 6 months ago

    i use a macbook pro 2012 with i5 and kind of broken keyboard :D

  • Tarek Albaher
    Tarek Albaher 6 months ago

    I spend all my money on the lottery

  • andrew robb
    andrew robb 6 months ago

    I stay at hotels during my work week and take 1hr picking up empties and cash in on average $30. Thats all going to silver . 9999 fine.

  • Nicholas M Daskievige
    Nicholas M Daskievige 7 months ago

    This Macbook does have the 1997 startup chime

  • Jeremy Baker
    Jeremy Baker 7 months ago

    Will fluid make this better or make everything burn to fast

  • Chris Moorhead
    Chris Moorhead 7 months ago

    I wanna do the same thing to my jeep how much the lift and tires cost you

    • Isaac Castillo
      Isaac Castillo 4 days ago

      Chris Moorhead the lift on amazon is gonna come out to 180 with tax , it’s called a rough country sky 664 most I live here in El Paso and I got charged 225 to put the lift with the mounting of the tires I found some bfgoodrich mud terrains for 250 almost new on Facebook , just be on the look out for bargains and get estimates from different places , I’m having the shop install them as we soeak

  • Dave Kellar
    Dave Kellar 7 months ago

    Who cares what idiots say nice info video

  • Dave Kellar
    Dave Kellar 7 months ago

    Good video man what’s the best to go for??liquor beer?

  • James Alverson
    James Alverson 7 months ago


  • Am Nicolás
    Am Nicolás 7 months ago

    Where did you buy the tires end the rims? ??

  • Kevinlol2000 Bass rap
    Kevinlol2000 Bass rap 7 months ago

    And shi t

  • Kevinlol2000 Bass rap
    Kevinlol2000 Bass rap 7 months ago

    Don’t say the f word

  • Tyler Passannante
    Tyler Passannante 8 months ago


  • UnicornGacha Hi
    UnicornGacha Hi 8 months ago

    Thats what me and my family do,We always make TONS of food when it is chrismas or thanksgiving

  • MadRandomCollectable
    MadRandomCollectable 8 months ago

    You actually lost money kid. Take that shit to your bank. Find one with a coin machine that is free to use... IT IS A THING... They're Out There. Then you get ALL of that "Free Money" back.

  • Jon Holley
    Jon Holley 8 months ago

    Nick classicss

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 8 months ago

    It's a grass spider, funnel weaver aka American Grass Spider. "Agelenopsis aperta, the American funnel-web spider, produces agatoxins. Their bite causes rapid paralysis in insect prey, though their venom is not medically significant to humans."

  • gavin endsley
    gavin endsley 8 months ago

    a question mark just means you need to reinstall the OS, or it can't find one. if you can't reinstall the OS, put a new drive in it and try reinstalling it again and youre fine

  • Tommy Pickles Fun!
    Tommy Pickles Fun! 8 months ago

    If the rugrats creator sees this......good luck

  • angelo ange
    angelo ange 8 months ago

    Where is in Canada?

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Money money 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵stack those bags

  • Larry Vinings
    Larry Vinings 9 months ago


  • mark
    mark 9 months ago

    She’s a terrorist and should be tried as a terrorist

  • Stephen Gerwitz
    Stephen Gerwitz 9 months ago

    I didn't see what or how it gone wrong . But you drove through stop signs.

  • Stephen Gerwitz
    Stephen Gerwitz 9 months ago

    Yes I'm in NY and I get winter like that even worse like the other day I got high winds and 35 below and I couldn't see anything and I had to get fire wood.

  • PoGirl
    PoGirl 9 months ago

    Clear them all, bring them all in always. I miss them sometimes & the scanner picks it up.

  • Kyle Harlow
    Kyle Harlow 9 months ago

    You could of purchased a gift card for no fee.

  • Do even 3% Stovall
    Do even 3% Stovall 10 months ago

    Bad a$$ jeep. I'm doing mine like that in 2 weeks !

  • AA S
    AA S 10 months ago

    Can u gv me a link of where to buy a real ps3 controller pls

  • Wyatt Hays
    Wyatt Hays 10 months ago

    I like Charizard

  • Tatiana Love
    Tatiana Love 10 months ago

    Got a free foot long today I was shocked

  • MalJannie
    MalJannie 10 months ago

    Dunno man, once you start drilling holes in the wall is more permanent than portable. You should have just bought a wall unit

  • Rob Fiduccia
    Rob Fiduccia 10 months ago

    marriage was designed for one reason: get the money out of the man's pocket and in to the IRS's pocket faster. A woman can do this much better than any other monster using two legs.

  • Football72
    Football72 10 months ago

    Hey I’m deaf in one ear but I am a hardo in video games and want to sound whore lol, do you think this would do the trick?

  • Stefan Alexander
    Stefan Alexander 11 months ago

    Where is this? What's that machine called? How can I find that machine?

    • Contra Machina
      Contra Machina 6 months ago

      hahaha they are everywhere around where I live. where are you at?

  • rich attom
    rich attom 11 months ago

    i live in nyc on my block we have 70 2 family homes i can pick it and make 20 bucks in a night and there are two nights of recycle so i can pull in say 30 bucks a week on my block and if i go around for 5 nights in different ares near me i can make hundreds a month like 200 to 500 for about 25 hours for the week so im going to retire in 4 weeks so here i come its good to walk and bend and keeps me going i love free money that is like 3,000 to 5,000 per year tax free so about 6,500 before taxes

  • Prentice Smith
    Prentice Smith 11 months ago

    Great video 👍

  • Max Gustafson
    Max Gustafson 11 months ago

    I make $100 a week doing it for 3 hours, it’s all about efficiency.

    • Angie Marie
      Angie Marie 7 months ago

      Max Gustafson how many bags do u collect ?

  • No One
    No One 11 months ago

    Ha! Top 8?! Try Top 30! I used to have so many friends on Myspace that I needed a Top 30 and still didn't have enough room. >.>

  • Dee Slaton
    Dee Slaton 11 months ago


  • Super sweat shot
    Super sweat shot 11 months ago

    I live 10 minutes away from you

  • Alberto F.R
    Alberto F.R 11 months ago

    The dog in jail is cruel, i stop the video then.

  • Akuma Sin
    Akuma Sin 11 months ago

    I hate fake boobs fake nose fake lips fake ass

  • Shawndell Rivers
    Shawndell Rivers 11 months ago

    Santa claus is real he does exist i believe in santa claus

  • Heaven sent
    Heaven sent 11 months ago

    Look so good!

  • Björn Mielke
    Björn Mielke 11 months ago

    How much is the fee?

  • Bloo Fan15
    Bloo Fan15 11 months ago

    Nick classic

  • Ragz Rocco
    Ragz Rocco 11 months ago

    We have stuffed shells and meatballs and sausage then later the turkey and shit comes out, way to much eating and i say that in a good way

    • Ragz Rocco
      Ragz Rocco 11 months ago

      And i love seein the southern way and the soul way, looks so good i would love to try it

  • adam gonzalez
    adam gonzalez Year ago

    2018 anyone

  • Reed Ennis
    Reed Ennis Year ago

    Oh, just use my torch 🙄

  • Mark Mattin
    Mark Mattin Year ago

    Nah you are wrong

  • Isaac Cruz
    Isaac Cruz Year ago

    Bro if you need to know how to throwe i can show you

  • r harris
    r harris Year ago

    apparently he's never been to an Italian thanksgiving dinner. Last thanksgiving it was turkey, ham, bacon wrapped chicken breast, pork chops, smoked sausages, antipasti platter, baked pasta, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, arancini, mac and cheese, cheese tray, a cured olive sampler tray, crudite' platter, 4 kinds of pies, raspberry cheesecake, Italian cookies---- enough leftovers for everyone that was there to take some home

  • manjusha sanaka
    manjusha sanaka Year ago

    free money bottles

  • 1000 subs no videos !!!

    In Australia it’s every can is worth ten cents

    • Daniel Xbxx
      Daniel Xbxx 2 months ago

      1000 subs no videos !!! Same in Oregon

  • jimmy harte
    jimmy harte Year ago

    This was uploaded exactly 2 years ago

  • Z master X9 Platinum

    I found crystal pepsi in new York at a deli.