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You Need To Go BIGGER
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Shut Up and Buy This iPhone
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Please Grade Me
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Watch My Stuff or Die Trying
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Scarlett Johansson’s Agent
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CollegeHumor is Shutting Down
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Bragging About Your Ignorance
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Do I Hate the Bachelor?
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SantaCon Mutant Melee (Pt 1)
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This Kidnapping Is SO Hot
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Your Annoying Cheap Friend
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  • Co C
    Co C 3 minutes ago

    I am glad we are all on the same page. That couple was *RUDE!*

  • spindlerjohn
    spindlerjohn 4 minutes ago

    What do you call a cheap circumcision? A rip-off

  • David K.
    David K. 4 minutes ago

    The whole reason I had to come out of the closet is because of the fuckin' mess I had to hide. Ain't got no room for me!

  • Riftrecon02
    Riftrecon02 8 minutes ago

    Adam ruins everything? More like Adam saves everything!

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson 13 minutes ago

    he shouid be impeach he does bring shame to the world

  • why creepy
    why creepy 20 minutes ago

    F*** Samsung

  • Jasper Molina
    Jasper Molina 22 minutes ago

    Saying "I'm an adult" like a child had me though

  • Jonathan Campos
    Jonathan Campos 22 minutes ago

    That practice is so wrong on both boys and girls, yet boys aren't protected. It's disgusting how we have normalized this practice in the United States, and there are people who will use double standards to say that one is worse than the other when in fact they are both the same on both boys and girls. Unfortunately people are taught that a natural body part is dirty when it's like you wash it just like every other normal part of your body. This is also a major reason why I ditched religion and God. I hate the fact I was mutilated will never forgive my parents. Also when he says that it does slightly reduce your chances of HIV he is wrong, it doesn't reduce any diseases. Safe sex does

  • why creepy
    why creepy 27 minutes ago

    F*** Samsung

  • Luke E-A F
    Luke E-A F 27 minutes ago

    Wow ads discovered a way to circumvent Adblocker, they're learning

  • TheCode52
    TheCode52 27 minutes ago

    i can't believe i just found a jake and amir episode i had not seen!

  • why creepy
    why creepy 27 minutes ago

    F*** Samsung

  • Red
    Red 28 minutes ago

    If this doesn’t continue, we riot

  • TheFlip Miester
    TheFlip Miester 36 minutes ago

    Soooo.....did she sleep with a whole prayer chain?

  • slippery_ fish
    slippery_ fish 40 minutes ago

    Mow Mow Mow

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson 44 minutes ago

    correction 'to the pub' is actually 'tut pub'

  • Ramieverse !
    Ramieverse ! 45 minutes ago

    Omg, im laughing so hard with the satire

  • Noah Henry
    Noah Henry 46 minutes ago

    It's the Google guy!

  • Andraž Guzaj
    Andraž Guzaj 52 minutes ago

    ha, bette menforever - Batman forever

  • ksafel
    ksafel Hour ago

    2:35 its ok to be honest no one actually wants to live here we just dont have a choice EDIT: NVM AS SOON AS YOU SAY NORTH DAKOTA IS BETTER WE GOT BEEF

  • DerJona
    DerJona Hour ago

    Isnt Betsy from Brooklyn 99?

  • taha pc
    taha pc Hour ago

    Ok boomer

  • kazi Gulam Saroar

    Round 2....

  • Isobel B
    Isobel B Hour ago

    I spat on my phone...I hope you're happy

  • Damien Rookwood
    Damien Rookwood Hour ago

    Jess, stop winking at me, you're engaged.

  • Axel Hicks
    Axel Hicks Hour ago

    Brain is a fucking pro

  • Home factory
    Home factory Hour ago

    Worst hulk voice.

  • mega shaymin
    mega shaymin Hour ago

    love how they use Meeples from the actual board game rampage/Terror in Meeple city

  • Ruby Castillo
    Ruby Castillo Hour ago

    Who else would've like these trips? I know I would.

  • Lets Go To The Moon

    This is pretty medicare

  • Jacob Zaionz
    Jacob Zaionz Hour ago

    I have a Communications test today and this actually kind of helped???

  • youssef mutasem abugharbieh

    0:43 الله يرحم طفولتنا الجميلة (سنحاول السيطرة على العالم ههههههه)

  • Surgical witch
    Surgical witch Hour ago

    Ok boomer

  • BART
    BART Hour ago

    0:37 wow, you put those glasses on real fast

  • Lippin Games
    Lippin Games Hour ago

    The flies got me

  • barbconley
    barbconley Hour ago

    Kale Hills...? If so, resurrect them more than once a year ~

  • John Knicley
    John Knicley Hour ago

    Please bring these back

  • Nicholas Beck
    Nicholas Beck Hour ago

    This feels like a parallel to pro-gun & pro-2nd-amendment arguments. When you allow people to own weapons, a small portion may die, but it may also prevent a larger loss of life due to a tyrannical government and an ensuing civil war. Take the small loss to prevent the larger loss. It's an argument of scale, rather than totalities.

  • Bebble Blast
    Bebble Blast 2 hours ago

    Jess: “This machine hates women!” The Machine: *is women*

  • Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay 2 hours ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I miss Ben 😔

  • Sam
    Sam 2 hours ago

    I loved this because I hate how accurate it is.

  • Cancerino
    Cancerino 2 hours ago

    Katie's legs broke me xD

  • Light Bulb
    Light Bulb 2 hours ago

    i have a closet with so much shit in lmao

  • ChesterSnap
    ChesterSnap 2 hours ago

    I feel so attacked right now

  • Al Animates
    Al Animates 2 hours ago

    420 k likes ME: yes

  • demir niue
    demir niue 2 hours ago

    im pretty sure only 1 person was executed this way

  • Cassie R
    Cassie R 2 hours ago

    Bruh, try village life. No, not the game, BUT GROWING UP IN A FUCKING VILLAGE. No mall, no zoo, no drive thru, no bus, one gate airport with the fine cuisine you can only get from a vending machine, nothing that isn't locally owned, oh, yeah, forgot to mention; I lived on an island so ferry or plane was the only way out. Yes, I live in the United States

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 2 hours ago

    Feels the same as Technically a meal sketch.

  • blitz lord
    blitz lord 2 hours ago

    This got me worried

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ 3 hours ago

    Why weed should be legal: Each year 100.000+ people die because of alcohol. Weed can kill no one, not a single person has recordedly died because of weed overdose - which is insane. Alcohol can destroy your liver, your brain cells, make you aggressive and even ruin your whole life. Weed is used in medicine, enchances your conscious perception, makes you more relaxed and empathetic, and can even make you view and apprechiate life in a way as never before. The primary chemical substance in alcohol is ethanole, and completely strange to the human body. The primary chemical substance in marijuana is THC, and already found in the human body. If alcohol is legal, then so should be weed. The day after being drunk is a bad hangover. The day after being high is an awesome relaxation. If you make law by scientific measure of harm caused, then weed should be legal, and alcohol shouldn't. Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, philosopher, meditation expert and intellecual critique of religion, has done a great and brief chapter in his book "The End of Faith" on why our drug laws are dumb. He argues that much police- and legal force is wasted on people who pursue a victimless crime, which could be rather used in fighting more relevant dangers like terrorism. What it's like smoking weed and being high: You cough a lot, your lung itches, you breathe more intense, your lung feels like burning, a light-white and invisible layer starts forming around your whole vision, your outer skin starts tingling, you laugh a lot, you hardly can focus on anything, you perceive details like sensations and sound more intense, time feels like slowing down, if you move it feels like moving in slow motion, the air around your body feels like it's made out of honey because moving through it feels slower with more resistance, you think how great humans are, you think that famous people and great minds have probably also done weed, you are starting to get a little paranoid in the sense that you fear that every person near to you already knows that you're high, you make extraordinary insights about your own consciousness, you feel at one with the universe and nature, life feels like a movie, you think to know answers to questions that no one has asked before, you are more relaxed, more open minded, and more empathic.

  • Jaydee Animations
    Jaydee Animations 3 hours ago

    Is like... no one gonna talk about... Dumbass?

  • Hong Fei Bai
    Hong Fei Bai 3 hours ago

    Guess who brought the opium to China and tried to get us to rely on them as a form of servitude? Only like eight countries, including the United States.

    • Hong Fei Bai
      Hong Fei Bai 3 hours ago

      The thing is, the model minority thing has some truth. Chinese and Taiwanese families value education tremendously. Parents often want their kids to be doctors or lawyers. Kids always have to have an A. Bs aren't considered good enough.

  • Jeannie A
    Jeannie A 3 hours ago

    Oh my gosh raph's laugh is hilarious and contagious 😂😂 the arm wrestle bit was the best!!

  • Pugest pug
    Pugest pug 3 hours ago

    Ima stream this on RU-clip and do a face cam of me watching it for 1 hour straight

  • HipHopOtaku
    HipHopOtaku 3 hours ago

    It's me

  • sean hughes
    sean hughes 3 hours ago

    Our class waited a whole hour for our teacher to show, we ended up getting in trouble for not letting the staff no about our teacher not showing.

  • RK 2357
    RK 2357 4 hours ago


  • Sock •-•
    Sock •-• 4 hours ago


  • Just For fun
    Just For fun 4 hours ago

    U can do that? I’m going do it now

  • NTBeastBoy
    NTBeastBoy 4 hours ago

    Android phone has joined the chat

  • YT Rewindz
    YT Rewindz 4 hours ago



    Omg 9/11

  • ShawnBlaque
    ShawnBlaque 4 hours ago

    These are amazing lmao the ending is always brilliant

  • IonicHyperspace
    IonicHyperspace 4 hours ago

    I’m guessing the comment “first” got really popular by the time this video got uploaded.

  • jesusthroughmary
    jesusthroughmary 4 hours ago

    Legit push ups

  • Krooked
    Krooked 4 hours ago

    The fact that this video managed to get everything it said about Martin Shkreli wrong is impressive

  • Archie Marshall
    Archie Marshall 4 hours ago

    Is this Marty, the friend from High School, Marty Michael?

  • Ray syoka
    Ray syoka 4 hours ago

    I wonder what they told Hitler about what happened had here.

  • shastapurpledaisy
    shastapurpledaisy 4 hours ago

    As a bi woman, I wish there was more lesbian porn to suit my tastes. None of its even realistic. It’s all just straight women doing what guys think is hot.

  • Jewel Moore
    Jewel Moore 4 hours ago

    “Ya basic” I’m done 😂😂

  • whyyesiamamazing
    whyyesiamamazing 5 hours ago

    Oh my god. The paperwork section is literally me looking at the not-bills I get sent lmaooo

  • Reginald Asare
    Reginald Asare 5 hours ago


  • umesh singh
    umesh singh 5 hours ago

    Tentacle hentai. Where is the CIA?

  • Aayush Sahay
    Aayush Sahay 5 hours ago

    Her voice is sometimes so irritating!!

  • E030E03
    E030E03 5 hours ago

    Meat is made of atoms Everything is made of atoms Everything is meat

  • Sonia S
    Sonia S 5 hours ago

    No one is as embarrassing as me :(

  • meta
    meta 6 hours ago

    Venmo proudly presents "Cool Currency: The Movie." ~We went to ask the CEO of said (Rob Shelf) what he thought of the movie, to which he replied "Cool Currency is a must-watch for each and everyone. It's filled with insight on how we at Venmo managed to make a name for ourselves- whilst practically just copying off of other digital firms. You'd quite frankly be foolish not to watch it. It's THAT good!"

  • Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    I wish there was a part 4 at least a 4th part to end it all on a big bang

  • Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    ...ok boomer.

  • Insanity On A Bun
    Insanity On A Bun 6 hours ago

    Step 1: Just toss me in the local dumpster and make $500k poaching my organs to the black market Step 2: PR0F1T

  • Clinton Murphy
    Clinton Murphy 6 hours ago

    ah sit this song belongs in the 90's right their with baby got back where my fuckin snakes at in the fuckin zoo

  • Hypnotic Skull
    Hypnotic Skull 6 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure on the last one, Google would high five the guy

  • ßoi
    ßoi 6 hours ago

    Trapp is to ch what kenan is to snl

  • Roman Bricks
    Roman Bricks 6 hours ago

    Star Treck

  • Aleem • 13 years ago

    Go to communism now

  • thenatbro reincarnated

    I just love how as the video goes on his clothes get more and more messy

  • Magic Review
    Magic Review 6 hours ago

    Did you guys get a video cuz I just got a 3:19 ad?

  • Japeth321
    Japeth321 6 hours ago

    Who else was stunned when they saw grown-up JP?

  • Jay Salvacion
    Jay Salvacion 6 hours ago

    "I don't know why you are believing those lies, but that's not true. Change in the past doesn't change the future. If you travelled to the past, that past becames your future, and your former present becomes the past, which cannot be changed by your new future." - Bruce Banner

  • The Gaming Knight
    The Gaming Knight 6 hours ago

    I love how this is just discreetly a Jake and Amir episode

  • Cheeseanonioncrisps
    Cheeseanonioncrisps 7 hours ago

    If you have difficulty finding a place for everything, consider just rethinking the concept of 'place'. Your desk is a place. So is 'draped over the back of your chair'. So is under your bed, on your bedside table, or on the windowsill. Even the floor is technically a place! There. Isn't everything looking tidier already?

  • Simeon R
    Simeon R 7 hours ago

    I am uncomfortable by how much cleaner this apartment is than mine.

  • Jay Salvacion
    Jay Salvacion 7 hours ago

    Mom pick me up, RU-clip Algorithm is scary...

  • eds eds
    eds eds 7 hours ago

    *UV FOR UV.*

  • Kristi Brown
    Kristi Brown 7 hours ago

    Wait... if Biff committed suicide, he wouldn’t have had Griff and he couldn’t be bullying Marty’s son. Error alert!!! It’s fine though, great video! 😂😉

  • Sagar Gupta
    Sagar Gupta 7 hours ago

    haha why is this me

  • Roni Byman
    Roni Byman 8 hours ago

    Rare metals? Huh? Aint that rare...Also how about America changes their means to produce energy. Burning coal is so old

  • jwadd01
    jwadd01 8 hours ago

    God you guys fucked up 14 million subs and your lucky to break 200k views just shows what happens when you shill hillary

  • calvin huddleston
    calvin huddleston 8 hours ago

    Imagine if the government took control of that