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  • Paul Mike Elnar
    Paul Mike Elnar 7 days ago

    Can you make a cover of the song, You can't rush your healing by Trevor Hall :)

  • melissa mutter
    melissa mutter 2 months ago

    Ddu udu

  • cjvirtz
    cjvirtz 3 months ago


  • cjvirtz
    cjvirtz 3 months ago

    going back to this video but thank u! you're very lovely, i stan

  • Mapz
    Mapz 3 months ago

    Gracias por este tutorial <3

    TAI YONG 4 months ago

    My everyday song covered by a melodic soul ( Marvellous) <3 it 🇮🇳

  • Raúl Madera
    Raúl Madera 5 months ago

    You’re great

  • Ernest Ankrom
    Ernest Ankrom 5 months ago

    What are the cords and picking/strumming pattern?

  • ines sison
    ines sison 7 months ago


  • Toni
    Toni 8 months ago

    I know it's a very old video, but try Am7 Fmaj7. C6. Am9 - in my opinion it sounds a lot more like the original song❤️

  • Vanessa Nieberding
    Vanessa Nieberding 9 months ago

    How do you do the strumming in the middle part? 😊

  • Nicole Nguyen
    Nicole Nguyen 10 months ago

    Angel voice I thought :)

  • Júlia Caetano
    Júlia Caetano 10 months ago

    I loooove this! Thank you for the tutorials on Daughter ❤️❤️❤️

  • Antoine B
    Antoine B 10 months ago

    and you read Tintin ! ahah

  • Sosang L.
    Sosang L. 11 months ago

    beautiful! 💕

  • Snazzy Crackers
    Snazzy Crackers 11 months ago

    The four dislikes were from dead people

  • Nejere O
    Nejere O 11 months ago

    new sub:)

  • mini dwarfdude
    mini dwarfdude Year ago

    Do you only know how to play easy chords?

  • Inspector K
    Inspector K Year ago

    You're so lovely :3 Thank you!

  • Song Specific
    Song Specific Year ago

    Love this song, so nice to hear you sing it 👌

  • Maddy Smith
    Maddy Smith Year ago

    I LOVE IT <3 beautiful

  • 2 D
    2 D Year ago

    Omg u so cute

  • Imane J
    Imane J Year ago

    I m in love with your version!! Can you please tell us what are the cords you re using and the the direction of the strums like pleaase 😍🙏

  • Eva
    Eva Year ago

    Aahhh I am so sorry but i can hear that your uke is not tuned. 😅😲

  • polo chon
    polo chon Year ago

    I m a little late but it so really beautiful ! I love this song so you voice is really really beautiful ! Congratulations ! 😊😉

  • ItsJust MEh
    ItsJust MEh Year ago

    It doesn’t sound like it’s in tune bro

    • Nostalgia
      Nostalgia 2 months ago

      FluffyCatSquad Squad I believe she has a makai, a pretty inexpensive brand of ukulele. The tone quality of those can be really poor at times, it's usually not the player's fault.

  • Jessalyn Padilla

    What is the strum pattern you use in the second part?

  • xxspydaman13xx
    xxspydaman13xx Year ago

    Beautiful! The song and you as well

  • Jaziel Arredondo

    Only if my voice was something like hers although I am a dude . Well their is the problem. Good video

  • Marco From Tropoja

    can u please try to explain your instructions a little more step by step. For the beginners.

  • Joana Gomes
    Joana Gomes Year ago

    This is so so good! Thank you for giving us this gift. Don't stop!

  • Sergio Alejandro Tejada Salais

    Damn... Fell in love so hard...

  • Carmen Corbalán Andreu

    hi! just wanted to comment... i found like 15 min ago your youth by daughter cover and i've been binge watching everything you've done so far. this is definitely one of my favourite songs and it sounds perfect!! keep up the good work! <3

  • Nicole Reis
    Nicole Reis Year ago

    your voice is so beautiful and you are amazing, love your cover so much and also your hair, keep posting. kisses from Brazil. <3

  • Tinarrow Rawro
    Tinarrow Rawro Year ago

    This was a really good cover but you left out the end of the song...

  • Lynnygreen
    Lynnygreen Year ago

    I love your voice so muchh!! How do you record/edit your cover? Also I’d lovee a ukulele tutorial for this one❣️ keep being beautiful and talented, I watch all your videos🤗

    • Rachel Michael
      Rachel Michael 8 months ago

      @Mónica Morado Np :")

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 8 months ago

      @Rachel Michael I don't have my ukelele right now but I promise I'll do a tutorial in two weeks, once I get it !!

    • Rachel Michael
      Rachel Michael 8 months ago

      @Mónica Morado 1.7k views!! Please :")

    • Rachel Michael
      Rachel Michael 8 months ago

      @Mónica Morado 1.7

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Hey! thank you so much for the nice comment!:) I record them with a Nikon camera and then edit them with Final Cut Pro:) as soon as it hits 1K I'll upload a tutorial I promise!

  • Austin Rice
    Austin Rice Year ago

    What strumming pattern did you use? It kinda sounds like DDUUDU but I cant tell for sure

  • pans lost girl
    pans lost girl Year ago

    This is beautiful!

  • L O V E L Y. K E I

    Why are you underrated 😤😤😤

  • 微餓山丘
    微餓山丘 Year ago

    Beautiful voice you have

  • loveislove
    loveislove Year ago

    Omg 😲,it’s really cool💋

  • Ruben Martcast
    Ruben Martcast Year ago

    Love it!!!!

  • Mom Bon
    Mom Bon Year ago

    You're so sweet! Thank you so much.

  • Richie Yumnam
    Richie Yumnam Year ago

    Try playing C G Am F in order

  • Midna •
    Midna • Year ago


  • Midna •
    Midna • Year ago


  • Midna •
    Midna • Year ago


  • loveislove
    loveislove Year ago

    It’s amazing 💛💚💛

  • Jaqueline Reiter-Saunders

    Your cover is by far the best uke cover on youtube so far!

  • Madeleine Lock
    Madeleine Lock Year ago


  • Georges Jequis
    Georges Jequis Year ago

    I have just bought an uke and I’m still trying to learn how to play it, but you are helping me a lot with the chords and the rhythm. Thanks for helping to not give up my new passion. ❤️

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Thank you for being sooooo nice!! good luck with your uke :)

  • Kinga Bojanowicz

    Perfect ❤️❤️

  • Madison
    Madison Year ago

    I love this song so much and you have a beautiful voice! The only thing I noticed is that your ukulele is a wee bit out of tune :)

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Yes I am! haha I mention it in the tutorial of this song;)

  • leyla mayhong
    leyla mayhong Year ago

    hey what's that son where you bar from the fourth fret to third then second and there are more chords around it. strumming pattern is down down up up down up

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      I don't think I know what you mean... in the cover or in the tutorial?

  • Gonzalo Arístegui


  • Aid inque
    Aid inque Year ago

    you're awesome~~~

  • Marta17
    Marta17 Year ago


  • Luciana Otero Arteaga


    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Luciana Otero Arteaga you really are the nicest person!!! Haha hope it's helpful☺️

  • Mónica Morado
    Mónica Morado Year ago

    As promised: here is the tutorial! ru-clip.com/video/TQrs8Jh2_cE/video.html hope you like it:)

  • Francesc J Garcia i Rabella

    Well done! Very difficult song. which is the suggested strumming?

  • Melissa Morales
    Melissa Morales Year ago

    Please a tutorial

  • Luciana Otero Arteaga

    Me enamoré. Ayuda. Necesito un tutorial de esta canción.

  • Janika Wanner
    Janika Wanner Year ago

    Wow you are so good! Also, I absolutely LOVE your taste in music (I adore Roo Panes, Daughter, Kaleo, Amy Winehouse and John Lennon so when I found your channel I was like wow this is just perfect!)

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Janika Wanner wow you are *so* kind!! Thank you so much for your comment, means a lot❤️ and you definitely have great taste in music then! Haha ;)

  • Escuela de Música de Viesques

    Qué bonito! enhorabuena

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Escuela de Música de Viesques jaja muchas gracias!

  • Ani Mari
    Ani Mari Year ago

    it´s perfekt 👏🏼❤️

  • Vesna Radojevic
    Vesna Radojevic Year ago

    So sweet <3

  • Eva Arias
    Eva Arias Year ago

    Qué bonito Mónica!!! Cada día te superas más!!!! A ver si nos vemos pronto... un beso guapa!!!!

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Gracias Eva!!! Siiii a ver si nos vemos pronto:) un beso!

  • Jan Z
    Jan Z Year ago

    Love it! ;)

  • nlguitargirl
    nlguitargirl Year ago

    This is sooo good!!

  • Paloma García de la Peña Lefebvre

    Me encanta Moni

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      Paloma García de la Peña Lefebvre muchas gracias Paloma! Un besazo❤️

  • Marta17
    Marta17 Year ago


  • sarita1798
    sarita1798 Year ago

    Otra gran cover de mi gran amiga Moni! Un besazo y a seguir así guapa😘

  • Alyssa Cash
    Alyssa Cash Year ago

    I came here from life is strange

  • Haley Christensen

    do you play the chords in the pattern c, am, f, g?

  • Xero the Fallen
    Xero the Fallen Year ago

    Beautiful cover 😊

  • walkinthesky
    walkinthesky 2 years ago

    OMG! this is amazing!

  • Adam Zander
    Adam Zander 2 years ago

    This is beautiful

  • Ashley Thai
    Ashley Thai 2 years ago

    please do a tutorial <333333

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      Ashley Thai will do when it hits 1K!!❤️

  • Ashton LaCharite
    Ashton LaCharite 2 years ago

    I cant understand any of this, im glad other people can understand this because they're probably a lot smarter than me XD i didnt understand were to put my fingers to make the cords, its so confusing. But great job! I love the cover to made

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      Leon Christian it's okay don't worry! Good luck:)

    • Ashton LaCharite
      Ashton LaCharite 2 years ago

      Mónica Morado thank you! im sorry if i sounded like i was rude. i hope i didnt offend you in any way, thanks so much for the help!

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      Leon Christian I am so sorry that you didn't get it! About the finger position, here is a website that might clarify it a bit: www.ukuleletricks.com/11-must-know-ukulele-chords-for-beginners/ Hope it helps! ❤️

  • Nicole Reis
    Nicole Reis 2 years ago

    i'm totally in love with this cover. your voice is almost so beautiful as you are!

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      Nicole Reis your comment made my day 💗 thank you sooo much!!

  • GibbyBree
    GibbyBree 2 years ago

    You have the voice I'm practicing for! <3 <3 <3 So beautiful! I'm still a bit airy and scratchy, but most of us are at first, right?

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      thanks so much <3 and sure! practicing and learning can do wonders ;) good luck!

  • brixstix
    brixstix 2 years ago

    You are so talented!

  • rosespud
    rosespud 2 years ago

    thank you so much! i will definitely be practicing this. I absolutely love this song

    • rosespud
      rosespud 2 years ago

      Cool! I'm an alto!

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      MiniTaterPro4329 soprano:)

    • rosespud
      rosespud 2 years ago

      Mónica Morado Thanks! Also do you know what your vocal range is? (like soprano, alto, etc)

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      MiniTaterPro4329 you are welcome!! It really is a beautiful song, good luck!💗

  • NYM Noob
    NYM Noob 2 years ago

    La amo! me encanta! es asombrosa! más vídeos por favor, saludos desde México <3.

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      NYM Noob muchísimas gracias!! 💗 mucho amor desde España

  • Jay
    Jay 2 years ago

    I absolutely love this cover! Your voice sounds really soothing.

  • Mónica Morado
    Mónica Morado 2 years ago

    Hello beautiful people! for those who have asked me to do a tutorial on this one: I promise I'll do one as soon as it reaches the 1K!

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      here it is!: ru-clip.com/video/TQrs8Jh2_cE/video.html :)

    • Melissa Morales
      Melissa Morales Year ago

      Hey so are you going to do this tutorial cause you’ve reached 1k for vid I just really love how you did this cover please do it soon thanks

    • walkinthesky
      walkinthesky Year ago

      can't wait!

  • Victoria Staff
    Victoria Staff 2 years ago

    I loved that you used a ukulele. If you want, you can go check out my cover of it :)

  • Hannah Nicholson
    Hannah Nicholson 2 years ago

    I love this and your voice!!! Is there any way you could do a tutorial on this song? (specifically the plucking in the very beginning) thank you :)

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado Year ago

      here it is!: ru-clip.com/video/TQrs8Jh2_cE/video.html :)

  • Brittany Forbes
    Brittany Forbes 2 years ago

    Love it !!! Could you do a tutorial please ?? 😍😊 x

  • Mónica Morado
    Mónica Morado 2 years ago

    Here is the cover I promised! Candles by Daughter, hope you like it ❤️ ru-clip.com/video/bL1YLfRsn7w/video.html

  • Mónica Morado
    Mónica Morado 2 years ago

    Here is the cover I promised! Candles, by Daughter. Hope you like it ❤️ ru-clip.com/video/bL1YLfRsn7w/video.html

  • Natasha Abailen
    Natasha Abailen 2 years ago

    Hey,Mónica Morado! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But please check out this video! :) ru-clip.com/video/YG1dF_XAXuQ/video.html

  • pedrojlanza
    pedrojlanza 2 years ago

    favorite one!!! 'course ! except i'd rather grab a glass of wine, not another beer.

  • pedrojlanza
    pedrojlanza 2 years ago

    02:29 be careful or your hat will free fall! LOL

  • pedrojlanza
    pedrojlanza 2 years ago

    So fresh, just GREAT.

  • Amanda Catherine
    Amanda Catherine 2 years ago

    Beautiful :)

  • melanie cobos
    melanie cobos 2 years ago

    how many counts between the chords?

  • laura grace
    laura grace 2 years ago

    i cant seem to get sound out when i pluck the g chord, any tips?

    • satanic wannabe
      satanic wannabe Year ago

      make sure to keep your fingers curved and try moving your fingers around to a point where all of the strings are easy to hear and aren't muted:)

    • Jarred’s Loose Extention Cord
      Jarred’s Loose Extention Cord Year ago

      Tune your instrument

    • Campbell Zurawski
      Campbell Zurawski Year ago

      Use the tips of your fingers so you don’t touch any of the other strings to create a vibration noise

    • squidney
      squidney 2 years ago

      El Maeve you should keep your fingers curved

    • Eloise Elliott
      Eloise Elliott 2 years ago

      DONT BEND THE STRINGS!!!!!!!!! I spend ages wondering why my playing was so bad and it was because I was bending the strings with my fingers instead of just pressing down on them

  • emily pav
    emily pav 2 years ago

    You have a beautiful voice <3

  • Michael Wittwer
    Michael Wittwer 2 years ago

    Instructions unclear. head stuck in uke. Send help.

    • ines sison
      ines sison 7 months ago

      @Mónica Morado i love how you responded lol

    • Mónica Morado
      Mónica Morado 2 years ago

      Michael Wittwer hahahaha coming, you silly bird