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  • Shelley Cook
    Shelley Cook Minute ago

    You pay for the packaging

  • Pamela Church
    Pamela Church 2 minutes ago

    I literally just saw this infomercial, and thought " I wonder if Vivian has reviewed this?" And here you are! 💯💯💯💯💯

  • stella marie
    stella marie 4 minutes ago

    Love this taste test comparison. Please do more?😋

  • Shelley Cook
    Shelley Cook 5 minutes ago

    Yes they are getting packed by the same place I've been told that

  • Darnia Taylor
    Darnia Taylor 6 minutes ago

    I know someone who says their kids won't eat anything off-brand, so they kept an old box, buy the stuff from Aldi's and refill it. They haven't figured it out yet. LoL

  • rupert281
    rupert281 8 minutes ago

    Ahhhh cap'n crunch the one cereal that's been cutting the roof of your mouth like razors since my 1980s childhood mmm mmm

  • Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
    Debbie Ebbiebobebbie 8 minutes ago

    We’re getting an Alie this year (supposedly!)

  • Shelley Cook
    Shelley Cook 10 minutes ago

    I was told one time that all the companies make the same thing and they just ship them to different stores and then the stores put their name brand

  • Debra Santos
    Debra Santos 13 minutes ago

    I shop at Aldi's all the time.. Why pay more for the same thing...

  • Tracy L
    Tracy L 14 minutes ago

    Maybe you should collaborate with Shane Dawson for this conspiracy of food products! Lol

  • Rebecca Wempe
    Rebecca Wempe 19 minutes ago

    I heard Aldis is going organic, they have almost always had less sugar and food coloring in their cereal

  • J. Adams
    J. Adams 24 minutes ago

    TY for this video. I'm a big fan of Aldi for their dry and canned items. Their cookies and popcorn are awesome too. Another bonus? Good quality, fair-trade coffee. They even have the coffee pods for ppl who have those machines.

  • Tracy L
    Tracy L 29 minutes ago

    Can’t trademark recipes :) it’s why we have too many cookbooks in the world lol

  • Jaime Johnesee
    Jaime Johnesee 31 minute ago

    I know a lot of major brands sell overages and off-batches to stores to use as store brands, maybe that's what's happening. 🤷‍♀️

  • Jomarie Figueroa
    Jomarie Figueroa 34 minutes ago

    Parents should wise up and just put the Aldi's brand items inside the real brands box. Kids will never know lol just keep refilling

  • Snotty Princess
    Snotty Princess 36 minutes ago

    I normally dont comment but I have to say this is my favorite type of video of yours. Love compared products.

  • Draceena Silverdragon
    Draceena Silverdragon 37 minutes ago

    Dear cereal manufacturers, please restrict artifical color to the product package and leave it off my cereal.

  • zosometalgod
    zosometalgod 42 minutes ago

    A lot of Aldi's stuff is from the same company's just repackaged for Aldi's

  • Abbie Storc
    Abbie Storc 46 minutes ago

    We shop at aldi ever single week and girllll you can find sooooo many steals there ! THE BEST store hands down

  • conspiracy theory lover101

    iv never tried pop tarts

  • Deanna Moore
    Deanna Moore 48 minutes ago

    Hey remember Aldi and Trader Joe’s were originally started as brothers who split over the sale of alcohol. So really your buying trader joe products. It’s really a cool story. I’m a Aldi girl 💯.

  • Genney Blass
    Genney Blass 50 minutes ago

    Aww, I love Aldi's.

  • Jared Twain
    Jared Twain 52 minutes ago

    It could be that the original manufactures/brand are selling the “not to par” batches under those knock of names at a discounted price rather than wasting the product. Or they’re totally creating an exact version and selling it at a cheaper price to make more money.

  • Mary D
    Mary D 54 minutes ago

    You should test their version of Girl Scout cookies - they NAILED it for 1.00 a box

  • rachael fredenburg
    rachael fredenburg 57 minutes ago

    Vivian love your expressions. I wish you could put out more video's a week. I just love watching them.

  • Kimberly Puryear
    Kimberly Puryear 58 minutes ago

    How did the Aldi's cereal hold up in the milk? I like bag cereal because it stays crunchy all the way to the end of the bowl.

  • Sherry Workman
    Sherry Workman Hour ago

    Ive found those cup cakes at dollar General

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    I'm a diehard Nacho Cheese Doritos woman, but between us, Tom's Nacho Cheese Chips (2.00 for a big bag!) are soo close, I switched!

  • La-Toya
    La-Toya Hour ago

    If you like 🍓 Pop Tarts, the you'll ❤ Strawberry & Cream Cheese flavored Toaster Strudels. Each 1 comes with its own frosting, but they're delicious without it 😋 #RanchDoritosAreMyFavsToo

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    Vivian, you just made me feel even better about generic!! Thanks!!

  • Oldsmokey
    Oldsmokey Hour ago

    Try the Dollar General chips vs name brands. You'll be shocked. Especially if you do a blindfolded test.

  • Chai Cooper
    Chai Cooper Hour ago

    Aldi sale almond milk too. $ 1.79 Atlanta area. 😏😉😎

  • Ellie Evans
    Ellie Evans Hour ago

    In the UK some had a certain brand n went to Aldi cheap brand opened the packet to find the brand in side so u never no if the brand's are doing it cheaper with out telling u

  • Jackiepereira87
    Jackiepereira87 Hour ago

    Hey vivian.. 🙋‍♀️. Can I just say I live in the uk (london to be exact) and I only shop in aldi it's better for price and I prefer the quality of food from there also fruit and veg much nicer and fresh and better choice ! Love it

  • Anja huizinga
    Anja huizinga Hour ago

    Did you check if there is an address on the packaging of each? maybe that will give you a clue as to if they are from the same company. I do know some companies make cheaper versions for cheaper stores, but cheaper doesn't mean bad. Here Aldi is quite popular for loads of their products.

  • Brittani A
    Brittani A Hour ago

    Doesn't matter. You'll still poop green. Lol

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    Generic don't have the pricey additives, so the flavor and cost are alot better.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    My Mom and I have always said, generic is just as good!! You just proved it even better!!

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    I used to work in a grocery store. Chances are, the generic is an offshoot of the real company. Makeup brands do the same thing . That's why is so similar. No trademark issues. You are so good!!

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    And generic chocolate tarts are the best!!

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    They definitely should pay you! You're getting them customers they wouldn't have had!!😉

  • Frog It Ribbit
    Frog It Ribbit Hour ago

    I’m like WHAT . Goodbye name brand hello money in the bank

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus Hour ago

    Morning! Drinking coffee, and being amazed! Thanks! Have a great Tuesday!

  • ItsVerosLife
    ItsVerosLife Hour ago

    I believe Pedro and Chantelle story, because my sisters husband does everything Pedro does! His family treats my sister horrible and he doesn't even notice!!!

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Hour ago

    I like unfrosted Pop tarts toasted . Then peanut butter on hot poptart sooo good. Try it you will like it.

  • candi 1152
    candi 1152 Hour ago

    I hate Pop tarts

  • The greatest show On earth

    Red Thunder sounds like a stripper name

  • RoY 210
    RoY 210 Hour ago

    i have two knockoff versions of myself Vivian i've seen em one is Richer and the other one is Poorer lol j.k.

  • Crystal Poole
    Crystal Poole Hour ago

    Everything gets copied. Everything! I mean look at coconut oil, one company started it, and then every company had it. Same with charcoal, every fucking thing has charcoal. But when it comes to food, I really think it is the same company that makes their own generic product, that's how a company gets so rich. You should have looked at the address on the boxes and compared. We live in a world where it's monkey see monkey do.

  • Skull Rose.
    Skull Rose. Hour ago

    A friend of mine only drinks almond milk.

  • Amy B
    Amy B Hour ago

    With the name brand products, you are also paying for all the advertising. In comparison, Aldi's advertising budget is almost nothing. That's why Aldi is less expensive.

  • Maria
    Maria 2 hours ago

    more of these

  • Alyssa Renee
    Alyssa Renee 2 hours ago

    Good Merning from Fla 🙋 Coffee and Vivian at 6am. 💖

  • Janet Benitez
    Janet Benitez 2 hours ago

    I love you ! I shop at Aldi's all the time . Good quality and best prices ! Great video !

  • K Kitchenmom
    K Kitchenmom 2 hours ago

    Vivian as a German I can tell you that Aldi makes deals with the firms themself. They make the expensive and the "cheap" ones and sell both. This is how it works for Aldi since it started out over here in Germany in 1946.

  • Daryl Smith
    Daryl Smith 2 hours ago

    Back in 1980 I worked for a winery one summer. They also made grape juice. One day I was helping put cases of juice on pallets after the juice was jarred and boxed. After about an hour the lables changed, I asked the person I was helping what was going on. They said we don't only make our brand we make other brands as well. So you can have one company making two or three different brands made with the same product.

  • Janay Castillo
    Janay Castillo 2 hours ago

    Sometimes you honestly just pay for the name brand. I work at Walmart and we have the Great Value and Equate brands which have the same active ingredients usually and are a dupe for the name brand and the company is able to sell for cheaper our own brands because we cut out the middle man. Walmart does it all from manufacturing to delivery they don’t need to also pay a middle man (a vendor) to produce and then deliver it to the store. So in turn the Walmart brand can be sold for less and still make some profit as where the name brand needs to be sold for more due to its name brand and the costs to vendor in order to make any profit with a sale.

  • Deborah Taylor
    Deborah Taylor 2 hours ago

    I’m so in San Antonio, Texas, all we have is Walmart, 2 Targets with Archer Farms, and H-E-B. Believe me when I say that H-E-B literally OWNS this town. They drove out all the competitors. Only Walmart came in and H-E-B had to lower their prices! And their knock offs are in no way as good as the originals. I try them again and again, no way are they as good.

  • ShareeReneé
    ShareeReneé 2 hours ago

    This was awesome. Please do more of these. This single mom on a budget really appreciates it. Thank you! P.s. you're hilarious😁❣

  • Yvon C
    Yvon C 2 hours ago

    Yip Aldi are the best. I worked for specsavers and the own brand contact lenses were made by Johnson & Johnson and just the outer package was changed

  • Do Beus
    Do Beus 3 hours ago

    Gotta go...Aldis open soon!

  • Tammy Woods
    Tammy Woods 3 hours ago

    I was told they do work together. We may never know. Lol 😘

  • fairy changling
    fairy changling 3 hours ago

    I used to work there and I've always wondered how they can get away with it legally. Teach me vivian😚 Edit- you are getting ripped off by the brands. It costs the same to make but the price is so inflated, this shows how cheap these things can be made. People think of it as cheap crap but they are looking at it from the wrong angle, it shows the brands mark up for the greedy buggers they are. They are the same ingredients. By the time everyone has made as much profit as possible it's so expensive to actually buy in a tesco. Aldi just shows the greed of others

  • Lucinda S
    Lucinda S 3 hours ago

    I think it's because you can't trademark a consumable product ... or something. Charlotte Tilbury only got to sue them because they copied her packaging which is distinctive enough to be unique to her brand. Food is a free for all they can copy whatever they want

  • Rainicorn
    Rainicorn 3 hours ago

    Those cereals! Cheaper, healthier, identical taste - why would anyone buy the original? edit: just saw the pop tarts too. Thank you for this video!

  • mauricio Trevizo
    mauricio Trevizo 3 hours ago

    The swirl is the same folks!😱💀

  • kathy bailey
    kathy bailey 3 hours ago

    Great Value compares to name brand as well. Try it

  • Christopher Henriksen

    Where is the utter on an almond?

  • Donna 2019
    Donna 2019 3 hours ago

    Aldi is the only place I go for groceries. The place has everything I need including baby products. (Diapers, formula, food) I've saved thousands of $ throughout the years.

  • Sir Smartypants Ruel

    I think I'll buy Aldi stuff now. Taste better and less chemicals. It's a win-win 😃

  • Mitch Alexander
    Mitch Alexander 3 hours ago

    Aldi is just generic brand ... I don't think Aldi is trying to pull one over everyone's eyes 🤣

  • Lizzette  Cruz
    Lizzette Cruz 3 hours ago

    Hey Viv, an Aldi store just opened about 3 minutes from my house. Because of your amazing Aldi's commercial, I'm going to stop by and shop for some things to do my own taste test. I'm an HEB fan but the savings that you showed are real!!

  • Estee Ang
    Estee Ang 3 hours ago

    I just had wisdom tooth extraction. Half of my face is numb and stiff, under pain killer as well. Boy am I glad you posted something today. It got my mind away in la-la land for 20mins.

    • Donna 2019
      Donna 2019 3 hours ago

      I hope you feel better. Just remember that for every minute that goes by you are one minute closer to being pain free and healed. I just recently had mine done and know the pain.❤

  • Valarie Lewis
    Valarie Lewis 3 hours ago

    Originally, Aldis claims to be private labels of the bigger companies that they use to introduce products that wouldn’t work with their mainstream. Now I guess they just release them as mainstream and cheaper so they can get paid either way!

  • Tanya Things
    Tanya Things 4 hours ago

    I love this store I buy alot of things there an not as much from Walmart was just as amazed at the difference do know that there store was founded in Germany

  • Angela Hardy
    Angela Hardy 4 hours ago

    Could you try to the fordge and fire knife.

  • Danielle Geremia
    Danielle Geremia 4 hours ago

    Vivian, you make me laugh!!! 😀😁😄😆

  • Donna Hutchinson
    Donna Hutchinson 4 hours ago

    New title- Professional imposter Detective. I'll be looking for me some cheep imposters now... lol

  • pleumy pleumy
    pleumy pleumy 4 hours ago

    I dont know you know mora snacks..i worked there..and yes we packed for alot of malls..only diffrent packets..some times we get a order..putt away the mora cartons and only change it for albertheijn..diffrent the price in the mall...

  • Pascale N
    Pascale N 4 hours ago

    Aldi is very well known in germany for their excellent non expensive wide range of organic products and vegtables/fruits. It is very affortable there. So I am not surprised they put not much of the artificial stuff in it. 😉

  • Carrie Dooly
    Carrie Dooly 4 hours ago

    I would take the Aldi over the brand name cereal simply because of the artificial ingredients .

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 4 hours ago

    Vivian. Thanks for the video. Did the generic Doritoes have MSG in them? It’s a very bad preservative. Loved the video. Like the more natural Cap’n Crunch. Might be goin to Aldis later today.

  • CheStin2
    CheStin2 4 hours ago

    Aldi products are so cheap because they dont advertise and stuff. Aldi is huuuge (especially in europe). they are so powerful that they almost can get every product to the price they want to

  • Katrina Schmidt
    Katrina Schmidt 4 hours ago

    I like little Debbie cup cakes better than hostess.

  • TESLA Made it
    TESLA Made it 4 hours ago

    Wow still Amazingly Beautiful and got married lucky 🍀guy he is ma’am 👌😀

  • Hrh WEW
    Hrh WEW 4 hours ago

    Girl, there is no milk in almonds. You’re drinking nut juice 😜

  • Msyevette
    Msyevette 4 hours ago

    You should did a price comparison also.. Cause Aldi has some really good price.. I drive out my to shop there

  • Msyevette
    Msyevette 4 hours ago

    Good job with the red bull. I cant even stand the smell🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Karina Guity
    Karina Guity 5 hours ago

    I love Aldi! I love how open the aisles are and I have saved so much money food shopping which is really important to me being a single Mom of 2. The milk and eggs are always super cheap and fresh.... So awesome... I'm so grateful for Aldi. It's worth the 20 minute walk.

  • Msyevette
    Msyevette 5 hours ago

    Thank you for the cereal reviews. Yes.. I put butter on my pop tarts also. Aldi has great Lemon Gingsing Green Tea.. I get at least two boxes when I shop.

  • Holly DeCrescenzo
    Holly DeCrescenzo 5 hours ago

    I’ve found this with store brand products too, I compared the labels of Glutino Crackers and Hannaford brand and not only were they the same, but they were made in the same factory in Italy, only difference is they don’t have the Glutino stamp on them🤔

  • Missy Curtis
    Missy Curtis 5 hours ago

    Vivian You Rock

  • NJ GeeZ-TheNetherlands

    Well here in the Netherlands where I live we've had Aldi and lidl supermarkets for over 30 years. And they've been copying the originals since always. It's very normal over here. And they're made in the same factory. They're not hiding this here. And it saves you a lot of money.

  • Callie Wall
    Callie Wall 5 hours ago


  • Frazzled Haloz
    Frazzled Haloz 5 hours ago

    Hugs hun! Great job! Made me smile!

  • Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones 5 hours ago

    We actually prefer Aldi Cool Ranch vs Doritos.

  • Frazzled Haloz
    Frazzled Haloz 5 hours ago

    I am busy watch the Marshall fitness... (laughing) one guy has blue hair and purple....(giggle)

  • Mike Farmer
    Mike Farmer 5 hours ago

    I'm thinking that they use the same facility that's why they can cut cost also look at the weight. Like most incorporated business out source to cut cost. Money is always the bottom line might even be from China they ain't proud.

  • Nanny Ninera
    Nanny Ninera 5 hours ago

    I eat the Kroger Toasters. Cheaper and just as good. Could you do a comparison between those two? Kroger Toasters vs Kellog's Poptarts?

  • Harlie Quinn
    Harlie Quinn 5 hours ago

    wait!!! where is the aldi in texas