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  • Jamecia Chandler
    Jamecia Chandler 14 days ago

    She gonna have to get in his head again to save him from the chip cause I don’t Lynn can do it alone

    • Katie Lingefelt
      Katie Lingefelt 12 days ago

      Jamecia Chandler I know for a fact that’s what is gonna happen. Earlier in the season 3 when Commander Williams was telling Odell that if anyone could reverse the brainwashing it would be Khalil’s mom and I was like lol nah it’s gonna be Jennifer. I love the two of them together so much.

  • Natasha D'Souza
    Natasha D'Souza 14 days ago


  • C. Butterfly
    C. Butterfly 14 days ago

    Why couldn’t our girl just have one thing 😭😭

  • Rodimus Rider
    Rodimus Rider 14 days ago

    my first thought was Zoidberg anyone else?

  • A’s World
    A’s World 23 days ago

    My god I literally young justice just used to be a relatable show about teenagers and now look at them look at Nightwing for example he went from fun playful Robin too well I kind of Batman attitude guy named Nightwing it’s funny though how he didn’t want to be Batman but he’s kind of becoming him to be honest deep down inside I really missed school days where Wally was alive and but it’s an amazing character growth for all of them it’s just one night we called her kid😂😂😂#youngjusticeforlife😍

  • Joy Barbour
    Joy Barbour Month ago

    I really love the kiss parts

  • Joy Barbour
    Joy Barbour Month ago

    China you are awesome like always i love you girl

  • Jesse Cota
    Jesse Cota Month ago

    Blaze is such a jerk, if joined the team I'd kick Blaze's butt 😡