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Ragnaros Wipe Animation
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MadSeasonShow in 2018/2019
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  • Meltman1000
    Meltman1000 2 hours ago

    I have left binding on my warrior and right on my paladin qq.

  • CJ00014
    CJ00014 3 hours ago

    Monthly subscriptions are not common, nor well received. At least in my country

  • Matikz
    Matikz 3 hours ago

    While this video was awesome to watch, I do have to say that having Questie kind of makes it redundant lol

  • SurfingJakeOwns
    SurfingJakeOwns 3 hours ago

    oh nice a ring upgrade

  • Scorpio Warrior
    Scorpio Warrior 3 hours ago

    Captin Sander's is STILL in the game, just to note

  • CJ00014
    CJ00014 4 hours ago

    Loved the PoE music, nice touch

  • Seiklus
    Seiklus 4 hours ago

    thats ridiculous. china should just accept that it's a game from a different culture. not everything has to be changed so that normies dont feel uncomfortable

  • Christian Bredow
    Christian Bredow 4 hours ago

    Thanks alot for the 14slot bag and the good XP I got on the journey. Helped a lot.

  • Phantom Bread
    Phantom Bread 4 hours ago

    i like how MadSeason actually credits his sources

  • jack craft
    jack craft 4 hours ago

    core game mechanic bound to grind fest achivment.whoever behind this go fuck yourself. I just re sub to play the game again after many expantions but i guess i wont sub again untill next expantion.

  • Patrick Miller
    Patrick Miller 4 hours ago

    Fade Knight LUL

  • Max Green
    Max Green 4 hours ago

    I came here to see if they brought back talent tree's! I'd gladly play classic as long as they keep the talent tree's

  • Mike Pajic
    Mike Pajic 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait for Asmon to react to this😂

  • nick conroy
    nick conroy 5 hours ago

    I'll save ya'll the trouble of the watching the video. Here's the best advice you'll get... play Mage.

  • Byron Holt
    Byron Holt 5 hours ago

    Did I miss something? I don't remember MadSeasonShow having so much disdain for Horde. As a loyal member of the Forsaken I feel betrayed...

  • Dave Diaz
    Dave Diaz 5 hours ago

    i like the Punchout music!!!!!

  • C J
    C J 5 hours ago

    I have a question as to if anyone might know, has Blizzard ever hidden any items or quests in clickable items you can sit on, such as benches or chairs? Something so well overlooked in the game that there might be that one chair in the game that is used by npcs as drop spots such as you see in movies. Click the right chair ingame and stumble across a sealed envelope of a plot against the king or chief you must give to SI-7. I know there are quests like this, but how about anything implemented in this manor?

  • Dante Howlstice
    Dante Howlstice 6 hours ago

    ahhhh ventrilo harassment, good times.

  • Jake Hutley
    Jake Hutley 6 hours ago

    I got both the westfall deed and the sanders map just whilst levelling. Did not know they were rare drops. Why cant my luck always be this good!

  • Upcast
    Upcast 6 hours ago

    Spoke to a friend of mine who's the first one in his family born in the US. He said this kind of stuff in Asian clients has to do with the fact that alot of Chinese practice ansestory worship and the censorship is out of respect for the dead. They are revered, not the stuff of entertainment.

  • TeamAlive2011
    TeamAlive2011 7 hours ago

    Ayy I know the first one because of zygors guide

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 7 hours ago


  • Christian Glashauser

    Really interesting. Shame they skipped the concept of hidden quests in the retail version.

  • Maquinetas
    Maquinetas 7 hours ago

    Thrash blade + ironfoe = bfa fury warrior roleplay

  • Robben Lin
    Robben Lin 8 hours ago

    It's actually bad, but if you want to make money from CHINESE market, you need to follow the local rules!!!

  • SebSk
    SebSk 8 hours ago

    Oh I also remember now alpha (thank you FilePlanet (which now has become IGN)) and figuring out the mining thing, running around to copper veins god-knows-where. I remember the Kobolds, though. Damn kobolds. And the fist Dark Iron ore, and the Arena, and the sneak peek into BWL at lower lvls.

  • SebSk
    SebSk 9 hours ago

    My greatest memory is a raid with alliance (pvp) way back. I was lvl43 or so, only 1 or 2 people had reached lvl60. Everybody and their aunt joined in to raid Thunderbluff, 90% died in Dustwallow march due to aggro and low lvl (lol) and the rest got ganked in the plains and separated when the news spread horde side. I was lucky enough to get filmed being the last one remaining, using my pala bubbles (with no global cooldown then) and dwarf resistance to get into Tunderbluff square for a minute or two before hearthing out. I also remember my first enchantment (blue, weapon dmg I think) on a lvl40+ spear of some kind and levelling in the deadlands (even forgot the name... east and west) with horde pvp nearby. And the first raids, climaxing in Blackwing Lair (after a ton of Molten Core, where I just missed getting the server's first Hand of Sulfuras due to f*** school exam bull) and the Ahn'Quiraj event where my guild downed 2-3 colossuses and some beetles. One of our guild mates got pounded by the beetles and landed at the edge of the map, I got punched and landed on top of one of the tentacle brances way across the map. Also the off-chart exploring, getting up places you weren't supposed to be (like where the gnomes and some other monsters fight and you can see when flying from Ironforge.) The intricate stories, the hunt/myth about the Ashbringer, that only had dead ends, but people tried still to find the ever-elusive weapon through quests and faction reputation. The new WoW has none of that, it's just another bland MMO, or worse, for me. Unfortunately.

  • Emir Hodzic
    Emir Hodzic 9 hours ago

    I'm here before wild bald man reacts!

  • James Younger
    James Younger 10 hours ago

    You forgot to say first high... I’ll never feel that good again

  • visionboxed
    visionboxed 10 hours ago

    looks complicated but is still kiddy crap compared to eve online :)

  • Dante Howlstice
    Dante Howlstice 10 hours ago

    6:05 that was the "Dueling Island" on my server because it was kinda a natural arena, you couldn't leave the island or you have to forfeit.

  • Margonite
    Margonite 10 hours ago

    Sudoku? I think you meant Seppeku xD

  • Ethan Ferguson
    Ethan Ferguson 11 hours ago

    lol imagine being scared of bones

  • chris parker
    chris parker 11 hours ago

    My man is fixing to hit 300k subs!!! Its awesome watching this channel grow for so long. Good job!

  • tactuel
    tactuel 11 hours ago

    special snowflakes in china

  • MindstormXL
    MindstormXL 12 hours ago

    Wasnt there a troll on the Aerie Peak server who was trying to play the game with no armour, only jewllery and fist weapons?

  • Kevin Harmse
    Kevin Harmse 13 hours ago

    When that intro hits.

  • uevnskales
    uevnskales 14 hours ago

    I turned the music up when I thought I heard Chrono music, dope as

  • Vilver II
    Vilver II 14 hours ago

    I liked it because I liked it.

  • Z l
    Z l 14 hours ago

    What's the song at the beginning of your videos bro?

  • Alex Labádi
    Alex Labádi 14 hours ago

    Legion was one of the best exp, at least for me. I love to watch this video every now and then for some bittersweet nostalgy. Thank you Madseason for making this one just as awesome as every other vid of yours!

  • cody colina
    cody colina 14 hours ago

    i use to have halberd of smiting from zg i didnt get to play vanilla long before tbc came out only ended up getting knight in pvp but i use to love that weapon i had the av mace might of been better but the proc of halberd of smiting would crit for like 1k was pretty crazy in pvp evenn though i had no idea wtf i was doin lol

  • Joel
    Joel 14 hours ago

    LOL 'Light of Elune', still have one of those. And a lot of the vanilla Argent items with my Palli.

  • Joel
    Joel 14 hours ago

    "7th Place fishing trophy"...... Gray trash, but I still carry it in my bag!

  • Gorophorge
    Gorophorge 15 hours ago

    It's not even just nostalgia though, I guess In a way it is but I didn't start playing wow till cataclysm, and yet, I find myself in love with classic, I did touch private servers and I enjoyed them, maybe, it's cus I have nostalgia for those features in other single player RPGs from back in my day, maybe I just like those elements period, nostalgia exist but I also see it as a different game, current and vanilla are not the same and if you play both it's like playing 2 games meant for 2 different crowds of people. Period

  • Julian Barzana
    Julian Barzana 15 hours ago

    I wonder how WoD would have turned out if Garrisons were the main city from each Faction, and you could lvl it as WoD's garrison but each player has to put some effort in order to upgrade it and get better things. And also, you could invade each other's faction so you could steal resources or downgrade their garrison. In order words, instead of doing a personal garrison, do a community and open one which can be invaded. And that could have been introduced with the train system (eliminating the flight zones). So you should gather resources for a faster train or so that it can reach every zone in the continent and you can invade their garrisons in order to slow the opposite's train or reduce the areas where the train can get. I wonder how Blizz never though of something like that.

  • Niklas Kaplan
    Niklas Kaplan 15 hours ago

    I got the insane title when you needed shen'dralar and darkmoon fair (when darkmoon didnt have dailies). I was paying people to turn in their darkmoon decks just for rep. Haven't changed that title since I got it, and it's always one of the first thing i put on a new character.

  • Skinnypete07
    Skinnypete07 15 hours ago

    pretty sure it was the military wing. I dont think anyone called it the death knight wing

  • TheWeeaboo
    TheWeeaboo 15 hours ago

    Or, you get ahead of the curve by investing those 100 free gold into your proffesion and become rich that way. It's what I am doing in classic right now as a tailor enchanter warlock. Only just past level 40 and the easy gold I can make due to disenchanting so many items is ridiculous. Level 38 dungeon full of items that disenchant into 2g+ reagents RIGHT NOW. In a few months time when the economy is getting a lot more solid these reagents will already sell for 5g because they remain relevant for high level enchants. They will even remain relevant for TBC and Wrath as well lol. In 1 day of playing as a max level enchanter at level 60 you can easily make 100s of gold by just disenchanting and selling the reagents. Or charge even more gold by actually doing the enchants. Gold is a real big part of the game but also one that you should just get on top of early on. Also, Vanilla feels a lot more catered towards the economy than TBC or Wrath. By Wrath especially it got to the point where everyone who had played the game for a while has 100k gold+ and the noobs still struggled mostly but got by because blizzard started to become lenient and allowed for easy ways to make gold. To be fair, the biggest money maker is still Savory Deviate Delight lol. They sold for like 20 to 35 gold a stack by end of Wrath. Literally would cost more than a stack of flasks and buff food at times. I might not have time to join a good raiding guild but I surely will make sure I reach the gold cap before TBC. :D

  • Paw Zyl
    Paw Zyl 15 hours ago

    I started WoW from TBC but vanilla even now is junk but your movies are great

  • deathwing015 playz
    deathwing015 playz 16 hours ago

    mad season: *explains the quest line* asmonBALD: sup beeches farm the tome for me. mcool get a raid together so i can get it f u im more popular and have privlage. that tank that always carries asmon in classic: please sire may i have since i am better tank

  • Gerold
    Gerold 16 hours ago

    5:36 My name is Optimus Prime

  • Red Shirt Gaming
    Red Shirt Gaming 16 hours ago

    Yeah I love how every Vanilla Player always said how trash warriors were in solo play. Yeah man, mained a Warrior all through Vanilla and I was damn near unstoppable especially with proper gearing at 60

  • C&J Tech
    C&J Tech 17 hours ago

    I just started classic and to say I've been hooked again is an understatement. I'm loving it.

  • albertftw
    albertftw 17 hours ago

    They replaced skeletons with corpses. That doesn't make sense.

  • Ha Ka
    Ha Ka 17 hours ago

    It's not about "culture", it's about "communism" which is an serious illness a civilization can develop if evil people get to say what's going on

  • risingdot
    risingdot 17 hours ago

    The background music, FFVII, gotta love you for that one :)

  • SvendleBerries
    SvendleBerries 18 hours ago

    The Punch Out music at the beginning made me happy :D

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking 18 hours ago

    Knowing it took all this makes me more impressed seeing .5 than T3

  • Phil Ledwith
    Phil Ledwith 18 hours ago

    The version everyone starts with is always their favourite version. Mine was BC Alterac; there was a resource counter, it ticked slowly, you could still do 90% of the quests and I successfully called in an air raid once. Battles lasted about an hour, which felt right. Good times.

  • soft cream
    soft cream 19 hours ago

    Jenkins was faked

  • Sam Coschka
    Sam Coschka 20 hours ago

    I made a guild called bounty hunters on a PvE server that tried to sell killing people who killed others while I was level 20.

  • Victor Hyde
    Victor Hyde 20 hours ago

    It was the 1980s, so they were on cocaine. Lots and lots of cocaine.

  • Engineering Flexalighting-NA

    The Cosmo Canyon music was too distracting, I couldn't pay attention to that part :p

  • mr ivan
    mr ivan 20 hours ago

    Make a video about benediction please

  • Marko Šuša
    Marko Šuša 22 hours ago

    Before i start i want you guys to know that I have 2x cutting edges in this expansion, i also played rogue at 2.9k rio in season 2 and right now im at 2.5k ( in season 3 ). I have also pvped and got gladiator in sesaon 2 and also leveled ( with freehoold exploit) every single class to level 120 and yes i was playing around 10 hours per day for 1 year. Therefore my honest opinion on the expansion is: 1.All classes are very boring to play ( expect outlaw rogue and demo warlock ), and they are boring just because they are very very simple and there is not much thinking or timing you have to do to master your class. They really made it noob friendly. Classes were so much more fun back in legion and even in expansions before. 2. Talent choice: Like they give you 3 talents per row but what you really use is only 1 talent, its so linear and you can't go from that 1 bis talent if you wanna compete in any content of this game. Some classes do bring 2 choice in 1 or 2 rows but that's it. 3. Raiding and dungeons: Raids are very well designed and are actually really good, if you have time to raid mythic in a good guild ( which requires a lot of time ) you will find fun in this department. As for the dungeons i'd say they are very poor designed. Some dungeons are way to easy and some are way too hard and overtuned, and by overtuned i mean some boss mechanics that are unavoidable do 1 shots you ( example tyranical freehold 1st boss on very high key ) so if you wanna push keys you have to wait specific weeks to do so and on other weeks you basically do nothing. Other then that since they are completly made around rogues you have combo of Tank/healer/rogue + 2 random dpses and by random i mean either demon hunter/mage or demon hunter/ele shaman or just 3 meele setups. There is so little choice here if you wanna time high end mythic plus you can't go with whatever you want, class limit is a thing here. On top of that if you want to pug 20+ keys you will find 1 or none key each day to run and chances that you gonna get invited are so low because everybody are waiting for 3k+ players to join their keys and carry them throu. So that leads to the point that you have to have your own team to actaully be viable and do mythic plus. 4. Way to grindy: You basically have to hardcore grind to be competitive at this game and that grind is so boring to the point that you often ask yourself, why the fk im playing this game ??? 5. Gearing: Gearing has never ever been more boring and so poorly designed since the release of this game. Since start you literally chase the same Azerite piece every patch just higher ilevel. They removed tiers and added lazy solution called Azerite piece. My overall opinion of the game 2 out of 5 stars. Worth palying ?? Not really i wish i never had started this expansion and wasted my time in some other game like ESO or FF14.

  • Nmap
    Nmap 22 hours ago

    I'm sure a hunter has rolled need on every item in this list, because, let's face it. Anything is a hunter weapon if you're brave enough.

  • JhonnydasBR
    JhonnydasBR 22 hours ago

    Teeth are bones

  • ArmouredLemming
    ArmouredLemming 22 hours ago

    Make sure those gummy bears are sugar free, Taco Bell may have the higher DPS (diarrhea per snack) but sugar free gummy bears are the real MVP.

  • Daniel Morgen
    Daniel Morgen 22 hours ago

    I enjoyed end of BC the most out of all the patches...

  • Robertsmac
    Robertsmac 23 hours ago

    Appearently Wigwam wasn't the 1st - Don't remember having an issue with Darkmoon Fair rep, since so many cards went for cheap individually on AH and I just wound up somewhat controlling the market since I wound up having so many various cards I was always able to trade to re-balance what card I was in short supply of (along with possibly just trading the Trinkets for cards as a part of some deals).

  • ximbabwe0228
    ximbabwe0228 23 hours ago

    I'm getting lit to the hilt tonight

  • T Nast
    T Nast 23 hours ago

    Is the music used in this Completely original? i'm trying to make a guitar tab of it

  • Korja88
    Korja88 23 hours ago

    Do the mechanical rocket chicken escort quest

  • MaddSweetGT500
    MaddSweetGT500 23 hours ago

    Shoot man, at least replace with eggrolls instead of bread

  • Mc Rage
    Mc Rage Day ago

    Anyone know what the cd is on Thunderbrew's Boot Flask? Wowhead says its 30 minutes, but in this vid it doesn't show a cd when he mouses over it.

  • Liquid Fox General

    Diablo immortal lel

  • Literally Shaking

    The Shitty Rest Inn

  • Justin Robichaux

    God watching this video legit gave me PTSD I forgot I had. My main raiding guild from Vanilla broke up on the twin emps, even after clearing the spider wing in Naxx. Something about not finishing AQ40 made us feel so unaccomplished that it just got to the GM and people so bad. I remember people getting mad at me because I could see the writing on the wall and blew all my DKP on two items. But we broke up the next week so I had no regrets on doing it haha.

  • ToneyCrimson
    ToneyCrimson Day ago

    Fade and


    I remember farming the fuck out those dungeons for that hilt

  • Forrest Bivens

    Great music choice and great video series

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

    Looks like some of this is outdated. They have made it easier to get the title now.

  • Al Ba
    Al Ba Day ago

    when you said ''peace'' i thought you spitted on me

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune Day ago

    I mouse over everything since Mad started this series :)

  • Tom Wilson
    Tom Wilson Day ago

    Started hearing scatman and knew what was up. Damn that video was so fucking old.

    XHIYO Day ago

    not gonna watch the vid till asmon reactes to it

  • Kim Bugge
    Kim Bugge Day ago

    I love your videos m8 allways a joy

  • Feakos
    Feakos Day ago

    that first one was just in time for me, thanks!

  • Leif Ashley
    Leif Ashley Day ago

    You're the Ben Stein of wow, both in demeanor and expertise in a subject like wow. Thanks for making this, I'm thinking about my own channel.

  • Szabu
    Szabu Day ago

    The new transmog system with the appearance collection was one of the best things ever in WoW, let alone Legion.

  • Icosiol
    Icosiol Day ago

    This is a great series, Mad. I am not too familiar with all the hidden quests, so something like this is really helpful for those like me who really enjoy exploring the world...of Warcraft.


    Hello beautiful community, I am really new to Classic and today the Shadowfang blade dropped for me. Some told me its very valueable because of bis for lvl 19 twinks and some told me its trash and tried to get it for a few silver. I tried to check my auctionhouse for its ~ value but not a single one was listed. Anyone can help me and tell me if its trash or treasure?

    • Vihara2
      Vihara2 17 hours ago

      Its stupid valuable, put it in your bank and sit on it, when bgs come out you can sell for hundreds of gold easy, almost an entire epic mount

  • jigga jaw
    jigga jaw Day ago

    Ugh. This is the exact same thing as that old joke "I'm a legend in Japan". You'd see it on hats and shirts. These people are legendary at being nobody and doing nothing.

  • mkman1
    mkman1 Day ago


  • Kai Noctis
    Kai Noctis Day ago

    looks better than eu classic

  • improperusername

    Aw, totally bummed that you skipped over MoP. That was my favorite, and really the last time I seriously played the game.

  • Jay Rauken
    Jay Rauken Day ago

    "Here you'll find the severed hand of an orc grasping-" *Petty, happy Zelda music plays.*

  • equitine _
    equitine _ Day ago

    They need to bring back the on hits and active abilities.

  • struestorystudios

    if you turn down the volume you dont need to hear his exetremely annoying voice. Best thing about this video