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EA Star Wars: A Look Ahead
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  • SuperCoolNothing
    SuperCoolNothing 43 minutes ago

    Why the hell do all the blaster bolts move so slowly?! I mean, jeez... you can literally run past them...

  • Luca
    Luca 49 minutes ago

    EA CEO: Wow this game looks nice, who did this and why are no surprise mechanics in it yet? EA Employee: I did it, I want to make good game. EA CEO: you're fired!!! Gamer Community: FUCK this game!!!

  • Juan Gracia Marques

    The funny thing is that they used maul as hero of the separatist when during the clone wars he wasnt neither in the republic or separatist side. He was conquering the criminal underworld

  • Juan Gracia Marques

    For the separatist alliancee!!! Lol, the most heroic droid ever.

  • Zorastorm 32
    Zorastorm 32 Hour ago

    This game has come a long way. They even added FREAKEN DROIDIKAS, AND COMMANDOS! Get this game if you can. It's definitely made a huge comeback

  • Bullet_DuDe
    Bullet_DuDe Hour ago


  • Matthew Dawson
    Matthew Dawson 2 hours ago

    The story already has me interested. Ah well it's only 80 bucks. I get paid soon. Nothing else really coming out until March with ff7 remake anyway Please be good

  • Ian Diller
    Ian Diller 3 hours ago

    Man this game has changed for the better since this time. Also music at 0:37 is chill inducing.

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith 4 hours ago

    Anybody else notice that the main character is basically iden version from battlefront 3 but with a lightsaber?

  • MrDeedsly
    MrDeedsly 5 hours ago

    He kind of looks Christian Slater.

  • Jim Pyre
    Jim Pyre 5 hours ago

    No microtransactions! It's a single player game! DEAR LORD...I'm giving EA money!!!

  • Jim Pyre
    Jim Pyre 5 hours ago

    No microtransactions? No multiplayer? I'M BUYING AN EA GAME!!!

  • Justin Lozada
    Justin Lozada 6 hours ago

    10:26 the wisest storm trooper ever.

  • Granoca
    Granoca 7 hours ago

    I remember the first time I saw this, so excited for the game lol. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years already.

  • Spydiggity
    Spydiggity 8 hours ago

    This would be a lot better if there were dismemberment.

  • Speed Triple Warrior

    The only thing I dislike is putting females in roles that in reality would not be!!! Very unrealistic, if 95% of females are feminists then they're against men, sexist, so how can they become enlightened within the force, but can NOT comprehend universal duality principles???!!! 😬😬😬😭😭😭 But the game looks awesome!!!!

  • Valore Dramack
    Valore Dramack 9 hours ago

    Star Wars Jedi: Shameless Order

  • JaCk CaCk
    JaCk CaCk 10 hours ago

    millennial star wars

  • Bruciphers Dungeon
    Bruciphers Dungeon 10 hours ago

    It’s just prince of Persia. We all know this right?

  • Spider Gwen
    Spider Gwen 10 hours ago

    You have redeemed yourself young one

  • Cristi Stefanescu
    Cristi Stefanescu 10 hours ago

    There is something wrong: Clones could not fight in battle of Naboo with a normal maul.Maul got it's legs cut in Ep1 but clones apeared in Ep2

  • Pólvora Del Rey
    Pólvora Del Rey 12 hours ago


  • Nathan Klaudt
    Nathan Klaudt 12 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks this is The Force Unleashed but a good guy version?

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall 13 hours ago

    Can't wait for this, however, I'd really enjoy a VR style, go through the academy, learn a style of fighting, pick a race (each race has pros and cons, build a saber, go on missions for the jedi order, use the force and block/deflect blaster shots, fight along side other jedi and clones (pre order 66) and fight droids, clones post 66, rank up and much more

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 13 hours ago

    I know the game comes out soon maybe you guys should add some burn marks when he gets burnt

  • moop
    moop 13 hours ago

    a star wars game that looks good

  • Siegfried Faust
    Siegfried Faust 15 hours ago

    i want the trailer music

  • Gajes creations
    Gajes creations 16 hours ago

    Fitgirl repack and CPY are you both watching this ????

  • Simon Brimhall
    Simon Brimhall 16 hours ago

    I want more stuff for general grievous. Like his skins, his starfighter, his emotes, his fourth ability, etc. When are those gonna happen? If you look at this video below, you'll find that grievous is incapable of feeling fatigue. So, why is his stamina so awfully low when he clearly cannot feel fatigue? ru-clip.com/video/dPw4jiZ66B8/video.html

  • Fool Gaming
    Fool Gaming 17 hours ago

    glad they didn't make battlefront 3

  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez 17 hours ago

    Disney compra Lucas Films y Marvel. El resultado es la música de los Vengadores en un videojuego de Star Wars.

  • Cohen Woodhouse
    Cohen Woodhouse 17 hours ago

    This is EA boys it ain’t gonna be good

  • Jrwright 78
    Jrwright 78 17 hours ago

    I said I wouldn’t buy a EA game again. But damn if this game doesn’t look great. I’ll wait and buy used copy.

  • By • Audio HL
    By • Audio HL 17 hours ago

    I cant wait for SW Jedi Fallen Order 2. So I can create my own character and customize it. #EA #Marketing #Strategy

  • Tomas Sanchez
    Tomas Sanchez 17 hours ago

    I think that those 60fps won't run in a PS4 Pro. About the graphics, too much downgrade

  • Tiago Pereira
    Tiago Pereira 17 hours ago

    At 0.48 we can hear vador breathing

  • Neon Twilight
    Neon Twilight 18 hours ago

    Can’t wait... to pay $99.99 for the HIGH ground dlc.

  • R. Castillo
    R. Castillo 18 hours ago

    3:43 WTF! That kind of lameness makes not want to buy the game.

  • TheOneAndOnlyBiscuits
    TheOneAndOnlyBiscuits 19 hours ago

    Jerome? Is that you? Geez I guess instead of going insane you left Gotham.

  • Instant noodles
    Instant noodles 19 hours ago

    So basically it's star wars sekiro, I just hope the friendship between the protagonist and his droid isn't anything like the Ratchet and Clank reboot

  • ThePr3acher TV
    ThePr3acher TV 19 hours ago

    Heyy that's joker from Gotham!

  • Gutfried Von Guttenberg

    just don´t tell me the light saber fights are too portly, that there are not just some random "dungeon" levels with a even more portly giant monster at the end who all feel the same who just exist to loosen up the story and to prevent that all feels the same and that you can actually jump mid fight, so far it seems they concentrate on a cinematic gameplay, not that it is good or fun

  • Ninjony
    Ninjony 20 hours ago

    No multiplayer? Not open world ? And the thing that i have to be a redhead ugly dude.... meh ,that face. :( I dont want to play on the same (not exactly but still linear shit ) map over and over again cmon. We're not in 1999 anymore. Lazy bastrds... </3

  • Funk SC
    Funk SC 20 hours ago

    hard to trust EA at all.. i think i might pass on this one..

  • Tony
    Tony 21 hour ago

    10:54 was badass

  • Arsenij Jusupov-Nilsen

    Awesome. This trailer is amazing. I remember they showed this trailer even on TV

  • arne 90
    arne 90 23 hours ago

    Well, am I the only one who thinks that this guy looks like the ginger dude from Shameless?

  • banri12
    banri12 Day ago

    another shit game. never trust EA

  • Asya Taskonak
    Asya Taskonak Day ago

    Are we getting Ahsoka

  • James Ecuasion

    Did he just do the prince of persia shit on 10:45?

  • Raymotives Worldwide

    Does this game have a multi-player mode??

  • derek de biasi

    Il gioco sarà italiano o no

  • Rohan Naik
    Rohan Naik Day ago

    Share holders ~ how to promote this star war game to make more money in profit ? EA ~ we will fly every single RU-clipr with 125k and above sub to Disney land at star war corner . And tell them to say the game give you open world feel and it's good bla bla bla. Share holder ~ but people know how narrow star wars game platform are how do you thik it will work ? EA~ WILL take extra charges from consumers of the game. Will make money .. why you care ???

    • Rohan Naik
      Rohan Naik Day ago

      Just make a open world star war game ... real open world now ur narrow walk platform mabo jambo.. for god sake.. you already ask a lot of money for this ..just give us the real open world the star war fans desire ..

  • Fisorion
    Fisorion Day ago

    the guy looks like someone tried to draw padawan obi wan from memory

  • Yhazarus Draven

    The actor is also the joker on Gotham series. Cameron Monaghan. It's curious that Mark Hamill was The Joker on animated series of Batman and Arkham games.

  • Dubswirl30
    Dubswirl30 Day ago

    What is it with security droids slamming people on the floor

  • H. P. Mad
    H. P. Mad Day ago

    Can we ask for a DLC misson that take Focus on the Jedi Temple ?

  • wydjc -
    wydjc - Day ago

    Girls at hoth: omg it’s so cold! My makeup is gonna be hard to take off! The boys at hoth:

  • Chris Burdick
    Chris Burdick Day ago

    This game is reminding me of God of War 4, Uncharted 4 and either Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Not that it's a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, it looks great, but the fact that EA is publishing it, is one of my biggest concerns, regarding this game. I'll still check it out, but I'm doing so with caution and low expectations.

  • Optd Youtube
    Optd Youtube Day ago

    Expected the main character to be a prosthetic armed women. I don't like it. I won't buy it.

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh Day ago

    The entire comment section is just “General Kenobi!”

  • Fudall
    Fudall Day ago

    *Them tearing apart a Venator and the Clone he finds really makes me miss the Clone Wars Era.*

  • RedMetal Matt
    RedMetal Matt Day ago

    I love respawn but why make this game when apex is still going up

    • Thrill Prime
      Thrill Prime 21 hour ago

      The two games aren't even similiar. One is singleplayer and the other is multiplayer battle royale. Also different teams are working on different games so I don't think this game will affect apex even a little

  • NotToday
    NotToday Day ago

    Pls add vehicles to Arcade... I was 5 days updating Star wars battelfront... BAD WiFi so i can only Play Arcade pls add vehicles

  • Kerbonaut
    Kerbonaut Day ago

    Хоть бы это была нормальная игра по вселенной, а то в последнее время что-то как-то с нормальным не очень. Во всяком случае то что показывают разработчики выглядит вполне нормально и приятно. Посмотрим, не обманывают ли.

  • Warrvec
    Warrvec Day ago

    I remember seeing this for the first time. It was incredible. Miss those days already.

  • Common Cents
    Common Cents Day ago

    Why would they make a great looking game with Lame characters? Do I have to pay EA more for better characters?

  • btsboogeyman89

    Game looks awesome. Main kid looks super ugly though. lol

  • Damien Khan
    Damien Khan Day ago

    Who knows even if the game sucks and EA closes down Respawn, they can just RESPAWN at a different publisher

  • Guy moore
    Guy moore Day ago

    It looks like a god of war style gameplay

  • Taylor Lundell

    i thought yoda said luke was the last of the jedi in empire strikes back. yoda forgot about ashoka and ezra and kanan.

  • number 11
    number 11 Day ago

    To the complainers I say this It's fiction get over it.

    HYPER WAVE Day ago

    I’m getting huge dark souls vibes from this in terms of combat. Which looks absolutely fantastic! Sure it doesn’t look like you can die in 2 hits but I really hope theirs a difficulty setting in which we can! That would really add to the tension. Would sure be a ballsy move from the developers! This is one of my most anticipated games of the year and I hope it does crazy well...it’s just.....EA

  • dmxdxl
    dmxdxl Day ago

    Dark Souls StarWars, I'm fucking SOLD!!!....Still wish you could decap troopers though...Still, this looks amazing...!!!

  • Tolken Kaider
    Tolken Kaider Day ago

    Sector clear!.....@_@....not clear - not clear,,,, ахах, . трейлер топ!

  • Markov Soh
    Markov Soh Day ago

    Did somebody say respawn? you can buy a respawn for 0.99, 5 respawn for $4.00, 99 respawn for 70.00, unlimited respawn for 300.00

    [REDAKTED] Day ago

    Ah. I se that the Jedi has started using 1000 degree hot baseball bat's. And not light Sabers

  • Ellie
    Ellie Day ago

    cameron monaghan?

  • Chris Winter
    Chris Winter Day ago

    Yeah, this is SW fanboy trash. Have fun you losers.

  • DJ
    DJ Day ago


  • able75 dev
    able75 dev Day ago

    That nerdy ginger kid looks like the generic awkward loner at high school. I don't want to play as him. What's next, the wheelchair jedi, cus gotta represent, right? durp.

  • Evan
    Evan Day ago

    Anyone else hear Darth Vader at 0:48

  • Isaac Livesay
    Isaac Livesay Day ago

    EA better not screw this one up

  • Sagar Kamireddy

    I hope to see the Seventh Sister in the new video game. But you never know.

  • SwagginDragonZ

    “Single player games are no longer viable”

  • Arctrooper 5555

    At at? Motherf#cker it is AT-AT

  • Murat Yuzdzhan

    Where are the red royal guards? This game is missing such things that previos game had

  • Pow Smack BLAM

    Honestly, I don’t want to like this game because EA is an anti-consumer shit-turd of a company, but this trailer looks dope as hell. If they make good game with a full experience at the base product, I’m in.

  • GetRekt 777
    GetRekt 777 Day ago

    4:36 When you forgot to tidy your room and your Mum comes in.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    As long it's made by EA, there is no goal to make perfect games

  • Paulo Scher
    Paulo Scher Day ago

    Star Wars The Old Republic with those graphics....oh man

  • LemonPanda
    LemonPanda Day ago

    Tears actual tears

  • thegrimyeaper
    thegrimyeaper Day ago

    Characters are the most bland of bland that has ever been bland.

    • gilgamesh310
      gilgamesh310 2 minutes ago

      The female villain seems cool, but the rest are very bland.

  • OmniXhydro _
    OmniXhydro _ Day ago

    I am seeing a lot of Star Wars fans complain way to much. It’s just a damn game. The only thing I am hoping for is for the game to be a bit more difficult than this. That’s it

  • Jeckit XF
    Jeckit XF 2 days ago

    Is there a cance for the DLCs to become free in swbf 1? That would make it so much more fun and those who have those DLCs won't struggle to find enough players to play them anymore. That would be so great, @EA Star Wars!

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia 2 days ago

    Looks fun

  • Aaron Jimenez
    Aaron Jimenez 2 days ago

    No one else caught the, “At least we have the high ground” shot this storm trooper took at 22:49?

  • Ernie Llamas
    Ernie Llamas 2 days ago

    Seriously the game is all fucked up what about us who hate the hero vs villains bs