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Empties Edition
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Wavy hair + protein
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Diffusing 101
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  • Lara Davis Barnett
    Lara Davis Barnett 2 hours ago

    Can you recommend a good low poo and conditioner? I've got the co-wash and clarify thing down, but now I need to figure that one out....

  • Becca Lansdell

    I have never seen anyone else with my exact hair. I mean I have the hair line and everything!!! I feel this struggle for real

  • Shawna Miller
    Shawna Miller 4 days ago

    Hi Alyson! I live in Kansas but will be in Dallas next week. How do I get an appointment with you?

  • mrslebowski
    mrslebowski 4 days ago

    i subscribe every single word you say, sister! thanks for this video!

  • Gail Black
    Gail Black 5 days ago

    I love your cut. Do you have layers?

  • ELZerosix 06‘sln
    ELZerosix 06‘sln 5 days ago

    I dont like your hair

  • Emily Knetzer
    Emily Knetzer 5 days ago

    Giovanni is an affordable and readily available brand that has nourishing ingredients. Have you ever tried/posted a review on this line? Also I have been so tempted to try Glossier products...this video might have put me over the edge. Next time I NEED to buy that is 😉

  • Gabby Roberson
    Gabby Roberson 5 days ago

    This is exactly what I needed as a new wavy without too much curly this is amazing thank you so much

  • Carla Barrow
    Carla Barrow 5 days ago

    Thank you so much for your video. I just scheduled my first Diva cut and the number of stylists are a bit limited in my area, most are “Diva Inspired - level 1”. Now I know what that means. Thank you for your tips on researching to make sure I don’t have to make a mistake like your first experience. Very helpful. I love how you explained and your speech is very easy to follow. “Like”

  • Bumped Bruised and Blessed

    I love and appreciate everything you said, thank you!

  • Dawn Rodriguez
    Dawn Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Just wanted you to know that this video was an eye-opener for me - I’d been using the Innersence products all wrong! Less product and more water - that did it!! And mixing the foam and volume gel - also a game changer for me. Thank you so much! 💕❤️🙌🏻

  • Susanna Wise
    Susanna Wise 7 days ago

    ok so i’m just starting at this but is 100% aloe vera gel a terrible idea to use as gel because i saw it as the recommended gel for wavy hair on some website and i’ve been trying it because i already own it, it seems to be doing something but maybe i need a real hair gel !

  • Susan C
    Susan C 7 days ago

    What does enhancement mean in this context? I feel like I have to have a curl cream or mousse to help waves/curls form + lots of hold. Moisture not so much. It sort of makes my waves / curls slide right out.

  • Jen Van Brunt
    Jen Van Brunt 7 days ago

    Have you tried the new leave in conditioner by bounce curls?

  • Ale G
    Ale G 7 days ago

    Hi Alyson! Thank you so much for sharing so much useful information. I’ve been watching your videos and learning lots. Would you please share what is your hose shower head or which one do you recommend? Thanks!

  • Nanna Theilgaard
    Nanna Theilgaard 7 days ago


  • EyesToSee
    EyesToSee 7 days ago

    Fluff it!!!

  • RandomlyMegan
    RandomlyMegan 8 days ago

    This has helped me so much. I have fine 2b hair and it has helped me a lot to follow someone with similar hair.

  • Janette Jack
    Janette Jack 8 days ago

    Doesn't shampoo clean your scalp? Not shampooing my hair makes it extremely oily

  • Ariana
    Ariana 8 days ago

    Really helpful! Thank you so much.

  • Robyn Lifts
    Robyn Lifts 8 days ago

    This is my favorite video on RU-clip.

  • Barbara Kennedy
    Barbara Kennedy 10 days ago

    This has been so helpful. Thank you so much.

  • Emily Knetzer
    Emily Knetzer 10 days ago

    I have a heavy patch of hair right in the front and a cowlick that throws it in my face all the time. Bangs seem like a perfect solution but I’m scared! I haven’t had bangs since I was 5! I’m just getting back into the CGM and figuring products out...should I wait awhile for the bangs, to be sure my hair has “found” itself before I go chopping it short right in front? Help please 😬😬😬

  • Emily Knetzer
    Emily Knetzer 10 days ago

    More, more! Please keep sharing the more you learn in school! And thank you 🙃

  • Weja Nováková
    Weja Nováková 10 days ago

    Love you hair ! Have you tried denman brush ?

  • Barbara Kennedy
    Barbara Kennedy 11 days ago


  • Barbara Kennedy
    Barbara Kennedy 11 days ago

    Thank you, I have just started going Curley. I am struggling. Almost ready to give up. It might look good first day but second day horrible. It takes me a good hour.

  • Samantha Castle
    Samantha Castle 11 days ago

    What hair type do you have? I saw a photo of yours in an article talking about the root clipping mentioning 2A. Is that what yours is? Because if so, thats encouraging. I'm a week in and I'm fairly sure I have 2A.

  • ralchee
    ralchee 11 days ago

    your hair looks amazingly similar to mine,, i’ll be subscribing now for reasons

  • Katherine Margeson
    Katherine Margeson 12 days ago

    I tried squish to condish and it helped so much. Thank you! 2 other common problems: protein sensitivity/low porosity hair with too heavy products and too many products.

  • Charlotte'sWeb
    Charlotte'sWeb 12 days ago

    Can anyone recommend some UK products, shampoos, etc. please?

  • Layla Galarza
    Layla Galarza 12 days ago

    youre so adorable, your eyes and lips are just hugeee. theres a girl named Ashley grogan(on facebook), shes a friend of mine and you guys remind me of eachother… just incase you wanna check her out

  • Mona S.
    Mona S. 13 days ago

    I tried Jessicurl styling products before Spiralicious existed and they all left my hair a stringy mess, which, I assume, was because they all contained glycerin (most DevaCurl products have the same issue for me). It’s good to see there’s at least one product without it, so perhaps it’s time to give it another try.

  • AndraLa Kiera
    AndraLa Kiera 14 days ago

    "Thou shall not lust after curly hair" 🙊🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ GUILTY

  • LemonKid
    LemonKid 14 days ago

    So by look my hair is straightish... but it gets super oily on my scalp and then my ends are really dry... could that possibly mean my hair is wavy or curly?

  • Byscane1234
    Byscane1234 14 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video! I found the Curl Supreme and the styling gel at my Whole Foods and love them (fragrance included). I’m still playing around with the best combo of cream and gel but my hair looks great!

  • Byscane1234
    Byscane1234 14 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video and the Treluxe review video! I found Treluxe at my Whole Foods and love it!

  • Katherine Margeson
    Katherine Margeson 14 days ago

    Curls blueberry mask and TGIN’s non-silicone mask are awesome too.

  • vfrutherford
    vfrutherford 14 days ago

    Hi RLC! Could I ask if you still use this method now that you have a short curly bob? I’ve just had one cut in and am keen to find a good overnight protection method for it. Thanks heaps! Veronica (South Australia)

  • Tammy Hutchings
    Tammy Hutchings 15 days ago

    Thank you for all your videos!!! I'm curious, do you still use DevaCurl? I'm searching for products that will work for me, and its just so frustrating! Just when I think I've got it figured out, my hair goes to poop again! Help! I'm considering TreLuxe, however I *just* bought the Wavy travel DevaCurl kit (and some Teatree Lavender foam) so it may be a bit before I can buy more products ;) <3

  • AndraLa Kiera
    AndraLa Kiera 15 days ago

    Your hair is so beautiful and is the closest thing I've found on RU-clip to my own hair! I'm going to order this diffuser and hope itll help with some of my problems. I have mid back length damaged, processed hair. I'm wanting to do a big chop, even though some of the damaged hair will still remain, I think it will help a lot.

  • Denise
    Denise 16 days ago

    I have lots of ‘water frizz’ even when comving through it while wet. Can somebody help me?🙃

  • lionlove808
    lionlove808 16 days ago

    Love your waves and don’t lust for the curls was so important to hear! There are so few depictions of natural wavy hair in media (spent hours searching yesterday to show my hair dresser my desired cut with my hair texture) since so many people create them with curling irons, I always felt I just had naturally messy hair and kind of was cool with it but secretly wished for smooth curls or effortless straight hair. Not too long ago “boho waves” became a little more prevalent in stuff like magazines and I realized, hey some people see this hair texture as ‘a look’. Now that I’ve gotten into moisturizing and styling my hair a little more since I finally have an ideal of a realistically achievable level of polish, I feel much more empowered to actually like my hair for the waves they are, not as failed curls!

  • S.E. W
    S.E. W 17 days ago

    This is AMAZING. I’m about 6 weeks into curly girl and this video has been a game changer

  • Mona S.
    Mona S. 18 days ago

    FWIW, I have noticed that AG RE:Coil Curl Activator and Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Curl Defining Creme both contain the fermented tomato extract. I *love* AG RE:Coil, so it made me just assume it was a good ingredient. 🙃

  • honey edits
    honey edits 18 days ago

    ahh thank you so much this helps me take care of my hair with things that aren't so expensive thank you!! my hair type is definitely between 2a and 2b but its only in the front and the back is kinda straight with just a bit of wave is this normal or do i just need time because i just started maybe like a week ago i just really need to know if im doing the right thing. can you please help me out?

  • Marielle Rubeor
    Marielle Rubeor 18 days ago

    My hair at the crown of my head is similar to your density, just mine is a touch more frizzy. Your hair looks very fine. I'm still struggling with getting it to look nice at the root. I will keep trying! I appreciate the video.

  • FlyingRainbowLasagne

    I watch your review of products and trust your good judgement! Can you please recommend a good shampoo / conditioner combo (not a cleansing conditioner, or a clarifying shampoo, just a nice curl enhancing duo) so many thanks!

  • Morgen Adams
    Morgen Adams 19 days ago

    Your daughter looks like strawberry shortcake with that warm bonnet! ❤

  • Ariana
    Ariana 20 days ago

    This is a great video - thank you! I also have wavy hair and have found the Repair Me a lifesaver when I overmoisturize.

  • Faith Carlisle
    Faith Carlisle 20 days ago

    I use spray on color (root touch up) or dry shampoo on the roots with my hair flipped upside down to get lift and volume. Really works!

  • Missy Martin
    Missy Martin 20 days ago

    My problem is that I don't like a lot of product in my hair. I'm a wash and go lady, so this curly girl method was really hard for me. Also, my scalp hates the method, and just does not do well. Do you have any tips for me?

  • A E
    A E 20 days ago

    I wanted to ask that without spending so much time to curl the wavy hair is there any other way to keep wavy hair in place. Pls share it

  • eli c.
    eli c. 20 days ago

    the denman brush and raking work really well for me personally, but i agree with everything else ahah

  • A E
    A E 20 days ago

    Well after washing your hair your kept hair on toilet.. it was not healthy at all

  • A E
    A E 20 days ago

    Just awesome.. yesterday I saw one vdo where there Indian woman was wearing clothes while showing hair wash.. so I was happy to see that because in many vdos women literally showing their skin.. and you are also awesome, I think that RU-clip channels are not any professional Netflix channel or series where they will get attention and earn money. RU-clip is for information purpose and its not professional (if anyone is running for themselves) then why they want to show skin..

  • Haley Jen
    Haley Jen 20 days ago

    When I shampoo my hair, it falls flat. If I wet or dampen it and let it dry it gets wavy. I was outside in the rain today, my hair got soaked, end of day I have cute waves but my hair is SO FRIZZY that it doesn't look good at all. My hair is really damaged because I have been dying it for YEARS. I use sulfate and everything else free biotin shampoo and conditioner. I will have to try a clarifying shampoo. I have made an effort to stop using heat on my hair for a few weeks now. Hoping for some healthy growth. I'm wondering if my hair might actually be curlier than it is now but it's just too damaged!

  • H R2
    H R2 21 day ago

    Really love this so glad I found you x

  • A E
    A E 21 day ago

    Your daughter is so cute and beautiful 😍

  • Lydia Mcandrew
    Lydia Mcandrew 22 days ago

    I for sure have course hair, and it's really long....and high density, I think (really heavy). I still am unsure about porosity....It seems fairly thirsty for moisture; it also takes FOREVER to dry after a shower. Forever. I don't know if that's an indicator, though. I have tried some heavier protein products, but they seem to weigh down my curls more. I really enjoyed your "one and done" video and I think I'll try the Jesse Curl gel (no protein). What is a moisturizing ingredient that is not protein? Is there such a thing? I also live in Canada, in a semi-desert, so I have none of the humidity problems you talk about, but all of the dry hair (and scalp/dandruff) problems. Do you know of anything that might help? Thanks for your videos - you have helped me a lot in my CG journey :)

  • dogsandrabbits1
    dogsandrabbits1 22 days ago

    You're such a wealth of information, especially for newbies. Thanks so much!:)

  • M Egbert
    M Egbert 22 days ago

    I just discovered your channel and I'm enjoying all the info. I'm growing out my naturally wavy hair and i'm curious about the clips you used. Do you have a video showing you putting them in place and what exactly they do?

  • A E
    A E 22 days ago

    But why we have to make Wavy hair more curly? Just curious... I have lots of volume and my hair looks straight after washing on 2nd day.. they dont look like your hair at all.. I am confuse I am 2b or not.. because If I am 2a then I have frizzy and lots of volume.. and if I am 2b then I dont have wavy like your. They are more straight than wavy..

  • A E
    A E 22 days ago

    I also have 2B hair. But it not looks so much curly, but I have very frizzy hai and dry and have lots volume

  • Tracy Kirkwood
    Tracy Kirkwood 23 days ago

    I was looking into cosmotology school, but I'm 40 years old and I'm scared that I'm to old...not to be to personal, but are you around my age? How has your experience been? Also, I love all your earrings!! Where do you get them? Thank you!

  • Ashley Collins
    Ashley Collins 23 days ago

    What gel do you use? I remember using gel when I was a teen and it made my hair feel so disgusting, it turned me off from trying it. But I’m more willing now, just want to make sure I get what’s right for me. My hair is 2a, fine, & low porosity.

  • Paula Greco
    Paula Greco 24 days ago

    Your hair looks so beautiful! I also like your top-what is the brand? Thank you!

  • Leslie Francis
    Leslie Francis 24 days ago

    Curious how the hair dryers you recommend compare to the dyson. They ones you show are so much more reasonably priced. I have a hard time justifying paying several hundred dollars on a hair dryer. Do you have opinions or thoughts?

  • Rachael Dixon
    Rachael Dixon 25 days ago

    I've been debating curly bangs so I might be brave enough to do them soon! P.s. I seriously love that jewelry bar in your bathroom.

  • Kayla Arbet
    Kayla Arbet 25 days ago

    Hi Alyson!! I would LOVE to see you do a video on why you no longer cowash! I’m new to CG and literally watched eeeeeeevery single video of yours before I allowed myself to purchase any further products (I kept learning new things from your videos!) and noticed that you used to cowash with As I Am a lot. Thanks so much for all of your incredible advice, you are truly a huge knowledge base. Keep being amazing, beautiful and so informative!!!

  • Margie the free clinic lady

    Ugh... where have you been all my life

  • Millie M
    Millie M 27 days ago

    I hate my wavy hair but I’m sick of always straightening it and all the heat damage

  • Emily Finnerty
    Emily Finnerty 27 days ago

    Hello! What would be the best way to help my 10 yr old daughter deal with her combo 2a/2b/a little 2c hair? I'm a straight haired gal but my daughter inherited curly hair from her father and I am CLUELESS about all of this. I've been trying to educate myself so she can embrace her natural hair texture but it's very overwhelming. Thank you and Merry Christmas! P.S. We are also in the Dallas area so we're dealing with the same weather :)

  • Brianna Johnson
    Brianna Johnson 28 days ago

    THANK YOU for this video! I noticed raking takes away my clumps and makes my hair look like ramen noodles 😂

  • Jamie Soph
    Jamie Soph 29 days ago

    I have 2B wavy hair and I've been trying the CG method for a couple weeks now and its made my hair almost pin straight. im super sad about it

    • TheDonut 'Cookie
      TheDonut 'Cookie 24 days ago

      Jamie Soph aw man i feel you, my hair ranges from the 2a 2b and its so hard to get my waves, i can put product and scrunch as long as i want but it just turns into a huge frizz ball so i end up just brushing it straight and putting my hair up 🙄

  • Aly B
    Aly B Month ago

    Have you used the serum at all?

  • vfrutherford
    vfrutherford Month ago

    I’m early in my journey but getting great curls and definition but I am wondering how do you get your hair so shiny? Mine is a bit matte in places? Thanks heaps :)

  • vfrutherford
    vfrutherford Month ago

    I’m so glad you posted this! Thank you, I was struggling this morning and the double application fixed my waves! Cheers from South Australia 💕

  • Deanna M
    Deanna M Month ago

    Suggestions for matting? My hair is wavy/fluffy has a lot of texture, and everytime I wear it up in ponytail, I get mats in the bottom of part of it since I’m no longer brushing daily. I used a regular scrunchy. Suggestions that might help?

  • mulokihna
    mulokihna Month ago

    I can’t seem to find your plop video...

  • Beth L
    Beth L Month ago

    Hi thank you for this! Question, what about deva ultra defining gel? I notice you recommend arc angel and light defining gel. Thx!!

  • Mira Moore
    Mira Moore Month ago

    My main question is do you put your hair up in a scrunch after using products? I'm 7months in. I've done this before when u was younger but i only use mousse. BUT im switching that 😂

  • Mira Moore
    Mira Moore Month ago

    I need a list of products

  • Aboli
    Aboli Month ago

    Your hair is the exact length, curl type and texture as mine so I have been binge-watching - thank you SO much for these videos! I'm a new curly girl and it's so exciting to discover someone to guide me

    • MissAnnaBusby
      MissAnnaBusby 9 days ago

      Aboli same for me! I keep saying this is the last one I’ll watch and then I’ll go to bed...and here I am at 1am still watching! The advice in this video is so good and relevant for me

  • Alyssa Quinn
    Alyssa Quinn Month ago


  • Allie Schein
    Allie Schein Month ago

    If I'm a swimmer interested in doing the curly girl method, do I need to clarify at all? I feel like the chlorine in the pool would be enough to strip any oils away.

  • CarNation Luv
    CarNation Luv Month ago

    Hi A! I’m watching this video in December 2019, and wow! Your curls, girl! Oops I mean your waves! This is exactly what I want my hair to look like so much! I love your current length too, it’s very becoming on your face shape, but I have a very round chubby face so I need the length. This video is going on my playlist for sure! Thank you so very much, love ya 💕!

  • Juliet Laney
    Juliet Laney Month ago

    You’re not cowashing at all any more? What happened?

  • Aboli
    Aboli Month ago

    This is brilliant! How often do you airdry your hair? I'm seriously considering buying a hairdryer but I've never owned or used one and I want to figure out if it's worth investing in.

    • Aboli
      Aboli 28 days ago

      @whitneywierzbinski Okay everything seems to point to the idea that I should get one! New Year's present to myself :)

    • whitneywierzbinski
      whitneywierzbinski Month ago

      Aboli I don’t know if this helps, but I have wavy/curly hair and never started diffusing until finding all these videos of other curly girls. I just got a hairdryer a month ago and I’ve used it almost every time I’ve washed my hair. I’ve loved the results I’ve gotten from it. It’s made my hair so much bouncier and curlier

  • Terry Kaiser
    Terry Kaiser Month ago

    I just wanted to hop on and say I enjoy your tutorials and reviews so much. You are very real and easy to understand and even to listen to. Thank you for all you do, you are very appreciated!👏👏

  • Carolyn Stites
    Carolyn Stites Month ago

    Thanks for this, I just straightened today and felt so guilty!

  • Jennifer Dean
    Jennifer Dean Month ago

    I just bought all of the Bounce Curl stuff. Should I not try it until Spring since it all contains glycerin???

  • Elizabeth Mudd
    Elizabeth Mudd Month ago

    I’m about 8 months along in my CG journey and you can’t imagine how many times I’ve rewatched your clips along the way and how much you’ve helped me! I actually thought I’d FINALLY figured it out- And bam! It stopped working! I’d love your thoughts on how to know what needs to be changed up! How to “diagnose” the problem. Thank you!

  • Christina Barley
    Christina Barley Month ago

    I have a straight/wavy patch in the same spot. Mine is much more pronounced though because I have some perfect coils around it. My head is a mess of inconsistency. Makes me crazy! Have you found any helpful tips or tricks since this video?

  • Jennifer Reutter
    Jennifer Reutter Month ago

    I truly enjoy your videos - thank you for sharing with us! I picked up something from this video - why did you switch from co-washing? Thanks!

  • Lori Stewart
    Lori Stewart Month ago

    Thank you for doing this video. Really helpful and yes it made perfect sense

  • Brandy Walters
    Brandy Walters Month ago

    Suggestion: Link all the videos in the summary too!

  • Kelsea Nova
    Kelsea Nova Month ago

    I booked a regular haircut, but I think she did a deva cut. She cut it when it was dry. I only got charged a regular fee though. I have not tried straightening it yet

  • AllonsY !
    AllonsY ! Month ago

    Thanks for the updates! Your hair looks wonderful! I've been wanting to try some new products, but my hair hates protein and the high def seems loaded with proteins. *sigh I also have to avoid glycerin because I use a red demi-permanent color on my hair and glyercin lifts/fades demi-permanent color--especially red. I think the honey in the high-def is okay, just actual glycerin is a problem. But the proteins are not okay. I'm double-whammied. LOL I guess I'll stick with Jessicurl, know how it is...just want to try new stuff. :-) Did I also mention everything has to be cruelty free? Just narrowing my options even further. Keep the information coming!

  • Barbara B
    Barbara B Month ago

    Some 2-3 day styling advice on the leave in conditioner/ French braid damp/go to bed wave setting routine. I also loose French braid dry hair before yoga and bed to keep the wave. It goes to frizz so fast, so what to do to set the dry wave in the morning would be appreciated..