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  • Faraz Jillani
    Faraz Jillani 18 hours ago

    Bro if my jack is losee can i use magnetic cabelt to solve my problem?

  • Adrian Toader
    Adrian Toader 20 hours ago

    Please me answer, this watch is wake up on the right hand? when up the hand and I want reed the display. I`m a left hand man! :) Thanck you!

  • Pinda Singh
    Pinda Singh Day ago

    Plz hindi

  • The What Animator

    Here’s another way Replace the LDC screen or Buy a new phone

  • Victoria Lama
    Victoria Lama 2 days ago

    where did you buy that charger for phone ?

  • mandala indra
    mandala indra 2 days ago

    thanks u very much. can fix my jack

  • Andreas Sorbera
    Andreas Sorbera 2 days ago

    This was easy to follow and I got my phone fixed. Thank you!!! I got also the charging cable. Nice recommendation!

  • Neo Fury
    Neo Fury 2 days ago

    Buy hus PODUCTS

  • s j
    s j 2 days ago

    Will ths attract dust??bcoz f itz mangetism

  • akash dawer
    akash dawer 3 days ago

    12 volt power supply fuse repair at home without fuse supply power

  • sumit sharma
    sumit sharma 3 days ago

    How to buy dell laptop from dell us site but dell us not ship to india.he said can someone from us address then he ship to India. How can buy.

  • Need Support
    Need Support 3 days ago

    What happened 2 ur pronunciation 🤣🤣rip

  • CJ& Niña
    CJ& Niña 3 days ago

    Can I use Eveready batteries?

  • Ganesh Kute
    Ganesh Kute 4 days ago

    First thanks to u but how to deal with fresh new laptop which network is best n how to connect with laptop

  • Dragon ball super
    Dragon ball super 4 days ago

    hindi mein samjhaoo

  • Kababalax
    Kababalax 5 days ago

    Learn to speak english!

  • You tube
    You tube 5 days ago

    Can you pls tell us what you have used

  • Mihir Dodhiyawala
    Mihir Dodhiyawala 5 days ago

    Shoud we need GST number for sell use to india

  • RETROnuts
    RETROnuts 5 days ago

    it don't show where you put the infrared led, is it part of the lens..?

  • Ros van H
    Ros van H 5 days ago

    And then you ran to the loo and asked your cousin to fill in at 4:52.

  • Enderkruemel
    Enderkruemel 5 days ago

    Use an re-emf charger or an bedini to Charge the Batterie. I recovered my one in only 2h. Its faster and better. But let the Water sit for a while to let it suck up.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 5 days ago

    myus is better and easier to use.

  • kunal giri
    kunal giri 5 days ago

    My earphones only have three wires.

  • vinayak cb
    vinayak cb 6 days ago

    Escrew! Lol

  • F. Rahman
    F. Rahman 6 days ago

    But its funny to compare such a speaker with JBL!

  • WeelyNator
    WeelyNator 6 days ago

    I need the wire name tho

  • Tim's List
    Tim's List 6 days ago

    Hi! Good video! What's the size of the bottom screws. I lost them and want to know where I can buy. TIA! :)

  • Tim's List
    Tim's List 6 days ago

    Hi! Good video! What's the size of the bottom screws. I lost them and want to know where I can buy. TIA! :)

    SHASHU. SK 6 days ago

    How to rechage this plz tell me

  • WalleyzFn _
    WalleyzFn _ 7 days ago

    I have like 10 or 20 on the same spot

  • Pratik choudhary
    Pratik choudhary 7 days ago

    Damn his accent hey Non- Indians please dont judge not all of us sound like that :(

  • bishwanath kumar
    bishwanath kumar 7 days ago

    Mobile carrapted photo ko kaisey recovery kre

  • Joy
    Joy 8 days ago

    I have iBall wq77 with win 10 , is there any way to go back to win 8.1??

  • Pintoo
    Pintoo 8 days ago

    Did you leave desulfator ON for 1 week.

  • Reza Bakhtiari.Shohani

    his accent makes me kill myself.

  • ganesh op
    ganesh op 8 days ago

    I buy one headphone but I can't pay from web money please help sir😭

  • Трабл Мејкер

    Does it have termometer?

  • Ne pazistamas numeris ne

    Well this probably works but in series (adding the voltages of the batteries together) only lasts as long as one battery (most bettery powered devices use this configuration) and it is made like this -AA battery+-AA battery+ or otherwise connecting the positive of the first one then the negative of the other one but if you want x amount of capacity you need to connect the negative terminals of all the batteries together then do the same with the positive one and then connect them to a bettery powered device if it doesn't work it's normal because the voltage stays at 1.5 volts but it lasts for longer so you will need a voltage booster to make this project and that is called parallel and please stay at USB spec

  • joao homer
    joao homer 9 days ago

    How much voltage can you out on the circuit?

  • chandra sekhar jakki

    local market in Hyderabad are the circuits available. Please send your local market address.

  • Gourob Kundu
    Gourob Kundu 9 days ago

    Is ubuy good.

  • Sreesha B R
    Sreesha B R 9 days ago

    How to check the capacitor whether it is working or not what should be the multimeter setting for this

  • Cranky Bank
    Cranky Bank 10 days ago

    I cant do it-_-

  • fernandoblazin
    fernandoblazin 10 days ago

    love the funny accent

  • Saujan Rai
    Saujan Rai 10 days ago

    5 out of 4 star

  • raising dion
    raising dion 11 days ago

    i don't want to wait 3 months last time i did

  • Felix Kynann
    Felix Kynann 11 days ago


  • Hubert Jadczak
    Hubert Jadczak 11 days ago

    ...another indian review... damn it.

  • Darkish
    Darkish 11 days ago

    Bro where r u from can you fix my mi A1 plzz

  • Gamer JM BP Mcpe
    Gamer JM BP Mcpe 11 days ago

    Noone will watch this If their charger are not broken

  • Aki TDM
    Aki TDM 12 days ago

    does it have a gps?

  • dannnyqu
    dannnyqu 12 days ago

    This is NOT a 4k projector. It is a "Native Resolution: 854 x 480 " projector that can accept up to 4k videos But it will down scale it to 854 x 480.the native resolution is the actual pixel count. Do not be fooled by the title. Sure this product can be useful and has its applications. But don't buy it thinking you are getting a 4k projector.

  • A2 Healthcare knowledge


  • Javed Ahmed
    Javed Ahmed 13 days ago

    He is using guitar picks 😂

  • امير الهوي امير

    السعر كام لو سمحتم

  • srinivas nandagiri
    srinivas nandagiri 13 days ago

    Unbelievable I will really try

  • Rishab kumar
    Rishab kumar 13 days ago

    Please tell me wat is meant by Movile

  • Hundal Photography
    Hundal Photography 13 days ago

    plz help me , when i removr card from my cam.. and save in pc...then saw some video file not work...i follow your tutorial but it not work... plz help me...this is wedding video

  • NiX NitroX
    NiX NitroX 13 days ago

    Well does the quality of the frequencies decrease?

    LIVEWIRE209 14 days ago

    This guys accent made me not even want to fix my phone anymore

    • jamminjamy
      jamminjamy 3 days ago

      He said it was his third language... that's pretty impressive.... thanks @RoyTecTips

    • Reza Bakhtiari.Shohani
      Reza Bakhtiari.Shohani 8 days ago

      LoL. yah. same to me.

  • Digi Tech
    Digi Tech 14 days ago

    good thing you warned me about burning my house down *whew* that was a close one you saved my home from burning down to the ground i didn't realize this was a very dangerous operation

  • Yakuzoi_YT
    Yakuzoi_YT 14 days ago

    Do the magnets interfere with sound quality???

  • Yakuzoi_YT
    Yakuzoi_YT 14 days ago

    Do the magnets interfere with sound quality???

  • Amit Gupta
    Amit Gupta 14 days ago

    Did you get the heart rate monitor cover? I am facing the same issue with my stratos watch.

    MAJITH AKA 14 days ago

    super bro.. i don't know hindi... but very useful video bro...

  • Rouge Stream
    Rouge Stream 14 days ago

    What if the battery has some sulfuric acid still in it

    • Advaith Madhavan
      Advaith Madhavan 13 days ago

      Well, when you add the distilled water,it doesn't directly hit the sulphuric acid inside the battery. It will not cause any explosion. But still be careful, and wear a pair of safety goggles while working with the battery.

    • Rouge Stream
      Rouge Stream 13 days ago

      I know but dosent sulfuric acid make a reaction with water and produce alot of heat

    • Advaith Madhavan
      Advaith Madhavan 13 days ago

      It will have the sulphuric acid in the lower part of the battery, near the lead plates. But you need not add any acid, you just need to add distilled water to it.

  • The Khelowar
    The Khelowar 14 days ago

    Really amazing gadget! I am surprised by its looks

  • DogeUnderscore
    DogeUnderscore 14 days ago

    This man is a legend.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 15 days ago

    A good pointer on electrical isolation and regular washing of the filters, but the rest of the advice was weak. Your method of cleaning pushes dirt and dust further into the coil. Also, many air conditioners have mould that causes the smell you mentioned. To clean away the bad smell, you need to remove the mould. The casing needs to be removed and vacuum with a HEPA grade vacuum before cleaning the coil and blower fan with cleaning solution and low-pressure cold water spray.

  • امير الهوي امير

    اللي عربي ونزل يشوف حد عربي بتعليق هنا يضغط ليك

  • Aman Pratap Singh
    Aman Pratap Singh 15 days ago

    bhai local shop se lete ho ya USA se mangate ho u r mentioning price in Dollar hahaha

  • ChinLye Cheng
    ChinLye Cheng 15 days ago

    Thanks it works ,I don't have a proper tools I just took my thinnest flat screwdriver and force in from my casing USB hole and the bottom of the board I twist a little bit up(nerrow/tighten it) few second I work,it can changed(Thanks from Malaysia).

  • 24hourbalance
    24hourbalance 15 days ago

    hey, thanks for the video, for any reason my video is nor repairable as nothis comes up after scaning. I tried to reencode and the same :(

  • amit kumar singh
    amit kumar singh 15 days ago

    I am having 650 Mbps connection. I am using TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Cable. I am getting below 100 Mbps wireless speed. Will changing into this router will increase the speed and range. Please reply as I need an expert opinion. Thanks in Advance !!

    • sohan dutta
      sohan dutta 6 days ago

      yeah i dont know about range but it will increase the speed

  • 김신쥬
    김신쥬 16 days ago

    Who tf have all this equipment in their house to fix a fuking charger Jack

  • shaurya singh
    shaurya singh 16 days ago

    I have a question if they don't remove the customs then is it possible not to pay customs if we don't want that product

  • Chiagozie Ogbonna
    Chiagozie Ogbonna 16 days ago

    I have an old sealed lead battery, the multimeter reads 1.97VDC on it, is it still good and just recharge it? or do I need to pry it up and add some water to the cells then recharge it?

    • Advaith Madhavan
      Advaith Madhavan 8 days ago

      Well, revival of the battery has the best chance of working, when the battery still has a terminal voltage above 10.8 volts.

    • RoyTecTips
      RoyTecTips 16 days ago

      When did you last time charge it. If it you did not charge the battery for long time, it will self discharge and over time sulphate accumulated over lead plates . even you are getting 2v it will hard to recover the battery but you can try at last you have nothing to loss.

  • Emma Kenny-Mallari
    Emma Kenny-Mallari 17 days ago

    thank you for this! just one question, will this work for ANY phone?

  • nokrimchi marak
    nokrimchi marak 17 days ago

    does the tablet charge while connecting with usb hub

  • teecchnoboy
    teecchnoboy 17 days ago

    my whole screen is dead can i fix it with it? how can i download it if i cant see anything on my screen? thanks

  • Pradip das
    Pradip das 17 days ago

    Hind is vr good

  • Nisha Kumari
    Nisha Kumari 17 days ago


  • First Name
    First Name 18 days ago

    "for free" lmao

  • becaye youm
    becaye youm 18 days ago

    Good Good show again another

  • DiskTuna
    DiskTuna 18 days ago

    1. NEVER chkdsk if you need to recover data! 2. Recoverit sucks.

  • Felicia Yan
    Felicia Yan 18 days ago

    Instead of using blower, is it dangerous to use vaccum? I just want suck the dust into the vaccum not blow it up. Is it ok?

  • Kshitij Patil
    Kshitij Patil 18 days ago

    Please tell me which is better tp link c20 or c50, my internet connection os about 50 mbps, please tell me which is better?

  • Madhuvrata Das BVKS
    Madhuvrata Das BVKS 19 days ago

    Is it permanent solution? Can I fix it permanently in some local electronic shop by exchanging this port? I live in Bhopal MP. Could you give some suggestions please?

    • Madhuvrata Das BVKS
      Madhuvrata Das BVKS 17 days ago

      @RoyTecTips Today delete button stopped working. Do you have any idea? Can someone fix it?

    • RoyTecTips
      RoyTecTips 18 days ago

      Replacement port is hard to find .. I don't where you can get a replacement . normal 3.5 mm trrs female will not work .

  • Tradingnsm Dude
    Tradingnsm Dude 19 days ago


  • Mohammed Jarwala
    Mohammed Jarwala 20 days ago


  • evy oktarina
    evy oktarina 20 days ago

    Hey man you are soldring the jack what happens if i soldring it in another place or there is some place to soldring it?

  • karma in your face heh

    Hijra jesA BCB t krta hai.. Laura Tera awaj aur English ne gand mardiya phone ka

  • Kyle Smythe
    Kyle Smythe 21 day ago

    The moisture he mentions at the beginning is condensation. There is a tray to catch this which then flows away in the drain. If you blow all of the dirt/dust Into the unit like that you will cause a build up in the tray. Cleaning units like this risk blockages which will cause your unit to leak.

  • Soumik Pal
    Soumik Pal 21 day ago

    thablet ki jinish?

  • Freedom
    Freedom 21 day ago

    Diy not

    KOKKU YUVARAJ 22 days ago

    It's working

  • Viraj Wani
    Viraj Wani 22 days ago

    I am planning to but this router but I just had one question. Do we need to manually change from 2.4ghz to 5ghz you showed at the end of the video ?

    • Viraj Wani
      Viraj Wani 14 days ago

      @Anush Surendran 2.4ghz band is quite good range wise

    • Anush Surendran
      Anush Surendran 14 days ago

      @Viraj Wani Same here. Bought it. How's your experience with the Signal range?

    • Viraj Wani
      Viraj Wani 14 days ago

      @Anush Surendran yes thanks a lot bought the router in Amazon sale

    • Anush Surendran
      Anush Surendran 14 days ago

      You can use both bands simultaneously, meaning there will be 2 WiFi SSIDs

  • Madhumita Sarkar
    Madhumita Sarkar 22 days ago

    Custom charge?

  • Arun b Chandran
    Arun b Chandran 22 days ago

    Can I buy iPhone 11 from U.S.A and I will able to decrease the price And get low customes duty

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