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Top Golf Pittsburgh PA
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Rilix VR Coaster Testing
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Steel Vengeance Cedar Point
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  • Hylian AF
    Hylian AF 4 days ago

    Disney incredicoaster looks way better

  • Wig Snatched
    Wig Snatched 4 days ago

    The iron shark in Galveston is 78 times more fun and trilling than that

  • Emgien Beats
    Emgien Beats 5 days ago

    I always saw this little waterpark driving on the Highway but never heard much of it. Looks pretty neat

  • Jeff Reacher
    Jeff Reacher 6 days ago

    Seeing them in this state actually makes me depressed

  • David Vitrano
    David Vitrano 7 days ago

    Is this Elitch Gardens?

  • Griffin :D
    Griffin :D 8 days ago

    I rode this thing a while back and it was the sketchiest roller coaster on the planet. It vibrated and it was dirty.

  • Samantha jo Gauna
    Samantha jo Gauna 8 days ago

    Is the song creepy or the people I think both. 2019?

  • Juan Diego González Guzmán

    Do you know, if they sell Jurassic Park Legos???

  • LiL Wyv3rn
    LiL Wyv3rn 15 days ago

    i was there i saw it all happen HE CHASED ME

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima 18 days ago

    Ok so I was willing to do a haunted house with my family tonight but...I ruined it for my granny an she hates me for it...I was supposed to be a brave daughter but...I ruined it an I hate myself but she said If I hurt myself, she won't forgive me...

  • Big Boy Pasta
    Big Boy Pasta 18 days ago

  • Matthew Caputo
    Matthew Caputo 20 days ago

    This is 💯% Family coaster. Why is it in GTA V, is it because it's really popular and famous?

  • Alex Chipman
    Alex Chipman 24 days ago

    It did always seem weird that florida and texas got all these sweet coaster and San Diego got...a lame version of atlantis coaster

  • Heather The awesome
    Heather The awesome 25 days ago

    But ppl are saying u have to fill all this stuff out and it’s on u if u die but it’s just creepy toys it’s not that bad huh

  • Bear
    Bear 25 days ago

    This is cool, but thankfully we have conformation that the beast won't be RMC'd. It would end the forty year reign of longest wooden roller coaster

  • TheAnti-Guru-Art
    TheAnti-Guru-Art 26 days ago

    That ride is so amazing that you start out in the front row and end up in the middle row at the

  • Kristina
    Kristina 28 days ago

    Unsubbed for this silly bullshit

  • Emgien Beats
    Emgien Beats 29 days ago

    I didn’t know OpenRCT gave you a “Gold Pass” option 😂🤔

  • Joshua Bruce
    Joshua Bruce 29 days ago

    Haha and that's exactly what it looked like today!!

  • Mr. Roller Coasters
    Mr. Roller Coasters 29 days ago

    Wth is this.

    REVENGE Month ago

    it's totally fake. you can especially tell when he plays the higher notes.

  • Jade Baldwin 101
    Jade Baldwin 101 Month ago

    Helen from Drake and Josh, I keep picturing her screaming like she did in the theatre thug episode 😂😂😂😂

  • gb 74
    gb 74 Month ago

    Cant believe a handful of shitheads have ruined everyone's fun

  • World Wide Wrestling

    99.9% of people = Wah wah this will never happen 00.1% of people = It’s just a concept it’s not like Kings Island uploaded this.

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill Month ago

    Freakiest thing I've seen in a long time.

  • Robert Tomkinson
    Robert Tomkinson Month ago

    I like the movie version better.

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago

    what a shame

  • Ugo Lam
    Ugo Lam Month ago

    The Pearly Band at Disneyland (5000 Subscribers Special)

  • cyberjuniper
    cyberjuniper Month ago

    I only trust six flags with these type of coasters

    • Alex
      Alex 27 days ago

      trashcumz six flags doesnt even have any dive coasters

  • Matthew Caputo
    Matthew Caputo Month ago

    Beast=No RMC Woodstock Express=No RMC Racer=No RMC Son Of Beast=Yes RMC

  • Coaster Knight
    Coaster Knight Month ago

    95 percent steel curtain

  • Wrestling and Amusement park lover 62

    I can’t wait for halloscream

  • Stephen Cross
    Stephen Cross Month ago

    I was the one who filmed this and posted it on my youtube video. If you are going to use this I would appreciate the film credit in my name. FYI, I was scouting this out from time to time after I heard that it would be torn down. After numerous drive-by's I got lucky and had just enough time to get my camera out and record this before it came tumbling down. I was upset because there were no news reporters around to document the historical event. So I have the only footage've used a small clip (I have more footage never seen). Thanks, Stephen Cross, Wichita Ks.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    Come to the death star ı will give you a job

  • Yukon striker
    Yukon striker Month ago

    Heh you wish #Yukon

  • Gabriel Ratliff
    Gabriel Ratliff Month ago

    We race under the lights that evening.

  • seanscardasis
    seanscardasis Month ago

    Dude doctor Satan!!!

  • Lost Jams
    Lost Jams Month ago

    Cant wait oh my god im so excited,me and my other two friends have the annual pass and we love thrill rides im just imagining going on it!

  • Detroit Diezel
    Detroit Diezel Month ago


  • awesome920 yolo
    awesome920 yolo 2 months ago

    I've seen this raw power only once before

  • Triaxial Maria
    Triaxial Maria 2 months ago

    Aye new ride

  • Darryl Ellis
    Darryl Ellis 2 months ago

    This should have gotten something like this instead of Orion.

  • PastTime777
    PastTime777 2 months ago

    Great. Can you ask them for the estimated 2018 attendance number? In the past Ed Hart used to tell the attendance. I wrote to them and they said they won't tell any more. What a bummer. The 2017 attendance figure was 850,000. I'm wondering what it is for 2018. I also want the Holiday World number. The last known number for them goes back to 2010 at 1,200,000. Thanks.

  • Suchabeast24
    Suchabeast24 2 months ago

    Nice video !!🔥

  • Victoria Gomez21
    Victoria Gomez21 2 months ago


  • Louis Wetzel
    Louis Wetzel 2 months ago

    HOT TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Wetzel
    Louis Wetzel 2 months ago

    WHEN is Gwazilla RMC teaser commercial coming out for Busch Gardens???

    • Coaster Nation
      Coaster Nation 2 months ago

      Louis Wetzel #IronGwazi

  • Roller Coaster Addict
    Roller Coaster Addict 2 months ago

    It's always the Sea World in Orlando that gets the good Coasters SMH 😭

  • Brad Dougan
    Brad Dougan 2 months ago

    I'll be visiting busch gardens tampa in may 2020 can't wait to check it out and of course Iron Gwazi!

  • John David
    John David 2 months ago

    Are the cameras movable into different directions???

  • DTPS 2002
    DTPS 2002 2 months ago

    Coaster Nation Are the little knobs on the R-series articulated, or are they just molded in at random angles?

    • Djxrock 1
      Djxrock 1 28 days ago

      They dont move 😕

    • DTPS 2002
      DTPS 2002 2 months ago

      I see that. Good to know we’re on the same page.

    • John David
      John David 2 months ago

      That's my question!

  • Justforlaughs
    Justforlaughs 2 months ago

    I’m going here next week super excited idc how wimpy you guys are in the comments 🤣

  • Jerome Nathan Manlangit

    Is this a kiddie ride?

  • Chip Hollon
    Chip Hollon 2 months ago

    Much smoother than the original for sure.

  • Vincent Esposito
    Vincent Esposito 2 months ago

    0% Vortex - 90% Steel Curtain.

  • Ryan Perkins
    Ryan Perkins 2 months ago

    that was 10 inversions, over banked turns do not count as inversions

    • Ryan Perkins
      Ryan Perkins 2 months ago

      @Coasting the Country them side on banks things are not inversions, an invertion is when you have exceeded the 180 degree point not a 90 degree bank

    • Phantom Coasters
      Phantom Coasters 2 months ago

      Coasting the Country then u counted wrong lol

    • Coasting the Country
      Coasting the Country 2 months ago

      Ryan Perkins I count 13.

  • RideAllNight
    RideAllNight 2 months ago

    So Ohio steel curtain

  • Ed Melanson
    Ed Melanson 2 months ago

    Looks a lot like nitro

    MADISON GALLE 2 months ago

    i rode the one in orlando and wow, it was scary. at the first drop my butt came out of the seat lol!

  • Skeleton Man
    Skeleton Man 2 months ago

    The coaster is dog shit,There is no point of the hill lmfao

  • 『 Whiixsper 』
    『 Whiixsper 』 2 months ago

    *childhood ruined*

  • gary t
    gary t 2 months ago

    looks like a intamin and yes they have built up to 456 with enough money they could build it.i think they drop sixflags just like all of the other Emirates states that tried to work with them.

  • Depcom
    Depcom 2 months ago

    Many deaths will occur on this contraption to those stupid enough to ride it.

  • Hailey Morgan
    Hailey Morgan 2 months ago

    I would ride the valraven under one condition they install lap bars. I don’t know if they still have the lap bars or not But if they do I would go on the valraven at cedar point. I always go on roller coasters with lap bars because if the roller coaster I’m going on does not have the lap bars I would be scared I would be scared I would fall out I would be very uncomfortable and I would not feel safe. But if they did have the lap bars I would feel safe because the lap bars are holding me in and they make me feel more comfortable and more safe. Knowing that I’m safe on roller coasters makes me happy because then I could enjoy them without being scared. when it comes to roller coasters I am all about having fun but I’m also all about safety. I want everyone at cedar point To have fun but I want what’s best for me.

  • Swagger Son
    Swagger Son 2 months ago

    This is not gona come out XD.

    • NathanB18
      NathanB18 2 months ago

      SwaggerSon GD, sorry but Qiddiya announced that this will come out, its just that the final project will be more different than this.

  • TP Enthusiast
    TP Enthusiast 2 months ago

    Looks great... but not going to this bad country, one of the not to visit places. Mainly England, Europe and America for theme parks...

  • Alec Snyder
    Alec Snyder 2 months ago

    I honestly dont even have a reaction to this like... it just looks stupid, unrealistic, and a waste of money.

  • Ian Settlemyer
    Ian Settlemyer 2 months ago

    That sounds dangerous.

  • Blamm!
    Blamm! 2 months ago

    I don’t see it materializing.

  • Detroit Diezel
    Detroit Diezel 2 months ago

    I just have one word for this: "Woah!" Drops mic.

  • Alex Estrada
    Alex Estrada 2 months ago


    SAVAGE ARMY 2 months ago

    The ride in your intro (it's nice BTW) looks more entertaining than this lmao

  • FortniteSucks !!!!
    FortniteSucks !!!! 2 months ago


  • Marceli Tucker-Szudra
    Marceli Tucker-Szudra 2 months ago

    I hope it'll still be a dueling coaster

    • Marceli Tucker-Szudra
      Marceli Tucker-Szudra 2 months ago

      Volt Fox well that's a bit disappointing but they could also do what the did with Twisted colossus, probably not but it's still an idea

    • Volt Fox
      Volt Fox 2 months ago

      I understand that I guess but the reason they're most likely not doing it is because of the way it's built, maybe they will be some fly bys but not like a full on duelling coaster cuz they're destroying the tiger lift hill to make it taller and the left one is being used for a turnaround

    • Marceli Tucker-Szudra
      Marceli Tucker-Szudra 2 months ago

      Volt Fox well that's what the original Gwazi was so excuse me for hoping they stay closer to that, buddy

    • Volt Fox
      Volt Fox 2 months ago

      Ummm ok buddy

  • Daniel Eckert
    Daniel Eckert 2 months ago

    No fucking way...

  • Gavin Scott
    Gavin Scott 2 months ago

    The backwards Racer is coming back!!! 😱😍😱

  • JC
    JC 2 months ago

    They keep going back and forth with the color.. it can’t be to hard for them to make the track purple in the animation I wonder if they are going to make the other half of the track orange and keep the gwazi theme (or at least a shout out to what gwazi was before it was redone)

    • ldld Theodore
      ldld Theodore 2 months ago

      The track irl is purple but when they made the POV they chose orange

    • GrandomGamer
      GrandomGamer 2 months ago

      JC track is confirmed purple

  • Boiler 1
    Boiler 1 3 months ago

    I think I just got baited

  • SpartanxYT
    SpartanxYT 3 months ago

    At 0:32 it sounds like a wet fart

  • TheLastPro100ツ
    TheLastPro100ツ 3 months ago

    I cant wait if it works and this is my home park so yay

    • Donovaniscool31
      Donovaniscool31 2 months ago


    • Bible Boi
      Bible Boi 2 months ago

      Yea this is my home park too cuz i live in Lakeland so I go to sea world and Busch gardens

  • Erin. Kasper
    Erin. Kasper 3 months ago

    The only way an RMC Phoenix would be acceptable is if it had even more better air time and turned out like steel vengeance I love Phoenix and would prolly cry

  • Devin Hinton Gamer
    Devin Hinton Gamer 3 months ago


  • Morgz Nan
    Morgz Nan 3 months ago


  • Robert Schmidt
    Robert Schmidt 3 months ago

    Orion looks incredble. Very little wasted track and the 2nd half looks absolutely insane. Can't wait to go ride this next summer.

  • Trainspush Through
    Trainspush Through 3 months ago

    It's a shame Wonderland removed Minebusters 3 ejector airtime hills after the drop with 2 drawn out floater hills for their water park expansion years ago!!!

  • snooks0893
    snooks0893 3 months ago

    What a damn tease 😩😩

    • Matthew Clark
      Matthew Clark 3 months ago

      Only if I worked for the park I’d be fucking lit

  • dapper loser
    dapper loser 3 months ago

    well at least we got A giga

  • Midnight Celestial
    Midnight Celestial 3 months ago

    I rode this it was terrifying

  • LuzyTom Inc.
    LuzyTom Inc. 3 months ago

    Did this with my brother a few days ago. Still can’t believe we did it.

  • Loopp
    Loopp 3 months ago

    2/3 of this video were just the intro and outro

  • Profound06 -_-
    Profound06 -_- 3 months ago

    Worlds slowest steel coaster

    • Profound06 -_-
      Profound06 -_- 18 days ago

      Owen Wege ohh I know what you mean but this is a ticcc coaster

    • Owen Wege
      Owen Wege 18 days ago

      Not even close... wilderness run at cedar point goes 6 freaking mph. This goes more than 5 times that speed

  • bones 9000
    bones 9000 3 months ago

    #1 deadly ride in da world!!!

  • matthew whitcher
    matthew whitcher 3 months ago

    It's a shame Robbie couldn't be there in person but it's nice he could show up in some form. And what an opening spectacular. Also when the chairman said gringutts I cringed extremely hard.

  • Maverick The Wolfdogfox

    I love this ride

  • ThePerchance
    ThePerchance 3 months ago

    They could have enclosed the whole fucking slide in see-through material and devised a method where the rafts would not lift off of the tracks... why have rafts at all? If you design it the right way you do not need rafts...

  • ThePerchance
    ThePerchance 3 months ago

    With velcro fasteners! Great idea! Idiots...

  • Maverick
    Maverick 3 months ago

    That music gets me going every time

  • Sugargift
    Sugargift 3 months ago

    Doesn’t look scary I’m go on it rn lol

  • Trang Hà
    Trang Hà 3 months ago


  • hayden lynch
    hayden lynch 3 months ago

    Looks like little lightning run