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  • Melisaa Attalah
    Melisaa Attalah 12 hours ago

    This is absolute genius My hair is naturally ringlet-y but whenever I "finger coil" them to minimize frizz (I live in an extremely humid area) they just become wavy and really confused But THIS is absolutely AMAZING thank you so so so so much😍💗

  • Adeline Nicholas
    Adeline Nicholas 2 days ago

    Ok so this brilliant!!

  • Harmonious Bachelorette

    Do I always have to squish to condish every time I wash my hair? 🤔

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 days ago

      You're welcome. Congratulations on starting curly girl. Keep me posted. Oh, and remember to follow me on Facebook at NoFrizz10.

    • Harmonious Bachelorette
      Harmonious Bachelorette 3 days ago

      @Athena Padilla Thank you for responding ☺️ i recently started with my cgm journey. I hope my hair gets tamed gradually. 😅

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 days ago

      I tend to scrunch very little, slowly and tightly once or twice in each place with a cotton cloth and that's it.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 days ago

      I often don't, although there's always a certain amount of scrunching as I apply product.

  • Kohelet Yael
    Kohelet Yael 5 days ago

    thank you... answer to time and money. so cute son.

  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla 6 days ago

    This is a much stronger and capable horse than you can tell from this video. And he has performed very well with others riders many times similar to my size. He is just on a new environment with an untrained rider giving him mixed or unclear signals. Not everyone here agrees with you, so please consider that you might see their point of view.

    • Team Roping with Jenny and Tex
      Team Roping with Jenny and Tex 2 days ago

      Athena Padilla honey you are falling off a 11 hand horse I broke this suckers and barely fell off and you are to big for him he is trying to run away I hope this mini is in a new better home

  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla 6 days ago

    Awesome is a miniature horse, not a pony! According to the suggested weight of rider per his body weight I am at the top of the range, but not past and especially since I wasn't asking him to sweat or go on a strainuous treck it was quite acceptable. He and other horses like him are often ridden by small adults and do very well. Maybe if I knew how to stay on better you would have seen that he was fine. Lol.

  • Barbara Kennedy
    Barbara Kennedy 7 days ago

    Ve do. Hive ShA n have started wearing curls and am learning so much from people just like you. Thank you.

  • Vic Vega
    Vic Vega 8 days ago

    Great curls from a refresh. Wow!!! I am going to try your method. Most of the time My hair becomes very dry after I refresh. Please let me know what ingredients you use for your home made gel and cream.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 8 days ago

      FREE DIY recipes are in the community section of my RU-clip channel. Also in my Facebook pages photo albums. For the Flaxseed Cream Gel Recipe, ingredients, and/or prepared product go to my website.

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee 9 days ago

    Beautiful hair!

  • Fiona Walker
    Fiona Walker 9 days ago

    Well, I was ready to give up on the whole curly hair routine and have decided to give your recipe a try as I've had all the symptoms you talked about. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stereo Love
    Stereo Love 9 days ago

    what kinda haircut is that?

  • Rachel Emery
    Rachel Emery 11 days ago

    How do you feel about sleeping in your gel cast? Sometimes I’ve gone to bed when my hair is dry but still has a cast and I use my satin bonnet.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 10 days ago

      As long as hair is dry, then sleeping in a gel cast is normally a good thing I feel. It helps keep the frizz down a bit from sleeping and saves time to not have to fluff as much in the morning. For me though, I tend to sleep with wet curls after a late shower, plopping on my pillow. My curls shrink up so much by the morning which is great! Then I will add a little gel and diffuse for even more shrinkage and volume. Just depends on what I'm going for and the time I have.

  • Hershey Kiss
    Hershey Kiss 12 days ago

    Easier for me to continue to shower every day. My floor would be soaked!

    • Samantha Ramos
      Samantha Ramos 10 days ago

      Hershey Kiss just rinsing it in the sink will be fine personally I make my own mix using water with some salt and a little bit of conditioner to refresh it it works for me.

  • EyesToSee
    EyesToSee 12 days ago

    Cool. Thank you.

  • EyesToSee
    EyesToSee 12 days ago

    You have the exact same color hair as me. That freaks me out because our hair color is very unique. Lol!! Thanks for the demonstration. Your hair looks so cute. I can't wait to do this.

  • Virginia Runko
    Virginia Runko 14 days ago

    Thank you for making this video and sharing! This is exactly the type of info I was looking for so that I can cut my little boy's hair. Great job!

  • Jenny Lukkes
    Jenny Lukkes 22 days ago

    Thank you so much for your videos! I've been using the clips and sometimes they work for me but other times it seems that I've actually flattened my curls rather than getting height. I'm excited to use your tips!

  • Heidi G
    Heidi G 22 days ago

    I want your hair.

  • Chat8750 O
    Chat8750 O 22 days ago


  • Ruby Moorman
    Ruby Moorman 23 days ago

    ~"CHEERS & sweet "hugs" to one & all"~ 2020 a new beginning, ~"Yahoo"~ ~"We got the power"~ Care, share the loving kindness & be/become all we can be in positive ways, ~"We've Got This"~ ~"Funluvn hugs to you & yours & best wishes always & a happy 2020 & beyond"~ 😘🌈💞🎵🌷🌺🌸😆👏👍💫🌟💛 ☘️ ~"Love, Hope, Peace, Dream, Inspire, Laughter, Joy, Give, Live & Let Live"~

  • Judy Imohi
    Judy Imohi 23 days ago

    Guys to solve the moisture problem, Just Egg yolk- dry frizzy hair Fine hair- whole egg Just egg white- idk about this one Use olive oil but not too much! Once you add the egg wash, use a shower cap to trap in moisture. No need for shampoo unless it stinks real bad. Hope you guys see results :)

  • Amenah Ibraheem
    Amenah Ibraheem 23 days ago

    It does not wooooork at allllllllllllllll😡.

  • Two Mini Farms
    Two Mini Farms 29 days ago

    I don't want to come off as rude or agressive, but you are just way to big for that mini! The mini was giving you clear signs that he wanted you off and that he was in pain. Bucking, tail swishing, not moving! These should be red flags that what you are doing is effecting the mini.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 20 days ago

      Thank you. But no worries. We have things figured things out. He is very happy and healthy.

    • Juno 23
      Juno 23 26 days ago

      If you cannot trust him, he will not trust you, and with no trust you two will get nowhere. Find him a home who will actually take care of him and give him a life where he can be happy. You said multiple times in here “he can take off at any second.” Again, you cannot hop on him and expect him to learn not to buck you off. You do not care for the well-being of the pony, if you are going to hop on him, and he wants you off. If he doesn’t like you on him, you two are not the right fit and he doesn’t trust you. I’m taking out the fact that you are too big for him to try and get you too understand that you too are not good for each other. If you are an amateur rider, which we can see from this video, as you are not capable of training him the right way, then you should not be owning him or even attempting to train him.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 27 days ago

      I am definitely an amatuer rider but I can also say that fear was not involved. This horse was just being stubborn. Ha. Maybe he didn't trust me, because he was a very new horse. We all have to start somewhere. Practice is in the act of doing and trying.

    • Juno 23
      Juno 23 28 days ago

      Ok if he isn’t in pain, he obviously doesn’t trust you and doesn’t want to be ridden. You can say your “well” within the weight limit to ride him, but if you are just hopping on him and he bucks you off and runs away, you are not a good trainer. If you think you can break a horse through fear, you’re just as bad as all those animal abusers out there that sound stupid and inhuman to everyone else, but act like your right.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 28 days ago

      The mini had been ridden by people my size many times successfully until he came to our new farm. Tell me, how would you say that a horse is going to communicate the difference between "not wanting to cooperate" from "hey, you're hurtng me"? He was even bucking with tiny children, so please don't assume. My weight is well within limits for casually riding a small house. We wouldn't have done this if we thought it was inhumane.

  • Gail Coleman
    Gail Coleman Month ago


    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 28 days ago

      Hmm. I guess the NoFrizz10 products I use provide curl longevity. Thank you.

  • Jo _barbieee
    Jo _barbieee Month ago

    beautiful hair ! such gorgeous hair

  • Jo _barbieee
    Jo _barbieee Month ago

    u have such nice haaair...notice me pls

  • Braden Fuller
    Braden Fuller Month ago

    You don’t know how to ride a horse feel so stupid

  • Kirsty Birsty
    Kirsty Birsty Month ago

    It’s weird because my hair is protein sensitive but my hair loves the cantu custard

  • Veronica Cornavaca

    ok ladies... I am going to tell you a secret. Please add a hand clap between each of the words of the next sentence for emphasis.... REFRESHING SHOULD BE LIKE WASHING YOUR HAIR WITH NO PRODUCTS AND NOT TOUCHING YOUR ROOTS! So yeah... you can just get your hair under the shower and wet it all the way. It is a refresher, because you are not washing the oils off your scalp and you won't need to apply as much product as you do on your wash day. But the secret of a good refresh is moisture.... water.... enough for your hair to be fully saturated. The end.

  • Chantale Zoe Amis

    Wow such a transformation! Thank you so so much!!!!

  • שיראל דסטה


  • Lala Herrera
    Lala Herrera Month ago

    Holly cow! Those curls are beautiful. I am new to this CG method, and you just taught something new and valuable. Thank you sooo much.

  • Liz M
    Liz M Month ago

    I really don’t get the 391 dislikes this lady is gorgeous and has Stunning curls 🥰

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 28 days ago

      Thanks. I think the dislikes are because people judge the video before they watch more than a couple of minutes. My videos are not designed for the light minded or to be skimmed. They take thought, analysis, and discussion. Ha.

  • mandeep Kalsi
    mandeep Kalsi Month ago

    Hi dear I really like your videos. I don’t use Facebook then how can I get your digital recipes I need it thxxx

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 28 days ago

      My recipes are also here on my RU-clip channel in my community section. Let me know if you need help finding them.

  • Kristina Riley
    Kristina Riley Month ago

    Happy Thanksgiving love your videos.

  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla Month ago

    Custom Hair Care Questionaire Which NoFrizz10 products are for you?? Custom Hair Care 15 Question Quiz Which NoFrizz10 products are for YOU? Copy and paste the questions into a comment below and answer, then I will reply and tell you which products are for you. *Help me practice this system so that I can be more prepared to set up a possible system like this right on my website! Thanks everyone! Scalp 1. Dry, normal, or oily? Strand Type 2. Fine, normal, or coarse? Porosity 3. Does your hair absorb water quickly, does water take a while to fully available into your hair, or neither? Curl Type 4. Straight, wavy, curly, coily, or mixed with straight & curly? Moisture/Protein Balance 5. Does your hair break easily, is it probably to having split ends, is it full in appearance, is it dry or tough feeling, is it soft yet strong, is it springy, is it a bit limp, does it look oily, do you have problems with static, and/or does it have uncontrollable frizz? Preferences 6. How much time do you prefer to spend on your hair daily? Do you prefer to air dry, blow dry, or diffuse? Do you need a 1-2 product routine or is 3-6 products ok? How often do you wash? How often do you refresh? What kind of containers do you prefer: hands free pump, airless applicator pump, spray, wide mouth, or squeeze tubes? Damage 7. Do you brush or comb your hair, use heat, dye, or bleach your hair? Do you use products with silicones, sulfate, and/or drying alcohol? Lifestyle 8. Do you work out often, swim frequently, is your hair exposed to a lot of sun and wind, always wearing hair up, or anything else is this nature? Tangles 9. Do you wake up with tangled frizzy hair out does your hair get tangled easily? Length 10. Is your hair short, medium, or long? Frangrance or Essential Oil Scent & Strength 11. Unscented, vanilla, mint, orange, lavender, mango, orange creamsicle, sweet pea, wild flower bouquet, orange blossom, or caramel cupcake? Light, Medium or Strong? Allergies 12. Are you allergic to any particular oils, shea butter, Ingredients, scents, preservatives, etc. Frequency 13. How often do you want to reorder: each month, everything 3 months, once a year, or just a one-time purchase? Hair Goals 14. What are your hair goals? Price Point 15. What is your preferred budget for hair products?

  • based nerd
    based nerd Month ago

    Is it safe to be mixing it up all at once?

  • Zoe Vickers
    Zoe Vickers Month ago

    Rice water rinse is meant to be amazing for naturally getting protein into your hair. I'm currently in college training to be a hairdresser and we are learning loads! So Rice Water.... You need to strain rice from the water after cooking your rice. Strain or sieve again to remove any left over rice or impurities you don't want in your hair. Leave the rice water to sit at room temperature for 12-24hrs (no longer because it will go bad) pour the rice water into a convenient bottle/container and pop into the fridge (can be stored up to a week) use the rice water straight out of the fridge after shampooing & conditioning your hair as normal apply all over your hair working it into the scalp down to the ends of the hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes and rinse and repeat the next time you wash your hair! Good luck

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla Month ago

      yes, but I also hear that rice water doesn't contain protein at all. It is a different ingredient that make rice water so nice. I have even heard from many beauticians, that protein is a hoax. Don't know how that could be. ha. For me personally, rice water didn't help my hair. Thanks for the tips and the instructions on how to make it. That will be useful to people that come along here.

  • Stephanie Morvant
    Stephanie Morvant 2 months ago

    I have been using this technique for years... didn’t know anyone else did this or that there was a name for it. I essentially do my whole head. Left up to its natural pattern... I gets skinny stringy curls that don’t clump well. This is the only way I can get nice clumps. It’s time consuming but the alternative is to have more frizz and curl disintegration and having to wash more often.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla Month ago

      That's awesome. Yup. It's so helpful. Thanks.

  • carole clare
    carole clare 2 months ago

    Ha ha yes curls!! I used to think it would be less maintenance than trying to straighten my naturally waves/curly hair 🙄 I know, right 🤷🏻‍♀️ It doesn’t matter what hair type/style you still have to put the work I . I’m going to use more water. Yes you can just get in the shower BUT even then you have to top up the water content, mine dries do quickly lol. Curls are great though and worth the effort. Thank you for taking the time to share so clearly. Have a lovely day 💐🇬🇧

  • April Pacholski
    April Pacholski 2 months ago

    Great tips!!

  • herewegokids7
    herewegokids7 2 months ago

    Great tutorial! Question: isn't this the theory behind a denman Brush, and how do those work for you?

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      Thanks. I guess I could see how if a Denman brush is used correctly, that these would be similar techniques, but Ribboning is much easier to do curl by curl when pin pointing certain areas is needed. I like using a Denman brush but mainly for smoothing. When you really want perfect curl form then go for the Ribboning.

  • miss kitty
    miss kitty 2 months ago

    How do you find out what porosity your hair has & what does that mean exactly? Does it mean use more water or more product or what? Thank you. My hair gets very straight in dry hot weather does that mean it needs more water or more conitioner? Oil makes my hair limp & lose body. Your hair in the before kinda looks like mine but mine is more wavy, never as curly as your's . 2a mostly with one side 2b. So, I don't know what to do with that. I've tried wearing it wavy but the next day it just looks like a hot mess & pretty messy on the first day. I think it's always kinda stringy but would love to wear it natural if it didn't look like I forgot to comb my hair for a month! Sorry this got so long. I do know my hair likes protein but that's the only thing I figured out. Thx!💖

    • miss kitty
      miss kitty 2 months ago

      @Athena Padilla Thank you! I don't think my hair would ever look like your's & not sure wavy hair can ever really look nice?

    • miss kitty
      miss kitty 2 months ago

      @Athena Padilla I couldn't get the no frizz to go into the cart.

    • miss kitty
      miss kitty 2 months ago

      @Athena Padilla Thank you! What about one side being straighter than the other & would the gel be a good refresher?

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      As far as figuring out your porosity i can sometimes be tricky. And regardless of what you label your porosity as, that still won't mean any specific thing, because honestly, everybody's hair really is unique. So try starting with light weight products and see how they do for you. if you need more moisture then add it a little at a time to not over do it. It may take some trial and error, but feel free to contact me for a personalized curly hair consultation if you need it.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      Our hair frizzes and looses definition when it's dry. Water is a natural moisturizer and may be enough to "moisturize" hair. Sealing the hair may be the key if you have high porosity hair, but like you say, oils are not a preferred sealant. I suggest using NoFrizz10 Guar Gum Gel to get natures moisture into your hair. It has conditioning properties yet contains no oil, it will keep hair soft, shiny, and frizz free. Make it at home with my free recipe here in the community tab or purchase for a low cost at You can further customize your products as well. Just ask for extra moisture, extra hold, or protein in a note at checkout.

  • kathy lam
    kathy lam 2 months ago

    You've come a long way since your first video! Congratulations!!

  • Deborah Cumbie
    Deborah Cumbie 2 months ago

    Love the result with just bobby pins, who would have thunk? Brilliant! Can't wait to try it.

  • Horse Crazy
    Horse Crazy 2 months ago

    How much does the pony weigh and how much do you and other riders on him weigh?

  • Horse Crazy
    Horse Crazy 2 months ago

    I will say that you are a much nicer rider then other people i see riding mini ponies, but that doesn't change that you are way too big for this pony. If you can touch the ground while sitting on a pony, you're TOO BIG. Ride a horse your size. Jeez.

  • jay hulrs
    jay hulrs 2 months ago

    Does anyone ever feel exhausted by their hair and routine? All the work that goes into the curls and then it's a crap shoot for how it turns out. I'm exhausted by my hair

    • jay hulrs
      jay hulrs 2 months ago

      @Athena Padilla that is amazing. I need to start taking notes on which products work in what combinations

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      well...yes...we all do at times. I would say though that it is rare that I have a bad hair day. I have now found consistency with NoFrizz10 products!

  • Samantha Ramos
    Samantha Ramos 2 months ago

    My hair takes forever to dry and my hair is as long as yours and it usually ends up really freezy when I diffuse it this is why refreshing it is the best option for some and other people out there (it’s also easier waiting for to dry while it’s damp and get ready instead of damming then diffusing it then getting ready).

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      Have you tried scrunching tightly and holding with a cotton t shirt to get out the excess water? This should speed up your drying time!

  • Fcking Lies
    Fcking Lies 2 months ago

    SO gorgeous hair! Love from Spain

  • ganinet manga
    ganinet manga 2 months ago

    thank youu so much !!!

  • Kristina Riley
    Kristina Riley 2 months ago

    Your hair is so beautiful.

  • kate bowes
    kate bowes 2 months ago

    Your so cute and I love your hair , you should be proud making your own product xxx

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      Thank you. I truly am. This has been a work in progress for 3 years! It's so exciting to finally have my website up and a whole hair product collection.

  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla 2 months ago

    Watch my updated refresh routine without any water using NoFrizz10 products.

  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla 2 months ago

    My NoFrizz10 Refresh Liquid is now available for purchase at 2.5 oz size spray, 6oz pump, 8oz pump, and even an at-home Just-add-water KIT. I have created a full hair product line that is all curly girl approved and glycerin free! Most product are even protein free. Go check it out.

  • Karen Nennstiel
    Karen Nennstiel 2 months ago

    Does the guar gum gel have hold? Can you perhaps do a video on your whole product line up so we could figure out which product's would be best for our hair? Normally, I use a curl enhancer topped with a gel. I do, however, have fine, thin hair, so I can't use anything too heavy.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      Yes. More reviews coming on NoFrizz10 products. Guar Gum Gel contains no oil so is great for getting definition without weight. And yes it does provide a cast.

  • Dorianne Malinowski
    Dorianne Malinowski 2 months ago

    Thank you for this video Athena. Your hair is beautiful.

  • Lone Star Rocker
    Lone Star Rocker 2 months ago

    Great video!

  • Jessica Taormina
    Jessica Taormina 2 months ago

    Check this video out. It is the reason why the Orange Hairspray has such wonderful slip.

  • Christine Madrazo
    Christine Madrazo 2 months ago

    Bravo! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mommy's Life
    Mommy's Life 2 months ago


  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla 2 months ago

    When this video gets 100 LIKES I will be giving a promo code for the products used in the demo!! Please click LIKE everyone!! Be thinking of some questions for me and share with your friends too. :)

  • Cara Copland
    Cara Copland 2 months ago

    It's beautiful once u were finished.

  • Cara Copland
    Cara Copland 2 months ago

    I notice your twisting towards your head. I did too. When I twisted AWAY from the head they became AWESOME! Will u try it please?

  • Mommy's Life
    Mommy's Life 2 months ago

    Can't wait😁😁😁

  • Charlotte Gundermann
    Charlotte Gundermann 2 months ago

    How did you make the „homemade cream gel“ ?

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      Please watch my how to make flaxseed cream gel tutorial. You can purchase a full recipe at my website.

  • Astrophysicist
    Astrophysicist 2 months ago

    Your chest range is e3 to f#5 probably, then you are translating it to head voice

  • Floreypottery
    Floreypottery 3 months ago

    For what you spend on those fancy gamma lids you could have purchased a lot of Mylar bags. And wouldn’t have too guess if they had any air bags are easy to tell. I doubt those lids stay air tight. Many people have had issues with them cracking too

  • Edjane Ferresan
    Edjane Ferresan 3 months ago

    Uau! Que cachos maravilhosos! Sucesso sempre! Ganhou mais uma inscrita.

  • Savannah Starcher
    Savannah Starcher 3 months ago

    You are so darn sweet and cute!

  • Noémie Sch.
    Noémie Sch. 3 months ago

    This is beautiful

  • Kay Kett
    Kay Kett 3 months ago

    I've been doing the curly girl method and my hair is always frizzy and is so Tangled I hate it and I have wavy hair and I think if the frizz was gone I'd have more curls like how your hair before you sprayed water that's how my hair looks all the time even after doing the method I need help please

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      private message me or email me for a personalized curly hair consultation.

  • Lidice Serra
    Lidice Serra 3 months ago

    OMG!!!! Your hair is just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Kathy Jurek
    Kathy Jurek 3 months ago

    I'm thinking why not just wash if it needs to be totally saturated?

  • Lisa Lagunas
    Lisa Lagunas 3 months ago

    Your hair is beautiful!

  • Dolores DeMar
    Dolores DeMar 3 months ago

    Wow,,,her hair came out so nice!!! Maybe she will continue the CG method!!! ❤️👍💯😄

  • Carolyn Stites
    Carolyn Stites 3 months ago

    This is my struggle, keeping my hair off my forehead and out of my face!

  • Dolores DeMar
    Dolores DeMar 3 months ago

    Looks great!!! 👍❤️

  • let's dance with sam
    let's dance with sam 3 months ago

    I just apply some aloe Vera gel for half an hour and wash it off with normal water ,t shirt dry and leave d tresses without combing...usually defined my curls and give volume too....

  • Nazanin Mazkoori
    Nazanin Mazkoori 3 months ago

    What is the right ph level

  • SixHeart Home
    SixHeart Home 3 months ago

    I love his name!! Thanks for this. He is such an adorable boy. I have three boys, so cutting them myself is so helpful!

  • Athena Padilla
    Athena Padilla 3 months ago

    Products used in this video: 1. NoFrizz10 SPRITZ Concentrated Lightweight Conditioner for Co-Wash & Leave-In. 2. NoFrizz10 Moisturizing WHIPPED Flaxseed Cream Gel (Humectant and Protein Free.) *Share a review on social media and my website. Include the hashtag #NoFrizz10 For your own FREE NoFrizz10 DIY Recipes that you can make at home look in the community tab here on my RU-clip channel. If you want me to make the products for you & ship them to you, just order them at Also, purchase a $10 downloadable document of my Flaseed Cream Gel recipe at For support with your curly hair routines and any questions about how to make recipes at home just message me. Also, join my Private group on Facebook, NoFrizz10 GROUP. Follow me in my business progress at NoFrizz10 on Facebook. @NoFrizz10 Follow me on instagram at

  • Joy'sCurls
    Joy'sCurls 4 months ago

    Oh man I wish I could post a before and after picture! I tried your bobby pin trick this morning exactly the way you said to do it and it worked PERFECTLY!!!!!❤❤❤❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH! My hair is growing out from a pixie so I have to minipulate it to get the shape I want (aka NOT a triangle/ mushroom shape) since I can't cut it. Today, for the first time, I got a perfectly round beautiful shape easier than I have before! And it's "invisible" so I can leave the house before it's dry! Yaaaaaaay!❤😂😂😂

  • Regina Smith
    Regina Smith 4 months ago

    What product did you use in the gel/cream? I never heard you mention & I didn’t see that you had a link for reference?

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 months ago

      I'm sorry to not share more until now. I am just stocking my website with my products and am officially a business now. Here's all the info. Products used in this video: 1. NoFrizz10 SPRITZ Concentrated Lightweight Conditioner for Co-Wash & Leave-In. 2. NoFrizz10 Moisturizing WHIPPED Flaxseed Cream Gel (Humectant and Protein Free.) *Share a review on social media and my website. Include the hashtag #NoFrizz10 For your own FREE NoFrizz10 DIY Recipes that you can make at home look in the community tab here on my RU-clip channel. If you want me to make the products for you & ship them to you, just order them at Also, purchase a $10 downloadable document of my Flaseed Cream Gel recipe at For support with your curly hair routines and any questions about how to make recipes at home just message me. Also, join my Private group on Facebook, NoFrizz10 GROUP. Follow me in my business progress at NoFrizz10 on Facebook. @NoFrizz10 Follow me on instagram at

  • Jeri Davenport
    Jeri Davenport 4 months ago

    Love your hair! I have shorter curly hair that I'm trying to grow out a little. How is your hair cut? Is it layered? Also how often do you actually wash your hair? I wash mine about every other day or so.

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 2 months ago

      watch my how to cut hair playlist. I wash 2-3 times each week.

  • Jayne Taylor
    Jayne Taylor 4 months ago

    Beautiful hair

  • Georgette Liquorie
    Georgette Liquorie 4 months ago

    What products did you and by whom you never mentioned

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 months ago

      oh, sure. I make the products myself. It has become a growing business. So FUN!! Come to to shop and look around. In this video I used NoFrizz10 Lightweight Conditioner and NoFrizz10 Moisturizing Flaxseed Cream Gel.

  • Joy'sCurls
    Joy'sCurls 4 months ago

    Beautiful curls! Thanks for the tips!

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    mar infinito xoxo 4 months ago

    Me encanta tu cabello.!! Beautiful thanxs a lot!! :) :) :)

  • Vlogs Iara
    Vlogs Iara 4 months ago


  • D T
    D T 4 months ago

    This is great for if you have special events to go to or going out for the day. But on a daily I just don’t care so much for my hair looking like a mess lol. Thanks for the video!

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 months ago

      Of course, don't we all love a good messy bun! But when you want a perfect hair day a full wet down is needed. :)

  • Rachael Burbine
    Rachael Burbine 4 months ago

    OMG! Thank you so much for that trick towards the end! My hair ALWAYS wants to fall forward in the front. Definitely gonna try that trick to get the curls to fall backwards! Hope my hair doesn’t snap 🤞🏼It breaks so easily 😭

  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith 4 months ago

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  • D W
    D W 4 months ago

    You mentioned allergies to products, have you been checked for Mast Cell Activation? An Allergy Immunologist trained in Mast Cell Disease can diagnose it. Loved the video and tips, you are beautiful!

  • Lynn Watson
    Lynn Watson 4 months ago

    Just started wearing my naturally wavy hair curly. It is short now. Is there a hairspray that will hold my curls off of my face that does not flake off throughout the day. Those flakes fall into my eyes...I still wear hard contacts! It is totally painful when that happens!

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 months ago

      I just created a new product that is safe and natural with no flakes, no alcohol, and no silicone! It is called NoFrizz10 Mandarine Orange Enhancing Hairspray. Go to starting October 1st, 2019.

  • Katherine Portillo
    Katherine Portillo 4 months ago

    WOW ! that transformation!😻😻 the only thing is i cant brush my fingers through my hair like that... would i just use a comb?

    • Athena Padilla
      Athena Padilla 3 months ago

      Once your hair is absorbed with water and a slippery product, after a few minutes it should detangle more easily for you, but if a wet brush helps you then by all means go for it, as long as you are gentle and your hair is fully absorbed.