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  • MaryLou Russell
    MaryLou Russell 5 days ago

    what does the blinking light mean?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 5 days ago

      A solid red light means it's low on batteries. Multi-colored lights mean it's defective.

  • DDRIZZY 856
    DDRIZZY 856 10 days ago

    what if the orange part is burnt

  • Javii !!
    Javii !! 13 days ago

    Horrible vertex

  • Richard mace
    Richard mace 14 days ago

    We're not interested in weather ur damn scales work or not ffs

  • bfry 666
    bfry 666 19 days ago

    Thx bruh

  • ya motha
    ya motha 22 days ago

    mines just fucking retarded lol. took it off the charger and the lights permanently red. won't turn off, change modes, nothing. kind of just had a stroke i guess.

    • ya motha
      ya motha 20 days ago

      Cg-Rezi 速 京 yeah and it fried the battery within 2 weeks. spend your money on a quality battery these suck ass

    • Cg-Rezi 速 京
      Cg-Rezi 速 京 20 days ago

      Billy McDillPickle i am about to buy one of these did you use the charger that came with it

    NAYE DENI 28 days ago

    Hi. This video is very helpful. I just wonder if this will apply to my vehicle. I have a 2015 nissan versa. The air is cold to the touch on the pipes of the blower motor. So I know it's either the resistor or the blend door . The problem is when the actuator is searches by my vin number I'm being told by the Nissan dealership that the components are all sold together.. Something called a heat box??? 792.00😩 Will a different brand for the actuator like from a part store work on my vehicle?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 28 days ago

      Hi, I checked and nobody lists a similar part for the 2015 Versa. But here is a heater box assembly cheap on eBay:

  • Mike Fritz
    Mike Fritz Month ago

    Like your video keep up the good work showing you some love I'm a new sub so I subscribe 💪💪💪🙏🙏💯💯💯

  • chelsea arce
    chelsea arce Month ago

    What color is supposed to have if is full charged?

  • J. Krz
    J. Krz Month ago

    Okay so if I get a gram of lgd and I wanna take them 30 days at a time at 10mg/ml per cycle how many cycles would I get out of it I’m sorry I’m horrible at math

    • J. Krz
      J. Krz Month ago

      Alouicious Jackson I appreciate it bro !

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Month ago

      I assume you meant to say 10 mg per day. In that case you would get three cycles with 100mg left over. You may want to use that left over amount to add a couple days to each cycle where you taper down the dose.

  • joe bennett
    joe bennett Month ago

    just bought 1, tyvm 4 the info, great post

    • Waleska Carbajal
      Waleska Carbajal Month ago

      joe bennett i just but the same thing it comes in next week i hope it works

  • therdgenrx7
    therdgenrx7 Month ago

    Thanks alot for this video. I've been putting it off thinking I would have to rip the dash out. Shredded wrists and hands but the job wasnt bad at all. Tricky getting the screws back in. Smaller hands and thinner wrist would have been great.......thanks again

  • felix galindo
    felix galindo Month ago

    Thanks alot bro. Worked!

  • James Houston
    James Houston 2 months ago

    Dude no one is going to soder!

    • Vile •
      Vile • Month ago

      Definitely not you, you can't even spell it.

  • Je s
    Je s 2 months ago

    wow you sir a pimp daddy. had the same problem, I figure out that it works when i press on it but didn't think of these fixes. will do it, thanks

  • Josh Bowers
    Josh Bowers 2 months ago

    The issue I am having is. Its charged it blinks ten times. When u press it 2 times it's supposed to preheat it and wont even do that. I used the charger it came with and another one when I put it on both of them it starts at red the 3 seconds later it is green. So wondering if its charged why isnt it working

  • LoneStarr
    LoneStarr 2 months ago

    You need help

  • daniel hepple
    daniel hepple 2 months ago

    Buy it on ebay. 7 bulk

  • Mo Khan
    Mo Khan 3 months ago

    So uh I've been taking rad powder 10-15mg scoop it came with for 3 + weeks and barely noticed anything at all...I also take igf-1 lr3. I read somewhere powdered sarms have highest chance of being this true? I'm never buying powder again plus idk If it's getting stuck in teeth instead of digesting as the powder scoop is very tiny. I got it cause powder is cheap....

    • FlightEvolution
      FlightEvolution Month ago

      If you don't feel anything off of 15mg of RAD then you'r RAD is completely fake.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 3 months ago

      There are a few good suppliers. My favorite is

  • misteshorti games
    misteshorti games 3 months ago

    I mean vou can get one for 4.20 dollars at 420 evrything

  • Levi Weber
    Levi Weber 3 months ago

    Mine won’t light up or hit or anything with a cart in

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear 3 months ago

    Ordered one and going to try it myself! I refuse to pay $1,000.

  • Dalton Smith
    Dalton Smith 3 months ago

    I have seen a video of someone using 1 gram of powder and using 118ml of peg and that’s all. Is that efficient for 10mg per day for 8 weeks?

  • Andrea Rosario
    Andrea Rosario 3 months ago

    Can you show the other side of the board? Where does the black and red wire connect on the pcb?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 3 months ago

      Sure, I could share it on Facebook or something. My Facebook ID is the same-

    SMERKUZHEO G 4 months ago

    Fkn shitty ass pen. I hav 1 smdh

  • MohoDisco
    MohoDisco 4 months ago

    Update: I did it! Replaced my blend door actuator successfully thanks to your video. Thank you for putting it up to help others out!

  • J.P. S.
    J.P. S. 4 months ago

    Just purchased this off ebay, and put it together for it's first charge. At first, both lights were red, then the battery light shut off while the plug light was still red. Now, the plug light is ORANGE! WTF? There's not even supposed to be an orange colored light!! Anyone else have this happen?

  • MohoDisco
    MohoDisco 4 months ago

    The black box that you take the cover off of? If you unscrew the fastener on the white block to the left of it (you can see it in your video) and push that out of the way, you can basically fit both your hands up in there. Helpful if you don't want to drop and lose your tools. It also helps a lot to unplug the electrical connector to the right of the black box. None of this likely matters for small hands, but is a huge improvement if you have big hands.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 4 months ago

      Very cool. The black box I was speaking of is actually that box with the white block on it. I had no idea that it would move but will try it next time.

  • Ethan Taft
    Ethan Taft 4 months ago

    mine had same problem, unscrewed the cart a little bit and it hit.. maybe it has something to do with the cart being too tight

      SMERKUZHEO G 4 months ago

      I aqree. Kuz the pen works with no cartridqe on it.. the moment u fully attach the cartridqe... it stops werkin... so dont tiqhten it all the keepin it a lil loosened.. then it hits sometimes smdh

  • rpbajb
    rpbajb 4 months ago

    The 3 × AAA alkalines in series will discharge from 4.5 volts to 2.7 volts. The 2 × Li-ions in parallel will discharge from 4.2 volts to 2.9 volts, nominally at 3.7 volts. So yes, the voltage ranges do overlap. However, a light built for alkaline cells has no Li-ion protection circuitry. Running the lithium ions in it can discharge them to low enough levels that they will be damaged and/or destroyed. Be sure to recharge the lithium ions before they get too dim, which should be at about 3 volts, and you should be okay.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 4 months ago

      Yes, that's true. That approach also extends the life of batteries, which have no over-discharge protection.

  • MohoDisco
    MohoDisco 4 months ago

    What year Titan is this? And is it the dual-zone driver/passenger climate control?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 4 months ago

      It was a 2004, didn't have the dual zone as far as I can remember.

  • jlubaja0786
    jlubaja0786 4 months ago

    I have same problem with my Nissan Titan 2010. Mechanics want $565 to replace this part. I try but too hard . Its Nightmare . Thanks Nissan .

  • Convertible Child
    Convertible Child 4 months ago

    these are crap, and won't buy again.

  • Kyle Jk07
    Kyle Jk07 5 months ago

    What do I do my pen won't work the button is red won't change

    • Saul A
      Saul A 4 months ago

      Kyle Jk07 what doesn’t work ? The bat ?

  • Alea Taylor
    Alea Taylor 5 months ago

    My pen works when its plugged in but once unplugged does not light up at all. Any thoughts?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 5 months ago

      Are you clicking it 5 times to turn it on? If so, the battery may be defective. I've never seen one not do anything at all though.

  • Ata Türk
    Ata Türk 5 months ago

    Didnt unterstood the Method, could you summarise it pls for me? I need to measure mk677 😅

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 2 months ago

      @John Don it may work but I wouldn't quite trust it because it has a higher risk of absorbing water and not mixing uniformly. Rice flour is very dry and mixes well, it's what a lot of supplement companies use in their capsules.

    • John Don
      John Don 2 months ago

      Alouicious Jackson what about micronized creatine?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 4 months ago

      @Ata Türk I wouldn't use flour because of the water/oil content, and I wouldn't use baking soda because of it's high pH value though.

    • Ata Türk
      Ata Türk 4 months ago

      Alouicious Jackson ok i need to Order ist probably. But would some Shit like Baking Soda or Flour work for smaller doses?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 5 months ago

      @Ata Türk Arrowroot would probably work well.

  • Audaylon
    Audaylon 5 months ago

    so the 350vv is just a piece of shit. gotchya

  • Ambrose Killpack
    Ambrose Killpack 5 months ago

    That voltage is more like 4.2 when full. The best option (assuming that the light has driver protection is to use 1 10440 then use some aaa dummy cells.

    • jeanious2009
      jeanious2009 4 months ago

      So your going to use a AAA battery as a jumper? Yeah that will work great, please record when you do try it.

  • Mikey Hoffman
    Mikey Hoffman 5 months ago

    I got this pen today works great and i got an ooze charger so im all good 😂

  • SnackOnMySack
    SnackOnMySack 6 months ago

    What source you use?

    • Candice Fang
      Candice Fang 5 months ago

      Hi friend, this is Candice from Landmarkchem, I can offer high quality SARMS. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any interests. Email: Wickr: candice88

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 6 months ago Cheap, legit, and ships fast.

  • heartblackascole
    heartblackascole 6 months ago

    my wires are too short to even both be connected and then sit properly to charge it

  • mario calandreli
    mario calandreli 6 months ago

    Thank you for making this video, it helped me figure out what the real problem was, again thank you very Much!!

  • Mfdgg Vcff
    Mfdgg Vcff 6 months ago

    What does it mean when it blinks white

  • Jassiel Quintana
    Jassiel Quintana 6 months ago

    The pen doesn’t work for some reason when I connect the cart on it and try to vape nothing happens. What do I do?

  • diondre harrison
    diondre harrison 6 months ago

    What if my pen doesn’t turn on with the 5 clicks. My charger stays green from when it’s plugged in to when I screw the pen on it is still green

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 6 months ago

    Is it necessary to replace the lower intermediate shaft as well or not needed?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 6 months ago

      Only if needed, they don't have to be done at the same time.

  • Joe Blixky
    Joe Blixky 7 months ago

    Idk wtf happened but mine stopped twisting onto my cart and won’t screw into the charger anymore

  • Eric G
    Eric G 7 months ago

    Mine only works when plugged in

  • Evan Popovic
    Evan Popovic 7 months ago

    Helped a lot man thank you I thought my pen was broken

  • ro
    ro 7 months ago

    mine will flash white three times when i try to put a cart into it, and then flash red 3 times then stay red for a while. the charger will stay green when i plug it in. and when the cart is out of the battery, it works fine. help please!

    • ro
      ro 7 months ago

      okay, thank you! i just put in a order for an Ooze one!! 😊

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 7 months ago

      Yours is defective, buy another one. It has the problem that most of them have, see my follow-up video.

  • awaken At last
    awaken At last 8 months ago

    I just did a test in my home anything I plugged in is magnified EMF! Checked my fuse panel everything checked out okay grounds neutrals Etc! So the big kicker is I went outside to my meter box the power from the pole to the meter box was reading almost 400 EMF the radiation level was 29 ,so the problem is the power coming in to the meter to the fuse panel correct me if I'm wrong?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 8 months ago

      Yes it's bad. There is that plus the Wi-Fi signal coming from the smart meter which also gets into the wires.

  • Eddie Smissen
    Eddie Smissen 8 months ago

    Hate on it but when u get em for $5-10 they not bad usually good for a min if you don’t overcharge and do take care

  • Mauricio Garza
    Mauricio Garza 8 months ago

    Mine only seems to be on when i connect it to the charger but then without it it doesnt turn on

  • Slippery Sloper
    Slippery Sloper 8 months ago

    I’m fighting to keep my analog in Ohio. Standing in solidarity with you!

    • Pamela Tignor
      Pamela Tignor Month ago

      Hello, I'm in Ohio and fighting AEP to keep my analog meter.

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K 8 months ago

    Super helpful, thanks man

  • Ivan Mejia
    Ivan Mejia 8 months ago

    one of the cables was disconnected. hot glued it back on and it helped 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Chauntelle A Russell
    Chauntelle A Russell 8 months ago

    I was hoping u could answer a question for me. I have a LED LENSER headlamp that will not turn on after charging it on my rapid adapter phone USB charger. Can u or anyone else tell me why and how to fix it. Thnx.

    • Chauntelle A Russell
      Chauntelle A Russell 8 months ago

      @Alouicious Jacksonthnx

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 8 months ago

      @Chauntelle A Russell If they won't replace it I'd be happy to check it out for you!

    • Chauntelle A Russell
      Chauntelle A Russell 8 months ago

      @Alouicious Jackson they are actually cheaper on their website. That's where I buy them from. And the led lenser doesnt send u a charger with the headlight. For as expensive as they are and with the variance of amps & voltage in chargers these days ud think they'd send out charges with them

    • Chauntelle A Russell
      Chauntelle A Russell 8 months ago

      @Alouicious Jackson I do use Orbtronic batteries. Lol. That's what I bought to replace it. But the led lenser battery is showing good on the meter. And I found that out about the chargers with the 1st one. I was tired and have many cords plugged in all over and so happened to grab the cable plugged into the rapid adapter charger and it killed it.

    • Chauntelle A Russell
      Chauntelle A Russell 8 months ago

      @Alouicious Jackson Thank u. I've bought that one b4 and I dont like the side button light. I've had really good luck/experiences with the led lenser. If i wouldn't have shorted it out or whatever i blew on it it would be working great. I've had several brands over the years and i found that led lenser works best for my needs. I guess I may need to just buy a new one. The 1st one was replaced under warranty when I burnt it out. I had a receipt of purchase tho. The 2nd one I bought new on Ebay bc the US didnt sell it. I filed a warranty earlier and will see if they will replace it. It doesnt hurt to try

  • Raymond Martinez
    Raymond Martinez 8 months ago

    I just bought one and the battery doesn't turn on at all

  • Darius Thomas
    Darius Thomas 8 months ago

    Charger piece is green and the pen is red when plugged in, but after a while the pen blinks a couple times then turns off. Any suggestions? The pen turns on and goes through all the modes but it will not heat up my cart

  • Daniel Sánchez
    Daniel Sánchez 8 months ago

    I’m having the same problem but the video is too blurry and no clear where should I stick the red and black cable. :( what else can I do?

  • Blakehx
    Blakehx 9 months ago

    Brilliant idea thanks! Just curious but why didn't you connect the terminals with a piece of wire or something and then use 3 batteries in parallel?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 9 months ago

      Blakehx You could stuff a third one in there as is or modify the contacts. I didn't say it just for liability sake and to keep things simple.

  • LeviGallegozVlogs
    LeviGallegozVlogs 9 months ago

    Got mine first day, plugged it in and had never worked since

  • Lol
    Lol 9 months ago

    Mines says it’s fully charged I look at all these videos in whats wrong it’s blinks all the time I rise the thing on the cartridge but still the same shit

  • Daparo
    Daparo 9 months ago

    i charged mine all night and then when i tried using it the next morning a consent blue night started showing and it would not turn off. i took the cartridge off and tried charging it some more but it never turned off. i also clicked it and messed with it for about a hour. a few hours later i checked it again but it had a red light instead of blue but it was still not turning off. at this point i have no fucks but i kept it to see when it would turn off but that night while i was in bed on my phone the pen LITERALLY popped and smoke came out. it was nothing dangerous but it popped and smoke start coming out so i threw that shit in some water and then in the trash. i don’t really care tho cause i got another pen but yeah lmao.

  • tavernwalker
    tavernwalker 9 months ago

    Ok great this is my exact problem, the case came apart as I was taking it out of the charging block. My question is where do I solder the black wire? The inside or outside of the bottom of the 510 connector?

  • Baner 714
    Baner 714 10 months ago

    My cartridge is heavy, it’s heavier than the battery, the button turns on as if you where hitting it but no smoke comes out? And it was fully charged with a brass knuckle charger... any one know why?

    • akaVoid -
      akaVoid - 7 months ago

      I’m having the same problem bruh I’m trynna figure out why😭lemme know if y’all know anything on how to fix it

    • Baner 714
      Baner 714 9 months ago

      Is it full gram

    • Gorda Flaka
      Gorda Flaka 9 months ago

      My brass knuckel doesnt work on my vortex vape

  • K B
    K B 10 months ago

    Jackson you forgot to tell your viewers that switching over to a mod mattery they risk the danger of over cooking the 510 cartridge. People these 1 gram cartridges are onlysuppose to be used under 5 wats. The cuboid he is recommended goes up to 80watts or more. Only use recommended batteries such was vision spinners,bb tank,sesh gear.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 10 months ago

      @K B You can see where it's at before you hold the button down to smoke. As soon as you turn it on it displays the parameters. You could also set it to manual mode and dial it to where you want. So there's no risk.

    • K B
      K B 10 months ago

      @Alouicious Jackson It can detect quality of the cartridge? It can detect weekness in coil? . Sounds great to me. Lets say you're right. Thats something i would say is fairly important to point out because lots of mods, id say 99.9 that go up to 80w burn out the coils on these 1gram carts.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 10 months ago

      Actually, no. The Cuboid Mini senses the cartridge and automatically adjusts for the proper mode and wattage- in this case, about 5W which was perfect.

  • Jubilation
    Jubilation 10 months ago

    just bought one and this happened smfh

  • Meow DaLaChow
    Meow DaLaChow 10 months ago

    Nigga you have to press it 5 times to turn on and 3 times to heat

  • Kyle Oudomvilay
    Kyle Oudomvilay 10 months ago

    hey if anyones pen is blinking ten times, take the cart off and look inside the pen where you screw in the carts, inside the pen their is a contact plate, get twisers or a needle and life that bitch up some

  • Jorge Galindo
    Jorge Galindo 10 months ago

    Were can I buy USB charger

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 11 months ago

    Tried 6 different chargers. Charger is not the problem. These pens are the dirt cheapest possibility out there. They are garbage.

    • Ricky Spanish
      Ricky Spanish 11 months ago

      @Alouicious Jackson Same here. Bought three got 1 good 1. Finally got a vision battery instead. 10 bucks more but at least it works.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 11 months ago

      Ricky Spanish yes I've been saying the same thing! Most of the pens just don't work. I bought three to get one good one. See my follow-up video.

  • GameGlitches Channel
    GameGlitches Channel 11 months ago

    this is the biggest piece of shit u can own...if ur stupid enough to buy it, u deserve it breaking on u

  • Jhoan Garcia
    Jhoan Garcia 11 months ago

    When I try to hit it a bunch of colors flash like blue and purple

  • xkris396x
    xkris396x 11 months ago

    My charger light stays green the entire time it's plugged in. The battery itself flashes 4 times, then turns red and stays that way for a couple of minutes before it just goes off. As far as using it it wont turn on at all, even after pressing 5 times. Any help there?

    • Christian Vargas
      Christian Vargas 5 months ago

      xkris396x ggg

    • scorcoz
      scorcoz 8 months ago

      I know exactly what happened. These vapes have a problem with the batteries doing exactly what happened here in this video with the charger. They are cheaply made so the wires can unbind internally, luckily its very easy to fix. For starters, you should notice that the top of the battery (metal part that the cart is screwed into) can twist and turn. You're going to want to carefully remove it from the rest of the battery which will expose the internals, where you'll find two wires. One connects to the bottom of the part that you just removed and another, to a random metal piece within the battery. All you have to do is re-attach that wire and youre good

    • Adam Sandoka
      Adam Sandoka 8 months ago


    • thedryl999
      thedryl999 8 months ago

      Mine does that too. What does it mean? How do I fix it?

    • DearAkirah
      DearAkirah 9 months ago

      Mine does this too

  • Danny Brockman
    Danny Brockman 11 months ago

    Nahhhhhh, I have one of these

    • Maylie Rae
      Maylie Rae 7 months ago

      Danny Brockman did you buy it on amazon

  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore 11 months ago

    I cant seem to get any cartridge to work with this battery or any other cheap one. Any ideas why?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson 11 months ago

      These are limited in which cartridges they will accept. I'd try the Cuboid Mini or equivalent.

  • The Real Otto
    The Real Otto 11 months ago

    Tf I don't have a black wire mine is a bunch of grey wires

  • QueerBiNatureNYC
    QueerBiNatureNYC 11 months ago

    Thank you

    DOES_IT MATTER 11 months ago

    Trash it & go Buy a new one for $10 for Christ sacs

  • slumsah wacky
    slumsah wacky Year ago

    Thank you

  • Kracking Domes
    Kracking Domes Year ago

    I think u need a 2nd part to this video. I think the real problem is the battery mine wont work when a cart is screwed on but without the cart it seems like its working perfectly

  • GhOsTx
    GhOsTx Year ago

    Can u super glue it ? Or use a hot glue gun?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      GhOsTx do you mean the wire? I suppose if you wrap it tight before gluing it would work but solder is better.

  • Gerardo DV
    Gerardo DV Year ago

    Hey, looking for a solution on an issue I had with my pen: it worked without any issue until the battery ran out, charged it and whenever I install the cartridge and try to use it it flashes three times with a white/lightblue light, I thought it was busted, but it seems to work perfectly when the cartridge is not screwed on, which is weird...

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      Gerardo DV I should really remake this video. The main problem with these pens is poor quality control in the circuitry. The sensing circuit thinks your cartridge is bad.

  • Doug Martin
    Doug Martin Year ago

    Mine glowed green with no battery plugged into it. With the battery attached it looked the same and the light on the battery didn't flash. I took mine apart like he shows here and soldered the ground wire to the outside flat on the threaded piece, taped it back together and now it works great. I have several of these chargers that don't work and I suspect they all have the same issue. Thanks for posting your fix Mr. Jackson !

    • John Depreker
      John Depreker 6 months ago

      diondre harrison do you just tie the black and red wire together ?

    • diondre harrison
      diondre harrison 6 months ago

      John Depreker basically just permanently attaching it with some material they use I’m not sure what

    • John Depreker
      John Depreker 6 months ago

      Doug Martin what does soldered mean

  • Jeffery Evans
    Jeffery Evans Year ago

    My light comes on.....Green tho.....does that mean it's charger

  • Roberto Canales
    Roberto Canales Year ago

    Bought one cause the vape I had only hold up half gram cartridges . the battery on this one feels soo weak compare to the old I had for 3 years now 😂

  • Coochieofficer
    Coochieofficer Year ago

    Mine is just flashing purple, blue, and red can someone please help

    • matthew p
      matthew p 3 months ago

      it’s on preheat mode

  • Ellen Bello
    Ellen Bello Year ago

    thaaaaanks for the tip!!

  • D M
    D M Year ago

    My usb thing is like falling off what should I do ?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      The best thing would be to get another one or else you could probably push it in and super glue it back together.

  • Moof
    Moof Year ago

    Mine is stuck on white and I can’t turn it off and it doesn’t do anything when I press it, it’s just stuck on white and whenever I screw the cartridge it’s like it’s permanently stuck on.

  • Frank S
    Frank S Year ago

    Can you use the charger for the snoop dogg G pens ?

  • smorelota
    smorelota Year ago

    Hey can u help me mine is just red and doesnt change colors im not even pressin it and its blinkin red

    • smorelota
      smorelota Year ago

      I barely bought it uesterday metrix 650vv its not blinking red it just stays red and when i put the cartridge in it blinks

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      Just red means it's not charged- different colors means the circuit in the pen is bad. It senses the cartridge and thinks its broken when it isn't. At least half of them are like that. I would suggest buying a Cuboid Mini for $20 on eBay they're great.

    • smorelota
      smorelota Year ago

      Its not the charger the pen is just. Red and when i put the cartridge in it just blinks different colors

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      I would pry the charger apart and see if that wire is soldered or just loose.

  • Yury Smoaks
    Yury Smoaks Year ago

    This was no fucking explanation.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      Yury Smoaks I just made this video to alert people that the wire wasn't soldered on and then people started asking me questions so read the comments and you may learn more

  • TopDog8762
    TopDog8762 Year ago

    Great quick DYI video. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to do this hack.

  • Hunter M
    Hunter M Year ago

    Mine is flashing white 3 times when i try to use a cart, why?

    • Vin Mason
      Vin Mason 6 months ago

      Some carts work fully tightened, some you need to unscrew slowly to Gerry the right connection. I have a cat that does that and I just unscrew it about 1/4 turn and it works fine.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      Hunter M if the charger fix that I show here doesn't work then the best thing I can suggest is to buy another one. These have very poor quality control. You are better off buying a higher-quality unit like a cuboid mini or equivalent.

  • Alouicious Jackson

    Besides the charger, the other main problem with these not actually working is that the sensing circuit (due to poor quality control of the components in the pen circuit board) thinks that the cartridge is defective.

  • Alouicious Jackson

    These units are bad, people. Never buy 1- buy 2. They are great if you need something small and discreet, but if it's for home use don't waste your time- get something nicer such as the Cuboid Mini or equivalent with the 510 threads.

  • Aqizz - Gaming
    Aqizz - Gaming Year ago

    alouicious Jackson i bought one today i took it out of the package then putted the charger in then it turned red and i charged it for 2 hours when i was going to test it it did not turn on or anything i pressed the button 5 times nothing happens please help

    • Matt Brun
      Matt Brun 11 months ago

      same thing happen to me it ever get fixed?

    • Aqizz - Gaming
      Aqizz - Gaming Year ago

      Alouicious Jackson it is in yes

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      Probably. Check that the black wire is soldered on as shown when I take the charger apart.

    • Aqizz - Gaming
      Aqizz - Gaming Year ago

      is it something With the chargher that makes this problem?

    • Aqizz - Gaming
      Aqizz - Gaming Year ago

      mine was 20dollars

  • Tim Kalnajs
    Tim Kalnajs Year ago

    biggest POS pen youll ever waste money on

    • Kiorae Garrott
      Kiorae Garrott 7 months ago

      lmfaoo woow yall paid 50$+??! got one from the gas station down the street frommy job for 7$ lool

    • Joe Blixky
      Joe Blixky 8 months ago

      Kevin Davis 55$ wtf where are you from I got mine for 15 at my deli

    • Kevin Davis
      Kevin Davis Year ago

      Wish I had bought a real thc pen from a drug dealer.. waste of 55$ and it does a nice light show

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson Year ago

      Tim Kalnajs You're right, they suck. If you need one, buy two.