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  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 19 seconds ago

    The abc only has 1 show dedicated to regional areas, and even that is being pushed toward the green spectrum. They do not represent normal people, only fringe minority groups.

  • Henrique Santos
    Henrique Santos 24 seconds ago

    The Guy knows a lot about the Amazon and Brazil, good to know that right informations about Brazil are getting in Australia. Congratulations, greetings from Rio de janeiro!

  • John Douglas
    John Douglas 43 seconds ago

    I won't hold my breath...

  • frosty pablo
    frosty pablo Minute ago

    Joe ! Whats its like over there. Do the poor do more driving there than here ? Remember that pièce of flippancy Joe. You didnt last long after that one did you big fella. Because unlike the US voting is compulsory in Australia. The "poor" threw you out. Didnt they Joe.

  • Richard Prat
    Richard Prat Minute ago

    Oh please let's see Qantas was told by China they can't advertise Taiwan it had to be Republic of China. Will someone deal with this? Electricity prizes have gone up 180% since privatization. If we short changed the pollies this they would be up in arms. Before privatization we had the cheapest prices and the developed world.Look where we are today Fact check: Electricity Prices in Australia: An InternationalComparison

  • Drenai Saga
    Drenai Saga Minute ago

    LOL, bankstown? may as well go to beirut.

  • Peter SH
    Peter SH 2 minutes ago

    Companies should look after their bottom line and keep their noses out of social issues.

  • Jacko B
    Jacko B 2 minutes ago

    Defund the ABC.. what will it take?

  • Barge Arse
    Barge Arse 2 minutes ago

    Are you joking? You sensationalise 12 death! Seriously. 90 die every day in the USA from guns alone. And here is the kicker. The majority of mass shooting are performed by scared white guys! Tell me. What is Bolts and Sky’s agenda? Stop defaulting to fear just to make revenue you evil bastards.

  • Dorian Shades of gray
    Dorian Shades of gray 2 minutes ago

    The bigger threat is idiot kids lighting fires deliberately

  • prac2
    prac2 3 minutes ago

    trump not going to war is a bad thing?

  • John Gibson
    John Gibson 3 minutes ago

    Its shamful the way this woman is treated by the very people she's trying to help. She wants her people to be the best they can, rather than a group that just embarrasses themselves, and her, daily. I can talk from experience:- when indigenous Australians have jobs, families, mortgages and responsibilities, it brings out the best in them. When they sit around doing nothing, and blame whites for everything from their drinking problem to their decaying house which THEY trash, its not a good look. The victimhood industry is not helping these people. They will NEVER get their shit together if they're only ever told how wonderful they are. They need the truth, even if it hurts. I love Aborigines who love and respect themselves.

  • Haters Gonna Hate
    Haters Gonna Hate 4 minutes ago

    Im old enough that i remember when it was Global cooling ............. lol yep i remember , then Global Warming........ then it got cold again , then it was Climate Change , which they can push till thier blue in the face because they wont be wrong because the climate is always changing. Obama one of the biggest pushers of this shit , go google the house he just bought , right on the coast ........... why did he buy that if he believes in Climate change and the sea levels rising , either he's in on the scam ... and knows its one , or he's a fucking idiot ........... which is more likely?

  • Tony .w
    Tony .w 4 minutes ago

    pigs might fly as well

  • OUTRAGED Aussie
    OUTRAGED Aussie 4 minutes ago


  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread 4 minutes ago

    E X A C T L Y !!!!!!!

    DARRYN BRETZKE 4 minutes ago

    I support the farmers all the way this Effen climate change is garbage same with the beacons they can all go to hell to I support the farmers all the way this Effen climate change is garbage same with the beacons they can all go to hell to I don’t trust government at all state or federal they’re all licking the globalists arse every milli second of the day

  • Rakesh Hubert
    Rakesh Hubert 5 minutes ago

    Is he gay or what. We have heard it all before. Obfuscation.

  • stenka rasin
    stenka rasin 5 minutes ago

    Balancing the electricity prices to help the customers, from the depth of my seventy seven years of experience with govt. I say, promises promises, show me the bill!

  • Shake_N_Bake
    Shake_N_Bake 5 minutes ago

    It's too bad about The Solomon Islands...They will be remembered.

  • liten48
    liten48 5 minutes ago

    does take a rocket scenetist to work out why no war with iran

  • Jeff Gibson
    Jeff Gibson 5 minutes ago

    Thank you Sky News Australia. You are the best in the USA.

  • Ange Ashley
    Ange Ashley 5 minutes ago

    I don't believe his dead, big con that is.

  • Leon Degney
    Leon Degney 6 minutes ago

    Why would a sane person send someone to do a deal without the option to WALK AWAY? The answer has to be no sane person would.

  • Arroe Du'Carlion
    Arroe Du'Carlion 6 minutes ago


  • Ted LaughsAtCreationists

    Nobody but the person whose body it is has the right to tell them what they must do with their body. That includes fetuses.

  • Daniel Downs
    Daniel Downs 7 minutes ago

    You would think with those fancy airplanes they could go a bit further. How about getting those fire arms back to law abiding citizens? That would be a start in reducing crime. And yes i have the satistics to back it. I bet the police are over worked as well.

  • Jimmy Cook
    Jimmy Cook 8 minutes ago

    Wow when did Sky News pick that up it's been like that for 15 years Time to shut down ABC and save one and a half billion dollars That'll get the surplus up

  • rob scooter
    rob scooter 8 minutes ago

    I think she loves herself" Her dreams run on an empty fuel tank" Thank god !!

  • Lowen Dapto
    Lowen Dapto 8 minutes ago

    ABC represents the Fascist Left

  • Rakesh Hubert
    Rakesh Hubert 9 minutes ago

    Just a silly female ignoring the legal democratic process. Brexit.

  • Ted LaughsAtCreationists
    Ted LaughsAtCreationists 10 minutes ago

    Abortion is a right and contraception is a responsibility.

  • 10susan10
    10susan10 10 minutes ago

    Sad Aussies playing turtle cause they don't have the balls to call Iran for their terror activities. Idiots went to a danger zone and got caught whither the laws were broken or not. Easy way to avoid it - DON"T go there.

  • Reasonable Guy
    Reasonable Guy 12 minutes ago

    I see George Soros has been splashing some cash on signs and pamphlets.

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson 13 minutes ago

    Alot of CT spraying over Australia lately 💢®

  • Mick
    Mick 13 minutes ago

    The abc should be sold .

  • Peter S Zigfreid
    Peter S Zigfreid 13 minutes ago

    Obsessive disorder Kenny who is a media moron

  • Bob Ford
    Bob Ford 14 minutes ago

    Standard tactic of leftests, Communists, Socialists. Moa did it. Hitler did it Lenin & Stalin used kids too, to further their political goals. Take All Power from YOU.

  • Sau Chin Djoen
    Sau Chin Djoen 15 minutes ago

    HK & China police forces are together to fight rioter

  • Rich Dee
    Rich Dee 15 minutes ago

    So much for democracy. They'll get destroyed in the upcoming general election

  • Icaiah DB
    Icaiah DB 15 minutes ago

    Have Trump be a go between Nigel and Boris, and a great big deal with America :}

  • Paul Milford
    Paul Milford 15 minutes ago

    Its a Corbylite mole.

  • 向你祖母問好
    向你祖母問好 16 minutes ago

    Wish there is an option to choose what to fund with my tax, one thing I will never fund is the ABC.

  • william thornton
    william thornton 16 minutes ago

    You are being shadow banned. I've done several searches for this video from 2 different un-related systems. Both will not show this video unless I sign in.

  • Paul Milford
    Paul Milford 17 minutes ago

    The things wearing red , its a communist.

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 18 minutes ago

    Make Australia Great!

  • Tara Bergland Haugo Von Rothlisberg

    I agree refugees illegal immigrants how many where does it end Muslims that want to kills Christians where do you draw the line on crime how many 7 billion .. we don’t have the room jobs or Economy to support all of them do the math communism is eminent NWO liberal agenda migration replacement now its white genocide South Africa is the beginning of the end these people are for themselves If shoe was on other foot you would be their victim and slave..

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 20 minutes ago

    Divide and conquer. Plan is going well.

  • John Gibson
    John Gibson 20 minutes ago Sydney right now its raining heavily, and feels like about 14*C. I heard theres snow in Canberra, the Blue Mountains and near mid September! I wish global warming would hurry up.....I'm a tad cold. I spose the warmists will blame the cold weather......on global warming!

  • Patrick
    Patrick 20 minutes ago

    This is the future. Like it or not.

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 20 minutes ago

    Absolute maggot.

  • Snow Owl
    Snow Owl 23 minutes ago

    Define hate..... not liking something is a person's right.

  • flowering passions
    flowering passions 23 minutes ago

    we need more "brave" policies from Labor !!!

  • yizheng Chu
    yizheng Chu 24 minutes ago


  • Dorian Shades of gray
    Dorian Shades of gray 24 minutes ago

    This idiotic leftie woman won’t be the one being torn to shreds when the ensuing civil war erupts when politicians try to bypass the will of the people.. and they say it is men who cause wars

  • Rick Edwards
    Rick Edwards 25 minutes ago

    The continent of africa has failed to produce a stable nation.

  • PlanB John
    PlanB John 25 minutes ago

    Waste of oxygen.

  • cave man
    cave man 26 minutes ago

    Now it is time to make gold shit too!

  • Rick Edwards
    Rick Edwards 27 minutes ago

    Thanks too Sky news from America.

  • Sid Vicious
    Sid Vicious 27 minutes ago

    Jones and his lefty lynch mob. Brought to you by the hard earned dollar of the Aussie taxpayer.

  • Lanes 2601
    Lanes 2601 27 minutes ago

    This woman has shown her true colours. She’s a disgrace and her days are numbered regardless.

  • Magicpudding
    Magicpudding 27 minutes ago

    Never intervene whilst the enemy are destroying themselves.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 28 minutes ago

    Nothing democratic about them. Scumbags.

  • flowering passions
    flowering passions 28 minutes ago

    It's OK folks, no need to panic, soon Australia will have no floods, no droughts, no bushfires and no cyclones, the ACT Government has released their Climate Action Plan !!!!! Yay !!!

  • vfr oz
    vfr oz 29 minutes ago

    As usual Nigel explains how it is in plain English.

  • William Kiene
    William Kiene 30 minutes ago

    I believe the Left/Communism is going to totally collapse world wide in the 21st Century. Social Media is exposing lots of evil and corruption in many organizations. Communism is far to primitive to survive in a modern, educated, enlightened world. Islam is also headed for collapse because they are also too primitive. Watch China explode now too. People are too smart for Communism.

  • fred fred
    fred fred 30 minutes ago

    Ffs defund they already

  • Michael o'donnell
    Michael o'donnell 31 minute ago

    They probably should take it to another referendum.

  • COLLUSIONdelusionFINISHED aussie J

    The gov propaganda machines (ABC, Sky news, 9,7,10) are not lying to us for once...whats the catch?

  • I, Vercingetorix
    I, Vercingetorix 34 minutes ago

    Gov't control of the economy, gun control, speech restrictions, socialism... WW2 BadMan approves.

  • Frank Mueller
    Frank Mueller 34 minutes ago

    God bless you folks for being a voice of truth in the media!

  • calvingreene90
    calvingreene90 35 minutes ago

    Socialist want absolute power and don't care how many people they kill to get it.

  • flowering passions
    flowering passions 35 minutes ago

    Obviously hot air has a great affect on the Climate, Perisher thinks Labor is doing a great job, longest Snow Season in memory, keep up the good work keeping global warming below 2 degrees !!!! Go Labor !!!

  • Tina Mercuri
    Tina Mercuri 35 minutes ago

    We better stick with USA.not china otherwise soon we will be calling for help from USA when ww3 starts

  • Creek Water
    Creek Water 35 minutes ago

    Liberal democrat? They've misspelled Death of Democracy.

  • s0m3cunt
    s0m3cunt 35 minutes ago

    Race relation protesters, "you're racist if you treat anyone differently due to race"............but want's special treatment due to ethnicity. It's a crazy hypocritical poison like mindset.

  • Gametime
    Gametime 36 minutes ago

    Iran did not do it and if the US strikes Iran there will be no Saudi left! BTW Saudi executes people all the time why you bitching about Iran having prisoners!

  • Odin Power
    Odin Power 37 minutes ago

    She's so full of it, she knew all about it. Gossip spreads very quickly I find her very hard to believe when she speaks about anything. She was a Muslim a few months ago talk about a chameleon..

  • Follow The Sapper
    Follow The Sapper 39 minutes ago

    This video should have been labeled: “The paedophile and the paedophile”

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 39 minutes ago

    Brexit is a gift that keeps on giving. Watching the English tearing the UK apart is fucking hilarious.

  • nickel mickel
    nickel mickel 40 minutes ago

    Wiggas causing trouble again for the full bloods.

  • karl morgan
    karl morgan 43 minutes ago

    Liberal Democrats? It's official were in upside down clown world because they aren't liberal or democratic

  • tindog
    tindog 43 minutes ago

    This shit is happening here in New Zealand. Where i live they have sold farms so that they can plant trees. Fucking around with our food source is not good. All this climate tax rort and regulation is sending our farmers to suicide. Time to push back on this climate change tax and regulation bullshit.

  • Michael o'donnell
    Michael o'donnell 43 minutes ago

    CEO's are people too. It's not like they are neglecting business to make a statement on social issues.

  • Matt Fibonacci
    Matt Fibonacci 44 minutes ago

    UK democracy is dead

  • Crispin Dannug
    Crispin Dannug 45 minutes ago

    If Farage wins, the US and the Commonwealth will celebrate because Brexit will happen.

  • Wayne Harrison
    Wayne Harrison 46 minutes ago

    Labor has had problems for decades!!!

  • SeedPlanter
    SeedPlanter 49 minutes ago

    The biggest mass brainwashing event proving all media is nothing more than a tool used by government to make people believe how they wish.

    • Amakusa Shirou TokiSAD-bruh
      Amakusa Shirou TokiSAD-bruh 31 minute ago

      Regardless, almost 3000 people died that day. On behalf of the Anerican people, I would ask that you show respect for the dead before you go around pointing fingers

  • Crows 2332
    Crows 2332 50 minutes ago

    Good. Everyone that allegedly covers up sexual assaults, or tries to bury them, should be criticised until the cows come in! Should never be acceptable, from anyone!

  • Adolf Fuhrer
    Adolf Fuhrer 50 minutes ago

    Hire me from America just kidding

  • Thorny Dig8
    Thorny Dig8 51 minute ago

    Authoritarianism is alive and well in the UK.....

  • Gregory Chaffer
    Gregory Chaffer 51 minute ago

    I think that woman needs to stop dipping tobacco her lower lip looks a little swollen spit please

  • Eric Bullis
    Eric Bullis 52 minutes ago

    Yeah Christianity warned about this s*** and y'all didn't want to listen you know practice and preach the Golden Rule love thy neighbors except for don't turn the other cheek make sure you defend yourself in your family's don't allow anyone to take your god-given rights away from you you know like our constitution or amendment rights and don't have them in friends upon them by using other laws or by using women and their feelings because of feminism which this was the start of opening Pandora's Box you all let it into the world bunch of beta men all greediest but called Big Business tricking women into the workplace among many other things also with the racism and what do you think feminism is it sexist and racist against men it's a divide between men and women why do you think the birth rates down so low look at the United States the marriage laws cohabitation laws and the domestic violence laws where man to live on his knees like a beta even if he's an alpha women keep driving their toxic masculinity men away those are the ones that would have saved their lives if they would have just been a partner and earned the men instead they look at them like peasants and slaves just like the government I wonder who taught him that learned behavior remember intelligence is like a roller and low IQ is a learned behavior and when they test you and it goes up to the highest you can that's the highest you can learn so if you have a high number government don't like you they're going to either have you work for their team or the silence you one way or another meanwhile you have a a lot of low IQ and mental illness in the government's trying to spread it around to things you don't do in this world messing with my emotions is like messing with my money two things you don't do what is government do the best I mean look over here in America who said the make America great again hat was racial that's right our government and the left and the right are the two wings of the eagle always fighting but working for the same goal big business to put more people and slave and debt among many ways and they mostly use women for the process

  • Adrian Hepburn
    Adrian Hepburn 53 minutes ago

    Australia needs to stay the hell out of the Middle East.

  • Wyatt Family
    Wyatt Family 54 minutes ago

    We continually impose on ourselves weak P.C. politicians that are indecisive when it comes to REAL issues that are important to Australians. What happened to "drought proofing Australia", all talk no action. The FIRST PRIORITY of Governments MUST be the Safety and Security of Australia and its citizens. We import over 5,000 people PER WEEK into an economy that has crowded schools, hospitals, roads, high unemployment and housing costs, an aging electricity grid, over 100,000 Australians that are homeless (10,000 children), and still we cannot get relevant ACTION on vital infrastructure to ensure Australias water, electricity and food security. These Morons that are our "leaders" sold off much of the publicly owned infrastructure on the basis of more efficient, cheaper prices, instead we have experienced price hikes and are likely to have blackouts over the summer. Major decisions taken over the last 2 decades have been proven idiotic in the extreme from the sale of the Commonwealth Bank, which removed any leverage the Government had over interest rates, privatising the electricity grid resulting in higher prices and no reinvestment in major infrastructure. Water and electricity are vital to modern life and yet our brainless "leaders" leave our destiny to "market forces". Lunatics in charge of the asylum, they never learn.

    • Tony .w
      Tony .w 2 minutes ago

      first we have to find some with backbone ..they are hens teeth..impossible to find

  • patrick devitt
    patrick devitt 54 minutes ago


  • eyes open
    eyes open 55 minutes ago

    government is the problem with most issues in our society

  • Barry Atkins
    Barry Atkins 55 minutes ago

    No one born today will EVER be able to buy a house unless they a Politician who buy them by the dozen...

  • flowering passions
    flowering passions 55 minutes ago

    The United Nations wants families off farms .... central control by the multinationals .....

  • Henk Wiese
    Henk Wiese 56 minutes ago

    500000 murders since 1994...with only 7% conviction rate...thus 465000 murderers still out wonder we are the rape and murder capital of the world under ANC rule. Leaders are counting their ill gained riches whilst South Africa burn and the poor gets poorer.... repeat of Zimbabwe. Racist BEE laws have driven all state-owned company to bankruptcy. They keep on giving loans and bailouts, then channel the money to their own personal wealth...corruption at the highest level. South Africa's leader still consider Mugabe as a good leader and hero...WTF...his people are starving, whilst his boys are washing their expensive watches with vile is that.