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WWE 2K20 - Before You Buy
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Grid - Before You Buy
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Greedfall - Before You Buy
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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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Control - Before You Buy
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  • Joseph Eid
    Joseph Eid Minute ago

    I wish all non gamers would see this vid and just fuckin shove it up their ass all the way into their brain so that they understand

  • Christopher Flynn
    Christopher Flynn 2 minutes ago

    The original magnum from halo, to think about it everything from the original halo was just op. The original launch version before things were patched out in later print runs.

  • Sejo Abuyo
    Sejo Abuyo 2 minutes ago

    This applies to older games and very few new games, and those are waist high fences like really? Just jump over it dude, but nope gotta go around it or find a key or whatever to open it! >.<

  • Sean Voss
    Sean Voss 4 minutes ago

    Well, if i i get bored in just cause 3: FUCKING EXPLODE EVERYTHING!

  • StigDesign1
    StigDesign1 4 minutes ago

    2:26 LOL XD

  • InZan123
    InZan123 4 minutes ago

    Im gonna watch this if it comes out on Netflix

  • Seth Gibson
    Seth Gibson 5 minutes ago

    Battlefield got shotguns right

  • Pete Pirate
    Pete Pirate 5 minutes ago

    I haven’t played it that much but I did play the first 30 minutes of the campaign and thought that it was really good with how realistic it is and with the multiplayer it’s great how many options there are for your weapons and the game modes

  • Mikea_114
    Mikea_114 7 minutes ago

    Automatic weapon having to rack the chamber every time you pull it out yeah in talking to you csgo

  • Pokemaster9972
    Pokemaster9972 7 minutes ago

    Dying lights max parkour rank how can you even run without losing stamina

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P 8 minutes ago

    I bet Kojima is working on Silent Hills in the background now and will unveil it to us. A girl can dream

  • J Slaunwhite
    J Slaunwhite 8 minutes ago

    The game "Squad" has some pretty good ballistics, and all mounted items have limited ammo.

  • Dennis Wilson
    Dennis Wilson 9 minutes ago

    Is no one going to talk about elemental effects? I shoot a guy and he gets set on fire, or melts into a puddle?

  • Asura
    Asura 11 minutes ago

    And how am i supposed to know if i should buy the game or not if i can't test it? I mean anyway pirated games dont work online in the most popular games but yeah that shit with play 2 hours and refund it's shit , i am not gonna see how good the game actually is after only 2 hours , making settings , tutorial/first mission that is mostly a tutorial , just playing a bit and having to stay mostly in loading screens and done 2 hours

  • smilley792
    smilley792 11 minutes ago

    I loved this game. But stopped with the franchise for one thing! Cops!! I wanna race, customise, drag and drift my cars for fun! I don’t give a fuck! I really don’t about rod blocks, being rammed, having to escApe. I don’t want that bollocks!! If the bought out Underground 3 without cops I’d buy it.

  • firestorm5432
    firestorm5432 13 minutes ago

    Give me Jedi robes or so help me

  • Josh Donnelly
    Josh Donnelly 14 minutes ago

    Who else does literally all this

  • J A
    J A 15 minutes ago

    Even if the person took the time to link together each belt of say 250 rounds for each belt.... the gun would overheat, warp, and ultimately become dangerous AF to fire. Also the belt of the gun would be like a mile long to fire that many rounds lol. Verdun and Tannenberg, mounted mgs need reloading. I think sandstorm also

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy 15 minutes ago

    Until you address the “health bar” the rest of this shit doesn’t matter to me

  • SLAYERfan4life88
    SLAYERfan4life88 15 minutes ago

    Took a long time to beat flight school, but when I did awesome

  • eleihtg
    eleihtg 17 minutes ago

    This game is great, but never compare it to RDR2. They are entirely different. DS has its own way of doing things, and it is brilliant in its own subtle way, but comparing it to a game that had 3x the development time by a much bigger studio is just ludicrous lol. Also, for me, the RDR2 music moments were much better-timed and hard hitting than anything I experienced in this game, although hearing "Asylums For the Feeling" and "Don't Be So Serious" was pretty incredible.

  • Elijah Tittman
    Elijah Tittman 18 minutes ago

    Number 9: *mentions bow and arrow but doesn’t make a hunger games reference*

  • kirilnikolovski81
    kirilnikolovski81 18 minutes ago

    I snipe with a shotgun in bf1 they are the slug varient and do some pretty effective damage.

  • J A
    J A 19 minutes ago

    Dude modern warfare 2, the spas 12 was a sniper shotgun

  • JarvoMarvo
    JarvoMarvo 20 minutes ago

    Pretty much all of these are nun existent in games I like.

  • Domocat64
    Domocat64 20 minutes ago

    You my boy haunter is in!!!

  • Xavier Mccree
    Xavier Mccree 20 minutes ago

    Yup I like see one soon I miss it myself

  • EpicElement 234
    EpicElement 234 21 minute ago

    HIP FIRE! It seems like your holding the gun up to your face but the gun shorts like it’s tied to your legs! And even then it would still shoot in the direction it’s pointing, not a random spray

  • srpski kanal
    srpski kanal 22 minutes ago

    yeah the facts are cool but then you could have countered with how they actually work and not tip toe around the subject because you didn't research enough

  • Uzi Necromancer
    Uzi Necromancer 23 minutes ago

    It sounds like an amazing game to play high on thc vapes

  • Gasheta UwU
    Gasheta UwU 23 minutes ago

    From Far cry to crysis? :^

  • Wicked Badass
    Wicked Badass 24 minutes ago

    4:12 - What game is this?

  • Thomas Kelley
    Thomas Kelley 24 minutes ago

    Clearly haven’t seen the 725 on call of duty modern warfare

  • Stray Vicious
    Stray Vicious 25 minutes ago

    Does anyone else feel like V is o.p.?

  • Ahstinf Ixsnhc
    Ahstinf Ixsnhc 25 minutes ago

    I watch all the time just realized I wasn't subbed. sub and like

  • BlaizeUchiha13
    BlaizeUchiha13 25 minutes ago

    It's always baffled me how shitty the Halo 3 shotgun is. If you're 10 feet away, you're not even gonna touch them with a shot from that thing, it's like the pellets just disintegrate after 8 feet, the Halo 2 shotgun has a similar problem

  • Ian Carlson
    Ian Carlson 25 minutes ago

    Compound Bows (Which you showed at least one of) aren't the same as a normal bow. Compound bows artificially create more tension to launch a bow at higher velocity, hence why they're "compound." They can honestly, do as much damage as a pistol depending.

  • TheTech9
    TheTech9 26 minutes ago

    Games that cycle the bolt after a Mag swap even though there was still One in the Chamber

  • Bryan Mooneyham
    Bryan Mooneyham 27 minutes ago

    Lol finding the hardcore playlist took me days

  • Nxght
    Nxght 27 minutes ago

    this game has the worst fucking save system

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 28 minutes ago

    Wait wait wait... Clips from BLACK?!?! That game was AMAZE BALLS!!

  • SarynSpaceHerpes
    SarynSpaceHerpes 29 minutes ago

    This really sounds like Michael Scott's smart car jokes.

  • alex masion
    alex masion 30 minutes ago

    If your looking for a building game get cities skylines if you have cities skylines and you want another game similar to it get Jurassic world evolution.

  • omar jamaleddin
    omar jamaleddin 30 minutes ago

    Reloading ammo isnt releastic. It would be amazing if they can change it

  • bunter6
    bunter6 31 minute ago

    Lol were the people who thought Far Cry 2 looked better than Far Cry 3 not wearing their specs? on the pc at least Far Cry 3 is far more advanced

  • Derpington9821
    Derpington9821 34 minutes ago

    Climbing ladders with only 2 feet!

  • Nxght
    Nxght 34 minutes ago

    make a part 2

  • Kyle Yang
    Kyle Yang 35 minutes ago

    The internet really cyber bullied the creators for Sonics change 😂

  • Chandler Crout
    Chandler Crout 36 minutes ago

    I remember how many dives it liked to take due to dogs walking through the controller cord.

  • Shiba inu
    Shiba inu 38 minutes ago

    Im a gamer and yeah u right

  • JohnDaWhale3
    JohnDaWhale3 39 minutes ago

    Who are you...and what did you do with my man Falcon??

  • RedBearNAaron
    RedBearNAaron 39 minutes ago

    6:00 - the game you're wishing for is *THIEF* w/ a difficulty score >700 (I think; I only finished ~450, I think--its been a while.)

  • Josh Derenburger
    Josh Derenburger 40 minutes ago

    When you reload and drop the partially empty mag but keep the ammo that was in it. Only for those rounds to top off other mags magically. I think it was a bug but I loved it in Battlefield 4's beta you would reload and the mag you dropped wouldn't go in your reserves cause you dropped it. I later noticed in the beta that if you wait a second and walk over it it would refill that ammo like other games

  • Eanna McNamara
    Eanna McNamara 40 minutes ago

    It's called a BOSG boomer

  • Purple Grey
    Purple Grey 41 minute ago

    Thats manny wayweather

  • Serdar Siryuz
    Serdar Siryuz 41 minute ago

    They doesn't make any sense like random pics u used in this video in every second.

  • CseRedHide
    CseRedHide 43 minutes ago

    You can blow up the doors in Fallout 1 and 2

  • Davis Benecke
    Davis Benecke 43 minutes ago

    Except Dungeon Defenders 2 is awful and Dungeon Defenders 1 is the best tower defense game of all time

  • Abhinandan M k
    Abhinandan M k 43 minutes ago

    Cooking a grenade and then switching to a gun and the grenade is back with pin.

  • Tabby D
    Tabby D 44 minutes ago

    It would be good to have this review done by a non-kojima fan as well - both kinda pitch your view points etc..

    ANSHIK ANKIT 45 minutes ago

    Charachter unable to pick up other guns or carry a small pistols for extra measures... And you cannot fill bags with guns and carry it, unless you have a holster.

  • Bobby Gaspard
    Bobby Gaspard 45 minutes ago

    no way on the subway is easy

  • Octopus
    Octopus 45 minutes ago

    Yes, I am going to see it now. "Made for Kids" OK Boomer!

  • Bobby Gaspard
    Bobby Gaspard 46 minutes ago

    use cheats for snow storm its fuckin easy

  • John Foody
    John Foody 46 minutes ago

    But is it better than Midnight Club?

  • TheFreeToaster
    TheFreeToaster 46 minutes ago

    Falcon playing any genre of game: It's kinda like Dark Souls in that....

  • Bobby Gaspard
    Bobby Gaspard 46 minutes ago

    the snow storm is easy

  • Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers 47 minutes ago

    I dislike the superhuman strength of characters when getting shot. Shot four times and didn't even stumble. So remarkable. But the enemy. Shot in the shoulder or leg reacts to that shot.

  • Cozy Guest
    Cozy Guest 48 minutes ago

    Why is this recommended to me in 2019? LOL😅😂

  • TirthB'Arya
    TirthB'Arya 48 minutes ago

    I still play the original 2006 Titan Quest. Still looks awesome.

    COCOPOROPOPO 48 minutes ago

    Hahahaha.. To get angry in pvp ur shit

  • A Slice Of Bread
    A Slice Of Bread 48 minutes ago

    when I first played an fps, I thought it was weird because the gun was always pointed at one spot, so if you can hip fire at a person, and they move back a little bit, won't you be shooting just a little to his left? but instead you still hit the person which is not how perspective works. but now I don't really think about that as much.

  • giorgi kvartskhava
    giorgi kvartskhava 51 minute ago

    why am I watching this! my pc can't even handle Counter-Strike 1.6 :DDDDD

  • RS_ Redbaron
    RS_ Redbaron 52 minutes ago

    How can Hell be funn "Funn as hell" jaja

  • The south will raise again! 2020

    Pay to play ruined gaming by far the greed is ridiculous

  • MonkeyDUI IUDyeknoM
    MonkeyDUI IUDyeknoM 53 minutes ago

    Mafia 3

  • TheStackeddeck77
    TheStackeddeck77 54 minutes ago

    Shotgun range too long? Those are people that dont use them. Shotgun rounds can travel 1400 ft per second. Thats some fucking distance add a choke and you'll instantly drop a turkey at several hundred feet

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 28 minutes ago

      It's a game dumbass

  • I must be fun at parties
    I must be fun at parties 55 minutes ago

    Valve is the face of the PC market as much as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are for the console market. PC gaming just wouldn't be so huge without them. A few years back I would have said that Blizzard were also running the PC market alongside Valve, but they are not PC exclusive anymore and they are failing badly in the recent times, deservedly so.

  • PrestigeNova
    PrestigeNova 56 minutes ago

    People always complain (especially in the new Modern Warfare) that the M4 is over powered, but it’s supposed to be a very good gun. Otherwise the US military wouldn’t supply our soldiers with them. And I hate how you can carry a 50lb sniper and then switch to a 3ft 40lb shotgun in a second. Like make the draw time be affected by the mobility of the gun.

  • Priyanshu Kumar
    Priyanshu Kumar 56 minutes ago

    You didn't mention ammo clips. That's the most unrealistic thing that nearly every game does on purpose.

  • sasa ha
    sasa ha 56 minutes ago

    a bigger deal than gta 5 ever could dream of

  • Kayla Aya Halley
    Kayla Aya Halley 57 minutes ago

    Religous person " playing video games is idolising the devil"

  • filypefx
    filypefx 57 minutes ago

    about locks a good mechanic is... like a container with lock if you just blow it you have a chance to damage what is inside... or lose... door could have penalty... but having a nuke and being unable to go in... lol. ps: I think the must "near" you can get is on games like stalker with misery mod... that is "near" what we should have.

  • Oliver Wampa
    Oliver Wampa 58 minutes ago

    When removing the stock of a gun is considered an attachment.

  • IncognitoGambino
    IncognitoGambino 58 minutes ago

    Arizona sunshine is a good example of a game actually using the shells off the side of your shotgun 🤙🤙

  • Thick Boi
    Thick Boi 58 minutes ago

    Just went 91-35 yesterday

  • The Hype Den
    The Hype Den 59 minutes ago

    You cant walk into the next part of an "open world game" until you complete a section of the map...

    • The Hype Den
      The Hype Den 58 minutes ago

      Like.. San Andreas didn't have that MUCH of a locked part map. But when games come out in todays age dont people deserve the full package? Or do you like the challenge?

  • Libertas
    Libertas Hour ago

    This game is a masterpiece, best game of the generation.

  • Mexican61917
    Mexican61917 Hour ago

    You turn down the radio so you can see better therefore if you zoom in you can hear better

  • Leo Peres
    Leo Peres Hour ago

    As a pizza delivery guy... I hate this game to my guts.

  • Demon Lord Gaming

    Doom 2 to Doom 3? God of War 2 to GoW 3

  • Budo Ka
    Budo Ka Hour ago

    Go Ekaaaaaaaans! Poison Sting.

  • Lagoz
    Lagoz Hour ago

    The only nice guy i met in gta online is an npc.

  • OmegaXzors
    OmegaXzors Hour ago

    Ammo. When I’m missing so many bullets and you reload, the bullets remaining in the magazine should not stay in your ammo pool.

  • Pancakebut
    Pancakebut Hour ago

    3:47 Not two Ur welcome

  • Lazylizzered2105 _

    One thing that bothers me the most about games is that different guns do different damage when they chamber the same bullet that makes no sense because the actual gun has nothing to do with the shooting other that size reloading accuracy and fire rate the bullet decides the power like does a different gun have more gunpowder that it puts in the bullet before it shoots??!

  • Gust van den broeck

    i realy hate the region lock beacuse there are some japanese games that i want but cannot get and if i order the game from japan directly then i cant buy the dlc for that game

  • dav ep
    dav ep Hour ago

    Exclusives suck. Even these and I'm a PC weenie.

  • strike9716
    strike9716 Hour ago

    10:34 It's Mr. T in an RPG.

  • Vito Scaletta
    Vito Scaletta Hour ago

    Y Doom 3?