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  • Waffles Wafflson
    Waffles Wafflson 12 minutes ago

    >A poor man can always work his way to a better life Closed the video there. If you arent born into wealth you are forever born into poverty LOL JUST MOVE WITH THAT MONEY YOU DONT HAVE

  • Jen DP
    Jen DP 17 minutes ago


  • muze yayo
    muze yayo 30 minutes ago

    This is the dumpest report or what ever you caled i ever seen search your facts very good before you humiliate anyone

  • Georges Guillaume
    Georges Guillaume 31 minute ago


  • Julio Caezar
    Julio Caezar 32 minutes ago

    Aaaaw. Always spreading the wisdom. I’m proud to fail all of the time; it’s the reason behind all of my success stories.

  • Tim Stein
    Tim Stein 45 minutes ago

    Hermès’ web site looks and functions like it was designed by a 17 year old in 1994.

  • AS1313
    AS1313 56 minutes ago

    Can’t get a job? You are accused of being a lazy milenial. A shame

  • trendz
    trendz 56 minutes ago

    Thats really amazing!

  • AS1313
    AS1313 57 minutes ago

    Those professors are suckering you so they collect their paychecks. Lots of wasted time. The trades and technical education are open and you can earn good money. A lot of these colleges should close their doors. They are fraud based not teaching anything where you can earn a living when you graduate. Now you are broke owing lots of money with no return

    NASCAR DRIVER Hour ago

    Well I'm gonna go for Architect but my second is Professional athlete which is NASCARS

  • Evance F
    Evance F Hour ago

    Best ALUX advice on failure I have seen so far - "Fail fast and learn from your mistakes."

  • Julia Rotunno
    Julia Rotunno Hour ago

    I’m in Morocco as I write this. I have visited Marrakech, Essouira, Chefchaouen, Fez, Casablanca (I’m there now), and I’m on my way to Taghazout. I’ve also seen the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech is the best for shopping but Chefchaouen (aka Blue City) is the best for photos.

  • Samuel Kirk
    Samuel Kirk Hour ago

    Lame . Nothing we all didn’t know.

  • zeel l
    zeel l Hour ago

    Stop putting your own stupid unfiltered personal thoughts on Dalai Lama and also you used fake Chinese commie made Panchen Lama.

  • Eric McKnight
    Eric McKnight Hour ago


  • Flights, Glamera, Action

    PROUD to be alive and to be able to fail and learn from it and get it right the next time around........

  • R.ahmed Fane-EL
    R.ahmed Fane-EL Hour ago


  • samara hardeo
    samara hardeo Hour ago

    music like soca ,food ,drink ,beautiful scenes like beaches n thing ,d pitch lake, mud volcano, carnival, n humble people, we have calypso n doh forget d doubles. It have more to that

  • Chiggins
    Chiggins Hour ago

    Lol they just sound like a rich frat

  • Clumsy Kid
    Clumsy Kid Hour ago


  • Michael Maughan
    Michael Maughan Hour ago

    Poor people: likes this video Rich people: like this comment 👇

  • Rohit Gilhotra
    Rohit Gilhotra Hour ago


  • waqar vickey
    waqar vickey Hour ago

    If you want to learn urdu/hindi call 03208468765 you can learn urdu by local teachers

  • Diversity
    Diversity 2 hours ago

    Please make a biography detailed video about Justin Bieber and how he became famous and wealthy! Thanks in advance Alux💎🙏❤🏆

  • mazin Dablouk
    mazin Dablouk 2 hours ago

    I am islam

  • Yeremiah Angeles
    Yeremiah Angeles 2 hours ago

    He wasn't white...

  • Andre walker
    Andre walker 2 hours ago


  • Simamnkele Pilo
    Simamnkele Pilo 2 hours ago

    must be nice

  • danayde fernandez
    danayde fernandez 2 hours ago

    Any fundraiser to help those in needs

  • Manuel Miklo
    Manuel Miklo 2 hours ago

    Turn the handy on my like..ich stehe immer kopf..haha

  • Ata-Ayite Hunlede
    Ata-Ayite Hunlede 2 hours ago

    Define, Design, Discover, Dream, Destiny. "When you dream, dream big, as big as the Ocean. Because dreams can come true. When you dream, dream big." I recommend to all aluxers to listen to this wonderful country music. Thanks once again You are awesome keep it up your great educational job. 👍👌🙏

  • Rachel Toler
    Rachel Toler 2 hours ago

    I see fire and happier.

  • Tinicia Young
    Tinicia Young 2 hours ago

    Power couple!

  • Israel abel CHIMAZIE


  • Tinicia Young
    Tinicia Young 2 hours ago

    ❤❤❤❤ Loved loved loved this vid. Great info. Thank you

  • Jrysugar A
    Jrysugar A 3 hours ago


  • Aqmal Nazzim
    Aqmal Nazzim 3 hours ago

    look , we can received criticism to learn from our mistakes , but ur criticism + bad talk about us , no no no that's bad things u know

  • Diversity
    Diversity 3 hours ago

    The best song that I like from Elton John is "Sacrifice"

  • Jesse Longstreet
    Jesse Longstreet 3 hours ago


  • sayed basha
    sayed basha 3 hours ago

    Me FUTURE BILLIONAIRE sounds good

  • Boris Gutierrez
    Boris Gutierrez 3 hours ago


  • Robert Brewster
    Robert Brewster 3 hours ago

    READY! Selling a product sounds easy and lucrative. I’m going to invest in that venture next😀👍

  • warner jones
    warner jones 3 hours ago

    Not many African empires....Egypt is in Africa

    GIDEON MACHARIA 3 hours ago


  • Diversity
    Diversity 3 hours ago

    Awesome like always!!!

  • Nilija Burnett
    Nilija Burnett 3 hours ago


  • Makanga Derrick
    Makanga Derrick 3 hours ago


  • Tony Theunderdogg
    Tony Theunderdogg 3 hours ago


  • RespirArtes
    RespirArtes 3 hours ago

    Proud of been an aluxer and been able to face faillures by reminding myself the reason why I do everything I do through meditation thanks to Mindmastery.

  • Hatwib Han Ngoy
    Hatwib Han Ngoy 3 hours ago

    1. If u stop working u won't go broke 2. Earing 1M a year u think is nothing 3.u don't feel stuck 4.u are confident that u can start over again 5.u are not motivated by money alone 6.u are preciate food for taste and traditional 7.u don't look at menu anymore 8.u don't need to show off your wealth 9.u understand art and why it cost expensive 10.u actually understand tax and optimize it 11.u have a mentor 12.u have multiple streams of income 13.u never worry about Bills 14. U have a business keeps u at night 15.u are happy 😊

  • Rising India
    Rising India 4 hours ago

    Pakistan means :The safe Land for the Terrorist.

  • Case Squirrel
    Case Squirrel 4 hours ago

    I am and I will continue making an impact! 😎😉

  • Utkarsh
    Utkarsh 4 hours ago

    BIASED REVIEW 4sure :(🤬

  • shah shah
    shah shah 4 hours ago

    Ur voice is so sexy ,one very beneficial point!!

  • vishal jaravta
    vishal jaravta 4 hours ago

    What the fuck. You made a whole video on Ed Sheeran without mentioning Shape of You. Its like you are telling the story of Michael Jackson without mentioning his Moon walk

  • MRah
    MRah 4 hours ago

    Came here hoping she'd reveal who she was. Leaving disappointed as the answer wasn't provided.

  • Damiano Pernigo
    Damiano Pernigo 4 hours ago

    Who the fuck care

  • M S
    M S 4 hours ago

    If you get a masters or phd or medical degree after psych, you can become a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist. How the fuck is that useless? I believe the degree of the person who made this video is pretty useless since all he/she does is try to refute a whole discipline. Pathetic... I'm sure Freud/Lacan/Jung would despise you little person

  • Aprajita Singh
    Aprajita Singh 4 hours ago


  • Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham 4 hours ago

    I wish you all the beginning of the week full of energy and happiness

  • Tinicia Young
    Tinicia Young 4 hours ago

    Excellent video. Thank you

  • Woofie Dog
    Woofie Dog 4 hours ago

    The secret of social success is to manage your own expectations regarding friendships. If you look to everyone you meet as being a potential good, true friend you can bear all to, you are going to be disappointed. That's never going to happen. It's better to categorise those you have met, know and know well into groups: (1) acquaintances, those you've been introduced to but don't have any kind of relationship with - chat seems to be mainly polite, superficial and always non-personal or non-threatening (2) those friends you just hang out with in your spare time. These friends are easy to make. They are people you meet up with due to a common interest - it's just a way of not being alone - not because you will bond or become best buddies or divulge deep dark secrets with (although it may develop like that with some). Meetup groups based around a theme are for these types of friendships. (3) Light closer friends - these are people you share some personal stuff with with, but nothing that too risky or deeply personal that it could be used against you. The relationship feels more transactional and in the moment based on who you are and where you're at now than anything else and may also include some elements from (2) as well. They are not usually lifelong friends because they, like you, may distance from each other when you move on geographically or with status differentials (4) Those who are more like family you like - these are your true friends on your lifelong journey. You can be as vulnerable as you want and they will do the same with you. It would take a serious betrayal to bust you apart and even if you don't see each other for ages you feel as though you only met yesterday when you do - you just pick up from where you left off. There is another category that may not be relevant to you: (5) church congregation members and church leaders. If, like me, you are a Christian and belong to a church family or congregation you feel at home in, you will have and form certain relationships within the church with other like-minded believers that transcend all elements of (1-4) with some people there being more prone to belonging to one category than another but, bearing in mind that those who fit into (4) are just as likely to be acting in an official capacity not just a personal one and so the relationship will dissolve if you leave the church or even the congregation to go to another in the same church. Jesus, though, will always be category (5) at least and (6) too - real family (7) saviour. There is no loneliness when you are are pals with God. That is what being a Christian is about: having a relationship with Jesus and he knows every hair on your head - so no superficial chit chat with him or betrayal or being let down - even if you do it countless times with him. He's perfect; you're not.

  • Mr. Thanos
    Mr. Thanos 4 hours ago

    Rolex collector

  • Tab Blu
    Tab Blu 4 hours ago

    ...... Rich People do the same

  • One and a Half men A K

  • Jaguar Gaming
    Jaguar Gaming 4 hours ago

    I'm in

  • Ruben angel Centman
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  • Ruben angel Centman
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  • Ruben angel Centman
    Ruben angel Centman 4 hours ago


  • MelP3121
    MelP3121 4 hours ago

    Portifino! 😀

  • Ruben angel Centman
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  • Ruben angel Centman
    Ruben angel Centman 4 hours ago

    🖕 alux

  • Ruben angel Centman
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  • Romit Banerjee
    Romit Banerjee 4 hours ago

    All of his songsssss!!!!!

  • Boris Cousin
    Boris Cousin 4 hours ago


  • tiati ali
    tiati ali 4 hours ago

    Thank s Alux. You have made failure look so beautiful. I think although we all want to succeed we should remain ever consious that failure a natural path to betterment, it is a fuel for the process of success if we fuel the right engine

  • Siad Barre
    Siad Barre 5 hours ago

    Gunther is a original🤣

  • Vineeth shetty
    Vineeth shetty 5 hours ago


  • Mark Houck
    Mark Houck 5 hours ago

    OMG - Is Agenda 21 True? ... Educate Yourself ...

  • shaishai778
    shaishai778 5 hours ago


  • arnav singh
    arnav singh 5 hours ago

    wrong comparison

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad 5 hours ago

    I must reduce taking sugar, salt and oil. I will take more salad. natural fruit, I must stop staying late night and delay wake up. When ever find a chance. I must take physical exercise. I must use my energy time, money properly. I must understand the beauty of silence. I must let go past. I must plan and try to improve every day. I must love my parent's with out any gap starting right now. I must believe that I can direct my life flow and well being.

  • Sheikh Sultan
    Sheikh Sultan 5 hours ago

    Alux am your fan but this vedio sucks as it's so biased

  • Bernardo Pinto
    Bernardo Pinto 5 hours ago


  • Y 20
    Y 20 5 hours ago

    I don't want to all, I'm going to have it all

  • Deborah Tonga
    Deborah Tonga 5 hours ago


  • Mugdha Tewari
    Mugdha Tewari 5 hours ago

    Tbh, the title is misleading... These degrees are not necessarily useless... Just difficult, because the rely more on the talent and not just theory and book knowledge. And tbh, everything will be useless if you don't have the skill for it and if you don't work on it.

  • Ave LWH
    Ave LWH 5 hours ago


  • Ann McNeal
    Ann McNeal 5 hours ago


  • DragonFire2042
    DragonFire2042 5 hours ago

    This video is so off that it makes me mad. These prices on almost every shoe are wrong. You can but the ovo 12s for like $800 or the red October’s for $5000

  • inox1ck
    inox1ck 5 hours ago

    Carameldansen, ikea, Pewdiepie and minecraft are all Swedish

  • Akeela Ho
    Akeela Ho 5 hours ago

    20 years old

  • Jacquie & Jackie Lynn

    2 funny, as a Torontonian, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT! BELIEVE THIS SHIT!!!!

  • Octavio12341000
    Octavio12341000 5 hours ago

    Next one: Bruno Mars

  • khaalid jr
    khaalid jr 5 hours ago

    SOMALIA is my country 💪🔥 🏰 🏰 🏰

  • The 5th Alpha
    The 5th Alpha 5 hours ago

    see you at the top

  • Varun Gaddam
    Varun Gaddam 5 hours ago

    4 out of 10 are from India And 2 of them are from Hyderabad

  • Bundelkhandi Android gamer

    196. India

  • milan chauhan
    milan chauhan 5 hours ago

    Indian please

  • Xavier Carrillo
    Xavier Carrillo 5 hours ago