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13 Mysterious Moon Facts!
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What If The Sun Disappeared?
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  • dot reed
    dot reed 24 minutes ago

    Wheres Grey fam at in 2019

  • Karl Kristopher
    Karl Kristopher Hour ago

    Were all the gas giants created by Uranus?

  • Arijit Paul
    Arijit Paul Hour ago

    Mars, ? How to tackle the gravity?

  • Protector K9
    Protector K9 Hour ago

    Give machines there own planet where they can evolve freely. Eventually they will be so smart that we will be like ants. But always god

  • Laurie Morin
    Laurie Morin 2 hours ago

    I have like a golden green eyes and it was never on the video it's strange but I think they are unique

  • BowieFan IAMIAM
    BowieFan IAMIAM 3 hours ago

    If most of the research done about space is theoretical, then chances are the scientists are gonna get a lot of stuff wrong. Figures!

  • SMD sth91
    SMD sth91 4 hours ago

    What would it be like if Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were also Rocky Planets just like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars?

  • vDarkness Falls
    vDarkness Falls 4 hours ago

    Best thing you can do, is hit the "Don't recommend channel" button for anything mainstream science related. Einstein was a fuzzy haired crackpot. Nikola Tesla got that right too.

  • ThyKingdomComeOnEarth

    Pseudo-Scientists say we have "other planets" in "outer space" The Creator says;

  • S.D.C.
    S.D.C. 5 hours ago

    So the machines are gonna replace us and take our jerbs

  • Damien Johnson
    Damien Johnson 7 hours ago

    I want to go

  • Duckling Chuckling
    Duckling Chuckling 7 hours ago

    Maybe we already started colonizing lol

  • JAMES! Since the 70's

    Did juno Jupiter had a core?

  • Duke's LR
    Duke's LR 8 hours ago

    After Mars...will go in new solar system, new galaxy expending life to the infinity...🙃🙂✨

  • Walter Rawleigh
    Walter Rawleigh 8 hours ago

    I heard they've been firing huge megaton nuclear missiles into it to try and get it to ignite

  • Advan Selimi
    Advan Selimi 8 hours ago

    This seeking is useless since weare the only human species for a fact that we cant go beyound a certain point of out atmosphere.

  • mark jones
    mark jones 8 hours ago

    I would like to suggest some possibilities. Jupiter is in fact a giant cosmic egg, containing a trible (ie XXXXXXL fuzzy core). "Climate change" is happening on a galactic scale, caused by the central black hole. Jupiter will burst into flames and become our 2nd sun, a binary system. This in turn will facilitate the destruction of our world as we know it, by the chaotically swinging (and sometimes trembling) hand of equally empowered, male and female human's limitless imagination… {Posthypnotic suggestion} {You will interpret the foregoing message in accordance with your own consciousness and preceived reality}

  • John Dope
    John Dope 9 hours ago

    So is ours

  • NOOKEY69 Hard!!
    NOOKEY69 Hard!! 9 hours ago

    This is total BULLSHIT, they don't know what the core is made of!! Lat a long what's happening to it!!!!

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 10 hours ago

    Burned Up In The ATMOSPHERE safely??? *Imagine a space spore that eats hydrogen in the galaxy, and pooping out CARBON.!!* BY YOUR BURN UP METHOD.... The Spore inert in space to RADIATION and HEAT aka Fire... in 2 million years a carbon gas giant... hydrogen eaten, carbon pooped out.... A bio Weapon of an Alien Race.... See Aliens franchise

  • NickyMinajAtVEVO
    NickyMinajAtVEVO 10 hours ago

    41 years? No its 21 confirmed by National Geographic

  • Rus Clay
    Rus Clay 10 hours ago

    Urg. Please try not to use the phrase Not unlike. That's phrase is not unlike super confusing and it's not unlike overly redundant, like your videos are not unlike good. You can use similar, the same or even just like. Now I've spent so much time making a comment that I didn't even hear or see your video. You make good videos and you're one of my favorite channels but I don't know if I can watch this video again because of the not unlike phrases. Thanks anyway.

  • Lina Umpierre
    Lina Umpierre 11 hours ago

    Believe it or not, on Jupiter rains diamonds and liquid ammonia.

  • David Potter
    David Potter 11 hours ago

    You sound like a pessimist! Ever heard of SpaceX?

  • BigBoss
    BigBoss 11 hours ago

    wait i heard you say it could happen but the video says it will happen so i would say this is all predicted and not proven

  • 3D Texan
    3D Texan 11 hours ago

    Here we go again. Global warming caused by humans.

  • it's life Z
    it's life Z 12 hours ago

    I wanna go to mare's take me

  • Chino Villanueva
    Chino Villanueva 12 hours ago

    For future videos, can you please fix/lower the volume on the backround music? I was really interested on what was being said in the video but Unfortunately i could hardly make out what was being said without the subtitles....

  • mohamed zubair
    mohamed zubair 12 hours ago

    Core melting.. to where ... To surface are to some

  • SK Bean
    SK Bean 12 hours ago

    - Not even a single citation, what is it ? A Science clickbait ? - Your argument / hypothesis just doesn't make sense. This half baked idea went against all the laws I learnt in secondary school with too loud epic background music. - Well, at least you have a good thumnail image.

    IMTHEBIGGESTCUNT 12 hours ago

    I haven’t eaten chocolate in the last 18 years. I don’t miss it. Honestly. I don’t even remember the last bit of chocolate I ate. Maybe I should?

    HYPE PLANET 13 hours ago

    Most definitely won’t be on mars until like 100 or so years 😂

    • bllllood
      bllllood 2 hours ago

      questionnable...they already have spaceships which is suppose to be top secret stuff... they're just editing their videos to remove them from sight so civilians dont know nothing when they're displaying what they're doing.....and there a lot more stuff they're hiding from the public

  • Gebzi Lebzi
    Gebzi Lebzi 13 hours ago

    thinking to far, THIS VIDEO WASNT EVEN PUBLISHED 2019

  • Stephen Weston
    Stephen Weston 13 hours ago

    You people are big dreamers. Just a lot of hypothetical thought and CGI. Where are the real photos of space and mass objects? I have never seen any proof? I’m stuck on the earth prison for the rest of my life, and the money spent sending more junk into space could improve our lives on earth instead of creating fantasy! Let’s fix our earth first,then we can try to go “out there” .

  • Vegas Sims
    Vegas Sims 13 hours ago

    NO, I would pass on Mars, living there. Mars is so inhospitable to life that the newness of the trip there would wear off quite quickly. Everything from traveling, food and water is an everyday worry and I think that would get old very quick for many people.

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters 14 hours ago

    Just a thought what if Mars was a waterworld,And it went dry.

  • yathin krishna
    yathin krishna 14 hours ago

    I think the life was reciprocating back and forth in earth and Mars and this cycle continues for ever.

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 14 hours ago

    My date asked me wat video i was watching. I said nothing. I just wanna know interesting stuff about Uranus. I got slapped really hard.

  • rsinfelt1
    rsinfelt1 14 hours ago

    This is like space travel for dummies.

  • Damarys Dingui
    Damarys Dingui 15 hours ago

    Aww, I think I'm going to flunk on Insane Curiosity science class..😩 Because most of the time I'm late, but I make sure to watch your outstanding contents so I can keep up with the good information you always provided..😊 Thank you, Professor IC for another interesting content about planet Mars.. And I still don't want to go there..😒😝😁💖

    • None Yobiz
      None Yobiz 8 hours ago

      I'll pay for your ticket if we fly together

  • William Yin
    William Yin 15 hours ago

    The most favored ones in US? You should get your titles right. It’s confusing.

  • FaultlessSky 80
    FaultlessSky 80 18 hours ago

    Great video! Thank you!

  • Roger Barrera
    Roger Barrera 19 hours ago

    Not likely several reasons why no.#1 the temp.on titan is -290°F day or night. No.2. The distance is approx.746 million miles from earth at its closest you better have a fusion ion drive system to get you there in just about a year or maybe the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen methane & some hydrogen & any liquids there would be composed of liquid natural gas not exactly a nice place to call home suddenly Mars doesn't look so bad but as the old saying goes there's no place like home by that i mean earth & every planet or moon in our system is totally inhospitable to life as we know it especially for humans.need I say more.

  • Ruel Villanueva
    Ruel Villanueva 19 hours ago

    A million years from now. So dont be bother you will not be affected by it. On your entire life.

  • Claude Lamontagne
    Claude Lamontagne 19 hours ago

    #9 no #8 no #7 maybe #6 possibility #5 nobody knows that #4 no, vertical farming will solve the problem #3 no, medical progress will prevail #2 possibility #1 that is a no brainer.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 19 hours ago


  • Robert Huston
    Robert Huston 19 hours ago

    4 4th 16-12-1-14-20.

  • Rey Mark Remapillo
    Rey Mark Remapillo 19 hours ago

    Colonizing other places that will be the greatest adventure of all

  • jimmy chizzel
    jimmy chizzel 20 hours ago

    So, it's not that it melting, as your title suggests, but that scientists were wrong about it having a solid core. Nice save though saying that fact doesn't mean it's not melting though. SMH.

  • Triassic
    Triassic 20 hours ago


  • Shaun Jones
    Shaun Jones 21 hour ago

    Will.happen is a bit positive i do think musk will have a good go probably will get there the fusion as been a problem since the beginning unstable global warming bullshit the sun and earth orbital position is the reason for climate change just like tge change in seasons only in four hundred thousand plus years scale considering people cant get the fkin weather right most of the time i wouldn't bet on any of them only musk mars mission happening and space rock could the funny how when i was growing up the ozone layer was going to fail in 8y the ice caps gone in 5 bla bla bla not one bit of factual evidence only the word of bent who get payed lots to fake reports for the scaremonger elite

  • Always Random
    Always Random 21 hour ago

    I believe Jupiter will become a dwarf star. Just not in our life time. And when Jupiter ignites, it's going to muckle everything up. Jupiter is a protector and destroyer. If you look at it, once Jupiter ignites, our solar system will be flung apart. I had a dream. This earth will die in 2040.

  • Peter Goettler
    Peter Goettler 22 hours ago

    Cool! Thanks.

  • Chris Griffith
    Chris Griffith 22 hours ago

    Stop making videos about scientific things for which you have no background for, you do not understand the scientific method, that is obvious. Even I, as a enthusiast, know that any planet past a specific mass, cannot have a solid core. Pressure and physics just don't support the idea. You suggest that Jupiter, a planet easily 318 times as massive as Earth, can have a solid core, AND that scientists would be surprised to find evidence to the contrary? Have you lost your mind? We can't send a probe into Jupiter further than a hundred miles before it melts from the pressures... And for the planet to SHRINK and become a "brown dwarf", Jupiter would need to gain 15 times *FIFTEEN TIMES* its current mass. Scientist aren't surprised at all. Scientist are not wrong when they admit they aren't sure about something, (that is meaning behind a hypothesis) Do not speak for others. You sir, are not very wise to what science IS. I am guessing you screen your comments, there are shockingly few of them, for the crap you have said in the video. I am surprised you have not disabled them entirely...

  • michael lemay
    michael lemay Day ago

    hmm.... i highly doubt this is actually happening to Jupiters core but it was a good video.

  • Steven Defeo
    Steven Defeo Day ago

    The biggest threat that could ever happen is “ The Big Crunch” The entire universe collapsing on itself

    • 66ALicEiNCHaiNS06
      66ALicEiNCHaiNS06 5 hours ago

      Ive learned a theory thats how the big bang theory happaned the universe collapses and expandes every so trillions of years lol

  • ANCHOR440
    ANCHOR440 Day ago

    What's with the music practically drowning out the narrator. Stop.

  • David Brown
    David Brown Day ago

    I hate the music in the background.

  • Pascal Fortin
    Pascal Fortin Day ago

    what do you mean some think it came from our planet

  • madnozz
    madnozz Day ago

    nice video but very high noise from background music.

  • J CityTV
    J CityTV Day ago

    My eyes are chestnut brown

  • Macleata Kirkwood

    Left eye brown right eye dark brown

    JO RION Day ago


  • Gerardo Valdez

    I thought it was a gas planet 😱

  • Zev Patel
    Zev Patel Day ago

    9:27 What is shanaan, isn't that the North Indian flatbread you can get at restaurants?

  • Zev Patel
    Zev Patel Day ago

    Ah yes, my favorite mangaka, Eiji Aonuma. Some of his best works include One piece, Ocarina of time, and Breath of the wild.

  • night driver
    night driver Day ago

    I missed the part where that’s my problem

  • The Knave
    The Knave Day ago

    /smh. AGW climate change is a religion. When you aren't allowed to question it, it is no longer science. ;)

    • Poppy L
      Poppy L 5 hours ago

      What is AGW? And I agree with you. We can’t question anything when it comes to Antarctica

  • Cherie Lilly
    Cherie Lilly Day ago

    I have blue green eyes

  • haiku spirit
    haiku spirit Day ago

    Wasn't Jupiter a failed star ? Most star systems are binary .

  • everlongs
    everlongs Day ago

    It’s a gassy planet.

  • Sérgio Bastos

    Human race behaves like a vírus, we deserve extintion!

  • mehmet ramadan

    I think we should colonise the moon first. A longer time scale would be more sensible

  • lorenzo villarreal

    the mars will lot visit in mars she dies how have in nuclear all mars in wolrd good bye have no foods

  • NovorSec
    NovorSec Day ago

    Seeing how far it is from our life span, show us how minuscule and pathetic our life span is, just like insects needing decades of life

  • hillock10
    hillock10 Day ago

    Anyone who fantasizes about going to mars must read the book, "NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!!" Although entertaining, this novel presents solid scientific info. (in the end) rebutting the folly of human survival on Mars. The book is a first place winner in the 2019 Readers' Favorite National Competition in the Tall Tale category.

  • Real M
    Real M Day ago

    Our scientists keep being almost 100% wrong regarding even our closest planets and objects (comets). NO, comets are NOT icy dirtballs but 100% rocky bodies. But up until they are proven wrong, they keep telling us all this as "settled science", as if there is no way they can be wrong. Their math is infallible. Until it is.

    • vDarkness Falls
      vDarkness Falls 4 hours ago

      Not only Rocky bodies, but ELECTRICALLY charged Rocky bodies.

  • Denny
    Denny Day ago

    1:30 is that an apple wireless keyboard?

  • Redcoat‘s Return

    I will be exactly 100 years old by they take pensioners? 😉

  • tracey Stephens

    Its core cant die LOL, It just changed from a solid to a liquid gas core ( possibly plasma). But anyway the enormous mass it has will always keep the planet together and its moons in orbit. The only thing that can shatter Jupiter like any other planet is a massive object colliding with it at high speed. For Jupiter, it has to be a very large object with a lot of mass

  • Ant Hill
    Ant Hill Day ago

    Wtf, the sun is white? That was the most informative peace of info on this whole video, now that's something new

  • Hakim Y
    Hakim Y Day ago

    Will I thank that it will be like mars but with no Atmosphere

  • gojitmal1978
    gojitmal1978 Day ago

    Excuse me I didn't say I want to see your anus tonight...I wanted to see Uranus

  • Brendon Gillanders

    Music overpowers the narrators voice. Best to tone it down.

  • Charles Rablin
    Charles Rablin 2 days ago

    Wouldn't put too much faith in climate change predictions they all need to be revised.

  • Matt Chan
    Matt Chan 2 days ago

    Fcking delusional idiots......

  • Kenneth Marsh
    Kenneth Marsh 2 days ago

    Well if the cote dose go away what it might do then is colapse on its self and maybe ignite and turn into a small sun then what would that do to earth

  • Patti Franse
    Patti Franse 2 days ago

    Green eyes are the best greensquad

  • Ray Miller
    Ray Miller 2 days ago

    I remember seeing hailey's commit when I was 9 years old.

  • Jermaine Shields
    Jermaine Shields 2 days ago

    I have one green eye, my other eye is about 30% blue 70% green

  • Rickey Harris
    Rickey Harris 2 days ago

    So our global warming problem has gone intrasolar? Must mean our sun is causing our planet, along with others in our system, too heat up. Makes more sense I guess than the .03% affect man has had on the climate. must be more negligible than has been pushed by MSM. Go figure that. Main stream full of shit!? No way...

    • mark jones
      mark jones 8 hours ago

      To expound upon your solar system wide climate change caused by the/our sun. What if it is something beyond our solar system, like maybe a black hole at the center of our galaxy that is facilitating these changes? Maybe…

  • Binod poudel
    Binod poudel 2 days ago

    I heard elon created moon and making money out of it.

  • Doomsday Debunked
    Doomsday Debunked 2 days ago

    Can't harm us in any way. It's just a new theory about its core not a new thing happening. Its core doesn't suddenly melt because someone was able to send a spacecraft there to study it to notice that it has a liquid core. Then - even if it was possible for its core to melt that makes no difference either. Its moons are held in by its gravity and that is the same whether its core is solid or liquid or whatever happens in its core, it's the same mass and has the same attractive effect on its moons. The other planets are only affected by gravitational attraction. The chemistry -and temperature and whether the core is liquid or solid or even if it could be somehow compactified to the density of a neutron star - it would make no difference to us. That is just someone making stuff up not based on any research. And there is nothing here about the core suddenly changing anyway - the video suggests that is wsha tit is about but it's not. It's about scientists changing their theories. The core doesn't melt suddenly because someone works out it is liquid. If it is, it always was, at least over the timescale of millions of years, but likely over billions of years since formation - normally as they cool down the liquid will solidify rathe rthan the other way around.

    • Nannunbgd
      Nannunbgd 7 hours ago

      Cant harm? Is our shield from space! I think... If is change to a sun or black hole?

    • wolfiewolfie69
      wolfiewolfie69 19 hours ago

      Agree. Considering the mass of Jupiter is just over 300 times that of Earth, and assuming that would mean more pressure and therefore heat at the core, shouldn't a liquid core have been the first assumption anyway? There's probably several other factors involved that I'm unaware of...

      GURTEG SINGH Day ago


    • Mike Smith
      Mike Smith Day ago

      I feel better. I was inconsolable for a split second.

  • Bear The Goldador
    Bear The Goldador 2 days ago

    My eyes are almost black but when I’m in the light it turns kinda light browm

  • Reicher Reinhardt Von kesselring

    If you're living in a colony called Hadley's hope and you get a message to investigate a derelict alien ship !!!note to self!!! DON'T GO!!!

  • Reicher Reinhardt Von kesselring

    "Human race"😂 no such thing.

  • Scott Diamond
    Scott Diamond 2 days ago

    Pink Floyd doesn't have a song titled "The Dark Side of the Moon".

  • God 2
    God 2 2 days ago

    It makes sense that women’s brains are more complex and thickly wired since estrogen is an antioxidant thats serving us since the beginning of time while men’s brains decay with age, women rarely have that problem. Female heads are smaller and pointed because their brain is better wired and just doesn’t need as much space anymore as it does for men. We probably surpassed men a long time ago in things like emotions and stuff, it’s even naturally explainable, women are in a sense better off in terms of natural selection, so buckle up bois

  • Shaun Banda
    Shaun Banda 2 days ago

    As much as I loved the video I was appalled at the mass hysteria it could incite otherwise fun vid mate !! Cheers

  • Gary Letscher
    Gary Letscher 2 days ago

    There is not going to be a 2050. None of you understand that if the Democrats go ahead with having no border, millions upon millions of Muslims are going to enter America and within 5 to 10 years will take over the government with all our nuclear codes and when Russia and China will not bow down to Islam the bombs will fly ending mankind. And by the way the cheating Democrats will take full power back , if not in 2020, there is ABSOLUTELY no doubt they will in 2024