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  • Kirsty Fraser
    Kirsty Fraser 21 hour ago


  • Kirsty Fraser
    Kirsty Fraser 21 hour ago

    Belle as Snow White Beauty and the Beast Beast as Prince Charming Beauty and the Beast Maria as The Evil Queen The Sound of Music Anna the King as The Old Hags The King And I Kari Mckeen as Doc Jack Jack Attack Babysitter as Grumpy Jack Jack Attack Milk as Happy Jack Jack Attack Triangle as Bashful Jack Jack Attack Campfire as Sneezy Jack Jack Attack Mr Parr as Dopey Jack Jack Attack Dog as Deer Lady and the Tramp

  • Kirsty Fraser
    Kirsty Fraser 21 hour ago

    Belle White and the Seven Jack Jack Attack

  • Liana Soares
    Liana Soares 11 days ago

    I love the Mozart. ❤️

  • Liana Soares
    Liana Soares 11 days ago

    Out of the whole family, Jack-Jack has the best powers.

  • Oliver Mulligan
    Oliver Mulligan Month ago

    3:04 Wait a minute. In the Incredibles 2, Jack-Jack had green lasers, not blue.

  • Peyton W
    Peyton W 3 months ago

    LOL! Set the speed to 0.75 and watch 3:12-3:18

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin 7 months ago

    slow down to 0.75 for those wondering

  • Keith Norman
    Keith Norman 7 months ago

    At 0:17 that’s the music from the beginning of Jonny Quest episodes

  • Matthew Guillén
    Matthew Guillén 9 months ago

    At 0:16 , Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUNNN!!!!

  • Santiago Rodriguez
    Santiago Rodriguez 10 months ago

    4:29 Dadda

  • Ghost McGhost.
    Ghost McGhost. 10 months ago

    His name is rick dicker. No wonder he wipes people's memories.

  • Spaghetti Yeti
    Spaghetti Yeti 10 months ago

    I love her face when she meets Syndrome.

  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 10 months ago

    RW:Wading a big "BS" which in terms and acronym forms means Bull Shit.

  • Santiago Rodriguez
    Santiago Rodriguez 11 months ago

    4:00 What kind of music is that?

  • Greg Elchert
    Greg Elchert 11 months ago

    Dicker is implied to have been working with supers for many years - he probably HAS sat for an exploding baby.

  • Musa Karriem
    Musa Karriem Year ago

    I can't wait for him to grow up. Can you imagine a rebellious teen with that many powers?

  • Anna Harrell
    Anna Harrell Year ago

    I just heard about this!!! How did I not know about this??? It's sooo good oh my goodness!!!!

  • MaxFranklinVlogs

    Walking around with a BS initial is a BAD idea. Even though he means "Babysitter" but it's misinterpreted as "Bullshit" 😂😂😂

  • MaxFranklinVlogs


  • Ángel EM
    Ángel EM Year ago

    Can someone explain to me how the hell Dicker NEVER told the Incredibles about how their baby also had powers? How is it that none of them wondered what happened to Kari?

  • Ethan Black
    Ethan Black Year ago

    Gotta give her props for staying, wow!

  • kadija m
    kadija m Year ago

    mozart really gets him going

  • Anand Nidamanuru

    Waiting for Marvel & DC together Vs Jack-Jack

  • JulzWuzHere 4Now

    BS Means Bachelor Of Science.

  • Duesal Bladesinger

    She is the best baby sitter on the planet.

  • Margo Channing
    Margo Channing Year ago

    As a kid, I remember being really scared of the opening and ending music to this short.

  • Neon Link
    Neon Link Year ago

    No point living in that home anymore. This baby went from happy dude to Satan reborn. And now fucking music starts booming as if we were watching Casino again. 7/10: “Needed more explosions”

  • levii bro
    levii bro Year ago

    H0lY SHIT 0_0 Illuminati confirmed for the incredibles

  • meredith mccarthy

    Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Edition Dvd

  • Elsa Elise
    Elsa Elise Year ago

    When I was 11, I would babysit kids ages 9, 5, and 1. The oldest and youngest were girls, the 5yr old was a boy. They were brats. I would babysit for 2-3 hours. And got paid 5$. One day, the two younger kids had a doctor's appt. so I was alone with the 9yr old girl. We were watching some kids show, when she left and came back a few minutes later with some strange stuff: a kid-sized classroom chair, hair ribbons, a bandanna, and her moms bikini, but all I could see was the chair, because the rest was in a backpack. (remember she was only a freakin NINE YEAR OLD...) and said "can you tie me up?" My response was obviously no. So she asked me if she could tie ME up. I said "ok...?" Not knowing what she was up to. She left and came back wearing her swimsuit, and told me to put on her moms bikini. I said I didn't want her to get in trouble, but she said she would just wash the bikini and said her mom would never know. I was pretty scared at why in the first place a nine year old would want me to put on a bikini, and at the time I didn't know what sex was or ANYTHING about anything, if you know what I mean. So I decided maybe I should go along with it, cause I (stupidly) thought she could get me fired or in trouble if I didn't do what she wanted. So I put on the bikini, and came back. She told me to put the bandanna on like a blind fold, and to sit in the chair. I did so. She proceeded to tie my hands and ankles to the chair, but she put the ribbons in bows so I could easily get myself out if needed. Ok this is really awkward to say, but read at your own will... She said she watched an "educational video" on how to "do this". So now I wasn't just playing along, (hehe) and I was getting super wet, tho I didn't know why. She slipped the bikini bottom of, and * gulp...* slithered her tung around... And got me to orgasam eventually. Lets just say we did that at least 7 times after that, and she introduced me to porn. That kid in part screwed up my future

  • Dead _Cacti
    Dead _Cacti Year ago

    1:41 having sex for the first time

  • Heather Sparks
    Heather Sparks Year ago

    I have incredibles 1 on dvd and it came with this but I lost the disc for jack jack attack so I have to deal with this

  • Abby Broadbent
    Abby Broadbent Year ago

    my favorite part is that dies irae is playing at the end, which is one of the only minor pieces mozart ever written. So it starts with a light sonatina only to progress in the wrath of god

  • Tess Crelli
    Tess Crelli Year ago

    ...aaaand Syndrome didn't even suspect the baby had powers, even when the baby was foisted upon him by a desperate, singed, and slightly unbalanced sitter who looked like she'd gone to hell and back.

    • Forgiven Sinner
      Forgiven Sinner Year ago

      Syndrome was single-mindedly focused on his goal of kidnapping the baby. With his zeropoint energy beam, he doesn't fear any superhero. However, I think Jack Jack's teleport would get him out of it.

  • Fiona lover 2.0 gaming

    # L.O.L this is hilarious XD wow fam I am laughing my butt off so hard

  • ZenakuShinigami
    ZenakuShinigami Year ago

    Id have kari as my kids babysitter. Stays wide awake the whole night Made sure the baby was safe at all times And probably only got paid 10 dollars

  • The boy Wonder
    The boy Wonder Year ago

    I love how Mr.Decker just casually erases her mind, really shows how long he's been doing it

    • Marcus Cheng
      Marcus Cheng Year ago

      The boy Wonder He went too far with Tony! Dicker deserves to be Dickass for screwing Violet

  • Barry Stonefish
    Barry Stonefish Year ago

    Looks like I gotta keep that Mozart music from my brother

  • Nova Studios
    Nova Studios Year ago


  • Ben Riley
    Ben Riley Year ago

    My right ear thought this was hilarious

  • Sentinel Animates

    Omg my new ship! 3:10

  • SerpentGaming25 - SG25

    Syndrome is still ALIVE?!

    • SerpentGaming25 - SG25
      SerpentGaming25 - SG25 Year ago

      Alexa Boxler ik i was going to delete the comment when I found that out

    • Alexa Boxler
      Alexa Boxler Year ago

      SerpentGaming25 #sg25 This was the scene right before he tried to kidnap Jack Jack

  • hanif AR
    hanif AR Year ago

    Kari need more praise , love , and obviously gettin' paid :'(

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne Year ago


  • Super Mario Ortiz 4648

    3:04 his lazer vision is blue but in the incredible 2 he has green

  • Conner Lee
    Conner Lee Year ago

    I kinda want a movie about how syndrome got to where he was

  • Conner Lee
    Conner Lee Year ago

    3:27 My god I get it now

  • Marshmallow-with-a-sweater No. 1

    In the incredibles 2 his lasers are green now.

  • Galactic Empire
    Galactic Empire Year ago

    BS Bullshit!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shayde
    Shayde Year ago

    Did anyone else find the part when she got hit with the memory eraser feel a bit unnerving?..

    • Marcus Cheng
      Marcus Cheng Year ago

      Shadow LLX Yeah. The method was worse with Tony

  • Syracktor
    Syracktor Year ago

    only us real nibbas remember this from our child hoods

  • thekenpoole
    thekenpoole Year ago

    The question becomes who to feel more sorry for, Kari or Mr. Dicker? Consider that Kari looked after Jack-Jack for one night and Mr. Dicker has been 'baby sitting' all the heroes for years while they've been in hiding. No wonder he has that long suffering look on his face most of the time.

  • Sree Prakash
    Sree Prakash Year ago

    Watching this for the first time after watching Incredibles 2. This was 13 years ago!

  • Jannah Lee
    Jannah Lee Year ago

    In the second movie jack jacks laser beams were green, not purple

  • Dark HiAik
    Dark HiAik Year ago

    Mozart the secret to unlocking super powers

  • Mr. Tintin
    Mr. Tintin Year ago

    I'll admit...when I first saw the movie, I thought she was going to be the generic teenage babysitter who only cared about the money. Clearly I was mistaken.

  • Grisel Tellez
    Grisel Tellez Year ago

    Jenny and tai lung baby

  • Mystic
    Mystic Year ago


  • Zofia Alisha
    Zofia Alisha Year ago

    3:05 good reflexes

  • Q_rty ••
    Q_rty •• Year ago

    how is Syndrome still alive?

    • DrewR420
      DrewR420 Year ago

      Was I the only one bummed out by his supposed death?

    • Marcus Cheng
      Marcus Cheng Year ago

      Ian Michæl remember that this is set between the omnidroid fight and Syndrome's presumed final stand

  • Gillian Day
    Gillian Day Year ago

    Cool. A shape-shifting infant

  • TheRubik'sKid
    TheRubik'sKid Year ago

    2:14 Kari was sent by the Illuminati to study Jack Jack, and to help the Illuminati take control of him. Illluminati: Stay right where you are

  • Romoló Potassio

    He would be going with a huge BS lol i cant believe they made that joke!!!

  • Ollie Chick
    Ollie Chick Year ago

    Mono audio 😩

  • Mister Chew
    Mister Chew Year ago

    To her credit, she handled it pretty well given the circumstances and didn't abandon the baby. Well until in her crazed, sleep-deprived brain assumed Syndrome was her replacement.

  • Austin Dickerson

    1:04 Luxo Ball.

  • Lilly Saber
    Lilly Saber Year ago

    Was it the music that made jack jack use his powers??😳

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson Year ago

    I remember watching this repeatedly on the Bonus DVD. I loved it!

  • the dank cringe
    the dank cringe Year ago


  • Angie Reyes
    Angie Reyes Year ago

    I wonder Kari will be in sequel?

    • Marcus Cheng
      Marcus Cheng Year ago

      Angie Reyes no. You can still her and her parents in the abandoned concepts section of I2's artbook

  • Melissa
    Melissa Year ago

    She gon be the villian... mark my words

  • Nico Robin Cosplay-Kigurumi

    so basically a theory is, Jack Jacks powers awakened thanks to Classical Music? Hopefully it'll be revealed in the sequel

  • wizbangIWD
    wizbangIWD Year ago

    Someone forgot to adjust the volume, you should have provided sub titles since you can't hear it. oh well, gotta give this one a thumbs down for lack of volume.

  • MissRJB
    MissRJB Year ago

    At 1:04 you can see the ball from 'Toy Story'

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 Year ago

    I still think the Mozart helped Jack-Jack realise he could do those things, you saw how he looked up when the music started - and after all, "Mozart makes babies smarter!"

    • Greg Elchert
      Greg Elchert Year ago

      "Incredibles 2" seems to confirm this - when Edna needs Jack-Jack to show off a bunch of his powers in quick succession, she puts on Mozart.

    • David W.
      David W. Year ago

      agenttheater5 And then we have the hellish requiem which is also Mozart.

  • xxxCrackerJack501xxx

    She is a REALLY good babysitter, all things considered.

  • Riley Bowman
    Riley Bowman Year ago

    I've changed my mind, I actually want jack jack's powers over all the other characters....

    SQUYAOO Year ago

    why only 360 p

  • Benoni _03
    Benoni _03 Year ago

    2:47 Pixar ball

  • Horrible demon thing


  • Trad’s Reality

    “And a i instead of an I”

  • lydia rupert
    lydia rupert Year ago


  • Peter Crawford
    Peter Crawford Year ago

    Babysitting in a nutshell

  • ayyee_elijah
    ayyee_elijah Year ago

    Whos here again after watching the incredibles 2 teaser

  • MLB_Dinger David7

    Did that lazy thing erase her mind or kill her

    • GUTS 141
      GUTS 141 Year ago

      That thing was mentioned in The Incredibles when Bob threw his boss through 4 walls and ended up in hospital

    • Princess Cheese
      Princess Cheese Year ago

      MLB David7 it erased her memory

  • Yeti Man
    Yeti Man Year ago

    Thanks for this the one in Disney's RU-clip channel is redubbed

  • BloodfelX
    BloodfelX Year ago

    2:57 A bad ass at work. Hopefully she gets a better job next time.

  • Different Leafy
    Different Leafy Year ago

    The best babysitter ever.

  • mrprojoe1
    mrprojoe1 Year ago

    jack-jack is so funny and i would act like jack-jack cause when i was a toddler i would do crazy things all the time

  • InvisibleEnenra
    InvisibleEnenra Year ago

    Jack Jack SMASH

  • Claire McNaughton
    Claire McNaughton 2 years ago


    • GUTS 141
      GUTS 141 Year ago

      Claire McNaughton those were call messages

  • Gillian Day
    Gillian Day 2 years ago

    what a powerful baby

  • myke
    myke 2 years ago

    the audio suck, the quality sucks. fuck u

  • john smith
    john smith 2 years ago

    wait, did Mozart "activate" Jack's abilities? is that what happened?

    • Charalier
      Charalier Year ago

      In the beginning (and in the movie) Karrie was saying how Mozart makes "babies smart", and it helps boost his cognitive learning, and that was a catalyst for Jack-Jack to start going A--WOL with all of his powers.

    • GenericWaffle
      GenericWaffle Year ago

      john smith either that or jack jack’s powers just happened to start developing while the family was gone

  • karlimerz
    karlimerz 2 years ago

    Epic lol

  • Kos or some say Kosm

    You know I only now just noticed, Jack Jack's powers may be based off some of the X-men cast. He can turn into metal like Colossus, teleport like Nightcrawler, burst into flames like Phoenix/Sunspot, eye lasers like cyclops, and turn into a beast like Beast.

    • Forgiven Sinner
      Forgiven Sinner Year ago

      More it's a satire on superheroes in general. Those powers were in the superhero genre before X-men.

    • Red 7 standing by
      Red 7 standing by Year ago

      MinecraftMasterDude Disney owns literally none of those charecters Fox dos

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 2 years ago

    Karie should be the babysitter to the supers. And, she should charge 300 bucks an hour.

  • T.F Gaming // thunder flame gaming

    I'm surprised no one saw the Luxor junior ball when it was day.

  • Edward George
    Edward George 2 years ago

    lmao when i was a kid i thought he killed her with the memory wipe thingy. also, i now finally understand the 'BS' joke XD