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hey panini 👌
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Armed & Dangerous 💀
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Lucid Dreams 😞
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Earfquake 🤯
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Romance361 ❤️
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Psycho 😳
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Make Believe 💭
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Paranoid 🧠
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Yoppa 👀
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Drain Me 😴
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xd clan hates me.....
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  • 00M46
    00M46 Hour ago

    Can you please watch this playlist of snipes I have done, and tell me something GGs for everyone

  • ツTea
    ツTea 2 hours ago

    What viedeosettings do you have?

  • Just Escanor
    Just Escanor 2 hours ago

    Very good level and good editing, I also make videos editing on my channel youtube do not hesitate to see see and give me advice for me to improve

  • Gravy Nite
    Gravy Nite 3 hours ago

    Anyone hear someone in his discord call or whatever leave at 00:36

  • Geraldine Lopez
    Geraldine Lopez 4 hours ago

    Pro like ninja

  • Double I Tech TV
    Double I Tech TV 5 hours ago

    This is not Isreal is it that is in control of this channel if it is respond to the comment

  • Hamilton Hassan
    Hamilton Hassan 6 hours ago

    Dont you be a meanie

  • Gamer Extreme Plays Dzn

    Can I edit this gameplay?

  • Bad_ Clan
    Bad_ Clan 7 hours ago

    Why did you unadd me its ttv_fleet

  • carpi lokao
    carpi lokao 9 hours ago


  • Maddox Gaskill
    Maddox Gaskill 9 hours ago


  • Iana Sayers
    Iana Sayers 10 hours ago

    look at panini from lil nas x please do it XD

    • Joymz
      Joymz 10 hours ago

      Iana Sayers look at my most recent upload

  • Rodrigofloo 790
    Rodrigofloo 790 10 hours ago

    Don’t use videos of other players

  • devon murphy
    devon murphy 11 hours ago

    sub to me plz I am a good player take a look at my epic shot on my account

  • HyperLlama123
    HyperLlama123 11 hours ago

    You killed my friend 0:36

  • Arsen
    Arsen 12 hours ago

    What is the song????

    ELCREEPER 10XAXC 12 hours ago


  • Distance
    Distance 13 hours ago

    What you see: fortnite Montage What i see: lucky sniper no scopes

  • Erazor 28e
    Erazor 28e 13 hours ago

    you have a veeeeeery good levels :o

  • itz sust
    itz sust 14 hours ago

    I saw the same clip on 4 diffrent channels

  • itz sust
    itz sust 14 hours ago

    Yall use each others clips

  • Solo Rock
    Solo Rock 15 hours ago


  • Isaias CD
    Isaias CD 15 hours ago

    Insane Trickshoter.

  • SaltyPost
    SaltyPost 15 hours ago

    Imagine playing FORTNITE hehe 😂

  • TTV_destroyed_YT
    TTV_destroyed_YT 15 hours ago

    Fortnite sucks do minecraft

  • FPP_Shershah ツ
    FPP_Shershah ツ 16 hours ago

    GG btw who ever sub me I will sub them I promise

  • Blue71406 GAMING,Unboxing and More

    Nice 👍

  • Firedrag34
    Firedrag34 19 hours ago

    Jokes on why I don’t play fortnite anymore

  • Spencer Rose
    Spencer Rose 19 hours ago

    Use some different songs

    DESMONETIZAÇÃO 19 hours ago

    Best montage EVER

  • Shawnee101 Yt
    Shawnee101 Yt 20 hours ago

    Hit those shots on mobile plz

  • Ciefinesse _YT
    Ciefinesse _YT 20 hours ago

    Please check my channel out

  • Rose McHugh
    Rose McHugh 20 hours ago

    U stole Parallel Andes thumbnail

  • BLAZE____Niko_ _
    BLAZE____Niko_ _ 21 hour ago

    Looks like he has a ambot

  • Gewoon Simon
    Gewoon Simon 21 hour ago

    Pretty weak

  • Fagearpad fakefaze
    Fagearpad fakefaze 22 hours ago

    Joymz you are the best of the paralel

    YRIK FOOTBALL 22 hours ago

    Кирилл ты?)

  • 3D-DK TV
    3D-DK TV 23 hours ago

    Кирилл, ты закалебал

  • Oskar
    Oskar Day ago

    Dude you are pro °▪︎°

    TGAMER_NL Day ago

    Idk if u already maked a lil tecca-Love me i should like it

  • Mikko
    Mikko Day ago

    С русского по лайку )

  • - K!LO -
    - K!LO - Day ago

    GG 157 k sub ❤️

  • Gibran Rahimtoola GZR391

    Do a left right by lil tecca montage

  • Drizzy Victor
    Drizzy Victor Day ago

    Did not expect DaBaby to hop on this track. I think Juice Wrld would be good on this song

  • Slayer
    Slayer Day ago

    This video is exactly why i am subbed.

  • Yashwanth P
    Yashwanth P Day ago

    Why are you so gooooodddd!!?

  • Taxanka
    Taxanka Day ago

    How do you stay at such low arena points, is there something that I’m missing to stay in low divs for shotting

  • Taxanka
    Taxanka Day ago

    Do you join the game, get the bus fair, and leave to stay in low divs

  • Pierre-Olivier Grenier

    Best sniper in the game

    SOLID.H4WK Day ago

    Underrated tricshotter like if u agree

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow Day ago

    Your montage is so beautiful

  • BlammaPupiii
    BlammaPupiii Day ago

    Thats not a Montage IDIOT! Thats a fcking compilation...

  • Rj Math
    Rj Math Day ago

    Ur craced mate check me out i beggg

  • Rj Math
    Rj Math Day ago

    Insane, mind checking me out please , will help alot

  • Avoid Editz
    Avoid Editz Day ago

    0:35 who else thought it was their discord??

    DWB_MYSTIC Day ago

    Hey bro can u sub to me pleas I'm trying to hit 700 at the end of the month

  • loxzs
    loxzs Day ago

    Could of used any other song ffs the song is over used

  • Beggar Beats
    Beggar Beats Day ago

    Tight ass intro there!

  • GunHazard
    GunHazard Day ago

    Good stuff Joymz 🤧🤩

  • GoaT GreenY
    GoaT GreenY Day ago


  • Miseric
    Miseric Day ago


  • skillsjjlol
    skillsjjlol Day ago

    Season 0-4 - like Season 5-10 - comment (I’m gifting my next 10 subscribers!

  • Alexandre Pro
    Alexandre Pro Day ago

    Hello bro

  • Syriumkiroz
    Syriumkiroz Day ago

    Ufff 😍😍

  • Ruyt
    Ruyt Day ago


  • Robotic
    Robotic Day ago

    Love your montages dude! Kept up the grind👍

    • Maxstard
      Maxstard 20 hours ago

      Robotic could you pls check my channel? Sry for self promoting 😪

    RSW PAUL Day ago


    ABLAZE Day ago

    Keep up the good work I would appreciate subs and I'm also gifting

  • Karma Peji
    Karma Peji Day ago

    How long did it take to get where u are??

  • killer_boys_123 killer_boys_123

    Can you show your settings pls bro🙏❤🙏

  • Adsyyy0123
    Adsyyy0123 Day ago

    I am the best renegade raider ever

  • Êrêñ Law


  • Fallen DryBlade

    The 4 dislikes are people who are jelous



  • Shredr
    Shredr Day ago

    I saw the first clip on insta

  • Adam Taa
    Adam Taa Day ago

    can you guys check me out

  • ByRowleague _04


  • steez _
    steez _ Day ago


  • Chaos Chip
    Chaos Chip Day ago

    Can you make a montage using Indian pannini

  • Gusti Bosi
    Gusti Bosi Day ago

    Nice Clips bro❤😂

  • Maurice Reininger

    why always the same clips

  • Foxisallcool FN

    I would of been here early but I tried to get here so fast I got timed out enter my password so many times

  • itz c.h.o.p
    itz c.h.o.p Day ago

    bro you are the best sniperparallel

  • Isrux _21
    Isrux _21 Day ago


  • Bliivet
    Bliivet Day ago


  • Carldz
    Carldz Day ago

    code jomyz btw this is my song

  • kollonaro btw
    kollonaro btw Day ago

    Dude do a mc vid on joymzlive already

  • DvN Xer911
    DvN Xer911 Day ago

    The last digit of your like is what type of player you are 1 - Creative Warrior 2 - Edit Course Master 3 - Pub Stomper 4 - Amazing Scrim Player 5 - The Next Tfue 6 - Default (aka bot) 7 - Toxic Player 8 - Casual 9 - Bush Camper 0 - Soccer Skin Sweat any support towards my channel will be greatly appreciated ❤️*thank you and have a bless day/night, I hope you become very successful in life* 🙏

    • DvN Xer911
      DvN Xer911 Day ago

      @Treal Skilz bro if u got it your the real deal!👍😀

    • Treal Skilz
      Treal Skilz Day ago

      DvN Xer911 creative warrior a haha

  • Christian Reano

    Your goated


    Seems like this will blow up more than the original song

  • Sid Ghotane
    Sid Ghotane Day ago

    Indian lil nas x

  • Recons
    Recons Day ago

    So goat

  • Amir
    Amir Day ago

    love you. 🙂

  • Creeper
    Creeper Day ago

    Joymz > All

  • Dark Noia ツ


  • EZclapmッ
    EZclapmッ Day ago

    Who else thinks he is the best RU-clipr ever! ⭐️ 💡

  • Teratoid Seven87

    Joymz when can we hear the old head set mic again. Kinda miss it. ♥️♥️🐐🐐

  • Jordy
    Jordy Day ago

    How do u join parallel can unlock at my montage to see if I can join

  • Jimena Magana
    Jimena Magana Day ago

    Loki my favorite song and youtuber could you add me best RU-clipr joymz

    • Maxstard
      Maxstard 20 hours ago

      Jimena Magana could you pls check my channel? Sry for self promoting 😪

  • Skeleton King36

    The Best Fortnite Trickshot youtube