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  • Gaming Lemming
    Gaming Lemming 18 minutes ago

    I lost it when he said the pope got thrown out a window

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  • NiceToMeetMew
    NiceToMeetMew 30 minutes ago

    There's a hole in my bucket dear emperor dear emperor. There's a hole in my bucket dear emperor a hole.

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 43 minutes ago

    Germany: taking Soviet Union Winter: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • 111 1111
    111 1111 44 minutes ago

    que animais

  • Subscribe to CallMeCarson

    Germany: *Invades Poland* Denmark: *chuckles* I'm in danger.

  • veritri strikes again
    veritri strikes again 48 minutes ago

    *c h e c k o u t t h i s v e g e t a b l e p e e l e r*

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  • Kwek Kwek
    Kwek Kwek 59 minutes ago

    Switzerland: hmm? U guys were fighting?

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  • War And Peas
    War And Peas Hour ago

    9:55 LOL Emu War

  • Bʟᴀᴄᴋᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ 88

    _Who is it that drives the Russians, the English, and the Americans into battle and sacrifices huge numbers of human lives in a hopeless struggle against the German people?_ *The кiкєs!* _Who is it that invents new plans of hatred and destruction against us every day, making this war into a dreadful case of self-mutilation and self-destruction of European life and its economy, education and culture?_ *The J*ws!* _Who devised the unnatural marriage between England and the USA on one side and Bolshevism on the other, building it up and jealously ensuring its continuance? Who covers the most perverse political situations with cynical hypocrisy from a trembling fear that a new way could lead the nations to realize the true causes of this terrible human catastrophe?_ *The Hebes, only the subhumαn кiкєs!* _They are named Morgenthau and Lehmann and stand behind Roosevelt as a so-called brain trust. They are named Mechett and Sassoon and serve as Churchill’s moneybags and order givers. They are named Kaganovitsch and Ehrenburg and are Stalin’s pacesetters and intellectual spokesmen._ *Wherever you look, you see verminous Hymies!*

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  • Will likes Dill
    Will likes Dill Hour ago

    Sentient emus sounds like a good horror story

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  • War And Peas
    War And Peas Hour ago

    6:51 LOL family photo

  • War And Peas
    War And Peas Hour ago

    5:47 yay!!!

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  • let's plays mit elvir

    Please make a video about the Yugoslavia war

  • cute wool
    cute wool Hour ago

    Can you please do the history of the Philippines?

  • Bindu Suresh
    Bindu Suresh Hour ago

    My name is Athul... 😎i love history...

  • Bindu Suresh
    Bindu Suresh 2 hours ago

    How about Indian revolution?

  • Bindu Suresh
    Bindu Suresh 2 hours ago

    Yur awesome

  • Elizabrine Channel
    Elizabrine Channel 2 hours ago

    Communist Communist Communist Communist Communist Communist If that’s not free and fair idk what is

  • Bindu Suresh
    Bindu Suresh 2 hours ago

    Do Russian revolution... 😎 uncool....

  • Imam Hosain
    Imam Hosain 2 hours ago

    00:15...nice sun😂😂

  • Imam Hosain
    Imam Hosain 2 hours ago

    Respect to Joerge Washington...Today, America needs leader like him..

  • Imam Hosain
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  • Master Hiro69
    Master Hiro69 2 hours ago

    Jean-Paul Kenobi 13:09 lol

  • Natalie, init
    Natalie, init 2 hours ago

    I remember all this stuff from History whelp

  • Imam Hosain
    Imam Hosain 2 hours ago

    Waaaaaiiiit!!Washington was a British guy?😶😶

  • Scot Carr
    Scot Carr 2 hours ago

    If the Founding Fathers asked de Irish for help. De US: Yo! Ireland! Little help here! De Irish: What's in it fer us, fella? De US: We'll get y'all blackout drunk AND pay off your pub tab! De Irish: Hold me Boilermakers! Looks like Saturday night's early this week!

  • Imam Hosain
    Imam Hosain 2 hours ago

    Soooooo...Colombus was a bad guy🤔

  • Joanna Norland
    Joanna Norland 2 hours ago

    great vid but the Wu/Chu war happened after the forming of the three kingdoms and was won by the famous Sun Tzu

  • Joseph Goebbels
    Joseph Goebbels 3 hours ago

    Lebensraum wasn’t “taking over the world” he wanted some of Eastern Europe, not the world

  • ASuNa ANiMe Channel
    ASuNa ANiMe Channel 3 hours ago

    Me:Hey there!❤ Just checking out becus social science exam tomorrow! Someone:I'm so sorry but there's a TAX for that

  • RocK OF WooDff
    RocK OF WooDff 3 hours ago

    In my history book Charlemagne is called Carl Idk maybe because I have Serbian history book

  • Furqan Ghouri
    Furqan Ghouri 3 hours ago

    0:17 why does this sound like sans so much

  • Paul Regan
    Paul Regan 3 hours ago

    It’s amazing how slave owners managed to write the declaration of independence, one of the foremost documents of individual freedom in history.

  • Snickers 4 pack
    Snickers 4 pack 3 hours ago

    My teacher put this on in class lol

  • Williem Herbert
    Williem Herbert 3 hours ago

    Poor Luxembourg

  • infantry Smarties
    infantry Smarties 4 hours ago

    He yi the orphan killer

  • Cruz D’Arrietta
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  • Jacopo Mincarelli
    Jacopo Mincarelli 4 hours ago

    4:03 NOT STONKS

  • Lucas-Tyler Harrington

    The three guys who voted in favour of Argentine rule probably either did it as a joke or so people would be suspicious of a 100% pro British vote

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor 4 hours ago

    I just want to ackowledge the fact the U-2 had bonos face on it

  • Ahsan Habib
    Ahsan Habib 4 hours ago

    Bro.....nepolean nepolean....

  • H M S A _JD
    H M S A _JD 5 hours ago

    What kind of bullshit is this ??? 😂😂

  • Lucy Kilroy
    Lucy Kilroy 5 hours ago

    Hitler's dad is in the background in 6 :17

  • Niladre Chakravarty
    Niladre Chakravarty 5 hours ago

    Couldn't they've just poisioned the emus...

  • kookies & kreamy
    kookies & kreamy 5 hours ago

    Did his father did anything else then beating him

  • John Kenny
    John Kenny 6 hours ago

    Please do Napoleonic wars

  • Akbr
    Akbr 6 hours ago

    Fun WW2 Denmark Fact!!! There is a Danish island called Bornholm that was (unlike the rest of Denmark) liberated by Russia, and also a little later. On 9th May, a message went through all of Denmark (including Bornholm) that the war was over and they were free. Bronholm were happy, until Russia came and bombed the Germans in Bornholm and then stayed there for a couple of months. Hope you leaned something!

  • The Witch King of Angmar

    I’m addicted to these videos

  • The Awesome Man
    The Awesome Man 6 hours ago

    2:31 my job here is done

  • Akbr
    Akbr 7 hours ago

    "An invasion through Denmark into Norway" Me, a Danish person: ACTUALLY we didn't resist, the government started working with Germany to spare as many Danish people as possible. It was first in 1943 that we stopped working with Germany and started resisting for real. Ofc there was some resistance but not enough to do anything. Hope you learned something.

  • Levi Gates
    Levi Gates 7 hours ago


  • NaViLlUs cIrE
    NaViLlUs cIrE 8 hours ago

    I know this is a bit late but this is something I've always wondered about traditional European monarchies of old. Did the not ever see fit to give the heirs or "heir-apparent"(s) to said thrones and countries some formal education system or atleast a group of (ideally loyal) 'royal tutors' so as to *train them (crown princes and or even crown princesses) in the art of statesmenship and other various practical skills related to y'know...actually knowing how run a government or society?* Now I know things don't always go according to plan what with the potential for a chosen heir to a monarchy might well y'know...die before they could inherit the position. I guess that's what regencys are for anyway, right, still you'd think the royal families of these various kingdoms would have the foresight to have their children or heirs better prepared to take over once the time had come for them to succeed. *It's not like EVERY monarch is going to be a great one or even a notable one but at least it might bring better, lasting stability to a country if atleast everyone of those rulers received a bare minimum education on governance and economics.* Even if they intended to preserve some old standing social hierarchy, perhaps some of these more, traditionalists, conservative kings and queen would realize from their upbringing in *"formalized royal grooming" (teach them how to run a state)* that maybe some economic and social reforms are a necessary thing in order to adapt to changes and prepared for dealing with inevitable problems. Ironically if such monarchies were to have adapted to change and saw fit to better train up their successors (if there wasn't any such training) perhaps today we would still have quite a few monarchies that still held a substantial amount of real power and authority beyond a mere symbolic position. That's not to say I support absolute monarchies or that I don't think any of these old monarchies could have survived into our times without eventually relinquishing some of their powers to some forms of indirect quasi-democracies. Only that these monarchs might have still retained a lot of or some of their powers and still have a notable say in governing today. But anyway my main point was that I've always found it strange how monarchs never seemed too concerned with their heirs being even 'qualified' to take over governance. What's the story on that? Were their children just expected to learn on the fly once they ascended the throne about how to be a good ruler? (from their society's perspective that is..)

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz 8 hours ago

    15:41 The famous phrase that Marie Antoniette never actually said

  • HaystersIsDaddy
    HaystersIsDaddy 8 hours ago

    This reminds me of socialism

  • Iconoclasm_
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  • DragonGuy GTO
    DragonGuy GTO 8 hours ago

    He was never holy. More lowly than anything, the Antichrist, an extremely dangerous wolf in sheep's clothing with poisonous words and works

  • ihsan rizqi railfans

    In that war one man is assasin

  • Big Smoke69
    Big Smoke69 8 hours ago

    Music a @7:27 please

  • Zain Daddy
    Zain Daddy 8 hours ago

    YOLO ¯\_(ツ) _/¯

    PRO SID 8 hours ago

    Guy : I don't have RAID:Shadow Legends Me : Um...so...TO THE GUILLOTINE

  • Wannabe Architect
    Wannabe Architect 8 hours ago

    But the revolution could have been violent... Video games weren’t invented yet

  • Aidin DIRT
    Aidin DIRT 9 hours ago

    Incredible video but one thing that bothered me is that the Nazis were far left. They were pro-abortion,fascist,& socialist.

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 9 hours ago

    i like buckets.

  • Cameron Aitken
    Cameron Aitken 9 hours ago

    russian revolutions video?

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil 9 hours ago

    I can drive up to Domino's and get the same pizzas for less than 50.bucks smh no deal

  • Emily Arsenault
    Emily Arsenault 9 hours ago

    Make a War of the Roses, video please.

  • Scienceboy 0927 and kid country

    the idea of a person against the separation of church and state antidisestablishmentarianism :0

  • Angila Rai
    Angila Rai 9 hours ago

    America is UK's son

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark 9 hours ago

    These videos just make me want to watch the Band of Brothers show

  • Devious ArtZ
    Devious ArtZ 9 hours ago

    i jUSt MaDE neW FeNceS :/

  • The American Assassin

    Assassins Creed 3 and Assassins Creed Unity

  • PrimeGaming2125
    PrimeGaming2125 9 hours ago

    I lost it at 0:35

  • Mine turtle
    Mine turtle 9 hours ago

    That thing is the devils son.

  • Meryem Çifçi
    Meryem Çifçi 9 hours ago

    So are you saying me that he explained the whole American revolution by just mentioning Alexander Hamilton ONCE!................ Uncool

  • Meryem Çifçi
    Meryem Çifçi 10 hours ago

    0:53 poor horse

  • Deleane Ambers
    Deleane Ambers 10 hours ago

    I got el Salvador not honduras

  • Hi
    Hi 10 hours ago

    Please do The Troubles

  • Christopher Flowers
    Christopher Flowers 10 hours ago

    'Bucket exits' 'People in bologna' "we can make a religion out of this"

  • Deleane Ambers
    Deleane Ambers 10 hours ago

    Star Ducks great way to avoid copy right

  • Charles Adams
    Charles Adams 11 hours ago

    Oversimplified: the peafowl Avoiding demonetization like a bullet here

  • Mrinfen07
    Mrinfen07 11 hours ago

    Hammer and pickle

  • Jaime Hernandez
    Jaime Hernandez 11 hours ago

    French and Indian War!!!!!!!!!

  • CJ
    CJ 11 hours ago

    Or just for fun talk about Tutankhamen and ancient Egypt?

  • Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS

    Sooooo basically the kindergarten classroom when a new toy appears

  • Oily Potato UwU
    Oily Potato UwU 11 hours ago


  • No Name
    No Name 11 hours ago

    You know why the german loses Because they made the americans mad Like what DIO did to jotaro

  • Hailey Powell
    Hailey Powell 11 hours ago

    ThAt'S cAlLeD fOrEsHaDoWiNg!

  • L1NK3D G4M!NG
    L1NK3D G4M!NG 11 hours ago

    Is this EA bc Americans have to pay for everything

  • mp_Daggar
    mp_Daggar 12 hours ago

    Still no civil war

  • J W
    J W 12 hours ago

    You know you’re in trouble when your biggest enemy is pi pi