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  • Michael S
    Michael S 3 seconds ago

    "they aren't visiting anyone else in the strip.. mall" 😂😂

  • Sean Hyde
    Sean Hyde 44 seconds ago

    I'd like to know the true story behind this because there is so many possibilities, did he really buy it for 30$ or did he steal it? Maybe he was holding it for someone else who stole it .👽

  • john gearman
    john gearman 46 seconds ago

    I stopped watching live pd because I didn't have bud. I'm good now 😏

  • DwayneHicks426
    DwayneHicks426 Minute ago

    Like a Pokemon. Use a monster energy drink and he'll go: Zack, Kyle, and final level Brynlee.

  • Imani* smith
    Imani* smith Minute ago

    Oh MY Goodness! The rats just took me!

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy Minute ago

    quick hurry pull the Rodney King card even though your a despicable pos

  • cheterry17
    cheterry17 Minute ago

    Stop EVERYTHING. Someone needs to investigate that kid getting 25-life for shooting someone in the leg.

  • MotherNaturesMother

    *netflix and chill they say*

  • Issa Shoe
    Issa Shoe 2 minutes ago

    This is the worst acting I’ve ever seen, can they at least make it look real 💀

  • 3rdEye Gnostic
    3rdEye Gnostic 4 minutes ago

    Id tap mom proper.

  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality 4 minutes ago

    I feel so bad for the kid.

  • Pookie D.
    Pookie D. 4 minutes ago

    This chick has more problems than just hoarding...

  • John P
    John P 5 minutes ago

    "Who's got kids?" "I got one!" "How old?" "I dont know.." "Alright I'll just leave that alone." Pahahaha what an exchange..

  • The Vegan Villainess
    The Vegan Villainess 6 minutes ago

    Child engagement!

  • Marybeth Eby
    Marybeth Eby 7 minutes ago

    That small boy has more sense and work ethic than most adults i know...

  • Humberto Martin
    Humberto Martin 7 minutes ago

    That questioning wasn't right. He clearly doesn't speak good enough English to provide a reliable statement. They should have provided him with a translator so he could explain himself probably.

  • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
    Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 7 minutes ago


  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality 8 minutes ago

    I hope that dog gets a good home

  • The Vegan Villainess
    The Vegan Villainess 8 minutes ago

    People spend 100s of thousands of dollars to go camping!? Um, no. I used to go camping all the time and it cost hardly anything. We would just drive to the woods or a campsite.

  • Zoe O
    Zoe O 8 minutes ago

    My moms about to take my phone I give you permission to annoy her :) :)

  • Adam Fears
    Adam Fears 9 minutes ago


  • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
    Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 9 minutes ago


  • Benny Chuca
    Benny Chuca 10 minutes ago

    That where i use to live

  • Jet
    Jet 11 minutes ago

    White privilege 🇺🇸 cop light up the cigarette 🚬 👮🏼‍♂️ of the drug dealer 😁 min 4:10

  • Melborn Shadow
    Melborn Shadow 11 minutes ago

    All i can picture with the first one is joe dirt, "yeeahhmmm homees where you make it."

  • Lenatoolit
    Lenatoolit 11 minutes ago

    “I got his name tatood he got mine and we in theree” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality 12 minutes ago

    Stealing mail? How low can you go. Sad

  • daniel tomas
    daniel tomas 14 minutes ago

    The guy at the end looks like the security guards you see at quince's walking around with gloves on and a flashlight

  • abel carreon
    abel carreon 14 minutes ago

    0:54 Who at Nike thought about putting "Lazy, but talented together?

  • Jesse's Auditorium
    Jesse's Auditorium 15 minutes ago

    For sure Juggalos

  • Cameron Channing
    Cameron Channing 16 minutes ago

    He said an hedge is an hedge he only cut it down because it was spoiling is view, whats Reaper moaning about?

  • Oüber fox
    Oüber fox 16 minutes ago

    What is that hat

  • Foxl
    Foxl 16 minutes ago


  • alex martinez
    alex martinez 17 minutes ago

    No plate no license busted headlight, great cop

  • Devdev
    Devdev 18 minutes ago

    His mom seems so nice this kid should be locked up forever for putting his hand on his mama and it’s not a hug to me whenever u touch ur mom it should only be a hug

  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality 18 minutes ago

    Beautiful dog

  • daffaahermawaan
    daffaahermawaan 18 minutes ago

    2:25 is that tupac ?!?

  • Toony
    Toony 20 minutes ago

    Lady is in for check fraud and says she a top dog girl bye

  • Riley Nash
    Riley Nash 22 minutes ago

    Well.... weed is like tobacco but with the effects of alcohol. But it’s safer for the body then alcohol. So... should be legal everywhere

  • Elizabeth Brower
    Elizabeth Brower 22 minutes ago

    Leanne wants warren to clean up her mess or she is through with him. Lol great logic there. My dad died in our home when I was 11 and it changed my life, but I never became a hoarder over it. Gail has-had- a really nice house. Good grief. I should have such a house. She needs to be in assisted living. There also seems to be a link between hoarding and obesity.

  • David _
    David _ 22 minutes ago

    wow a mass shooting no one ever heard about because it was a black guy. hmmmm

  • Ashley Emmell
    Ashley Emmell 23 minutes ago

    It’s so hard for me not to judge these people because I have to remember that it is a mental illness but it’s hard for me to not look at them like they are crazy

  • sabrinakeys250
    sabrinakeys250 24 minutes ago

    Lord please help this family in Jesus' name.

    CORN HUB 24 minutes ago

    That def Leppard shirt really made this video

  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality 26 minutes ago

    Dutch Shepherds are such gorgeous dogs

  • sean tyree
    sean tyree 26 minutes ago

    you to fat to take off from the police

  • Gaming Ace
    Gaming Ace 27 minutes ago

    Nobody is gonna talk about how thicc that officer was

  • Tori Fultze
    Tori Fultze 27 minutes ago

    Did this lady just have the audacity to call other ppl dirty??? The nerve!!

  • Baker street gaming
    Baker street gaming 27 minutes ago

    did they let a drunk driver go free??

  • Blaine Kennedy
    Blaine Kennedy 28 minutes ago

    Got about 50 people there for someone with a nail in their finger

  • jayden Petzer
    jayden Petzer 29 minutes ago

    This is so wrong

  • Oüber fox
    Oüber fox 30 minutes ago

    You get in my face like the phone guy you’re getting headbuted

  • Austin Martinez
    Austin Martinez 31 minute ago

    "I thought it was just a ticket" LMFAO what's a class act pos making someone try to feel bad for her

  • Kaitlyn Kendria
    Kaitlyn Kendria 33 minutes ago

    “Rooty Poo Punk” 🤣🤣

  • Donny Southwell
    Donny Southwell 34 minutes ago

    What a dummy

  • Lanie5813
    Lanie5813 35 minutes ago

    I would never have used a hand shovel! They need to learn a better technique for some of the moving. Like taking off a wall and then taking a masterful shovel like a dump truck and just do it! It's too much physically to do what it took them to do over decades.🙄🤨😐😑😏🤔

  • LaLaLAND
    LaLaLAND 35 minutes ago

    30 days for what... I know guys that choke their bm and walk away SMH

  • Matthew Terry
    Matthew Terry 36 minutes ago

    60 days in is the fakest show

  • RandomStuffAlways
    RandomStuffAlways 37 minutes ago

    Wasn’t this one kid here before

  • anderson the king 2
    anderson the king 2 37 minutes ago

    Dat Honda riding boy

  • Pookie D.
    Pookie D. 37 minutes ago

    How stupid is this?

  • Catherine Benton
    Catherine Benton 37 minutes ago

    This show makes me want to clean

  • Lydia Jordan
    Lydia Jordan 38 minutes ago

    The female cop obviously doesn't have kids. She wouldn't ever understand that she can't just leave the baby daddy "maybe you shouldn't go over there" wtf

  • Mack Haddock
    Mack Haddock 39 minutes ago

    Mark Pliers older brother....

  • Aminazula
    Aminazula 39 minutes ago

    I know they're doing a good thing and trying to save these kids... but this is utterly HILARIOUS!!

  • WW Outdoors
    WW Outdoors 39 minutes ago

    Nut job

  • Ghit 813
    Ghit 813 39 minutes ago

    The cop has a lightning bolt on his arm! Wtf!

  • Nicki M
    Nicki M 39 minutes ago

    Both these stories just truly sad, I liked the way it ends

  • Duff Truff
    Duff Truff 40 minutes ago

    Kid: what’s insurance

  • Mia McHenry
    Mia McHenry 40 minutes ago

    Ahaha “I’m just putting behind mah back like ya asked!”

  • Stac777 ***
    Stac777 *** 41 minute ago

    Simply horrifying..the only reasonable and responsible thing to do is remove her from this home..condemn it. Medicate her. This is so sad.

  • Casey 0five
    Casey 0five 41 minute ago

    Good video👍

  • volcano hi
    volcano hi 43 minutes ago

    take a pic of his load disconnected sitting on the side of the road while yu drive away.

  • Casey 0five
    Casey 0five 45 minutes ago

    Good video👍

  • Davena Glydewell
    Davena Glydewell 46 minutes ago

    This woman doesn't deserve those kids!

  • Justin Hynes
    Justin Hynes 46 minutes ago

    "what's a roadway" hahahaha what

  • YogiTehBear
    YogiTehBear 47 minutes ago

    In da shoooowaaaa

  • exo
    exo 48 minutes ago

    kid never got to grab the comb 🙄

  • AD Seagle
    AD Seagle 48 minutes ago

    Dude sounds like Bigfoot from Howard Stern, it is.

    DERPY_IS_BACKIF 48 minutes ago

    if you look at is shorts, it looks like he peed himself lmao

  • hortencia Talabera
    hortencia Talabera 48 minutes ago

    What i want to know is what the transgender in the thumbnail got in his hair it kinda looks like maggots or idk what is it ?

  • LaLaLAND
    LaLaLAND 49 minutes ago

    His fists are HUGE!!

  • Genius King
    Genius King 50 minutes ago

    Im glad u everyone in these comments are standing up that poor black man. That might nit even know he is veing accused by this women. Its so sad to see what people would to get out of something😔🙏

  • The Vegan Villainess
    The Vegan Villainess 50 minutes ago

    Poor Karen 😢

  • Disney girl 45
    Disney girl 45 50 minutes ago

    Ted a nice guy he was trying to help so where the other medics you don’t hit them

  • Jumex Suplex
    Jumex Suplex 51 minute ago

    *you're not good at it, you get caught every time*

  • Cat Noneya
    Cat Noneya 52 minutes ago

    Jarrod is proof that men also get PMS.

  • Nick Ulm
    Nick Ulm 52 minutes ago

    Police should have to be n good shape

  • austin cabus
    austin cabus 53 minutes ago

    I feel like yeah roxann is grieving but since her house isn't as bad it seems the messiness is lack of motivation and I hate to say it but laziness.

  • Strawberry Jam
    Strawberry Jam 53 minutes ago

    Barbara’s sons are hot

  • Troy Burrows
    Troy Burrows 54 minutes ago

    Must be a rat he's the first person who I've seen have their face blurred

  • vestaosto
    vestaosto 56 minutes ago

    They say hoarding is a mental disease. But some people make it difficult to feel empathic towards them, when they just sit down and cry and lamenting about how stressed they are instead of participating in decluttering.

  • K9
    K9 56 minutes ago

    I've learned sooo much.

  • Lauren Monk
    Lauren Monk 56 minutes ago

    I be seeing Doris on septa

  • sally whatshername
    sally whatshername 57 minutes ago

    Wow the patience of that cop is unreal lol

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 57 minutes ago

    2:00 the look on that female officers face lol

  • Life on the Half Shell 2.0

    Well, looks like Jesus forgot his meds.

  • Autumne Goulet
    Autumne Goulet 57 minutes ago

    Noooooo. Neoooooooo.

  • Sophia Rodriguez
    Sophia Rodriguez 58 minutes ago

    Hey i have those mason jars she had the drugs in they're from World Market 😂.

  • George Garcia
    George Garcia 59 minutes ago

    Real men ..make sure the bros get home safely!! 👍😎