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13 Scary Zombie Deer Videos
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Filling Backpacks For Charity
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  • Hailey Gray
    Hailey Gray 44 minutes ago

    He sounds like a robot

  • Jared Bates
    Jared Bates 44 minutes ago

    0:53 .25x speed *Foot Lettuce*

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 45 minutes ago

    1:58 5 year old me when my mom mention my crush

  • Chad Grohman
    Chad Grohman 46 minutes ago


  • Janice Mcgill
    Janice Mcgill 46 minutes ago

    Really love the song❤️

  • Janice Mcgill
    Janice Mcgill 48 minutes ago

    Love you music.

    A POINT 50 minutes ago

    This is better than I expected

  • I see Everything
    I see Everything 50 minutes ago

    What's up with his voice 😂😂😂😂

  • Moe Ramen
    Moe Ramen 50 minutes ago

    Bro you should do a crazy cinematic dark switch up about deep thought provoking unsettling music

  • Godshizz T.V.
    Godshizz T.V. 52 minutes ago

    Cool chills I liked it bro keep it up1👍👍👍

  • Sarah Frey
    Sarah Frey 54 minutes ago

    9:42 Planchette: Ight imma head out

  • Dialas_Dialga
    Dialas_Dialga 56 minutes ago


  • jjrogueangel
    jjrogueangel 56 minutes ago

    That's an egg sac in the spider....

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 59 minutes ago

    Spreadin' out there a little Dylan......

  • Universe 2016
    Universe 2016 Hour ago

    Your mouth so wide jupiter could fit in it

  • Jesus Artistcreator12

    Well I justed watched this in Full Screen. TImE To SleEp

  • Sides How
    Sides How Hour ago

    the laugh in #3 sorta sounds like it would be coming from a toy. it actually sounds very familiar, but i cant pin it down

  • nig ward
    nig ward Hour ago

    9:00 its finnish and he says okay hello to everone its (some name couldnt figure out) i found this spider with my cousins

  • Aotsuki Itōh
    Aotsuki Itōh Hour ago

    *watching this at 3AM while eating cookies*

  • Jacque Clift
    Jacque Clift Hour ago

    Instagram followers only know

  • Didear Tv
    Didear Tv Hour ago


  • Jacque Clift
    Jacque Clift Hour ago

    This man is so positive

  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_

    Top ten anime charters at their most powerful forms

  • static beast25
    static beast25 Hour ago

    Me : *Sleeps* Chills : *oMg dIs iS pOseshon* *randomuser95* : chills chillax you chill out you look chilled by this

  • Vanessa Garza
    Vanessa Garza Hour ago


  • Blazer 9
    Blazer 9 Hour ago

    Eyes on fire

  • u raid area 51 while area 51 raids you

    F*ck yeah dylan can hit them albums

  • Jessie B
    Jessie B Hour ago

    Feel like I've been waiting for this to drop for forever!

  • plsnotice me
    plsnotice me Hour ago

    Yo Dylan kinda thicc (no homo)

  • Salma Jettawi
    Salma Jettawi Hour ago

    June 6, 2003 6:00 has to have a meaning

  • TropicalFilms
    TropicalFilms Hour ago

    Flying Oooof

  • Shameless Speller

    He had a seazure

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Hour ago

    You sound like the “burger king foot lettuce” dude

  • Ophelia Phoebe
    Ophelia Phoebe Hour ago

    Not gonna lie man, I came thinking it wouldn't be great, but I'm honestly pleasantly surprised. Sounds like a song you'd hear play on the radio or in a store. Kinda reminds me of Broccoli haha

  • Cicada
    Cicada Hour ago

    5 youtubers who sworn

  • Adrialex Play
    Adrialex Play Hour ago


  • O.z. A.
    O.z. A. Hour ago

    i hate ur voice sorry couldnt finish video you just try to elongate too much

  • Shameless Speller

    I do study spiders but that one ive never seen it looks to be pregnant but not on its adamin which is strange but on its stomach.

  • Tiger
    Tiger Hour ago

    Hey....I know that voice

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Hour ago

    He's getting better at singing :0

  • Althea Renfro
    Althea Renfro Hour ago

    That shriek could have been a fox, when they are in heat they sound like women in pain

  • Astray Boy
    Astray Boy Hour ago

    Finally! It's here!!

  • Brooklynn Goodwin

    Me: drops my phone and it doesn’t break Chills: it must be paranormal activity

  • Nfstom
    Nfstom Hour ago


  • A Trillion Views

    Oh Yeah Chills

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins Hour ago

    Damn, dude! This sounds like something you'd hear on the radio! Love this! You need a record deal.

  • DatRandomMLGguy
    DatRandomMLGguy Hour ago

    Number 6 is screaming vietcong

  • Willow E
    Willow E Hour ago

    Sorry but... it’s kinda true

  • Kirsten Johnson
    Kirsten Johnson Hour ago

    Chrells hiup. Good. Direy. Day. Hirey yires. Hoy baby. Boy gires. Love love love love. Moves. OK

  • Reaperz Clan
    Reaperz Clan Hour ago

    You should continue to make pants pissing videos and ease up on the music. I prefer wet pants and not music in my head.

    SAFE HOUSE Hour ago

    Russia was here

  • I want a Nintendo Switch

    Wait the scary voice be gone

  • kopt 1074
    kopt 1074 Hour ago

    When did you get fat dude

  • Dakota Holley
    Dakota Holley Hour ago

    Yo that wierd drawing isnt a drawing its morse code you can de code it and figure out what it says

  • D R
    D R Hour ago

    The voice 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  • Willow E
    Willow E Hour ago

    You’re voice was really annoying...

  • spy master
    spy master Hour ago

    the spy master is here.

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins Hour ago

    Guys, you have to go check out Emkay here on RU-clip. He does a voice impression of Chill's narrating and it's spot-on, perfect.

  • kayaly kempfer
    kayaly kempfer 2 hours ago

    a raccoon

  • its_nickdude 624
    its_nickdude 624 2 hours ago

    0:49 hey guys look! Its the foot lettuce

  • spy master
    spy master 2 hours ago

    The spy master is here

  • Travis Francis
    Travis Francis 2 hours ago

    Can you stop with the Boise changer it is so anoying

  • Daniel Asher
    Daniel Asher 2 hours ago

    Sasha staged this

  • Dullxavier276
    Dullxavier276 2 hours ago

    Love ur channel chills :)

  • emir garcia
    emir garcia 2 hours ago

    It's ok

  • Dambien
    Dambien 2 hours ago

    you're awkard asf

  • Darius Daniel
    Darius Daniel 2 hours ago

    Me:Saw the title of this video Me again: “hold my beer”

  • White Storm
    White Storm 2 hours ago

    Chills is a fatass

  • Gregory Hare
    Gregory Hare 2 hours ago

    Chills I'm not putting nothing down it's ok but not my kind of music but it's good for those that like those kind of song's but i hope you keep cool and PEACE.

  • jdjeb joksne
    jdjeb joksne 2 hours ago

    Yo swap meet as in motor swap meets??

  • Tinkster 555
    Tinkster 555 2 hours ago

    2:40 a body avenger means some on who rapes people

  • kd_swish23
    kd_swish23 2 hours ago

    wtf happened to this channel

  • #stitch #only stitch

    It is ok

  • Mawsome Spikes
    Mawsome Spikes 2 hours ago


  • ViperBite2007 //ChaseTheGamer


  • No Name
    No Name 2 hours ago

    Damn, your songs are catchy ... they give chills. <3

  • Matt Powell
    Matt Powell 2 hours ago

    Ur kinda chubby

  • Fml 1618
    Fml 1618 2 hours ago

    Why is he cute.

  • Zan ZeenoGiles
    Zan ZeenoGiles 2 hours ago

    Our mans got man titties!!!

  • Clay cupcake Behind the scenes

    This boi got to much video star

  • Inkoling 5550
    Inkoling 5550 2 hours ago

    Yea chill time babe

  • Da GermanPro
    Da GermanPro 2 hours ago

    Why do you talk like that?

  • Marquis Kirkman
    Marquis Kirkman 2 hours ago

    Number 15