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Luna Has Wings!!!!!
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ARE WE DATING??? | Q&A trois
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    BLACKDRAGON Gamers 8 hours ago

    Wow you like pokemon

  • cwl_icet
    cwl_icet 9 hours ago

    "whats her animal? like a goose?" ooh past mika...

  • みうらトイ
    みうらトイ 16 hours ago


  • ema azmahniyah

    It's ok if u cry i love twice too also blackpink and bts

  • Uyanga Sanchir

    nomber one Twive nomber two Mamamoo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😘❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • authentiq
    authentiq Day ago

    Your reaction videos are so good

  • _OTAKU ;3
    _OTAKU ;3 3 days ago

    4:15 LOL KKKKK

  • aldrin rivas
    aldrin rivas 3 days ago

    4:02 😂

  • aldrin rivas
    aldrin rivas 3 days ago

    Are you a Filipino? How old are you?

  • Jimin Stan
    Jimin Stan 3 days ago

    Jeongyeon Stan me too

  • Vincent Li
    Vincent Li 4 days ago

    song of the year 😤✊

  • Son Chaeyoung Was Born This Way

    My queen *bows*

  • Jeus Karl Bagasbas
    Jeus Karl Bagasbas 6 days ago

    Fancy song of the year!!

  • it's asy
    it's asy 6 days ago

    1:39 You when you see the big poster :" GUYS IT LOOKS SO GOODDD" also you : *throws on the floor*

  • Son Chaeyoung Was Born This Way


  • Mahiba Mansoor
    Mahiba Mansoor 6 days ago

    You gotta do fake and true!

  • beautiful twice
    beautiful twice 8 days ago

    Sana all may candy bong and jeongyeon is my bias wrecker😁

  • XxmomoringxX AOT:U
    XxmomoringxX AOT:U 8 days ago

    its been a long time I havent seen ur vids

  • Hà Trang Lê
    Hà Trang Lê 9 days ago


  • Angel_ Vlogz
    Angel_ Vlogz 10 days ago

    Actually i start it and i got Nayeon photocards yeyyyyyyyy

  • Blink Orbit once reveluv

    If Dahyun and Sana noticed me i'd die but im too broke 😂

  • Son Chaeyoung Was Born This Way

    i want your room

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 13 days ago

    UwU, I also have the same Jeongyeon Photocard as yoursssss, btw I have the Version C, 'coz, it's just very VINTAGE TYPE OF VIBE ON IT BUT STILL SAVING MONEY 'COZ I'LL STILL BUY THE SET, 'COZ MY VERSION C GOT RUINED SO I'MMA BUY THE SET😁

  • daadyxissa
    daadyxissa 14 days ago

    when I saw dahyun smiling at sana the tears starting rolling down my each other

  • Son Chaeyoung Was Born This Way

    mika. i want you to be my bestfriend lol

  • Amra Kulender
    Amra Kulender 14 days ago

    God Jihyo blessed you really hard

  • #ProtectNayeon JHope’s chicken noodle soup

    If u didn’t already can u react to heart shaker?

  • Blinkonceinurarea
    Blinkonceinurarea 17 days ago

    My bias is hwasa but they’re all amazing

  • romina Diaz
    romina Diaz 18 days ago

    Pobresita se cree mucho

  • Inceptacon
    Inceptacon 18 days ago

    2:58 “Dead ass”

  • Christopher CAS
    Christopher CAS 22 days ago

    Please react to fake & true

  • Qistina Natasha
    Qistina Natasha 23 days ago

    So I bought feel special album ver c..I got jeongyeon CD and two photocards of jeongyeon...you wanna trade CD ? And 1 photocard? : D

  • tex ver
    tex ver 25 days ago

    Nice to meet you^^ Thank you^^ Good luck to you^^ MlKA^^

  • fujosh eyy
    fujosh eyy 27 days ago


  • mia zahra
    mia zahra 28 days ago

    Sana have a very beautiful hair. She doesn't wear wig. If you hate sana then I will hate you.

  • Keith Anne
    Keith Anne 28 days ago

    I'm sooooo happyyy that your bias is YOO JEONGYEON ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cony 0-0
    Cony 0-0 Month ago

    Te entiendo igual llore 👊🏻😔👌

  • Cliff Thiel
    Cliff Thiel Month ago

    Late but: Jihyo's voice looks great?

  • 有河源
    有河源 Month ago

    Queen your unboxings are the best

  • Son Chae
    Son Chae Month ago

    I fucking pre orderd and I didn’t get any of that :(

  • sally
    sally Month ago


  • Cruzer Glide
    Cruzer Glide Month ago

    Like your reaction, im your subs now 😇

  • Magui Arce
    Magui Arce Month ago

    Are you my spirit animal or twin? Like, Jeongyeon is my bias since the beginning, and Chaeng just wrecked me so damn hard and now she's my second bias/bias wrecker

  • Taeyeonni
    Taeyeonni Month ago

    Sana is my bias and i barely ever get her cards or cd image.

  • Surya Gaha
    Surya Gaha Month ago

    I love blackpink❤️❤️❤️

  • euga
    euga Month ago

    Mika! Any change we get a reaction to Twice's "Fake and True"? :D :D

  • Skinner Man
    Skinner Man Month ago

    Thats not a reaction video because you already watch it because you know how to sing😒😒😒

  • rowill ordeniza
    rowill ordeniza Month ago

    Sgy ramn ka ug omy god uyyy

  • gacha irish vill
    gacha irish vill Month ago

    You should reaction to there song called FAKE&TRUE

  • gacha irish vill
    gacha irish vill Month ago

    Where same i like tzuyu too I know right shes a pretty girl!

  • Real Company
    Real Company Month ago

    I Love Once !! :)

  • Alavina Tu'ifua
    Alavina Tu'ifua Month ago


  • Unique Flyer Angel

    I love your reactions ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nurul Najwa
    Nurul Najwa Month ago

    I still here 😂

  • Jstn Brnrd
    Jstn Brnrd Month ago

    Who is her bias?

  • p i g
    p i g Month ago

    This intro is by far my favorite

  • happy panduhh
    happy panduhh Month ago

    Just want to ask is it possible that the photocards in a pre ordered album is out of stock? T--T Thnks in advance

  • Adi H
    Adi H Month ago

    I cried when Mina said her lyrics Mina is my bias!

  • Rundelhaus Code
    Rundelhaus Code Month ago

    u look like ny crush

    URANUS F Month ago

    Your card is nice

    URANUS F Month ago

    Nayeon's bias wrecking me, my bias is Jeongyeon and momo, but now Nayeon is really so beautiful this whole month. OMG what I'm gonna do

    URANUS F Month ago

    They all pretty baby

    COMFYSUNDAE YT Month ago


  • Amelia Purice
    Amelia Purice Month ago

    Can you please say your name on Instagram?💜 I need to follow you😂❤

  • Scott0.0
    Scott0.0 Month ago

    luv twice !!!did u watch the new mv fake&ture!!

  • mimi bui
    mimi bui Month ago

    i like your nose shape

  • Vitória Yang
    Vitória Yang Month ago

    Melhor reação

  • Vitória Yang
    Vitória Yang Month ago

    melhor reação mano

  • Momo'nun jokbali
    Momo'nun jokbali Month ago

    no one : her glasses : ⚪ ⚪

  • Monica Beatriz
    Monica Beatriz Month ago

    My utt ❤

  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha Month ago

    The blue hair colors of jeongyeon is the iconic things ever😍😍😍

  • Lily S
    Lily S Month ago

    I cried a lot today all because feel special

  • MrShaun42088
    MrShaun42088 Month ago

    OMG You made this song so much more special. I never realized how much more a song could affect someone else till now. This song hit you on completely different levels. it was heartwarming to watch. thanks girl

  • Fahmi Agung S
    Fahmi Agung S Month ago

    Thank u mika for reaction to g idle!!!! And welcome to neverland 👏🤝

  • Bangtwice #1
    Bangtwice #1 Month ago

    Please react to Twice Fake and True 💞

  • Johnny J2D3
    Johnny J2D3 Month ago

    Subscribing right now... I was also like you, crying at the Mina's part, it's so emotional when you know a bit about their struggles... Mina and Chaeyoung worlds together was and the lyrics got me super emotional the first time I saw this MV... thanks for not keeping your tears on and just letting it flow! Greetings from a Once from Chile <3

  • Jelita Dwi
    Jelita Dwi Month ago

    twice plagiat wee

  • AlienLux
    AlienLux Month ago

    loona crushing on yves :)

  • Greg mari Firme
    Greg mari Firme Month ago

    U forgot bleeps Hmmmmmm, whatever man

  • 藤井水音
    藤井水音 Month ago

    please react to fake and trueee!!

  • ; Jeongyeon Wife ;

    wAIT, is she Jeongyeon biased??? OMG.

  • Janelle Mikaela Roque

    WTH your so over reacting

  • kim jeul jung
    kim jeul jung Month ago

    YASSSS Ph Flagggg💕

  • chip117
    chip117 Month ago

    Waiting for your Fake and True reaction tho :P Your reaction to this video was the first one I saw for Feel Special since becoming a Once.

  • Oun na na
    Oun na na Month ago

    Jeongyeon cute so much 🥰 I’m Jeongyeon Stan in Cambodia 🇰🇭


    It was at this moment I realized... Yor from my skool Yor just a bit older than me

  • kim yerim
    kim yerim Month ago

    Wait jihyo is with tzuyu and sana

  • lalaloona
    lalaloona Month ago

    2:25 me

  • fancy u bitc
    fancy u bitc Month ago

    I got 3 Jeongyeon cards

    비니YOUTUBE Month ago

    I am Korean.I don't know if the translation went well.TWICE's latest song, "Feel Special," is a song about TWICE members' hard times. So, each member of the group will comfort and support the hard work.Thank you.

  • •ʟᴜᴋᴀ 藁屋シ


  • Kaeg
    Kaeg Month ago

    I completely understand your tears. I felt the same way while watching this video, as I yelled out Mina's name every time she was on screen. great video and great reaction.

  • Fatima Navarrete
    Fatima Navarrete Month ago

    everyone: i litteraly cried too when watching this mv its ok Me: wHEN DID U GET THAT CANDY BONG Z I SEE NO UNBOXING ,:(((

  • Gacha life K-pop
    Gacha life K-pop Month ago


  • Gacha life K-pop
    Gacha life K-pop Month ago

    « Fancy you you you ...you » 😂

  • Kyle Contreras
    Kyle Contreras Month ago

    Fake and true react

  • Shamuka I-
    Shamuka I- Month ago

    React to fake and true

  • Christopher CAS
    Christopher CAS Month ago

    Its ok you can react to Fake & True , i wait your reaction , pleaseee

  • Christopher CAS
    Christopher CAS Month ago

    You are such a true once 😍

  • Christopher CAS
    Christopher CAS Month ago

    Please react to fake & true twice new song