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Seasons Geekings!
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It's Been 5 Years!
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I'd Rather Vlog Naked
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Shall we play a game?
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Skyrim Kinect
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Johann Sebastian Joust
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A Star Wars Porn, Finally!
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Taxing Violent Video Games
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The Heart of Ubuntu
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My First Time
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WTF: Dead Island Drama
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Vichyssoise of verbiage
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I'm a Linux Slacker
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Be Afraid!
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How to Make Goo
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  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred 13 days ago

    wow this random girl off the internet not only made a video on which text is perfectly readable from the small standard window, but she also provides command lines on screen... this should be a lesson for other well-known youtubers out there with their fancy 1080p videos (which translates into unreadable text)

  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred 13 days ago

    FFmpeg is awesome... Sharing my FFmpeg command lines (mostly Audio) for multiple purposes that I compiled over a few months... Hope it's readable... (includes Batch Encode script for lazy fuckers like me...)

  • Jo Hill
    Jo Hill 13 days ago

    Thank you, I love your videos. I can understand you and you do step-by-step so, I can follow you. Newbie on Linux so it's hard to follow some people when they just hop from thing to thing. Thank you so very much! Looking forward to more videos.

  • heptadecagon
    heptadecagon 14 days ago

    2009 Compiz still looks awesome 10 years later.

  • SushiShiza
    SushiShiza 15 days ago

    What's your up so I can host a server for you?

  • warmecanic
    warmecanic 17 days ago

    Holy shit, my windows must have terminal cancer, proabalby some aids. Then I meet Ubuntu, the most badass thing ever, althought itś my first time with a penguin 7u7 Does anyone know why I cant put my password in Ubuntoo 12.05 (I am the administrator, yes) I write down the command and all that, but when I try to write my password, well, it doesnt, the bloody thing blinks eternally.

    • warmecanic
      warmecanic 17 days ago

      Nevermind, it was the invisible cheat On, God, itś pretty spooky and weird answering yourself LOL Just type your password even it is not wrting nothing, By the way, how can I scan my hard disk completely? I don t see the option :v

  • kapitan
    kapitan 28 days ago

    We miss you!!!!

  • Brian Reid
    Brian Reid Month ago

    Your voice!=)

  • StrungSide
    StrungSide Month ago

    I did not know this of all my years on xbox

  • Ote Thelinux
    Ote Thelinux Month ago

    I hope 4 the next linux have many software to flash any kind of android...not only use terminal... MY HOPE.........

  • dred05m
    dred05m Month ago

    Don't give up hope, the World needs people like you to make this place all better for us. I enjoyed watching your Linux tech videos and all kind of computer smart phone programs talking, which changed the way of my perception of a female as non-tech. Thank you, Nixie Pixel.

  • dred05m
    dred05m 2 months ago

    Those who were interested to watch this video, unfortunately there isn't a cure for humans yet. If an animal gets cured that doesn't necessary means that humans can be cured. Also what the world needs is a vaccin like used against polio, tbc. HIV is discovered in the eighties of the 20th century, clever researchers from all countries tried to find a cure. The only cure that is found is a business modell from Gilead, where they earn money and make profit over sick people. Speaking about unethical and unmoral, how can anyone earn money over sick people. In other words: if you're sick, but doesn't have money or health insurance: basically you're screwed. Also this medicine (or should I say moneymaker) Atripla is only stopping HIV-viruses from spreading and making more damages. However this daily pil isn't reverse healing: so the damage in your body and organs once infected isn't be cured. Thank you Nixie, for this important video. Eventhough it has been uploaded 7 years ago it still matter in the field of science. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez 2 months ago


  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez 2 months ago


  • Spider 23e
    Spider 23e 2 months ago

    Can I marry you for life

  • divertechnology
    divertechnology 2 months ago

    nixie you cannot take in account care what some idiots tells you.

  • ss kk
    ss kk 2 months ago

    One of the key spirits of GNU/Linux is to let everyone can use and share freely. It's about learning how to help and love your neighbors. Yet some people are hating an innocent girl who just wanted to share good tips with others.

  • Vinicius Ferrari
    Vinicius Ferrari 3 months ago

    Só entrei pra ver essa relíquia de video e essa beldade hahahaha

  • Zane Thederahn
    Zane Thederahn 3 months ago

    Ucgh, these comments make Me so ashamed for My Fellow Men.

  • Zane Thederahn
    Zane Thederahn 3 months ago

    Is Sins of a Solar Empire better than Starcraft 2? Yes, Yes, and YES!

  • Anton Spletstoser
    Anton Spletstoser 3 months ago

    You should come back and see the City of Sharn expansion.

  • Jon Kam
    Jon Kam 3 months ago


  • San Cambly
    San Cambly 3 months ago

    Karly noel franz? Nicole allen? This woman is a lying psycho path.

  • San Cambly
    San Cambly 3 months ago

    Nice boobs karly noel franz. Bet they real nice now that you are 60 pounds heavier.

  • San Cambly
    San Cambly 3 months ago

    Wow its karly noel franz .... you tubes biggest bullshiter

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine 3 months ago

    I'll never pay for it I never will I don't believe human interaction should ever come with a price I've never been one to pay for sex because why would you want to pay for it when you can get it for free with right person 😉

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine 3 months ago

    This is why I'm not even consider myself a geek community because I always feel rejected because I always had an open mind and an open and pinion and I never fall of political correct bullshit that seems a rule this geek community. I'm more consider myself a metalhead if anything and the sad part is the PC community starting to affect the metal community to. there's still some old-school motherfukers like me that don't put up with bulshit lotame get ostracize out but we do take a stand against intitle political correct elitist bull shit that's popular in America with the mainstream media and mainstream in general. I will always consider myself a nonconformist so I never conform to society sometimes it's better to be yourself and be an outcast of society. I just like geek stuff but I don't consider myself to be a geek anymore but this has been the way for my point of view.

  • Victor Manuel Huezo Lopez

    Ubuntu <3

  • Darrell Adams
    Darrell Adams 4 months ago

    Would you Nixie or anyone know the command line to download and install it on Linux Debian? and no I am not in the USA. Thanks !!!

  • pervej raja 837462
    pervej raja 837462 4 months ago


  • Dana Putra Yuda
    Dana Putra Yuda 4 months ago

    hahaha.. this is awesome..

  • Dana Putra Yuda
    Dana Putra Yuda 4 months ago

    How are you, nixie?

  • GabapentiX
    GabapentiX 4 months ago

    You haven't made a Pr0n movie yet...

  • Nidhi Krupa
    Nidhi Krupa 4 months ago

    StarCraft Great Great Great. Starcraft is a Land RTS and Sins is a 4X Space RTS so Both Are Great game. Not Compare This Game.

  • SRTSROGE srtsroge
    SRTSROGE srtsroge 5 months ago

    I'm trying to listen to what she has to say. I really am. But I can't stop masturbating... Heh... big beefy creatures. Like her exceptional breasts... heh. Her nails look really nice! I love how much effort she puts into her appearance.... Send help I'm in love.

  • Isaac Foster
    Isaac Foster 5 months ago

    I wish you could do it without Xbox live. Edit. Never mind. I got it to work with out Xbox live! After commenting i looked up at my screen and saw it spin Thank you for making this video 😁

  • Majin Hogie
    Majin Hogie 5 months ago

    Games are just fine; we know what we are doing

  • Just Playing
    Just Playing 5 months ago


  • sj l
    sj l 5 months ago

    where is the beautiful girl now

  • Brett Phillips
    Brett Phillips 6 months ago

    The game is good especially with the mods for it lol

  • tuxutku
    tuxutku 6 months ago

    Wow, who is from 2019?

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 6 months ago

    er, cool, (hot? judging by the color??) er, on windows??? just load up the free VLC player (also on linux) choose your input format, then choose your out, and it will use ffmpeg to convert for you... er, easy... however, ffmpeg -./oop -crap .how -dy-ddody --seems -distro ?/version - brains seems a LOT easier.. ya..

  • Miguelcdim
    Miguelcdim 6 months ago

    This is the video that made me go for the Eris. My first android (and most beloved phone of all time!) :)

  • Mojibur Rahaman
    Mojibur Rahaman 6 months ago

    Sweet voice

  • Radar906
    Radar906 6 months ago

    Does anyone know why I receive this error - E: Unable to locate package thoggen

  • The Simple Cyclist
    The Simple Cyclist 6 months ago

    Seriously, pay no mind to others. Once the tables turn and they come back, that have already cast the first stone. Keep doing what you are doing. I find your videos well made, informative, and easy to follow. Thanks. Keep up the tremendous work....I subbed

  • The Misunderstood Assassin

    Today is the *4* year anniversary of when you uploaded this video. 🤓 EDIT- 7:48 P.M.: *watches video 6 minutes later* I would've been done sooner but I was busy taking with my friend on the phone.

  • Prateek Rajput
    Prateek Rajput 7 months ago

    Lovely Eyes

  • abdul muntaqim
    abdul muntaqim 7 months ago

    if you love this youll love stellaris

  • Shean Fíonn
    Shean Fíonn 7 months ago

    You lost me at 3.5, love.. haha <like Im NOT going to check this out...> Thank you 💚🧙‍♂️ The very first character I ever made (2e circa 1993) was named Lorith Ayn. My first adventure...Undermountain. You can imagine how quickly I was hooked..

  • Shean Fíonn
    Shean Fíonn 7 months ago

    "Loosen up the mouth.." 🤓💚😛

    TheIAMINU 7 months ago

    I'd be more worried about the open sores ...

  • Уроки Java
    Уроки Java 7 months ago

    What is the name of effect on ? When you open your Descropt - file browser, it's really cool, but I don't see such effect in my compiz.

  • D Loui
    D Loui 7 months ago

    i usually store my ied in that bag.....

  • Reece McNaughten
    Reece McNaughten 8 months ago

    ooooohhhh my god its sopping wet @4:35

  • dody bramantyo
    dody bramantyo 8 months ago

    You are sexy, whatever you ware

  • Jalon Fonseca
    Jalon Fonseca 8 months ago's your THAC0?

  • Nauris R
    Nauris R 9 months ago

    I edit all your videos for free, just send it and tell the scenario.

  • Nauris R
    Nauris R 9 months ago

    where is my favorite linux guide girl? Where? No updates? Or another channel?

  • Self Made Trillin
    Self Made Trillin 9 months ago

    "I'm not a feminist" I guess you don't think women deserve equal rights. Cause that's what it means and all ot means

  • dempsey tugade
    dempsey tugade 9 months ago

    Blizzard sold out the makers of sins did not expect a market crash for blizzard

  • Norm Jones
    Norm Jones 9 months ago

    Still here. Hope things are better for you

  • Albert Giesbrecht
    Albert Giesbrecht 9 months ago

    I am sorry to hear about your open sores.

  • Ritik Gamer
    Ritik Gamer 9 months ago


  • Asheira
    Asheira 10 months ago

    sub'd <3

  • Bhaka
    Bhaka 10 months ago

    command line as sexy as you

  • LogoMonic Learning
    LogoMonic Learning 10 months ago

    I'll be back for more "tutorials" later

  • Fidel Campos
    Fidel Campos 10 months ago


  • Climax F7
    Climax F7 10 months ago

    Damn...... I can only animate in SFM

  • Доминик
    Доминик 10 months ago

    i'd like to compile her source code if you know what im sayin AMIRITE FELLAS?

  • Arshad Ali
    Arshad Ali 10 months ago

    کیا اس آ پیٹکل سے برین ٹائپ پینیگ بھی ھوسکتی ھیں یا نہیں شکریہ

  • RC-1207
    RC-1207 11 months ago

    hours she says... HOURS... girl, i went on a 6-star huge map all-out-war... took me about a day and a half to fully complete it... :D but i was playing vs a fullhouse of 10 (including myself) players, all AI were on Hard difficulty... and i nearly got wiped on multiple occasions... don't ask me how i survived, i got no clue how it happened... :D

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 11 months ago

    3:09 when you just woke up and they tell you to dance

    JASON SCHULTZ 11 months ago


  • Mr_ WolfMan
    Mr_ WolfMan 11 months ago

    This game is basically GTA in china. Which is why I love it!

  • Kenneth Bouchard
    Kenneth Bouchard 11 months ago

    Where does one get the software shown in Linux? I do not seem to find it in my Linux Distro. I use MX-17 Linux.

  • Dennys Marquez
    Dennys Marquez 11 months ago

    Oh! niña tú si eres bella! Besitos 😘

  • tvapakvoe
    tvapakvoe 11 months ago

    Why do linux community has to make the live cd's. Why not Mikrosoft make windows live cd for curing windows ?I dont get it.

  • eatchiles
    eatchiles Year ago

    Sad to find out the Parrot Pot is no longer sold.

  • JessicaFEREM
    JessicaFEREM Year ago

    oh wow this worked really well for handbrake

  • Jordan Fire Star

    Is there anyone here not here for her face?

  • Volvox
    Volvox Year ago


  • Julio Jaimes
    Julio Jaimes Year ago

    Sins is a great game. It's sad it's kind of an underground game.

  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank Year ago

    4:37 command not found. Your have a pretty figure and a nice voice but an empty head.

  • FubarMike
    FubarMike Year ago

    Ahh these were the days. Now Apple has banned anything even remotely sexual from the app store

  • ding dong
    ding dong Year ago

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  • Smunstu Stinkymonster

    God - I really hope you don't let all these idiots deter your from continuing to make videos or exploring your passions for technology. You've earned a sub!

  • Krutika's World
    Krutika's World Year ago

    Thank you so much #radhaviraniandkrutika, #krutikaworld

  • Lucas Red
    Lucas Red Year ago

    2018. Love you Nixie. We miss you so much.


    i watched one video of you ever since i was a kid, when i first discovered the internet. im 20 now and i re visited that same video today, i loved it and this is my second video of you that i have watched, i just wanted to see if you still made videos when i got older. and i love this one too <3. i hope to see more from you, and this time i subscribed ^~^ . the clawww the claw will get chu.

  • Richard E
    Richard E Year ago

    Hello beautiful lady. 😀 Oh ya right gud pak lol

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher Year ago

    0:11 I'm not sure if that would be punishment. 0:35 I got that one. 1:19 I got that one too. 2:29 Oops! I got Can I ple...I mean... Do I have to stay after class now?

  • Deprimat
    Deprimat Year ago

    I feel bad, I couldn't stop staring at her tits

  • Queen Of slime
    Queen Of slime Year ago

    This is the same one I got and I have my ants from outside.......

  • mubeen abed
    mubeen abed Year ago

    N you are very HhhHo

  • jacusss1910
    jacusss1910 Year ago

    can't see the top of ur head. Come to think of it, can't see ur tits ;)

  • Miljan Bojovic
    Miljan Bojovic Year ago

    0:33 is where the ASMR starts. Thank me later :P

  • jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    the light is saying"give my money back"..."i pay you to arent working,vanish with my money..and give the money of your kid fans back " money"...hahaha