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Smartphones are evolving.
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25 Questions with MKBHD
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Dear Smartphone Companies.
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35 Hidden Android Features.
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Smartphones are changing...
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People react to the iPhone 11
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Mystery Unboxing from OPPO
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Google Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR
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Mystery Unboxing from Xiaomi.
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The Ultimate P30 Pro Camera.
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  • Sk Zunaid Ahamed
    Sk Zunaid Ahamed 4 seconds ago


  • my thinking!
    my thinking! 5 minutes ago

  • Turborider
    Turborider 6 minutes ago

    I actually had this phone back in the day and in fact I still have it somewhere in a draw. The screen was amazing

  • naTure'S Wild'S
    naTure'S Wild'S 11 minutes ago

    New channel here .. pm needed

  • Rampage
    Rampage 13 minutes ago

    What is your aspect ratio tho🤯 got it spot on thankyou

  • WupWup
    WupWup 19 minutes ago

    Might get a s10 lite when it's time for an upgrade, would be an easy choice for me if it had a SD855 but the concerns about exynos are valid. Also 32 mp front cam and 12 mp rear-cam, i'd rather have it the other way around, or no front camera at all.

  • BajuKoko OLShop
    BajuKoko OLShop 22 minutes ago


  • Dajonttu
    Dajonttu 34 minutes ago

    Had iPhone 7plus for 6 month. Never again i will buy Apple products 🤮 Just left me wondering, have people that buy Apple never had flagship Android phone in they hand?

  • pablo chicot
    pablo chicot 37 minutes ago


  • Masterpiece DaGod
    Masterpiece DaGod 40 minutes ago

    Arun u r a Samsung fanboy😍

  • Sachita Pathak
    Sachita Pathak 40 minutes ago

    For people wondering about thumbnail: 10:22

  • Will
    Will 43 minutes ago

    1/50 people agree this video is trash. The other 49/50 are stupid enough to waste their time watching this crap.

  • Maja Kögler
    Maja Kögler 54 minutes ago

    All three cameras are amazing!

  • Poopy Underwear
    Poopy Underwear Hour ago

    You got your logo from watchdogs

  • Sooz
    Sooz Hour ago

    Yellow is a primary colour.. green is a mix of yellow/blue :D

  • SpringFoxyxX 3
    SpringFoxyxX 3 Hour ago

    0:59 NICE

  • King Gow-Brown
    King Gow-Brown Hour ago

    and the iPhone SE where ya attt

  • wayne davies
    wayne davies Hour ago

    The issue with smartphones in the last 4 years is that they're all pretty much the same now. There are fewer and fewer reasons to justify a $700-1500 purchase for what amounts to a small incremental upgrade. It's kind of making these RU-cliprs a little redundant

  • Umma Bala
    Umma Bala Hour ago


  • Yaseen Hamed
    Yaseen Hamed Hour ago

    your LAUGH is as amazing as your VOICE!

  • KuKku the foOdiEe

    Bro gift me one box please

  • Yaseen Hamed
    Yaseen Hamed Hour ago

    I washed my xperia Z with water numerious times! and once water damaged the soft layer speaker and phone turned mute!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Hour ago

    Did you also know that the CEO's of google Resigned in Dec 2019 because they will be found guilty of crimes against all humanity and are trying to dodge this punishment by resigning!

  • Njk Patni
    Njk Patni Hour ago

    Bro witch is game you play last with joy stick

  • cxllapsed
    cxllapsed Hour ago

    im pretty sure i downloaded all of those games when i was kid lmao!

  • Anime UNIVERSE
    Anime UNIVERSE Hour ago

    Will S10+ be 350$ next year after S21's release?

  • Anime UNIVERSE
    Anime UNIVERSE Hour ago

    Will S10+ be 350$ next year after S21's release?

  • Chronex
    Chronex Hour ago

    This video makes this tablet restart itself...

  • Þröstur Arnar Kiernan

    What do you do with this phones


    Apple left the Chat

  • snapdragon64k-47 Orbital

    All this finger gymnastics just to perform a basic goddamn function. jesus

    CA RAHUL SHINDE Hour ago

    In 2050, NASA will use smartphones to instead of Telescope

  • Lu Bhone thit
    Lu Bhone thit Hour ago

    It also made iphone mentos

  • Rikto Draper
    Rikto Draper Hour ago

    The iPhone was actually released at 9:42. All of they’re products were advertised at 9:42 until 2010, when the iPad was released at 9:41

  • Prasad Bhagwat
    Prasad Bhagwat Hour ago

    I hate your robot voice Like who agrees👇👇👇

  • Morgan Baker
    Morgan Baker 2 hours ago

    Where is the XR?!

  • منوعات شبابية TV

    How much is a phone per minute? 3:31 Please respond.

  • Ivan Vicari
    Ivan Vicari 2 hours ago

    Sorry but iPhone xr and iPhone 11 WTF

  • Propaganda Minister
    Propaganda Minister 2 hours ago

    you can see everything changes and slows down at the same time after steve jobs died.

    DJ RAKIBUL 2 hours ago

    4:49 Congrats Bro💐💐💐💐💐💐 Old Is Dimond

  • Moe Fitzgerald
    Moe Fitzgerald 2 hours ago

    My first phone was the iphone 3G... I bought it from a friend in middle school who was selling the phone for $20... I loved that thing

  • Qurahn
    Qurahn 2 hours ago

    High refresh rate has never mattered to me other than for gaming.

  • Patrick Reck
    Patrick Reck 2 hours ago

    I love when I see iPhone users get off the bus. If I see you WALKING with an iPhone you probably eat lunchables three times a day.

  • thomas pearson
    thomas pearson 2 hours ago

    IPhone XR

  • Googler Googlerer
    Googler Googlerer 2 hours ago

    That Nokia is fake.

  • dice1331
    dice1331 2 hours ago

    Problem with mid-range phones is it hinders companies from creating innovative products. They instead race on producing a phone at a low cost just to make a quick profit from consumers. See all the innovations we had from phones when we only had flagships, companies were competing to give us phones with a lot of features. Now there are less and less features every year, they're even removing existing features like the headphone jack or expandable storage.

  • pusala kalyan
    pusala kalyan 2 hours ago

    na lawadala vid

  • Arwah Sapi
    Arwah Sapi 2 hours ago

    Got one for my wife. Huawei you can have my wife now

  • Daniel Kilvington
    Daniel Kilvington 2 hours ago

    You're voice should be in AI but EMUI>One UI.

  • Callan Chin
    Callan Chin 2 hours ago

    Just surround your self with these to make up for the power loss

  • _.Uirusu._ ._Virus_.

    The heck...I dropped my phone(Samsung Galaxy s10) AND IT CRAKCED.

  • Gilang Guhon
    Gilang Guhon 2 hours ago

    please check tips for beginner youtuber:

  • Berkay Yildirim
    Berkay Yildirim 2 hours ago

    No the note 10 plus is fake it is never so fast to 0

  • noidians welcome at bharatpur tyagi

    Very less information about device, covered only camera

  • pivinity X
    pivinity X 2 hours ago

    Android nuclear bomb

  • Muhammad Safwan
    Muhammad Safwan 2 hours ago

    Thanos would download em all

  • BlakeFox
    BlakeFox 2 hours ago

    Can I have the regular Note 10+? hehe

  • Honest pitch
    Honest pitch 2 hours ago

    I like this tactil things damn.

  • Dime Mainit
    Dime Mainit 3 hours ago

    This. Is. AMAZING.

  • Chance Collins
    Chance Collins 3 hours ago

    I actually decided to buy a 7t Pro Mclaren, because of rumored hole punch in the 8/8 Pro. I'm done with notches, and hole punches, and i wish OnePlus would've stuck with the motorized camera, or do what Nubia, Vivo is doing and add a second screen on the back, if they really wanted to differentiate the 8/8 Pro, from the 7t/7t Pro.

  • zykui
    zykui 3 hours ago

    his voice is so soothing

  • Akash pur
    Akash pur 3 hours ago

    Today smart phone like a old wine preserve a new bottle.... last 3to 4 years smart phone like no innovations 😏😏😏😏😐😐😑😑😒😒

  • Rakesh Verma
    Rakesh Verma 3 hours ago

    Could not find battery notch

  • Itay Eliyahu
    Itay Eliyahu 3 hours ago

    you're doing an amazing job! keep up the good work, great videos :)

  • Adrian Sagario
    Adrian Sagario 3 hours ago

    Thanks i love tor content straight to the point

  • Christoph
    Christoph 3 hours ago

    Apple had the pressure sensitive Display already on the iPhone 6s and it’s called 3D Touch and on the iPhone 7 the homebutton also was a pressure sensitive non physical button

  • What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

    An ex google = Xoogle Sounds like a p0rn site

  • ignited141
    ignited141 3 hours ago

    You forgot to mention they are invested in oil.

  • Arwah Sapi
    Arwah Sapi 3 hours ago

    It's all fun and games until Google acquires Umbrella Corporation and improves the T-virus

  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu 3 hours ago


  • Buklen
    Buklen 3 hours ago

    @3:05 where google got the colours of it's logo from

  • thehumbleonion
    thehumbleonion 3 hours ago

    it was getting better until steve jobs died

  • Delvin Welikala
    Delvin Welikala 4 hours ago

    Conspiracy: anyone else notice that the "e" at the end of google looks oddly like the "e" in Microsoft Edge 🤔🤔🤔

  • If you laugh you sub!

    The p30 is racist and makes you look more black

  • Sanjay Mhatre
    Sanjay Mhatre 4 hours ago

    Its very cool But I also want to unbox the samsung galaxy mystery box

  • If you laugh you sub!

    iPhone best

  • Janeru
    Janeru 4 hours ago

    Who plays mobile games? 😂😂😂

  • Charles Relan
    Charles Relan 4 hours ago

    Very enjoyable. I love your. Speaking voice

  • forlorn
    forlorn 4 hours ago

    What they are evolving????? Who could have thought...

  • retaj mohammed
    retaj mohammed 4 hours ago

    "Look simba, it's the new galaxy fold"

  • Shoaib MiyA
    Shoaib MiyA 4 hours ago

    Which one should i buy? Which set is better in result and graphics ? Please reply me .

  • marissa dominix
    marissa dominix 4 hours ago

    was i the only one waiting for the charging block to change then i realized that he’s not in Canada

  • Роберт Иванов

    Только поймал хороший кадр и кто-то звонит (

  • Tann - Brawl Stars
    Tann - Brawl Stars 4 hours ago

    Can’t find notify buddy

  • daddy daddy
    daddy daddy 4 hours ago

    Samsung: sends high quality phones Xiaomi: shitty phones it is

  • Mhayet's Vlog
    Mhayet's Vlog 4 hours ago

    Let's help each other guys. I'm a new youtuber

  • Samzi V4
    Samzi V4 5 hours ago

    For the time watching this google has made 2.6 million dollars

  • Itz_Fireshot101
    Itz_Fireshot101 5 hours ago

    I am returning all support to everyone so please let me know once done

  • pitsaria poueskise
    pitsaria poueskise 5 hours ago


  • iWare
    iWare 5 hours ago

    Can someone please help me find the wallpapers which look like the ones he had on the phones in the thumbnail? They look really cool!

  • LiamGale
    LiamGale 5 hours ago

    You didn't mention that you can custom ROM the older phones to a newer os and security patch my S4 only officially supporting Android 5, Lineage OS allows it to run Android 9.

  • Tekuilaツ
    Tekuilaツ 5 hours ago

    can i have your xr?

  • Single Mind
    Single Mind 5 hours ago

    I like your voice wish i have that kind of voice.

  • C. Neko-desu ?
    C. Neko-desu ? 5 hours ago

    Thanos would buy this for research purpose.

  • Mao Sama
    Mao Sama 5 hours ago

    By the way Android phones also have Pin setup

  • CelticLegend87
    CelticLegend87 5 hours ago

    More screen surface means more fragility. How is a phone case going to do its job when you need a whole side exposed

  • Reeah
    Reeah 5 hours ago

    To be quite honest i just love how you do your research, present it to clearly and simple...your voice and how you narrate....your're MrwhosetheBoss. Thank you.

  • ToysandStuff
    ToysandStuff 5 hours ago

    Another thing about the galaxy fold, can you get a case for that thing?

  • Car Rant
    Car Rant 5 hours ago

    When they selling it?. I'm ready