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  • Kayla Allen
    Kayla Allen 19 minutes ago

    *chuckys head goes spinning* My worst nightmare before fnaf

  • Niamh's World
    Niamh's World 2 hours ago

    Me during this video: Shane dawson is shook

  • Diana Montes
    Diana Montes 2 hours ago

    lol I love Disney

  • Patrick Murasky
    Patrick Murasky 2 hours ago


  • isaiah avina
    isaiah avina 3 hours ago

    Best park in Disney by far

  • M Faver
    M Faver 3 hours ago

    Should a hurricane blow through, where do all the people go? I’m assuming not everyone can make it back to there cars. in the event of flooding that’s dangerous.

  • Weeb trash Maddi
    Weeb trash Maddi 5 hours ago

    Oh my the points would be a TRUE DISAPPOINTMENT

  • Charles Connor
    Charles Connor 6 hours ago

    I’m goin to Disneyland in 2 weeks so I’m binge watching all ur Disney videos in preparation

  • Lucca Chaves
    Lucca Chaves 7 hours ago

    kilimijaro safaris

  • Lucca Chaves
    Lucca Chaves 7 hours ago

    it,s a small world

  • bababoom
    bababoom 8 hours ago

    I love dumbo

  • Sem Helmond
    Sem Helmond 10 hours ago

    Rattatouille in Disneyland Paris😂😂

  • Erin Eisenegger
    Erin Eisenegger 11 hours ago

    I have been to Mickey hallowing event but I have plans to go next year and it’s sound so much fun.

  • The Finger Of Scorn
    The Finger Of Scorn 12 hours ago

    This channel is the definition of “access media”.

  • The Finger Of Scorn
    The Finger Of Scorn 12 hours ago

    They both suck out loud

  • Van441
    Van441 12 hours ago

    I would love to have them announce a Zootopia ride!

  • Art Deco city Architecture

    1:41 why did she fly 😂😫😂😂

  • Juancho Jack
    Juancho Jack 13 hours ago

    Anyone from TikTok??

  • Emily Autumn
    Emily Autumn 13 hours ago

    Wtf. I wouldn’t never allow my child to do Scarface at that age

  • Sarafina Donald
    Sarafina Donald 14 hours ago

    Part 8 😂😂 That's bad, Disney. That's alot of fails.

  • Angel Alvarez
    Angel Alvarez 14 hours ago


  • W1LL
    W1LL 15 hours ago

    2:10 look at chucke 💀💀💀

  • Gamer_1001
    Gamer_1001 15 hours ago

    Where is the 20000 easter egg on the nemo ride at Disney land?

  • Olivia Aguirre
    Olivia Aguirre 16 hours ago

    Now I wanna go so badly the happiest place on earth is the best

  • JMS fun channel
    JMS fun channel 16 hours ago

    Do more!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8bit Nuke
    8bit Nuke 16 hours ago

    In my opinion, Disney's Not So Spooky Spectacular is a _terrible_ show. It's fundamentally flawed and boring, and everything that Hallowishes did right, this show does wrong. If you want the advice of someone who's seen it in person, and has seen enough Disney fireworks to know what makes a good show, skip this show.

  • the little cold_lemon_tea

    theyre extinct beacuse fnaf, scott thought ahead.

  • the little cold_lemon_tea

    2:05 Chuck E Cheese was starin at the chicken cuz she did not have the back of her head and she looks at him and he looks away and she keeps performin and he stares at her again who else noticed that?

  • Tara D.Treasurewing
    Tara D.Treasurewing 17 hours ago

    When he talked about Walt Disney in the haunted mansion all I can think about is thing my dad says where if u get in trouble they’ll take you to Walt’s head 😂

    TABITHA 17 hours ago


  • Primal Shred
    Primal Shred 18 hours ago

    I was on number one

  • マイマイ
    マイマイ 18 hours ago

    I remember noticing the country bear jamboree figures in the Winnie Pooh ride and being surprised about how big they were, I thought of them as little decorations -

    SMOLLTINYDOODLES 17 18 hours ago


  • Wendy Ovalle
    Wendy Ovalle 18 hours ago

    Yes! We will be there and look forward to doing the top 10 must dos!

  • Jeanette Martinez
    Jeanette Martinez 19 hours ago

    I got stuck on pirates

  • FunTube
    FunTube 19 hours ago

    Was it good

  • Noah Levesque
    Noah Levesque 19 hours ago

    Mario me

  • Sparkle Spark
    Sparkle Spark 20 hours ago

    All I heard was "pumpkin"

  • Paul Spengler
    Paul Spengler 20 hours ago


  • Agampreet Singh
    Agampreet Singh 20 hours ago

    once I got stuck at Everest right when I saw the yeti

  • daviethemaster plays
    daviethemaster plays 20 hours ago

    R.I.P. Jibanyan

  • Agampreet Singh
    Agampreet Singh 20 hours ago

    Add the slinky dog dash to the list

  • Cathie Imohi
    Cathie Imohi 21 hour ago

    How are kids not terrified of that rat? He looks terrifying! When I was 5 or 6, I legit screamed and ran out of the restaurant when Chucky came out.

  • Cindy Arter
    Cindy Arter 21 hour ago

    Just dab

  • Fire Panther
    Fire Panther 21 hour ago


  • Michelle Bennett
    Michelle Bennett 21 hour ago

    Me to

  • SonicFan123 Hicks
    SonicFan123 Hicks 21 hour ago

    Everyone ruined my childhood with fnaf

  • loverrlee
    loverrlee 21 hour ago

    RIP Villagehaus 😔

  • Cringe Central
    Cringe Central 21 hour ago


  • Paul Spengler
    Paul Spengler 21 hour ago

    Nua ve

  • ObjectShowYoutuber !

    I do not wanna be an animatronic

  • Kamiylah
    Kamiylah 21 hour ago


  • ObjectShowYoutuber !

    The one in Burlington closed

  • Pamela Greer
    Pamela Greer 22 hours ago

    *listen pal IM SATAN!* Me: *ill pass*

  • Nina Ciancio
    Nina Ciancio 22 hours ago


  • Dell Walker
    Dell Walker 22 hours ago


  • rokfisherman
    rokfisherman 22 hours ago


  • Ginger Besko
    Ginger Besko 22 hours ago

    you should do a top 10 rides in unersival studios flordia

  • The Llama of many voices

    Haven't gone yet but I would have to say incredicoaster

  • Phil Frick
    Phil Frick 23 hours ago

    I got hit by a bike there.😝

  • Brian Reece
    Brian Reece Day ago

    I’m going on fall break!!!

  • Seán O'Dea
    Seán O'Dea Day ago


  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    This is completely scary AF

  • Hays Coleman
    Hays Coleman Day ago

    so the monsters inc. laugh floor halloween overlay means after the third monster finishes his section it goes right back to the first monster again and again?

  • Josh Darby
    Josh Darby Day ago

    I’ve been on all of them

  • prest0n1976 Preston

    well if u like reveling sercrets in parks, do a vid on Alton Towers! i know it iseant disney but its a idea!

  • Ruby Roblox
    Ruby Roblox Day ago

    I’m so exited I’m leaving to go to Disney in 1 week and it’s my first ever time !!!

  • Kayley Castillo

    I think that Disneyland wins in Astro orbiter. Because in magic Kingdom is in the third floor and what happens if a earthquake comes and that that will be dangerous

  • Stacy Morris
    Stacy Morris Day ago


  • MrBitoni
    MrBitoni Day ago

    Going for the first time this year! Super excited so I appreciate all the heads up. We’re going the last night so hopefully it’s not as packed.

  • Luis V
    Luis V Day ago

    Keep uploading you haven't been

  • dizneyprincess92 G

    To be frank if you're season ticket holder and in the park they should include it. So no I refuse to pay extra for it.

  • TheAMWriter
    TheAMWriter Day ago

    This video was so helpful thank you. This year is my first year going.. I'm most looking forward to going period, but also doing all the things. The rides, the treat trails, the shows, and even some of the snacks.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Day ago

    Can you watch ghosts on front lawn of Haunted mansion without being in line for the ride?

    • TPMvids
      TPMvids Day ago

      Yes! Just enter through the exit path and stay to your left. There's an area for spectators to stand in front of the ghosts.

  • Catherine Clark

    I don’t know why this channel does not have more subscribers it is amazing and definitely deserves way more❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Annonymus GAMING

    Oh look! A new spider-man ri-- *wait*

  • Black. Night
    Black. Night Day ago

    Hey, so, next summer, there's a chance I might go 2 Disney world 4 my 1st time 4 my birthday. I was wondering what r some must-see things I should visit.

  • Josh Powers
    Josh Powers Day ago

    i wish they did some of these at disneyland and i did go to the halloween party twice last year only going once this year

  • Lucy Lemon Vlogs

    I’ve never been to the party and I’ve always wanted to go to it.

  • Cedy Rosa
    Cedy Rosa Day ago

    The Greece thing look like someone just called him Falisha and he said ;O HOW DARE YOU?! 5:21 me day dreaming then realizing I’m not at home and I’m actually in hell that other people call school while my other classmate next to me is like “.....?”

  • Фнаф,аниме и поняшгиии Top narkomania


  • Richard Vasquez


  • Seán O'Dea
    Seán O'Dea Day ago

    i need!! to see!! robo-rocket!! so!! BAD!!!

  • HeyItsMeeTee
    HeyItsMeeTee Day ago

    sorry but disney world's fantasmic is SOOOOO much better than disneylands and the crowd is so much louder in disney world too

  • aidan crist
    aidan crist Day ago

    ghost rider

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Day ago

    I hella thought I was in serious danger of drowning on river rides cause of the dark water.... come to find out I could just stand up

  • GalaxyBear20
    GalaxyBear20 Day ago

    Number 3 is pennywise in disguise

  • Gricelda Garcia

    I have a cousin named Andy

  • Lemon Nation
    Lemon Nation Day ago

    How to ruin a child's favorite Disney characters Answer:

  • frozenqueen28
    frozenqueen28 Day ago

    I'm going to Ooogie Boogie Bash on the 26th as Frozen Fever Elsa with my friend who's being my Olaf. I'm so excited!!

  • Eileen L
    Eileen L Day ago

    What time do jack and sally start their meet and greets?

  • Kaelan Elsberry

    I would love for an in show exit

  • ToroFoxArmy
    ToroFoxArmy Day ago

    Why is the wicked witch's broom a mop?

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise Day ago

    my friend had to bribe me into going on this bc I was so scared but it’s actually so fun

  • Happy Parrots :D


  • Sheila Barnett

    At 3:17 the kid went for the groin

  • milk before cereal

    got evacuated from thunder mountain last night. it was scary but cool at the same time! it takes away the magic from disney because you get to see behind the scenes of the ride, but it’s an opportunity that everyone should experience.

  • Gjali Rollins
    Gjali Rollins Day ago

    they should get people to help the employees

  • Memecraft Gaming

    This was uploaded on my birthday