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Granger Smith City Boy
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Black Widow Trailer
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Ghost Busters Trailer
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Boz Scaggs Lido Shuffle
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NF Paid My Dues
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Avenged Sevenfold MIA
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Long Time No Hear!
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Marc Broussard Gavin song
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The Band The Weight
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Within Temptation Angels
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Giddy Up! The Ace Family
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The Monkees Goin Down
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Zuby Comin At Ya
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Whats New?!
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  • Efrain Garcia
    Efrain Garcia 5 minutes ago

    You have to check out Backstreet Boys- All I Have To Give! It’s another R&B influenced song

  • Brandi Kidd
    Brandi Kidd 13 minutes ago

    There is a better version of that has a more blue grass feel but I can't remember who put it out. It was over 30 years ago, my stepfather used to play it on the PA system he had on his pickup when he picked my stepbrother and I up from Jr High. He did it to embarrass his son and me but I liked the music he played. There is another one he liked to play a lot was Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home, I'm not sure if that's the hook or the title but trust me you'll get a kick out of it!

  • bookwoman53
    bookwoman53 19 minutes ago

    Definitely do The Coal miner’s daughter, please. Loretta sings very sincerely about her life.

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas 30 minutes ago

    Little tear in your eye?

  • Lilltroll
    Lilltroll 30 minutes ago


  • Masina Hawkins
    Masina Hawkins 31 minute ago

    Yes definitely! Listen to the original with Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock ❤️️👍🏼😊

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas 34 minutes ago

    Yes, Darling, white people can get down.

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas 36 minutes ago

    Good, huh?

  • Direnova
    Direnova Hour ago

    The No.1 best selling solo artist of the eighties, no wonder, the man just kept knocking it out of the park.

  • Yahshua mySovereign

    oh yeah, he has some blue shows that I strongly caution you on. Redd Foxx that is.

  • Martin Odendaal
    Martin Odendaal Hour ago

    Marie Fredriksson died this week - what a LEGACY she has left behind. The best pop band EVER!!! What a great song this is.

  • Yahshua mySovereign

    political correctness does not allow for laughing, rather than crying in any given snare situation, for anyone who makes it into this world alive.

  • Yahshua mySovereign

    They were'nt racist then! we are'nt racist now! that was network TV by the way.

  • Violet Flame
    Violet Flame Hour ago

    The begining face 😂😂😂😂 omg I'm sorry that was hilarious hopeful and than into.....whhhaattt be this?

  • Amy T
    Amy T Hour ago

    The Astrodome, The HLSR and KING George! An experience like no other.

  • Lycanthromancer
    Lycanthromancer Hour ago

    Please do a Let's Watch when you do this. :)

  • Squiggly Puff
    Squiggly Puff Hour ago

    Heyyoooo. When you get the chance, can you do a reaction video to Patrice Rushen- Forget Me Nots if you haven’t already? Pls & thanks 😛

  • Brandi Kidd
    Brandi Kidd 2 hours ago

    This was a look that was his because it was a kinda of hippie style with country. This song was supposed to be just a feel good song. It was just to say that when you had a hard or bad day that a rainy night felt like a clean slate for the next morning. He also did a duet with Sheena Easton for a Bond movie the song is For Your Eyes Only. Did you know he's married to Juice Newton? She's another underrated country singer, she was the one who sang Queen Of Hearts. You should try her too.

  • Dharmabum9287
    Dharmabum9287 2 hours ago

    *please* check out The many flatulations of Sophia

  • Lycanthromancer
    Lycanthromancer 2 hours ago

    Golden Girls and Married: With Children shared some of the same writers. GG came out before MWC, but they were both on during the early 90s.

  • Michelle Mead
    Michelle Mead 2 hours ago

    Could you play find out who your friends are by Tracy lawerence

  • Aldo Van Dyck
    Aldo Van Dyck 2 hours ago

    Ironically enough, the guy who animated this DID make a show for nickelodeon.

  • pete forester
    pete forester 2 hours ago

    “Nobody Knows” done by The Tony Rich Project made it to #2 on Billboard Top 100 And also done by Kevin Sharp made it to #1 on Billboard Hot Country. I

  • Dale M
    Dale M 2 hours ago

    Barbara has a phenomenal voice. Beautiful! ♥️♥️🎼🎶

  • Christopher Bako
    Christopher Bako 2 hours ago

    This was actually directed by Martin Scorsese.

  • Eusebia45436
    Eusebia45436 2 hours ago

    I can’t hear him is that just me

  • Christopher Bako
    Christopher Bako 3 hours ago

    Awesome...So many people mixing together. Unfortunately, Richard Manuel is a suicide.

  • Ginger Kittie
    Ginger Kittie 3 hours ago

    I found my hubby watching your videos the other day. Made me smile that he has found you as well, all on his own.

  • Treven Sass
    Treven Sass 3 hours ago

    You should please do a reaction video of Weird Al's Foil music video.

  • Christopher Bako
    Christopher Bako 3 hours ago

    Joe Cocker...relaxed later in years. He even Overdosed on heroin on stage.

  • Bert Spivey
    Bert Spivey 3 hours ago

    Incredible voice. Not sure why he dressed up as a Vegas nightclub host.

  • grublet13
    grublet13 3 hours ago

    This song always makes me cry, everytime

  • Christopher Bako
    Christopher Bako 3 hours ago

    He makes makes me tighten my neck muscles when he gets crazy! ❤

  • ladyrock2561
    ladyrock2561 3 hours ago

    That was some scathingly hot guitar by Zack, OMG! You also gotta' check out Chickenfoot - Highway Star

  • David Mentalist
    David Mentalist 3 hours ago

    *I'm new to your channel, quite liked it , please do reaction to A Forest By The Cure, i would definitely love to check it out*

  • Nora Watson
    Nora Watson 4 hours ago

    R.I.P Taken to soon. Great talent .

  • Robin Mantari
    Robin Mantari 4 hours ago

    You should listen to Sandi Patty singing this. She is Amazing!

  • Jennifer L. Auld
    Jennifer L. Auld 4 hours ago

    I watched this as a kid growing up. It is soooo funny. You’d love these shows.

  • DMB088
    DMB088 4 hours ago

    Something I keep wanting to ask.... Is there supposed to be something that shows up in the black box on the upper corner?

  • DMB088
    DMB088 4 hours ago

    Wow, I forgot all about that album! I used to listen to it all the time and loved it.

  • jeff A
    jeff A 4 hours ago


  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy 4 hours ago

    I've searched and cannot find out who plays the guitar on the opening of "Papa was a Rolling Stone". I'm thinking maybe it was a studio guitarist?

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy 4 hours ago

    MRM really enjoyed your reaction. I'm old enough to remember seeing this on tv. Great site brother, will check out your play list before subscribing. Peace

  • Patty Gadberry
    Patty Gadberry 5 hours ago

    Although I could hear neither the music, nor reaction, I do believe you pay as much attention to the music and actual talent of the vocalists as you do to the lyrics. That is the main thing that first drew me to your videos and set them above the ones who only can react to the lyrics. Since you do know piano music, if you don't mind, I would love for you to give a listen to Anthony Burger. Anthony was an extremely gifted piano player with an amazing story. At 8 months old he was badly burned and the Drs. said that he would probably never be able to use his hands. They were quite wrong. He was primarily a Southern Gospel pianist. At about the age of 15-16 he started playing for The Kingsmen Quartet. He was with them for about 20 years, then went out as a soloist and later joined the Gaither Homecoming Crew. Anthony died doing what he loved best. In 2006 he was with Gaither on a cruise. While playing accompanyment the audience first noticed that his hands quit moving. Some of the other artists on stage picked him up and carried him off stage. The medics tried for about 45 minutes to revive him without success. A couple of my favorites are: And from his time with The Kingsmen:

  • Linda Cook
    Linda Cook 5 hours ago

    If they did golden girls today they would be so censored and 'politically correct' they'd be boring as hell. Like a lot of the comedies are nowadays

  • Qцёєи Bёє
    Qцёєи Bёє 5 hours ago

    Thank you for that positive message at the end.

  • ree Mitchell
    ree Mitchell 5 hours ago

    A woman can’t take your man unless he wants to go

  • Frank Bowne
    Frank Bowne 5 hours ago

    It would have been forgotten if for not this song.

  • Ray Jennings
    Ray Jennings 6 hours ago

    This lady is right up there with the Ella Fitzgeralds and Sarah Vaughans of this world. She never disappoints and always thrills.

  • V Cat
    V Cat 6 hours ago


  • Dan Stock
    Dan Stock 7 hours ago

    Thank you. For planting the Seeds of honesty and truth. In cold cruel world. I can finally be free.

  • Mark West
    Mark West 7 hours ago

    Please react to Tyler Childers - Nose on the grindstone!

    JIM LEHEY 7 hours ago

    react to trailer park boys

  • brent mckenzie
    brent mckenzie 7 hours ago

    You said the guys were probably shark bait..the great lakes has no sharks..

  • hendrixhead90
    hendrixhead90 8 hours ago

    Frampton comes alive in the studio

  • HowFingCool
    HowFingCool 8 hours ago

    Rhythm section is lacking in interesting developments. Vocals and guitars are marginal at best. Still cannot get into this band.

  • hendrixhead90
    hendrixhead90 8 hours ago

    Second greatest guitar player of all time!

  • hendrixhead90
    hendrixhead90 8 hours ago

    Closest anyone will ever come to Hendrix!

  • hendrixhead90
    hendrixhead90 8 hours ago

    I met zakk he was the nicest dude ever!

  • RevonowS
    RevonowS 8 hours ago

    RIP :/

  • Shawna Isntshestrange

    You can watch all the episodes of the Golden Girls on Hulu. I recommend.

  • MsLuvmusic81
    MsLuvmusic81 8 hours ago

    Do Addicted! A great song and it was the theme to this mtv reality show about college frat life.. yes they have a punk type sound kinda like blink182

  • Everykneeshall Bow
    Everykneeshall Bow 8 hours ago

    Lead singer later saved by Jesus ! Thank you Jesus !

  • irish1
    irish1 9 hours ago

    I'm Irish we have some amazing bands here. U2 the script etc. But elvis leaves them all in the wake. He is the king.

  • kapppz
    kapppz 9 hours ago

    My dad worked ore freighters years before this happened in the 70s. He was as iron as the ore they transported and this effected him greatly.

  • Cherubim Bean
    Cherubim Bean 9 hours ago

    You should listen to "I've Got a Name", "Operator", and "Don't Step on Superman's Cape" and "Bad, Bad Leeroy Brown". These songs are Ethereal.

  • Lisa779
    Lisa779 9 hours ago

    The codependency athem! Great song and album!

  • Ralph Ewell
    Ralph Ewell 9 hours ago

    Your face told the story.

  • JFS !
    JFS ! 10 hours ago


  • Beauty and Gore Galore

    A Simple Plan has been one of my favorite bands for years now. Untitled and Save You are two other great songs by them

  • Adrianne Merideth
    Adrianne Merideth 11 hours ago

    They thought W was so bad, how young they were.

  • John Cichon
    John Cichon 11 hours ago

    Would you please react to Bea Arthur singing Bosom Buddies from Mame?

  • Seamus Lannon
    Seamus Lannon 11 hours ago

    This was Elvis giving thanks to his fans. Elvis loved his fans and it was a response to the love the fans have to the king of music!!!

  • 111sienna
    111sienna 11 hours ago

    i think you must understand the world of haight asbury pre 1968 to know where this fits in........

  • Egidio Ruffolo
    Egidio Ruffolo 11 hours ago

    Great one here!

  • samuele
    samuele 11 hours ago

  • Adrianne Merideth
    Adrianne Merideth 12 hours ago

    That was the original set for "Bad". When he asked Michael for permission (and he always asks for permission) Michael offered the set as well. My favorites are "White & Nerdy" and "All About the Pentiums". About the Gangsta's Paradise controversy: He didn't need Coolio's permission, he needed Stevie Wonder's and got it.

  • Patricia Downing
    Patricia Downing 12 hours ago

    If you enjoyed finally finding out about Sammy Davis, Jr., you should know that his confrontation with the racial bigot Archie Bunker ( All in the Family ) is one of the funniest things ever.

  • Justine Anderton
    Justine Anderton 12 hours ago

    The story of my love 😍

  • Gaylon Bellew
    Gaylon Bellew 12 hours ago

    He's just playin' we help all people no matter if they have brains or not. God Bless them city folk.

  • Lizzy Fletcher
    Lizzy Fletcher 12 hours ago

    Steelheart I will never let you go and She’s Gone!! You have to listen. These songs are so much better. I have never heard another singer this great as far as his voice. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Arlene Adkins-Zell
    Arlene Adkins-Zell 13 hours ago

    Please listen to The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost by Craig Morgan, it is incredibly powerful.

  • Marty Lovett
    Marty Lovett 13 hours ago

    You should react to the band Real Life and their song 'Send me an Angel'

  • Mel Griffin
    Mel Griffin 13 hours ago

    They cut the sound. How very disheartening What's wrong with you, youtube?!

  • Brian Donoho
    Brian Donoho 13 hours ago

    I heard. It the first time in the 90's

  • William o
    William o 14 hours ago

    Red Hot Chili Peppers did a GREAT live version of this.

  • miltcharlie1
    miltcharlie1 14 hours ago

    Sophia (Estelle Getty) in real life was the youngest of the cast.

  • This Is My UzeHerName
    This Is My UzeHerName 14 hours ago

    If you haven't already, check out her song from the same album called Tourniquet.

  • Dominick Sforza
    Dominick Sforza 14 hours ago

    The 1953 version is the best, in my opinion as they were at their best.

  • Duggin Raymond
    Duggin Raymond 14 hours ago

    They left out the one where the furnace quits on a cold night and they're all in Sophia's bed and Dorothy hears a noise and Sofia says "As long as I'm in my bed, I'll do what I want!"

  • This Is My UzeHerName
    This Is My UzeHerName 14 hours ago

    I'm a fan of Amy Lee and have never seen this! This was awesome! I'm also a vocalist and have a similar voice to her so I sing a lot of her songs, but never heard this one. Beautiful!

  • mspfinney
    mspfinney 14 hours ago

    This is the first 45 record I bought when I was little. Love the Monkees. I’ve seen them in concert at least 3 or 4 times!

  • Cygnus X-1
    Cygnus X-1 15 hours ago

    I have no idea what these "reaction" videos are for.

  • Andrea Deamon
    Andrea Deamon 15 hours ago

    If you IMDb the movie all the original main members are coming back except of course Egon and Luis Tulley. I'm so excited to see this. Will be the first person in line 😁 I need to get the ecto as my ringtone 😉 my dad use to work with the guy who owned the first ecto.

  • Valli Davis
    Valli Davis 15 hours ago

    Worse version I ever heard....... Try the Doc Watson cut.... Not knocking the singer, just the arrangement....

  • Tia Elina
    Tia Elina 15 hours ago

    Powerful, thought provoking lyrics. “I won’t give up on hope, secure another rope and try another day”, that just touch my heart, brings to a mind 2 patients of mine who committed suicide on the ward even though we tried to give them help, such a tragedy.

  • Brent Conner
    Brent Conner 15 hours ago

    I am glad I found your channel. You are a very good person.

  • Baha Bobby
    Baha Bobby 15 hours ago

    If your enjoying female vocals with soul, check-out Toni Childs

  • Adrianne Merideth
    Adrianne Merideth 15 hours ago

    I knew there was no way in the world you could have escaped that song. It happens every year - a song that is everywhere: think Mmmbop, Two Princes, Uptown Funk or Despacito. There is nowhere to hide. BTW, you should hear Annie Lennox sing "There Must be an Angel".

  • radar0412
    radar0412 15 hours ago

    I was looking for first time reactions to this song. You're gonna have to handle this one on your own. Cheers Mate!