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Performance bagger
Views 1.5KYear ago
2008 harley street bob
Views 1.9K7 years ago
2012 Kia Optima lx
Views 4.9K7 years ago
super narrow drag bars
Views 4877 years ago
8" risers cut down drags
Views 1.9K7 years ago
8 " 48 bars
Views 4737 years ago
Street bob 8" risers
Views 1.2K7 years ago
2008 street custom
Views 1747 years ago
2008 street bob black horn
Views 7637 years ago
stret bob hill climb
Views 3988 years ago
street bob rock park
Views 3428 years ago
2008 street bob custom
Views 1.3K8 years ago
street bob no wind pt 2
Views 2718 years ago
street bob cruise
Views 2.1K8 years ago
2008 street bob
Views 2.9K8 years ago
My Edited Video
Views 878 years ago
street bob nice bridge
Views 6728 years ago
street bob warren road MD
Views 1098 years ago
2008 street bob
Views 1.3K8 years ago
2008 street bob
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rolling thunder 2011 pt4
Views 1678 years ago
rolling thunder 2011 pt3
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rolling thunder 2011 pt2
Views 2598 years ago
rolling thunder 2011 pt1
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1990 softail walk around
Views 3068 years ago
1990 softail
Views 8598 years ago
1990 softail custom
Views 3.7K8 years ago


  • Fake Vegan
    Fake Vegan 3 months ago

    EXACT BIKE I WANT! OMFG I am obsessed with the dyna bobbers

  • Ignacio garcia
    Ignacio garcia 4 months ago

    Who makes this pipe?

  • John Craven
    John Craven 7 months ago

    looky it's a son of anarchy!

  • taps 1021
    taps 1021 8 months ago

    I want to see more of the bagger

  • Jeffrey Weber
    Jeffrey Weber 11 months ago

    Basically got same set up on my wide glide 8” risers Harley 30” drag bar. Great feel. Great looking

  • stormtrooperob
    stormtrooperob Year ago

    Thank you for the info

  • Jerrod McKenzie
    Jerrod McKenzie Year ago

    put that bad boy out in the sun dude! can't see fuk all

  • CIarkNova
    CIarkNova Year ago

    Any way you could post the link to where you got the 10s you're rockin now?

  • fatuglybiker
    fatuglybiker 2 years ago

    And what backrest mount?

  • fatuglybiker
    fatuglybiker 2 years ago

    What fairing is that, arlen ness louvered?

    SNOWBIRD 2 years ago

    i run leather pros on fxr and dyna you couldnt pay me to take a set of conelys bags. they are flapping saggy vagina lip bags. they hang like sleeve of wizard!

  • Margaret Bruno
    Margaret Bruno 2 years ago

    o now I like your fairing. I have a 2015 too

  • Margaret Bruno
    Margaret Bruno 2 years ago

    I like your drag bars - what are he specs I want to get those - they look perfect.

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 years ago

    What mods were required for those lowers?

  • AUDI B5S4
    AUDI B5S4 2 years ago

    what size shocks are they?

  • aelgali
    aelgali 2 years ago

    How is the Leather Pros saddlebags holding up? I'm thinking about getting them soon.

  • Boone Brown
    Boone Brown 2 years ago

    what kind of saddle bags are those i have a 2008 streetbob

  • Brian Wright
    Brian Wright 3 years ago

    Where did you get those lower fairings?

  • Georgia Jon
    Georgia Jon 3 years ago

    dude where are your mirrors? and its so cool to me that you have forward controls with mid pegs too. i dont think i have ever seen that before. nice ride.

  • David Spin
    David Spin 3 years ago

    Nice ride, but V&H could have put the O2sensors on the back side.

  • andy zman
    andy zman 3 years ago

    was checking this out..i sold my fxr and now have this bike..96in motor with race fuel pack..thing smokes 3rd gear all day long...makes my road king feel like a heavy moped now..but thanks for the vid..your bike is the style im going for again like my 90 fxr was

  • gartec81
    gartec81 3 years ago

    Francisco... Yes you did. Chomping down the hamburgers

  • Francisco Damacio
    Francisco Damacio 3 years ago

    Im pretty sure I saw your bike at Biggs H-D a few weeks ago.

  • Christian Genuino
    Christian Genuino 3 years ago

    did you have to get new brake and clutch lines for the 14" bars?

  • Jackie Tan
    Jackie Tan 3 years ago

    Where do you bought the saddlebags

  • IamDarkStar2012
    IamDarkStar2012 3 years ago

    Yah well don't think so dude

  • gartec81
    gartec81 3 years ago

    Shocks were a very easy install. Scored the for 100 bucks. Rippin all over and they work great

  • dnort4343
    dnort4343 3 years ago

    were the shocks a pain to put on? I'd like to do something similar, rather than spending $700 for black trackers. your thoughts. .thanks. .nice vid

  • jmbaker3
    jmbaker3 3 years ago

    nice job lee man

  • Steve Sinclair
    Steve Sinclair 4 years ago


  • Allan Guinto
    Allan Guinto 4 years ago

    Gartec81 you have an Instagram or fb? Got a question to ask you about that Conley fairing

  • vtajoe
    vtajoe 4 years ago

    Sorry but josh is right bro...Most t sport riders go with leather pros. when you take the bags off theirs nothing there like comleys HUGE bracket thats really ulgy. sorry man

  • Joseph Soriano
    Joseph Soriano 4 years ago

    howd your bike handle with the narrow set up?

  • Richard Burns
    Richard Burns 4 years ago


  • Marcelo Leon
    Marcelo Leon 4 years ago

    hi..! is normal that the oil signal is on when the motor is off after open the switch?

  • Lee Garland
    Lee Garland 4 years ago

    Shocks was told 2011 vrod muscle. I'm not sure as I am looking for them for my 2015 and can't find them

  • thedarkhorse81
    thedarkhorse81 4 years ago

    What year vrod are those shocks off of? I have an 07 fxd that i want to put them on

  • dnort4343
    dnort4343 4 years ago

    How did you like the hardstreet, thinking about getting a pair

  • gartec81
    gartec81 4 years ago

    Shoie rf1000

  • Todd Supernaugh
    Todd Supernaugh 4 years ago

    Also would like to know how you mounted your fairing. I have the same one pending install.

  • Todd Supernaugh
    Todd Supernaugh 4 years ago

    What 2 into 1 exhaust you running?

  • dnort4343
    dnort4343 4 years ago

    Those bags are slick. .I've got an 07 and i really want some slim bags. They remind me of the fxrp bags but these actually flow better with the bike,especially with a full fender. Glad i got to see what it could look like. Nice vid

  • liam shackleton
    liam shackleton 5 years ago

    So how did you put that faring on?

  • nikolaiownz
    nikolaiownz 5 years ago

    do you have some closeup of the mount ? i want to see :)

  • CenCalADV
    CenCalADV 5 years ago

    How did you mount the headlight to the fairing?

  • samuski36
    samuski36 5 years ago

    Oh Baby, hear them pipes! Man I can't wait to get on two wheels...would like to start on a dyna but that might be a bit more bike than I can handle, not to mention afford. Sweet bike!

  • Emerald Tattoo
    Emerald Tattoo 5 years ago

    Conely is garbage! Poor service and quality. Get leather pros. I learned the hard way not to deal with these guys. There bags sag and zippers fail. They do not stand by there guarantee.

    • Richard Burns
      Richard Burns 4 years ago

      Conely blows muskrat bawls!

    • gartec81
      gartec81 5 years ago

      your an idiot josh. my youtube channel is not your yelp page. go company bashing somewhere else

  • Hawaiisidecar
    Hawaiisidecar 5 years ago

    Sweet Dyna! How tall are those risers? Oh 12", cool I have 10's.

  • gartec81
    gartec81 5 years ago

    thanks a lot

    • AUDI B5S4
      AUDI B5S4 2 years ago

      what size shocks are they?

    • Peter Esquivel
      Peter Esquivel 4 years ago

      Quick question, what brand and model is that helmet?

  • Peter Esquivel
    Peter Esquivel 5 years ago

    I watch this video regularly, everything about this bike is beauty.. Definitely want my first to be like this.

  • Talal Alharbi
    Talal Alharbi 5 years ago

    Thanks for the video, did have relocate the rear turn signals? I have a 2009 fat bob, and I'd like to know if those slim saddlebags will interfere with my rear turn signals?

  • nation2256
    nation2256 6 years ago

    i bought a set of these bags for my 01 dyna. plastic back is thin, my thunder header melted the zipper and the vinel, brackets bend and sag, overall cheap ass bags that wern't thought out but they look great when you first put them then they start to sag and fall apart

  • Sean leonard
    Sean leonard 6 years ago

    What kind of bars.

  • 714slugger
    714slugger 6 years ago

    22k out the door?? Was that cash? Im in Socal I paid 21800 before taxes and interest

  • Nick Zaremba
    Nick Zaremba 6 years ago

    81 FOREVER! Bitchin dyna.

  • ApplesRSexxy
    ApplesRSexxy 6 years ago


  • moparbrent760
    moparbrent760 6 years ago

    how do you like those V-rod muscle shocks?

  • MotoAddict
    MotoAddict 6 years ago

    thinking about trading my 2011 R6 in for a black one of these. should I do it?

    • surf403
      surf403 2 years ago

      MotoAddict YES!!! Ive had several R1's and I have wanted one of these for sometime now!!

  • gartec81
    gartec81 6 years ago

    the headlight I bolted to the fairing. so no relocation kit. bags are by conelys...

  • Julio Martínez
    Julio Martínez 6 years ago

    marks are the saddlebags?

  • EastmanGaming
    EastmanGaming 6 years ago

    What is the CC?

  • gartec81
    gartec81 6 years ago

    narrow glide louvered from conelys. comes with mounts needed. it was trimmed to fit a mid glide front end

  • Will Kehle
    Will Kehle 6 years ago

    how long was it before you got them after you ordered them

  • Frank Mischler
    Frank Mischler 6 years ago

    What light u go in their that thing is super bright

  • enzela
    enzela 6 years ago

    Nice Bike,! Black, Simple and Strong just Like my coffe.

  • gartec81
    gartec81 6 years ago

    Licks cycles 24" super skinny bars...dimpled

  • Steven McDowell
    Steven McDowell 6 years ago

    what bars are you running?

  • Kurt Angen
    Kurt Angen 6 years ago

    What bags are those? I like

  • gartec81
    gartec81 6 years ago

    no play. i use solid mount risers handlel bars are 4" rise 5" pillback 27" across

  • gartec81
    gartec81 6 years ago

    thank you

  • SenorThrob
    SenorThrob 7 years ago

    That bike looks tough!!

  • Radiorah100
    Radiorah100 7 years ago

    love it! i got a 2012 EX optima last week...bright silver...we have the best looking cars on the road!

  • ATH139
    ATH139 7 years ago

    perfect place for cruising. can't wait to take my new bob out in a month! how's the braking on it? i've heard complaints

  • jessie garcia
    jessie garcia 7 years ago

    Yea just got a white one awsome.

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    4" rise 5" pullback i switched to solid riser bushings. took care of any movement

  • JBJ6996777
    JBJ6996777 7 years ago

    bout to get some 9in risers on my bike. want to know if u notice any play (movement) in the bars? to they feel super sturdy or rigid?

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    ebay find switched to 8" black ones now

  • JBJ6996777
    JBJ6996777 7 years ago

    ssiiikk!!! what risers are those bro!? gotta getm!

  • JBJ6996777
    JBJ6996777 7 years ago

    do u know the width and pull back on those 48 bars?

  • billcharlene1450
    billcharlene1450 7 years ago

    my condolences to the scoot

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    well if you like this check out my latest of it.

  • michael mouse
    michael mouse 7 years ago

    gave you a thumbs down on other video but this is more like it love what you have done to the bike. ride safe and enjoy

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    lol. should check out my other vids if you want a close up. i have plenty. this was just a sound clip. its a pretty cruddy one

  • michael mouse
    michael mouse 7 years ago

    gave it a thumbs down couldn't see the bike or the exhaust. waste of time

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    like a champ

  • Ashley Bardella
    Ashley Bardella 7 years ago

    That's bad ass! Can't wait to get me an LX too.. In spicy red

  • Andrew Pham
    Andrew Pham 7 years ago

    nice man! i just got the optima 12 LX as well, titanium color with convenience package, 22k out the door price here in southern CA. how much was yours?

  • 0709CCC
    0709CCC 7 years ago

    Congratulations! :-)

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    slowly trying to get the badges off the correct way. !st attempt I wasnt happy with. So I am in a holding pattern on the debadge

  • sledtobed
    sledtobed 7 years ago

    most guys drop the rear end why you lift it? i got a lowrider similar ,a 2000 dropeed the rear , nice bike though ride safe

  • jmbaker3
    jmbaker3 7 years ago

    Hope the bro gave you some good numbers on the purchase. nice looking whip.

  • gartec81
    gartec81 7 years ago

    yeah never though I would get one either. I think it looks good in person. its pretty large. handles well and is reliable. thats whats important these days

  • Mike Onuigbo
    Mike Onuigbo 7 years ago

    this is awesome, this is exactly what i was about to do too on my bobber project. how does it handle with the risers being so high and the bars being narrow? any huge vibrations in the bars? If possible would you be able to post a side view riding video? I just want to see what the reach and stance looks like to see if its comfortable or if its awkward/ awkward looking nice bike tho man!

  • gartec81
    gartec81 8 years ago

    just vance hines slip ons at this video

  • gartec81
    gartec81 8 years ago

    this bike has been t-boned buy some punk ass 16 year old kid. on to the next one

  • The meme king
    The meme king 8 years ago

    any add on's to the bike?

  • gartec81
    gartec81 8 years ago


  • jmbaker3
    jmbaker3 8 years ago