Garrett McCord
Garrett McCord
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  • Fonzerellie 351
    Fonzerellie 351 4 months ago

    Is he chewing tobacco ? 🤮. . My ex chick used to chew tobacco , my weenie always stunk like mint ..

  • GodDamn
    GodDamn 6 months ago

    Looks ew

  • Nha Lee
    Nha Lee 8 months ago

    swallowing your dip juice..

  • Ramon Martinez
    Ramon Martinez 9 months ago

    Swallow that crap

  • Ray Mbuna
    Ray Mbuna 10 months ago

    Are you old enough to chew? U look 16.

  • David Cole
    David Cole 11 months ago

    Idiot, no speaking Etiquette. Parents are morons for letting this idiocy carry on.

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor Year ago

    Yeah I think you need more dip...

  • Jeff George
    Jeff George Year ago


  • Hayden Sims
    Hayden Sims Year ago

    Its been over 6 months and you haven't had any updates on this truck in a while now and I was wondering when the next video would be out for this mean machine here? Also how is welding going for him and does he make a lot of money?

  • Hayden Sims
    Hayden Sims Year ago

    is it for sale?

  • omar francisco
    omar francisco Year ago

    Mega violin

  • Scubablaster
    Scubablaster Year ago

    Dang dude spit that dip out before saying righty tighty lefty loosey

  • Garrett Wood
    Garrett Wood Year ago

    Ur gay

  • casino NYU
    casino NYU Year ago

    Holy shit a read neck with a truck wow!

  • Doug S
    Doug S Year ago

    So how is the reception? Do all the channels still come it? HD channels too? Did you lose any?

  • Kevin Cranfield
    Kevin Cranfield Year ago

    Real men would just swallow that spit! Get that dip outta your mouth before you make another video! You look like a wanna be Country Boy! Smh

  • Irish ken jeep
    Irish ken jeep Year ago

    Hope his father didn't watch this video whooping in the making

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    Try a little bit harder to be country, it's not working yet

  • Stuart Mayor
    Stuart Mayor Year ago

    I cringed so hard...

  • Ronald Edilberto Ona

    What's in your mouth dude? Is that tobacco?

  • don juan
    don juan 2 years ago

    Lmao a stock cobra

  • 7 Star 150
    7 Star 150 2 years ago

    damn dude, I had to cringe when I saw you put that on your hood with the clip side down. I have a black truck also. gotta do what you can to keep the paint looking nice. small details matter

    • Rey D_SCAL
      Rey D_SCAL Year ago

      7 Star 150 daddy bought him that truck, spoiled little shit

    • misclivelaughlove
      misclivelaughlove Year ago


    • Garrett McCord
      Garrett McCord 2 years ago

      Jak Sinvaygus yeah I know bro that black paint is so hard to keep clean..

  • Megan Riggs
    Megan Riggs 2 years ago

    Cool video