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Back On My Bull
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  • HääDj0nt000
    HääDj0nt000 11 minutes ago

    Breakdown Of Sanity in Cologne! Yes!

  • EinfachChris
    EinfachChris 25 minutes ago

    Berried alive ... this is actually the first time I stopped a video to buy the album. love that unique style

  • ccruz3639
    ccruz3639 37 minutes ago

    The hardcore crew is growing up 😭 I cracked at the first breakdown 😅😅

  • Tom.
    Tom. 41 minute ago

    was that clip from mellisium off the album??? single sounded so much better wtf

  • Nick Collis
    Nick Collis Hour ago

    Congratulations on 10k bro! I always fail at headbanging challenges lol

  • Sambah
    Sambah Hour ago

    That Portals track was mad

  • guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    Got all the way to that Portals breakdown. That shit made me pull a Keem and chuck my chair across the fucking room 😂

  • Randyness
    Randyness Hour ago

    God of Nothing got me. So did Brand of Sacrifice UGHH This is a dope list Keem, i wanted to do something similar except with Misheard lyrics. GOT DAMMIT YOU JUST HAD TO INCLUDE ENTOMBED.

  • Tiago Francisco
    Tiago Francisco 2 hours ago

    This was the best try no headbang I have ever heard. I think I lost in Soulkeeper cuz I did a kinda of half stank face ahah

  • darthdaddy66
    darthdaddy66 2 hours ago

    Man, I wasn't paying enough attention and caught myself going to the beat within the first ten seconds -_-

  • Guy Stav
    Guy Stav 2 hours ago

    holy fuck its amazing

  • NativeRyan
    NativeRyan 2 hours ago

    React to Invent Animate - Cloud Cascade

  • rockkid407
    rockkid407 2 hours ago

    God damn it. I used to play Malignancy on repeat for like two weeks when I first heard it and now you gotta do me dirty on the first track

  • Mr No Name
    Mr No Name 3 hours ago

    I made it but man that was a struggle especially with the last track 🥵🔥🤘🏼

  • Ezequiel Canifa
    Ezequiel Canifa 4 hours ago

    I regreted i didn't fail!!!! Didn't know was that hard

  • ohmyword88
    ohmyword88 4 hours ago

    Do the new Xurl song damnit

  • Brian Koch
    Brian Koch 4 hours ago

    It’s not even fair how heavy Falsifier is.

  • Hispanic Burrito
    Hispanic Burrito 4 hours ago

    You reacting to Crimson Dawn?

  • Friendly Mxdder
    Friendly Mxdder 4 hours ago

    Hey keem you should check out Ne Obliviscaris, i def think you would absolutely love them

  • Billy Praise
    Billy Praise 5 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 Haven't started watching and I already know I'm gonna fail

  • Jedi Jesus
    Jedi Jesus 5 hours ago

    I failed both the challenge and NNN at Shadow Of Intent when the melodic guitars came in at roughly 6:03

  • FriskyVase
    FriskyVase 5 hours ago

    Lost at Brand Of Sacrifice 😳

  • Josh Stutts
    Josh Stutts 5 hours ago

    Entombed in the abyss. Shit was too hard

  • P3ta ̋ ̈
    P3ta ̋ ̈ 5 hours ago

    omg..so fckng hard..great job Keem!!

  • Iago HellKiller Gonçalves

    Try not mosh? I failed! 😂😂😂

  • Hugo Strma
    Hugo Strma 6 hours ago

    Lost right on the first one... then on Breakdowns of sanity The catacombs Eclipse God complex Good job Keem very heavy indeed.

  • ISVolcrom
    ISVolcrom 6 hours ago

    I can stop my self from head banging but you said we had to keep a straight face, so you mean we can’t do stank face either? Shit that’s hard

  • Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark 6 hours ago

    Aight, i’m filming this challenge today! i’m just gonna headbang with my EYES

  • Frederick Korth
    Frederick Korth 6 hours ago

    i dont even try these challenges, i just use them for new music and a nice headbang.

  • William Walsh
    William Walsh 6 hours ago

    I died at breakdown of sanity. The nastolgia was too strong

  • Mr. Dorky
    Mr. Dorky 6 hours ago

    50 breakdown

  • Hardcore Keem
    Hardcore Keem 6 hours ago

    Mellisium - Malignancy 0:58 -1:36 Berries Alive - Downsy 1:37 - 2:57 Before i turn - Sleep 2:59 - 3:30 Breakdown Of Sanity - The Writer 3:32 - 4:16 God Of Nothing - Cruel By Nature 4:18 -5:17 Shadow Of Intent - The Catacombs 5:19 - 6:25 Brand Of Sacrifice - Eclipse 6:27 - 6:56 Entombed in The Abyss - Apocalypse Document 6:58 - 7:49 Portals - God Complex 7:51 - 9:31 Falsifier - I Am Death 9:34 - 10:57 Soulkeeper - Linger 11:00 - 12:06 A Wake In Providence - Insidious 12:08 - 12:52 Existence Has Failed - Begotten 12:54 - 13:56 EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF

  • cheetofingers77
    cheetofingers77 6 hours ago

    4:00 wtf is this.... lmao pianochore?

  • Bohdan Moriarty
    Bohdan Moriarty 6 hours ago

    Keem, I couldn't stand it from the first song

  • Brock Meyer
    Brock Meyer 6 hours ago

    How dare you put dickies part from catacombs in this, not fair yo

  • Mr. Dorky
    Mr. Dorky 6 hours ago

    * 6:30 Try not to get your wife angry challenge*

  • Захар Вольнов

    dat was eeeeasyyyy

  • Jordan Wilbanks
    Jordan Wilbanks 6 hours ago

    Man, I miss Breakdown of Sanity.

  • PrEy Clan
    PrEy Clan 6 hours ago

    Man you're really picking up with the Subscriber's! Keep it up!

  • Joel Macy
    Joel Macy 6 hours ago

    I fuckin failed on the first one 😂so many bangers in here goddamnnnn🔥🔥

  • TTDxEpiphany's Life
    TTDxEpiphany's Life 6 hours ago

    Also this is the hardest one of all the headbang challenges I've seen. This is a great job keem!

  • Nâthân davidson
    Nâthân davidson 6 hours ago

    Shadow of intent the catacombs my fav song 😍 dickie just destroys it

  • Cameron Toleman
    Cameron Toleman 6 hours ago

    I already know this is gonna be banging and I haven't even watched it yet 😂

  • TTDxEpiphany's Life
    TTDxEpiphany's Life 6 hours ago

    Anyway we can get a song list? Need a lot of these on my playlist

  • Mr. Dorky
    Mr. Dorky 6 hours ago

    Try not to destroy your chair challenge

  • Royal Thurston
    Royal Thurston 7 hours ago

    Lost at Berried Alive second song

  • Royal Thurston
    Royal Thurston 7 hours ago

    This is gonna be goooood

  • Apache Cowboy
    Apache Cowboy 8 hours ago


  • AndyBernal TV
    AndyBernal TV 10 hours ago

    That chorus written by hardcore Keem at the end was on some Lil Peep type shit I fucks with it

  • Matt O
    Matt O 12 hours ago

    Some of y'all weren't here for Glasses Hardcore Keem, and it shows. 🤧💪😤

  • jck1794
    jck1794 17 hours ago

    2:10 legit looked like you were reacting to an earthquake lmao

  • jck1794
    jck1794 17 hours ago

    "I had to cLENCH right there real quick. mah BUTThole. That's TIGHT." Hardcore Keem 2019

    ΛBRΛHN 18 hours ago

    Game fuckin' over.

  • James Daniels
    James Daniels 23 hours ago

    Vatican is a band you should check out. That new album they dropped is a banger.

  • Sportfishing with The Tinboat crew

    You ain't wrong Phil is an absolute beast on the mic and I to believe he should have stepped in as the frontman of ss and still keep to Whitechapel.

  • ThereAreNoGods

    Forsaker - rotten mind or muted sleep

  • _ Jorge
    _ Jorge Day ago

    That face at 6:13 🤣

  • matthew lucht
    matthew lucht Day ago

    The husk- rings of saturn

  • Terror dome
    Terror dome Day ago

    F#%K YA Keem! Caught my 8 year old "keeming" in the front yard yesterday... I bought him a new lego set.

  • Mr. Dorky
    Mr. Dorky Day ago

    My poor neck

  • Mr. Dorky
    Mr. Dorky Day ago

    Who lets the Pigs out

  • Alex Pratt
    Alex Pratt Day ago

    Infant annihilater blasphemian

  • De Waal Van Der Colff

    I still like the new SOTS more. The new vocalist is a beast.

  • Chris Popp
    Chris Popp Day ago

    Keem squeaking = Keem enjoying. Love it. And OMG, what band is that one in the outro?

    • Chris Popp
      Chris Popp Day ago

      Thanks man. That motherfucker DESTROYS!

    • Tom.
      Tom. Day ago

      Outro is malignancy by mellisium, hard AF

  • Poopy De Scoop

    Someone outside your door at 0:32

  • Crew Dog Gamer

    Brruuhhh you know your laundry basket wont survive white bat by he is legend

    FISHY Day ago

    Please check out their 2 albums, dude. They fucking SLAP.

  • darthdaddy66
    darthdaddy66 Day ago

    That breakdown...nasty NEED ME A PRISON REACTION BROSKI! (You and Me and the Devil)

  • Ostyn
    Ostyn Day ago

    Gotta do the new Vildhjarta track.

  • JewCena
    JewCena Day ago

    You should check out berried alive armed strobbery vocal version

  • D.K.A.
    D.K.A. Day ago

    Good reaction broo Please react to BEELZEBUL - FILL THE VOID

  • Bean Productions

    Idk if you take suggestions from the comments but pyrithion - the invention of hatred. slaps u should give it a listen

  • Troy Carpenter

    Glad you loved it bro been following them for a minute, check out mark of rot by them

  • griffinps92
    griffinps92 Day ago

    This is by far the hardest I've ever laughed at a Keem reaction. That 6:30 drop of doom made you straight up malfunction

  • Matthew Peters

    Sleepsculptor- Torn By The Roots

  • Denny Wit
    Denny Wit Day ago

    Fuck yes Cabal is amazing!

  • Randyness
    Randyness Day ago

    Well It's nice to see the laundry basket *survived* Lorna Shore

  • Nick Collis
    Nick Collis Day ago

    Love you keem bro🤘🏻


    Bout time you got some Cabal on here!! Fucking love these guys!

  • Micah Smith
    Micah Smith Day ago


  • Lambertblake58
    Lambertblake58 2 days ago

    Love your videos, but crank the music up a bit so we can jam too!

  • CLIF F
    CLIF F 2 days ago

    "That lil bastard!"

  • Nâthân davidson
    Nâthân davidson 2 days ago

    This is why you’re the only reaction channel I watch 😂😂😂😂😂

  • shrek tical
    shrek tical 2 days ago


  • shrek tical
    shrek tical 2 days ago

    DESPISED ICON!! New album!!! PURGATORY!! Letsssssgooooo

  • sebasdecline
    sebasdecline 2 days ago

    6:11 The moment Keem realize his wifes gonna be mad

  • Aurora17
    Aurora17 2 days ago

    Those vocals are fucking UNGODLY

  • Matt Schwarck
    Matt Schwarck 2 days ago

    I love this guy. "They gonna groove ya real quick."

  • Joseph de Gail
    Joseph de Gail 2 days ago

    HAHA! Sorrrryyy wiffeeyyy!

  • Mac Kempf
    Mac Kempf 2 days ago

    chamber reaction?

  • David Foulk
    David Foulk 3 days ago

    To The Grave- Ecocide

  • NaXx
    NaXx 3 days ago

    you tried your best brother, she cannot blame thee for the filth you experienced xD

  • JJ Coetzer
    JJ Coetzer 3 days ago

    "That is darker than me" hahaha you are a legend.

  • Trevor Bolton
    Trevor Bolton 3 days ago

    Are you stoned or just naturally this wild? 😂😂

  • Brand Solutions
    Brand Solutions 3 days ago

    Hey dude please do a review on this song by sold sould you will destroy your room, this song ft so many guest vocalists you will be blown away. please this is a request from pakistan and i bet no one ever had requested you from pakistan. Thanks ru-clip.com/video/K6rPiBvSedk/video.html

  • Zrock210
    Zrock210 3 days ago

    React to Mundus Vult Decepti by this same band!

  • Sean Reynolds
    Sean Reynolds 3 days ago

    The new Bury Your Dead EP

  • Sean Reynolds
    Sean Reynolds 3 days ago

    The new Bury Your Dead EP

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 3 days ago

    Lmaoo yea that last 30 is disgusting

  • Chris Luto
    Chris Luto 3 days ago

    I was the 565th thumbs up, and there were no thumbs down