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DevaCurl Disaster Update
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The “Hair Scientist” Scam
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  • Haley P
    Haley P 9 minutes ago

    Oh my glad I saw this. I got low-poo and one condition delight along with the melt into moisture mask as a Christmas present and I have noticed slight hair loss in the areas you mentioned. I will stop using it right away, very disappointed. Thank you so much.

  • Cristy Mendes
    Cristy Mendes 16 minutes ago

    Come to Lakeland, FL!

  • tbaker90
    tbaker90 26 minutes ago

    I have 3a 3b curls with a few random 2c sections. My hair was down to my butt and finally healthy after a year + of allowing it to be natural. I bought the Deva curl archangel and the styling cream because of all of the amazing recommendations. I wasn't getting consistent results but I didn't want to waste expensive products. After 6 months I had to cut off 14 inches of hair because whole chunks of my hair were falling out. I lost handfuls of hair every time I washed. My hair is finally growing back, but the short regrowth Halo frizz is so annoying. There are much better products for way better prices on the market now.

    • tbaker90
      tbaker90 22 minutes ago

      PS don't let the strict curly girl method cult blame you for not "doing it right". Sometimes the products just don't work, and sometimes (like this) they can even be dangerous.

  • Michelle Butterfly
    Michelle Butterfly 40 minutes ago

    My sister had an allergic reaction but I did not. Now we know why

  • Michelle Butterfly
    Michelle Butterfly 46 minutes ago

    Thanks for letting us know!!

  • Tara Walker
    Tara Walker 47 minutes ago

    I tried the products because Ulta was having a sale. I just didn't like the product - it didn't provide me with any benefit I was looking for. Never even finished the samples. Glad I didn't use it long enough for any damage to be done. Sorry this has happened to you.

  • Alyssa Lawrence
    Alyssa Lawrence Hour ago

    Have you done a video on how to care for fine curly hair? If not could you please do one? That would be amazing!

  • Lisa Keith
    Lisa Keith Hour ago

    Hi! You mentioned low volume with that 20 vol or something else? Do you have a name of the direct deposit color you use to tone?

  • Teresa
    Teresa Hour ago

    I use the Aussie miracle curls co-wash and the Aussie miracle curls deep conditioner. Then I just put some virgin coconut oil in my hair after I shower.

  • Marwa Ilhami
    Marwa Ilhami Hour ago

    Just for people go struggle with dry detangling, you can try to put some oil in your hair to make it easier and reduce breakage. My hair tangles very easily so I always end up with a lot of breakage either if I dry detangle w/o oil or if I do it in the shower, so I like to use some coconut or olive oil. I hope this would help someone but again this is my personal experience and what works for my hair (I have type 3 hair)

  • LuvLykeHunii
    LuvLykeHunii 2 hours ago

    The 2 I bought were a waste of money. Got them at winners but they sit under my sink and I use tresemme and have given up on doing the cg routine

  • Samantha-M.
    Samantha-M. 2 hours ago

    Hey Stephanie! Can you please do a video on moisturizing thin, fine, tightly coiled hair? My hair is always dry, although I deep-condition every wash-day, ie. every 2 weeks. I have lots of shedding and breakage during wash day, too. I just want healthy hair, but I’m doing everything I can. :(

  • Beaira
    Beaira 3 hours ago

    Ive never used devacurl because they because they are expensive. But I had something similar happen to me with Cantu. If I use cantu more than one wash day my hair starts breaking off. So I got rid of all my product apparantly they changed their formula.

  • paulna85
    paulna85 3 hours ago

    I would look at your hair growth Instagram story for inspiration as well as for some patience that it’s a process. (The permanent stories on your Instagram after your first big chop). I guess you are entering the microphone phase again!!! Yaaay ❤️

  • Marlo Williams
    Marlo Williams 3 hours ago

    Is there anything additional you are doing to regrow your hair? Or did you only stop using the products? I am always looking for tips to fill in my thin spots

  • April B.
    April B. 4 hours ago

    Can I ask you about getting a color remover done at the salon? I have an appointment in 2 weeks and I’m getting this done to lighten my natural darker brown hair. My coarse and curly hair is damaged and I’m hoping that using a color remover that’s sulfur based is a less damaging alternative to doing highlights. What do you think, Stephanie? Thanks

  • Blush Curls
    Blush Curls 4 hours ago

    I always say ‘Hi Shadow!’ at my screen when I see her 🤣 you inspired me to go pink! Not had a bright colour for a long time, so much fun. Great to hear the amazing plans for the future x

  • Fine Curls
    Fine Curls 4 hours ago

    One in New York ❤

  • Elizabeth Peebles
    Elizabeth Peebles 4 hours ago

    Have you tried Hairstory’s New Wash? It brought my damaged texture back to life, that and their Hair Balm

  • GrandmaChronicles
    GrandmaChronicles 4 hours ago

    That explains why my shampoo I have from DivaCurl turned jelly in the shower during the summer.

  • Brenda M
    Brenda M 4 hours ago

    I agree dry detangling is kinder to my hair. No matter how easy I brush, my hair still experiences breakage.

  • janet folan
    janet folan 4 hours ago

    I was thinking about you just yesterday.....and here you are ! I am so happy you’re both doing your new apartment too ! I’m so happy that you are so happy......what amazing news you shared with us. Please continue with all your updates and congratulations on you new endeavors ! ❤️🐾👋🏼

  • Carissa Carnes
    Carissa Carnes 4 hours ago

    So happy to have seen you and Dennis relaxing in Mexico. Loved the pink and love the blond! Just glad to see you smiling and succeeding!! Much love!! ❤️TieDyeMomx2

  • Tela Mere
    Tela Mere 4 hours ago

    I got invited to one of the Facebook groups and it really struck me as weirdly cult like behaviour. You cant question it. So happy I didnt buy any of the products.

  • Brenda M
    Brenda M 4 hours ago

    Wonderful news! Enjoy the journey!

  • gogglespisano24
    gogglespisano24 4 hours ago

    Thank you for this!! DevaCurl never worked on my hair. It made it frizzy and gross. Curly girl method, the same. It's all bullshit, TBH. You need to find what works for you and stop buying into the hype that they market that it is the ONLY way.

  • Shaywill34
    Shaywill34 5 hours ago

    We need one here in Savannah Georgia.... there is no place for natural hair here..

  • Opals Realm
    Opals Realm 5 hours ago

    When I went and got a deva cut they used deva curl hair looked like a tumbleweed!! My own products like as I am and Mielle, Maui, shea moisture, etc products did much better with styling. Now I know why.

  • Sydney Bodenstein
    Sydney Bodenstein 5 hours ago

    I don’t want to support devacurl but I can’t find another gel like the Archangel gel. Does anyone know a good dupe?

  • RespectedProfessional

    TLDR: Don’t let stylists ever thin your curly hair. I wish I had watched this video before my cut in November. I had been in this salon previously and had a suitable cut (to my inexperienced perspective) and returned years later for a cut. I impressed upon this new stylist/colourist that I have had negative experiences in the past and am “high maintenance” and can be critical of stylists’ techniques with curly hair. The receptionist booking me in (of course) effusively reassured me that the stylist was very attentive and had several years of experience with many curly clients. I should have known when the stylist told me she’s only one year out of her apprenticeship that she was not the one for me. Red flags kept popping up, like the vigorousness of the shampoo, the doggy-dry style of toweling off my wet hair aggressively, the lack of variety in conditioner... I digress. She asked many questions and listened and seemed very attentive, but when she said she would begin thinning my hair, I should’ve stopped her then and there. She clipped off entire chunks of my hair I’ve been working on for over 7 years that were between 3 and 11 inches. ELEVEN INCHES OF PURE CURL. How did I not slap her and run out screaming? By the time I realised my error in trusting her, she’d already completed half of my head. I was stuck and got hot, flustered, began sweating and had no choice. She cut my bangs and thinned them as well, to the point where I still have tiny half-inch swirls stuck to my forehead. Where I once had a beautiful mane that I prized and worked so hard to care and nurture, I’m left with a piecey, chunky, raggedy mullet-looking mess. This will take years of effort to mend, and while I know it is hair and most people can’t be bothered to care at all, it knocks your self esteem and especially makes you mistrusting of any stylist or colourist.

  • Donna Rose Spiro
    Donna Rose Spiro 6 hours ago

    I used deva curl for a little over a year and i loved it at first. Then all of a sudden i was realizing how dry my hair was and when i went to get a haircut my hair dresser was like its really dry you need to start deep conditioning more often. I had keep seeing people on deva curl ads saying how it was causing dry hair and stuff like that so i cut all my deva curl products out (except for the microfiber towel) and my hair is already so much better 2 months later. Im so glad i realized the issue before it became more than just dry hair

  • Agency in Repose
    Agency in Repose 7 hours ago

    What other products might have this issue.

  • Ammari Bourgeois
    Ammari Bourgeois 7 hours ago

    What products are you using now??

  • Pamela Brown
    Pamela Brown 7 hours ago

    GORGEOUS Sis 😍

  • Nicole  Metzger
    Nicole Metzger 7 hours ago

    I am so glad more and more people realize in which way Industries damage our body the only reason this happens is because they are greedy and want you to buy more without realizing what causes the problem it seems devacurl went too far changing formulations last time. I have noticed this problem years ago and quit using products with any kind of chemical in it. Biological products only, and I never felt better. It is the problem in skincare, haircare even healthcare. It's called capitalism

  • Hali Rosborough
    Hali Rosborough 8 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My hair has been growing back curly after having chemo therapy last year, and diva curl is the only product line I’ve used so far. I heard it was the best, so that’s all I’ve used. But I have noticed a lot of breakouts along my hairline and even on parts of my scalp. I also find that my hair feels corser than it did a few months ago, when I was still using a regular shampoo & conditioner. As a curly hair newbie, this info is so valuable. Thank you for saving me, and others, from doing further damage! 🙏❤️

  • The Real Life Telisa

    I recently had thinning shears used on my hair and it’s looks soo bad. What can I do to make it look better!!!?? If anything

  • Brooke Lee
    Brooke Lee 9 hours ago

    I have thin flat straight hair and i was recommended to use devacurl. I used some samples and moved on, glad i did.

  • Raja
    Raja 9 hours ago

    Interesting... My hair loved Deva curl. I haven't used it in years though cause I can't afford it. I will say the deep conditionee though didn't work for my hair

  • Connie
    Connie 9 hours ago

    Oh Wow!! I have super fine hair, and I switched to strict curly girl about 6 months ago, with DevaCurl products, even went to a Deva stylist for a cut in Nov, and I think my super fine texture hair reacted faster, because my hair got trashed! I thought DevaCurl was finally going to be the answer for my super varied lengths which no two hairs get on the same page so my texture resembles a cotton ball, or if I blew it out, halo frizz, crazy fly aways and tangling all over the length... but my hair got so trashed, even oil couldn't tame it... I have already dropped all my Deva products. I am now still staying away from all insoluble silicone's, and keeping sulfates away except laureth to occasionally clarify, and am trying Olaplex 3 treatments. My hair still isn't better :( Thank you so much for your video!! I started curly girl because I shared my hair struggles on facebook, and soooo many of my curly friends all commented "use DevaCurl!!". I am now going to share your video on my facebook in case some of them are having these issues and don't know whats going on and like so many, wouldn't ever think it could be their beloved Deva products!

  • Delicia Brummitt
    Delicia Brummitt 10 hours ago

    Thank so much for posting this! I had previous hair loss from Wen back in the day. I started making my own hair care solutions. And I thought Deva Curl was still on the good list. Tossing my bottle now. DIY for life now. 😭 Agghhhhh... this explains so much.

  • SHORTiYy
    SHORTiYy 10 hours ago

    you just solved a mystery for me! last year after I did a big chop I got the random bland spot in the front of my head, it looked like smooth like it had been snatched out and I couldn't figure out how but I was using the deva cleansing conditioner at the time

  • Rickerov
    Rickerov 14 hours ago

    My hair stylist used the products on me once and I loved the result so I bought the products at the salon. Went well at home for awhile buuuut then started making my hair gross in a multitude of ways. In panic mode I switched products and after about 6-8 months my hair was happy again. I am also now realizing that my stylist never used the products on me again and they actually completely removed the line from the salon after one that one period of time so I imagine they didn’t love it either. Anyway, Sephora sent me a sample shampoo and conditioner and I gave to it to my boyfriend and his hair came out so nicely that he wanted more and I thought maybe I’d try it again in case it wasn’t the products. I mean how could it be when so many people love it. So we both start using devacurl again. His hair thinned out and became brittle and mine has yet to recover almost 2 years later. It’s sad and thin, I have straight up almost bald patches, greasy scalp but dry ends, I have to use so many products for moisture just to make it look alright. Oh and it just doesn’t want to grow. My stylist thought I was going elsewhere because my hair stayed the same length for that entire period even with trying to keep it healthy with trims. I just want my thick healthy hair back. Or even just for the bald patches to grow back. I just started using extra dark castor oil on them and hopefully that helps (and a rich vitamin filled diet, etc). Until then I filled in the spots with powder. Blegh. It has messed with my confidence and I don’t leave the house without clip ins now (which I know can cause breakage but I am mostly home the vast majority of time). It just sucks and it’s so awful. There are better products for infinitely less money and if this really is just from the devacurl products and they’re aware of the issue but still selling it then that’s horrifying.

  • Becky Coleman
    Becky Coleman 15 hours ago

    I find devacurl’s products to be too expensive. Also devacurl’s products doesn’t clean my scalp very well! And I have to go in with another shampoo.

  • CurlyNella1011
    CurlyNella1011 15 hours ago

    I know it's geard towards the wavy line but I brought a big bottle of the arc angel gel a year ago but I just became fully natural and I used it and my hair felt really rough. I was told that since I was relaxed that I wasn't use to feeling texture. I even thought it was scab hair but they said it isn't any solid proof of scab hair and if it is, your scalp would have to be damaged and my scalp isn't. Now that I'm natural a full year, even my hair naked doesn't even feel like what I felt a year ago. I still have gel left and I hate to trash products, especially expensive ones, but I'm going to do it😔

  • Helen Sarkisian
    Helen Sarkisian 15 hours ago

    I shared this to my Facebook page. While I’ve never used the product, maybe one of my friends have.

  • Norma McBride
    Norma McBride 16 hours ago

    So sorry to hear about all of the issues people are having with the Deva Curl products and changes in the company. I remember my first curly stylist (~10+ years ago now) mentioned I need to careful about product dates and storage. Really liked Massey’s approach to curly hair and how her book didn’t push her product line. I still use many of those recipes for my own hair care. Didn’t even realize she had left the company 5 years ago - yikes! Thanks for bringing these issues up and being a voice out there.

  • Brax
    Brax 16 hours ago

    I went to a hair stylist to get a deva cut which i had started out with deva products and i didn’t like them enough to rebuy and i told that stylist it does not work on my hair but kept trying to say that it works i was just using it wrong. She used one of their curl cremes and a b leave in in my hair. Legit my hair was tangling as she raked the products in and had no curl definition by the time i left. She cut more to try to fix all the bs going on with my hair and of course no curl came back and i denied any further cutting as by this point my curls were above my ears. It took a month to get moisture back in my hair and 3 months to put it in a pony tail again then a year to grow out the bad layers from my first diva cut 🙃 now a year and a half later I’ve grown out my layers and my hair is bra strap length🙌🏽

  • rfeinst89
    rfeinst89 18 hours ago

    Thank you so much for being an advocate. I'd been using the DevaCurl No Poo shampoo and One Condition for several months with no problems. I started using the DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. A few days later I started breaking out into hives, but my hair and scalp were fine. My dermatologist thought it was scabies. After doing the scabies treatment for months with no relief, I realized the issue must be something else. Turns out it was an allergic reaction to something in the gel. I have the same reaction to the Light Defining Gel. I think I'm allergic to an ingredient in those gels, maybe DMDM Hydantoin, which is a formaldehyde derivative. Anyone else have a similar reaction? Now I use Innersense products (a little pricey) and Curls products (a great line available in drug stores).

  • Elise Parker
    Elise Parker 20 hours ago

    The plastic Bobby pins have little teeth in the center so they got stuck on my hair and the snapped in half when I tried to remove one without tugging. I got them with the idea I’d be able to use them instead of metal ones when diffusing a cow lick 🤪

  • Elise Parker
    Elise Parker 20 hours ago

    I tried probably 3 deva curl products in November when I started my curly/wavy journey and the next morning I got such a bad migraine in my group fitness class I had to leave to not vomit in class. The smell on my head was so strong, especially when I started sweating. It was my worst migraine ever. I returned the products and then started seeing these other hair loss/damage complaints. I live in central Florida as well so I bet your right, our products probably get crazy hot in the process of shipment down here. Thanks for your hard work and keeping the message out there.

  • SarSar
    SarSar 22 hours ago

    I am so incredibly impressed with you and your ethical compass. You did the right thing. It wasn’t easy. But it needed to be done. Wow. I am just blown away by you. Thank you!!!

  • Breanna M-S
    Breanna M-S 23 hours ago

    Oh my gosh... I struggle with keeping my curls moisturized (especially the ends) and recently got a travel size of DevaCurls’ curl cream from Sephora. Just this past week I’ve been wondering why the ends of my hair (which is where I’ve been using the curl cream) feel so dry and crispy. I now realize that my dry ends started to get worse after I started using the DevaCurls product. I’m shook. I am so happy I found this video when I did. I’ve only recently reworked my entire curl routine (I was only using a deep conditioner and mouse so not much of a routine) with the hope I can get the well defined curls I had when I was little. Thank you for making this video!

  • Tina Fox
    Tina Fox Day ago

    This sounds like some of the same issues that are going on with the Wynn hair products. So sad and so irresponsible of the FDA to just ignore these situations.

  • Mayflower1902
    Mayflower1902 Day ago

    I can’t believe how badly devacurl products have effected people! Somehow devacurl works incredible for me. Then again I use Shea moisture and Cantu products with the devacurl so those products are probably keeping the devacurl drying my hair out completely

  • Amanda Flores
    Amanda Flores Day ago

    I just started using deva curl. I tried the melt in moister deluxe samples from Sephora and I told my husband buy me some product for Christmas. The thing is I’ve had an autoimmune disease since I was a kid. I use tons of meds and one of them is chemo so I am very careful what I use. I used this 4 times now and my hair feels thicker and feels really dirty

  • Kai Vickers
    Kai Vickers Day ago

    I use Curlsmith, Ouai and R + Co. I tried Devacurl once and my hair felt horrible afterward.

  • Nicole Felthaus

    Lol fork I’ve been using deva curl for over 5 years

  • The Witchy Pharmacist

    Washed my hair at 8 am, it’s almost 2 pm and my hair is still damp. Do you think my hair has high porosity? 😂🙄 so crazy!

  • Raven Deam
    Raven Deam Day ago

    If you think it’s alkaline, could we not do a ph test to see if it’s to alkaline for our hair?

  • Mari
    Mari Day ago

    I tried their products once and had a weird reaction, my face was covered in tiny red bumps.

    • Anastasia
      Anastasia 9 hours ago

      Mari sounds like an allergy?

  • Ananda Bricker

    Wow. That’s wild.

  • Liz Bee
    Liz Bee Day ago

    Thank god I'm too poor to buy this stuff. I really was thirsting after the product too

  • Aixa Davila
    Aixa Davila Day ago

    I'm glad I couldn't afford it lol. Shea Moisture for the win!

    • Samantha-M.
      Samantha-M. 3 hours ago

      Aixa Davila Lmaooo same. I’d always look at the lime-green section and salivate, but now I‘m so glad DC was way too expensive for me.

  • Desluv46
    Desluv46 Day ago

    Being natural is so tiring 😔

  • Desluv46
    Desluv46 Day ago

    Damn I just bought a couple of their products

  • Danielle Bettis

    I got my first deva cut in 2017 and i was so excited and on the deva curl hype. I got there and after the dry cut she started washing my hair with the deva curl products and i could tell that my hair was reacting way different then when i do my own hair but I pushed it out of my mind because i was excited about my deva cut and I thought deva curl was the best. After she washed and styled my hair she was telling me that the deva curl gel she used didn’t work for my hair but to try the other deva curl gel. I walked out of that salon all happy and excited from my first deva cut but looking back at pictures from then you can clearly see that my hair was a dry, frizzy, undefined mess and I realized later on that the hair stylist knew she did me wrong but didn’t say anything. After i washed my hair later on that week and styled it how i usually did without deva curl products my hair was soft and hydrated and defined and I realized how horrible the deva curl products were for my hair and i never used them again.

  • SeoulMeetsSoul

    I’m so glad I came across this video! I recently went to the doctor to get checked to see if anything was wrong bc I only use deva products but I’ve noticed a difference in my hair texture and thickness. I thought it was an iron issue but all tests came back normal...this makes so much sense....

  • Janice S
    Janice S Day ago

    I noticed that the mixed chicks shampoo made my hair fall out

  • Maritza Zavaleta

    See. That’s why I’m so scared to get my hair cut a salon! I’ve been cutting my own hair for 20 years and I never really used deva curl products I don’t like the price point. I don’t know how to find a curly stylist that doesn’t use devacurl products in my area

    • The Vegan Bee
      The Vegan Bee Hour ago

      You can bring your own products to salons

    • gogglespisano24
      gogglespisano24 4 hours ago

      SAME! No stylist ever knows how to cut my curly hair. It's crazy.

  • Krystal
    Krystal Day ago

    Thank you for sharing! I always wanted to try devacurl products to try recovering my waves but I don’t think I will until I hear that this problem has been solved

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend Day ago

    I started using DC 2 and a half years ago, when I worked at Sallys, because we got to shop at cosmoprof, with our discount too! I was hyped and fell in love! I only stayed at Sallys for about 8 months, because it was a shit show lol. Before I quit, I went to 3 different cosmoprofs and bought as many wavemakers and litters of the no poo and one conditioner as I could, since two liters came to just less than $20 and my wavemakers were $7 there. That alone was a red flag, because that’s a huge price difference, and they’re still making a profit. But anyways, I had no problems with any of those products and kept using them, until I finally ran out of my no poo.... I went to ultra and shelled out for a full price liter and idk what happened but something definitely changed! It just wasn’t working for my hair. I tried to blame it on winter and that was why it wasn’t working, but now I know I’m not crazy!

  • tracey murphy
    tracey murphy Day ago

    Wow, scary! The first time Im glad I live in cold canada..

  • hawkeyemadi
    hawkeyemadi Day ago

    Devacurl doesn't do anything for real afro-textured curly coily hair. 4a, 4b, and 4c textures, it doesn't do anything for us. That's I never used it. Plus, no one in the natural hair(black hair) community uses it.

  • Chelsea Rivera

    So glad I never got any of their products 😐 I hope all the women effected get their hair back to its former glory!

  • The Witchy Pharmacist

    My hair naturally, even as a kid, is extremely frizzy and dry with loose waves. For about two years I’ve used different products to try out and nothing works for me. I don’t use any heat and don’t color my hair. I just found out about porosity and I have high porosity and I heard that means I need protein rather than moisture. But even that’s not working. My hair is constantly tangled. Will your book help my situation? Lol I was just in Miami, wish I would have found you a couple weeks sooner! You’re so knowledgeable!!!

  • taylormj96
    taylormj96 Day ago

    That explains so much devacurl products at one of my local beauty supply stores used to be so expensive but I started to notice they are so crazily marked down now. It was kind of a huge red flag for me. I used devacurl one time in the past buy I absolutely did not like the way it made my hair feel so I finished the bottle off and never used it agin. Thank god I trusted my gut and my hair

  • Katelyn Leigh
    Katelyn Leigh Day ago

    hey girl, I’m so sorry that happened to you! The curly hair journey isn’t an easy one and it sucks that you have to go through it again. thank you for talking about this because I’ve thought about using Deva Curl before.

  • faeriesmak
    faeriesmak Day ago

    This brand has never worked for me. If I wash my hair once with their products my hair is super dry and like a rats nest. I don’t buy that they didn’t change anything in their formula.

  • Dinah Nicole
    Dinah Nicole Day ago

    Yes, the formula felt different for sure; a lot more watery. I stopped using them 2yrs ago. Thank you for the real care about your craft♥️

  • Ma'Nesia Jones

    I tried using DevaCurl last year and my hair said NOPE, it felt so dry even after deep conditioning with their Melt into Moisture which should be called Sahara Desert. I’ll stick to SheaMoisture and Miche.

    • cherryyy2014
      cherryyy2014 Hour ago

      Ma'Nesia Jones same. I’ve gotten a diva cut and that was the first time I had devacurl products in my hair. The haircut was nice but my hair was soooo damn dry. I washed it out as soon as I got home from work that day.

  • DARK Angel555
    DARK Angel555 Day ago

    What is your ancestry?

  • Amanda Peterson

    You just answered so many questions... thank you!

  • maria vat
    maria vat Day ago

    did you do a ph test on these products to see if they are alkaline?

  • Random Names
    Random Names Day ago

    Wynn, monat and now deva curl.... we gotta stop buying into these products. Stylist here and i just heard about deva it's been clients asking me about it. So thank you for sharing your story. Your hair looks amazing btw <3

  • Nima
    Nima Day ago

    Omg I’m using it now 🤯 but it hasn’t caused hair loss, but I have genetically very thick hair and I never use heat styling. I find that devacurl does really give me a good texture and moisture but I will be looking out for this...and probably not rebuying.

  • David Norris
    David Norris Day ago

    Oh no I need to research now. I've been recommending these products. I work at the Salon inside Jcpenney and we recommend Sephora products on the daily. Omg omg omg....

  • Angela A
    Angela A Day ago

    I use SheaMoisture shampoo, conditioner, treatment and leave in treatment. I use DevaCurl’s curl revival spray (which came out in September 2019 I believe) but I only use it once a week. I don’t use DevaCurl styling creams any more as I found them too thick. Thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure to review my curly girl routine

  • Heather M
    Heather M Day ago

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I know that no matter what product I use I can't use it for too long or my hair gets tired of it. I have to swap out for a bit before I can go back.

    • Nikkie
      Nikkie Hour ago

      Yup same every product that i like stops working and i have to rotate, i think it works like that with skincare too strange

  • PaperParade
    PaperParade Day ago

    Wow! I've been wondering for a long time now why my crazy thick hair has gotten to be so much thinner! Now that I think about it, the thinning started when I was using DevaCurl. It's literally lasted 3 years until recently when I decided to buy shampoo and conditioner for thickening hair--something I'd always stayed faaar away from all my life.

  • Elizabeth Nicole

    Dang this scares me, I still have some deva curl products from about a year or two ago that I haven’t finished ... they’re not my go to because of the price but now I know I’m just not gonna touch this if it’ll mess up my hair

  • Maggie B
    Maggie B Day ago

    I'm pretty sure devacurl products have citrus essential oils in them. That's the fragrance part of the ingredients. That's the lemony smell.vCitrus essential oils are very irritating and can cause allergic reactions if used for long periods of time. And the devacurl no poo doesn't really wash out completely like a normal shampoo so there is oil residue left on the scalp to clog and irritate it causing inflammation and hair loss.

  • zobothehobo
    zobothehobo 2 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest, the marketing of Deva as The curly product and the way they forced themselves into a near household name in recent years has really made me wary. A company that tries that hard has SOMETHING in its closet that's usually not very good

    • zobothehobo
      zobothehobo 55 minutes ago

      @Lea Leak not all marketing is the same strategy or tries so hard lmao

    • Lea Leak
      Lea Leak 59 minutes ago

      zobothehobo that’s what marketing is

  • Simply Saida
    Simply Saida 2 days ago

    This explains so much! I heard everyone raving and raving so I bought some and tried and since I'm low porosity, I used the Melt Into Moisture with a cap and heat. My hair felt so awful the next day I had to deep condition with something else all over again. Never used it again after that! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! And doing it in such a way that you're not bashing or telling people to buy the brands that sponsor you or sell at your salon. Just a helpful, informative rundown of your experience and theories. Thank you thank you!

  • Samantha Foster
    Samantha Foster 2 days ago

    I never realized any of this and I still have product that I use. Maybe it’s from the ownership change

  • Dante Velasquez
    Dante Velasquez 2 days ago

    DAMN! Its time for a class action suit. Do we know what the chemical is and has anyone ph tested any of the products? This is terrible and unacceptable, and if they aren't doing anything about it then they need to be made to respond.

    • Jen King
      Jen King 7 hours ago

      I was Just about to these questions 😳 They should be held accountable for misrepresenting their products

  • Shaked Gabbay
    Shaked Gabbay 2 days ago

    Did you check the products' ph level? It's a super easy test and it'll give you a definite answer about its alkalinity.

  • NewNails WhoThis
    NewNails WhoThis 2 days ago

    I only like the Arc Angel gel because it gives me big curls and I always cocktail with other Curl Smith products or it feels dry as shit. But I switched to Curl Smith In Shower Styler. Everything else that's Devacurl is blah and overpriced. I once bought $300 worth of their shit and brought it right back to Ulta/Sephora after using it. Dryness city. I love Curl Smith and Shea Moisture.

  • Alice Alice
    Alice Alice 2 days ago

    I use, treeseme shampoo and conditioners and la looks sport gel and never had a problem. My curls are healthy. And now i add the Giovannie leave in

  • Alissa Horan
    Alissa Horan 2 days ago

    Used devacurl ONCE a couple months ago. Pure nightmare, after one use. Took 3 full washes to fix it. My friend got a devacut and after the stylist put the products in her hair, it was a huge frizzy mess and the stylist was mortified. She just kept telling my friend "It's just you. The products don't like YOUR hair." Hmm, okay. Unprofessional and untrue. The brand is the problem, not all these women. Thanks for sharing truth♡