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  • Dénes Nagy
    Dénes Nagy 20 hours ago

    That blouse is hideous, she deserved it.

  • bình Đới
    bình Đới Day ago

    Video này toàn là ghép hình thôi

  • Barbie Babe
    Barbie Babe Day ago

    If the same person made the third and the last video, he is being followed by the same “ghost”!

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 Day ago

    why, in the first two there is no sound ?

  • Wat een flauwekul

    😂😂😂😂nice try

  • Натали Шульга

    Супер 👍🖐️👏👍

  • Subhacheeni Srinivasan


  • Kirti Kumar Jain
    Kirti Kumar Jain 2 days ago

    दो भूत एक जैसे कपड़े भी शर्ट पैंट तो बदल देते

  • Asad Mushtaq
    Asad Mushtaq 2 days ago

    Seriously the fourth one is the danger vedio

  • Sangeeta Jadhav
    Sangeeta Jadhav 2 days ago

    Where is the ghost

  • Narsingh Patil
    Narsingh Patil 3 days ago

    Why the ghost is getting jeleous on her??

  • Utjal Munda
    Utjal Munda 4 days ago

    Woow amazing

  • Ruby McCoy
    Ruby McCoy 4 days ago

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  • daniel n
    daniel n 5 days ago


  • Daniel Dhayanandhan

    Nice acting

  • yash verma
    yash verma 7 days ago

    If u can capture the ghost , u can capture the god as well .. m waiting

    ADITYA CHOURASIA 7 days ago

    She was just acting after being pushed. Maybe she could try some certifications in acting 😆

  • Mohammed Majid M
    Mohammed Majid M 7 days ago

    Position of the camera is dubious.

  • Aesthetic Chandra
    Aesthetic Chandra 7 days ago

    Overacting ke 50 Rs cut

  • LaBaKDAS
    LaBaKDAS 8 days ago

    0:37 the girl smiles while exiting the screen 😂😂,lol well planned scam😆😆

  • Sreerag S R
    Sreerag S R 8 days ago

    It's girl's shadow

  • Arjun R
    Arjun R 9 days ago

    R u trying to threaten children ..u son of a bitch ..better put a hidden camera in your parents will get more viewers

  • tommy shaking
    tommy shaking 9 days ago

    best actor in the mada fucng world

  • suman nag
    suman nag 11 days ago


  • Farah Hussain
    Farah Hussain 11 days ago

    Camera wo v girls bathrum😆

  • Farah Hussain
    Farah Hussain 11 days ago

    Bathroom me Kon camera lgta h yr hahahaha kasm se had h

  • Krshn K
    Krshn K 11 days ago

    Orey eariii pukaaaaaa...adi girl shadow ra munda yadavaa..kalu dobayaaaa..

  • Tellem Large Marge Sent You

    U can see the string pulling the curtain lol

  • Vikram Jadhav
    Vikram Jadhav 12 days ago

    The girl didn't cry the ghost didn't bother much to push again seriously a lazy one. One small question why did the girl turned left and second one camera in wrong area,should have been some where else.....oops just kidding...

  • vinod Antony
    vinod Antony 13 days ago

    Oscar award

  • TheLotussong
    TheLotussong 13 days ago

    That doggy is upto all kind of stuff 😁

  • Kani Mozhi
    Kani Mozhi 13 days ago

    😂😂😂better luck next time

  • kpy kapil basu
    kpy kapil basu 14 days ago

    Her foot has been slipped

  • Very Iseng Person
    Very Iseng Person 14 days ago

    wait.....this is joke or what.....but i still lol, btw show her bob and vagene plz

    AMIT KUMAR 15 days ago

    I know the reason behind ghost attacking her ....As you must have seen she wasted much water .....And the ghost must have been an environmentalist when he was alive

  • jones andrean
    jones andrean 16 days ago

    Its staged

  • Prateek Kumar
    Prateek Kumar 16 days ago

    My room light blinked as I watched this video.

  • Ananta Geerwar
    Ananta Geerwar 16 days ago


  • Haridas Insa
    Haridas Insa 17 days ago

    Fuddu bakwaaas kya he yeh 👎👎👎👎

  • Hariprasath Creations

    This is a real😱

  • SevgiYoga
    SevgiYoga 18 days ago

    Fallow me😈😈

  • sinan jaiakumar jaiakumar


  • sinan jaiakumar jaiakumar

    This ugly creaturr deserves the push

  • gamerboy gaming
    gamerboy gaming 18 days ago

    gali dene ka mauka milega ek ek kr ke

  • djpaul146
    djpaul146 18 days ago


  • Lucas Mendoza
    Lucas Mendoza 18 days ago

    Man I love that last Melody

  • kerolin anthony
    kerolin anthony 19 days ago

    Faje videos

  • Madhu Dey
    Madhu Dey 19 days ago

    What the hell! In first video I saw a man lying in roadside🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Натали Шульга

    В топ удачи и успехов во всем!!!

  • Натали Шульга

    Класс 👍 видосики!!!

  • Натали Шульга

    Супер 👍🖐️👏👍👍!!!

  • Натали Шульга

    В топ 👍!!!

  • Натали Шульга


  • Giovanni Ruiz
    Giovanni Ruiz 20 days ago

    This is not real

  • SevgiYoga
    SevgiYoga 24 days ago

    Fallow me😈😈

  • SevgiYoga
    SevgiYoga 25 days ago

    Fallow me😈😈

  • SevgiYoga
    SevgiYoga 25 days ago

    Fallow me😈😈

  • SevgiYoga
    SevgiYoga 25 days ago


  • Joann Wong 84 111
    Joann Wong 84 111 25 days ago

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 25 days ago

    4:01 suspicious of the black and white shot,which shows in a (a child in the background, it sounds good)

  • Barbie Babe
    Barbie Babe 25 days ago

    When you clips are in black and white, it might be a good idea NOT to use the old fashion wore film enhancing. It messes up the ability to scan for changes. eg when spirts fade in and out or just pop up. All in all a good video though.👍😍🇨🇦🦋

  • Натали Шульга

    Круто 👍 последний вариант сам рогатый !!!

  • Subha prakash Nayak
    Subha prakash Nayak 26 days ago

    Faltu video mujhe ek bhi bhut najar nehi aya

  • Saurav Official
    Saurav Official 26 days ago

    Ist viewer

  • Натали Шульга

    В топ 👍

  • gloria lewis
    gloria lewis 28 days ago

    Who was that girl? I thought you said you were alone?

  • Натали Шульга

    Спасибо за видео 👍 супер 👍 супер 👍 супер 👍 супер 👍 супер 👍🖐️👏👍👍


    Ficas muito tempo num só vídeo para mostrar o que já foi visto.Acelera,assim fica difícil.

  • bình Đới
    bình Đới Month ago

    Đóng lô liễu quá

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 Month ago

    some of the spirits are immediately noticed, as the others don't

  • Jason Schwass
    Jason Schwass Month ago


  • Jason Schwass
    Jason Schwass Month ago

    Go live

  • Gyan Jyoti
    Gyan Jyoti Month ago

    Are ye banda sidhe sidhe ullu bana raha hai.. In this video it cn b seen clearly He says he is alone, then who was that girl to whom he was telling to hide behind him ?any answer?

  • Habeeb Khan
    Habeeb Khan Month ago

    Kahani achi banali saaali

  • Farid Gull
    Farid Gull Month ago

    Yee Is Larke Ke Maa Hai Margl Kar Wapes Ayeee Hai

  • Ajaya Pandey
    Ajaya Pandey Month ago


  • Bobby B Burns
    Bobby B Burns Month ago

    its just way to convenient to have the camera runnen for no reason lol

  • Pops6185
    Pops6185 Month ago

    Did she use her own hand to mimic a ghost hand? @4:37

  • Naveen Sai
    Naveen Sai Month ago

    Someone under the bed

    • jeremie johnson
      jeremie johnson Month ago

      It's the ghost of her deceased father helping her move the furniture so she can vaccum under the bed

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp Month ago

    Its definately the dog playing tricks!!! 😂😂

  • Sherrie Buck
    Sherrie Buck Month ago

    k not real

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 Month ago

    9:39 not work of panic of soot are already seen yet sooner (3:46)

  • Janmejaya jena
    Janmejaya jena Month ago

    Talk to the spirit in Hindi or in your regional language. Use EVP Meter

  • Cathy Fitzpatrick

    you have to be firm and tell the ghost that this is your home and you and your family need to be able to carry on your duties i.e. work, care for family and that the spirit needs to move on prayer is the kindest way to help the spirit .Also, when you want to rid your spirit neighbour use a Californian sage stick or sage smug and tray ( to catch the embers ) please don't be scared they feed off the fear try and remain's your home your in titled to live there. other than this you could connect a shamen, priest they may want a donation. Best of luck and sending Blessings....

  • Irene Tan
    Irene Tan Month ago

    Great 🙏Thank you for sharing 👍✌🙏Namo Amitabha🙏🍰🍟🍔🍵☕🌻🌺🌹🌷🍀

  • dj keshari
    dj keshari Month ago

    Fack video

  • Glen Garden
    Glen Garden Month ago

    get a spirit box

  • Elisa Ferro
    Elisa Ferro Month ago

    È la ragazza che è passata prima...ha messo un lenzuolo addosso...Challenge Samara..

  • H.W. R
    H.W. R Month ago


  • H.W. R
    H.W. R Month ago

    9:39 😨

  • Irshad sayyad
    Irshad sayyad Month ago

    Denger video

  • Melina Lovely
    Melina Lovely Month ago

    So whos the bitch that ran across right in front the camera? Boy Stop! Im TAKING My Subscription back!!! Your cut off for this fony shit!

  • Youtube TikTok
    Youtube TikTok Month ago

    Stopped fack ok next time don't se crazy word's

  • DAD 527
    DAD 527 Month ago

    Busted by a bad edit what a moron effn lying idiots!!!

  • Duane Carter
    Duane Carter Month ago

    Thought you was alone?

  • Reji Janadson
    Reji Janadson Month ago

    It's like the woman who passed you........

  • Raymond Whitfield

    I saw NOTHING!!!


    Fica falando o tempo todo e fantasma nada,tem dó!

  • Duane Carter
    Duane Carter Month ago

    Something in the dark doorway at 8:24. Fast flash. Looked like a girl? Guess that’s a draft messing with that bathroom door? ✌🏻🙏from Va. 👻👻👻👻👻

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    You should get an oscar