Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Kram Anodlac
    Kram Anodlac 55 minutes ago

    LeBron is the GOAT of Overhyped that's it

  • black black
    black black 56 minutes ago

    "oh, how wrong you are" -Skip Bayless

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 57 minutes ago

    Welp!! Skip has no idea what he's talking about yet again..#SuperBowlBound #RedKingdom

  • Adam 1
    Adam 1 57 minutes ago

    Hey, Skip! How’d you like the game?

  • jstevenj1
    jstevenj1 58 minutes ago

    Shannon was right! Skip? Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip....

  • Cerulean Church
    Cerulean Church 58 minutes ago

    Shannon Damn near had that score called

  • Mr. Wood
    Mr. Wood Hour ago

    People are giving the Titans way toi much credit.

  • Lord Momin
    Lord Momin Hour ago

    Sorry Skip chiefs just made it!

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer Hour ago

    this aged well

  • smoothcollected
    smoothcollected Hour ago

    So the chiefs and Green Bay will ironically be a rematch of Super Bowl 1 🤔 Just make it obvious already nfl

  • texas boii
    texas boii Hour ago

    Baby 🐐 Luka He’s the MVP this year unless Giannis slows down Skip just a hater 😂

  • tk007e
    tk007e Hour ago

    Skip needs to eat crow

  • Edwin Brown
    Edwin Brown Hour ago

    Who else is here to recognize the Chiefs as AFC champions.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Hour ago

    Well Skip???? We're waiting....!!!!!

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 Hour ago

    I can hear UNC Shannon Sharp now skip skip skip😂😂😂😂😂 Kansas city chiefs are in the Superbowl 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

  • KingNat
    KingNat Hour ago

    Well that pick didn't work out now did it skip🤣

  • Joe Rhea
    Joe Rhea Hour ago

    Limp Bayless wrong again!!!!!!

  • Jacelon Ellis
    Jacelon Ellis Hour ago

    Good prediction lol

  • pandomonium
    pandomonium Hour ago

    man i hope they are playing this youtube clip in the Niners' locker room #Disrespectful

  • backpackkid
    backpackkid Hour ago

    Kansas City chiefs and the whole show me state are going to Miami to the Superbowl. Deal with it

  • Javier Serrano
    Javier Serrano Hour ago

    This aged well🤣

  • B B
    B B Hour ago

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🏈KC

  • romero grady
    romero grady Hour ago

    This is why Shannon is better than Skip, he actually played ! Skip mind is like child, he just like the colors of the Titans uniform.

  • Javier Serrano
    Javier Serrano Hour ago

    Who’s here after the game? 🤣

  • Bacons Strip
    Bacons Strip Hour ago


  • Nickelback Fan
    Nickelback Fan Hour ago

    This is definitely the year to Remember the Titans but next year will definitely be the Chiefs instead of the Ravens.

  • MustardMob
    MustardMob Hour ago

    Shannon got the chief part right

  • Kaorri Footman
    Kaorri Footman Hour ago

    Shannon,I love you, but you were so wrong. I couldn't believe you bashed this man so bad.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 2 hours ago

    A lot of deleted comments I see. My favorite was the: Skip: I feel a huge upset coming. OP: aight, Ravens by 20.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 2 hours ago

    Shannon Sharp Please try to use English

  • Ferdinand Chavez
    Ferdinand Chavez 2 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the lady they never acknowledge her or let her speak LOL

  • Connor Riccilli
    Connor Riccilli 2 hours ago

    2:28 when she says she’ll keep suckin after you finish 👀

  • Korie Creson
    Korie Creson 2 hours ago

    Little Wayne says it as it is, if you act right, right happens

  • Danko Bzenic
    Danko Bzenic 2 hours ago

    Did skip not see what he did to the rockets in the last quarter last year?? And he made skip eat his words after the blazers game!! Clutch baby

  • mark kehoe
    mark kehoe 2 hours ago

    Brandon Marshall = not a great judge of anything!!

  • cool beanz
    cool beanz 2 hours ago

    Skip ended that well huh?????lmao

  • fane88
    fane88 2 hours ago

    diferent nba!air jordan the best=maradona

  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley 2 hours ago

    Big stunner that skip picks the titans 😒. Skip loves him some Mahomes hate...if its not deshaun watson, Lamar Jackson, tom brady, or dak then he isnt interested in any iota of support.

  • Steve
    Steve 2 hours ago

    Doesn't look good for the Titans. They're defense is playing loose and Mahomes is killing them. Tennessee needs to run Henry a lot, and for GOD'S SAKE KEEP A MAN ON KELCE! If you can shut Kelce out you've won!

  • boyfromthe_302
    boyfromthe_302 3 hours ago

    Skip, bro. Let that hate go

  • aquil harris
    aquil harris 3 hours ago

    Check out my sport's RU-clip channel like comment

  • Silencio Thequiet
    Silencio Thequiet 3 hours ago

    Nah, Doncic is the closest thing to Doncic, period.

  • Prince Patel
    Prince Patel 3 hours ago

    Are you outta your mind bruh

  • Reezy_Bad
    Reezy_Bad 3 hours ago

    Excuses for Lebron lol

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk 3 hours ago

    Really Clemson's D wasn't all that, OSU moved on them, not surprised LSU went up and down the field on them.

  • DJ Hasta
    DJ Hasta 3 hours ago

    If Shaq maintain at 300 lbs for 15 years and worked on shooting instead getting bigger, he would've been the undisputed GOAT.

  • K.Cutta the Dark Horse

    Reggie started off his point with WRONG INFORMATION. Null and Void

  • Harshil Patel
    Harshil Patel 4 hours ago

    KD the best player on any court he steps on....PERIOD

  • fortuneOVERfame
    fortuneOVERfame 4 hours ago

    Titans gonna win it all

  • DaveDontLift
    DaveDontLift 5 hours ago

    😂😂😂skip a troll

  • R. William Comm
    R. William Comm 5 hours ago

    Mangini never intended for Pats to be sanctioned. Pats weren’t breaking the actual rule at the time & Belichick correctly knew the rule said video taping could not be used for the game in progress. Pats used it for future games. Goodell would’ve needed a vote by owners to change the rule but Pats settled to avoid the distraction. With that said, it was slimey.

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 5 hours ago

    I’m a HUGE kobe fan but ex Laker fan in the LeBron-Lakers era. But cmon. He missed a shot. It’s not that serious for this game. I was just glad he didn’t “defer” in the clutch.

  • battlecat403
    battlecat403 5 hours ago

    Bill Russel doesn't count because he played in an era with not many teams and not many black players. It's ridiculous to bring him up over Jordan who played in a competitive era with many more teams, not to mention Russell's numbers aren't as spectacular as Jordan's.

  • Ross Hristan
    Ross Hristan 5 hours ago

    Two weak analysts. Maybe they say bs on purpose for hype but its foul

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 5 hours ago

    Luka is already a fkn superstar! He's most talked about NBA player right now, not in future! He's also a European superstar, and Euroleague is played by entire Europe, some 300 million people! All at age of 20! What is this guy,a reverse racist, what has he won in his life to be in position to push down people who are so far above him,that he couldn't carry his jockstrap!🥊

  • chip carter
    chip carter 5 hours ago

    Skip telling maybe the best pure runner to ever live what it's like to be a RB LOL

  • C Rizzy
    C Rizzy 5 hours ago

    An MMA fighter with zero pro fights won several rounds against the best boxer in the last 20 years. Give the man some credit.

  • DynamicUnreal
    DynamicUnreal 5 hours ago

    He plays like a less athletic but more skilled LeBron to be honest. He’s way better than any other 20 year old in history though.

  • Stephen Markley
    Stephen Markley 5 hours ago

    How can you hate someone when they’ve only been in the league 2 years.

  • Ivan Martins
    Ivan Martins 6 hours ago

    Sorry just blind....🤣😂

  • D Onslott
    D Onslott 6 hours ago

    Hate to play the race card, but I strongly believe the show is trying to compare to white basketball players by race , not so much by numbers and stats. Undisputed should straight up come out and say which white boy is better? Instead of being around the bush.

  • Tomas Statkus
    Tomas Statkus 6 hours ago

    Skip is high as a kite

  • tminusbs 5700
    tminusbs 5700 6 hours ago

    He's white and can play. Guess he Larry Bird😂😂😂

  • StoneAgeStark
    StoneAgeStark 6 hours ago

    2:23 my fav part

  • Faed Surji
    Faed Surji 6 hours ago

    i am a titans fan and skip overdid tannehill, just stick to praising henry

  • Ghyulane Hydroxenn
    Ghyulane Hydroxenn 6 hours ago

    This Skip guy needs to be drug tested ASAP TF is wrong with this guy.

  • Chris
    Chris 7 hours ago

    No 3-4 defense can stop Titans Run

  • Troy Kozlowski
    Troy Kozlowski 7 hours ago

    Skip will win the bet but Titans will lose the game 34-31 in ot

  • x2j158
    x2j158 7 hours ago

    Doncic still got plenty of room for improvement. Remember people Larry Bird was the founder of the 50 40 90 club!

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek Smidl 7 hours ago

    42 mil a year and give him the governor's office if he wins Superbowl MVP

  • Dazed & Amused
    Dazed & Amused 7 hours ago

    Do people still not know the job of a headcoach? Lmao I love hearing people hate on him. Can’t deny his turnaround. 😂

  • Jeremiah Watts
    Jeremiah Watts 7 hours ago

    Two years away... 2 AFC championship games... looks like Mahomes was the man!!!

  • Jeremy Garcia
    Jeremy Garcia 7 hours ago

    Naw yall jus rasict

  • Jim Soloway
    Jim Soloway 7 hours ago

    One huge difference between Bird and Doncic: Bird was 23 when he entered the league. Doncic was 19. What Doncic is doing at 20 is closer to what Bird was doing at 28 than what Bird was doing at 24.

  • Salt God
    Salt God 7 hours ago

    Skip is just stupid man Luka is killing fourth quarters

  • Mikla Sable
    Mikla Sable 7 hours ago

    Man i am not a hater but i swear skip Just likes to make contraversial statements Just to get viewers on the show, and it clearly works, how can you say is not a superstar? Or that you dont you see superstar in him? 20 YEARS OLD

  • Kangol Sublife
    Kangol Sublife 7 hours ago

    Lavar is dope! Yall just hating because your sons have not interest in the sports or dont have the talent. People hide their jealousy so badly. Payton Manning and Bryce Harpers parents did similar things and you dont hear them say a thing about it. So much hate, Hmm I wonder why?

  • Nuurdin
    Nuurdin 7 hours ago

    KC chiefs better stop playing catch-up and Titans not Houston.

  • Ian Raguse
    Ian Raguse 7 hours ago

    No matter how good of a scorer KD is...he is just a piece to a puzzle, a difference maker, an elite scorer, that doesn't make him one of the greatest of all time. Not even a player to build around. He wasn't the man in OKC or Golden State. He gives up on his teams, doesn't lead them.

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 8 hours ago

    Phyliss Rivers.

  • 1Coolguys
    1Coolguys 8 hours ago

    Skip Bayless is wrong on his predictions. The Chiefs will win this game.

  • Carey Sims
    Carey Sims 8 hours ago

    Ask skip a question and he will give you their whole history in a 5page essay BORING SKIP

  • steve-o l
    steve-o l 8 hours ago

    Black failure is their own fault.

  • cortez thompson
    cortez thompson 8 hours ago

    The score was 28 to 25 at one point 😂

    Eddy CHERESTAL 8 hours ago

    I guess Skip was right about Pat

  • WHiiTEBoyy904
    WHiiTEBoyy904 8 hours ago

    Eric Henry? lol Dickerson wasn't that good

  • 90'Baby TREDA GANG
    90'Baby TREDA GANG 8 hours ago

    All yall do is hate on lavar her pushing her kids in a rite way!! He ain’t gotta go the route you goes won’t him to go he’s successful

  • BrotherO4
    BrotherO4 8 hours ago

    can KD ever be greater? he needs to get a ring that even GSW respect first. so he has 0 of those gonna need to play in the nba for another 7 years to catch up to all lebrons numbers gonna need to show he can be a Leader not a role player Gonna need to show he can beat GSW or lebron by himself for once in his whole life needs to be seen as the best player in the world which he was never was viewed...and lebron was not even prime. a old lebron is seen better than a KD prime. so that alone as we speak means its impossible.

  • Rick Messina
    Rick Messina 8 hours ago

    Titans 42 chiefs 27

  • Rick Messina
    Rick Messina 8 hours ago

    Let’s win Titans

  • Gabriel Arnett
    Gabriel Arnett 8 hours ago

    Lets go #49ers..

  • Dan Levan
    Dan Levan 8 hours ago

    Yeah I would have to agree, Bird was close to Bird

  • Tom Morris
    Tom Morris 8 hours ago

    Clemson has a weak schedule-but LSU been the best team when they played them. But I do have respect for Clemson. Clemson will have more players comeback next season. LSU has a lot of the stars ⭐️ won’t be coming back. Oc coordinator-joe Brady won’t be back, that’s what coming to hurt the most because he brought the nfl pro style playbook

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 8 hours ago

    Skip is just getting unbearable

  • Alonso Mendoza
    Alonso Mendoza 8 hours ago

    This only shows one not compare Lebron to Jordan. Second: Any team loss any given sunday 😂🤣 but is the lack of leadership, wanting to take the last shot and his mentality to defend and desire to win! I don't hate Lebron as a player but his whole act sucks.

  • Patrick Shields
    Patrick Shields 8 hours ago

    he has to pick the Titans...that's how you get ratings.

  • Maurice Mendez
    Maurice Mendez 8 hours ago

    As successful as the Patriots have been I have trouble honoring any of their accomplishments due to the fact they periodically get caught for cheating as in spying on teams. We now know the magnitude of these situations thanks to the Houston Astros.

  • Max Stone
    Max Stone 9 hours ago

    Dabo was dancing all the way down the sidelines on that play. Fast forward to 4:00 left in game and Dabo was holding TL face. Sometime you just got to dance to someone else’s music! Geaux Tigers!

  • Gabriel Arnett
    Gabriel Arnett 9 hours ago


  • ChangeWillNeverCome
    ChangeWillNeverCome 9 hours ago

    Say it Shannon! Say it! Luka Doncic in his sophomore year... is much better than Lebron James in his prime.