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MIDWAY Trailer 2 (2019)
Views 95K5 days ago
UNDONE Trailer (2019)
Views 63K8 days ago
WAVES Trailer (2019)
Views 29K12 days ago
BOOKSMART Trailer (2019)
Views 9K13 days ago
JUST MERCY Trailer (2019)
Views 33K13 days ago
JOJO RABBIT Trailer (2019)
Views 141K14 days ago
JUDY Trailer (2019)
Views 24K19 days ago
JOKER Trailer 2 (2019)
Views 317K20 days ago
NOELLE Trailer (2019)
Views 62K25 days ago
JEXI Trailer (2019)
Views 45K26 days ago
THE REPORT Trailer (2019)
Views 29K26 days ago
AD ASTRA Trailer 3 (2019)
Views 151K27 days ago
ANTLERS Trailer (2019)
Views 76K28 days ago
UNDERWATER Trailer (2020)
Views 646K29 days ago
PARASITE Trailer (2019)
Views 45KMonth ago
LOW TIDE Trailer (2019)
Views 67KMonth ago


  • Jace Vazquez
    Jace Vazquez 3 minutes ago


  • Captain America
    Captain America 13 minutes ago

    Captain Willard takes a perilous and increasingly hallucinatory journey into deep space to find and terminate Colonel Kurtz, a once‑promising astronaut who has reportedly gone completely mad. Sound familiar? It’s apocalypse now.

  • Poparod Cassidy
    Poparod Cassidy 17 minutes ago


  • TheTooginator
    TheTooginator 18 minutes ago

    Man, they should remake “Midway” when CGI is absolutely perfect (probably in 10 to 20 years), not now. You can totally tell that the Pearl Harbor scenes are fake - including everything else.

  • coolguy3k
    coolguy3k 20 minutes ago

    Ferris Bueller day in the apocalypse!

  • Ignacio Soler
    Ignacio Soler 20 minutes ago

    Shouldn't have called "Fortnite: APOCALYPSE!"

  • Agusti Andy
    Agusti Andy 44 minutes ago

    When i hated Monday, i will say to my office mate: Don't! Ruin my mornin'.

  • Mike Rosoft
    Mike Rosoft 50 minutes ago

    It says Terminator 6: Last Blood in the description, I certainly hope it's the last one.

  • 《Lorena _moon》
    《Lorena _moon》 57 minutes ago

    Hey,kill me

  • Cudder str8 legend

    born blue crip 4 life

  • Little Ace
    Little Ace Hour ago

    Wait I dont get it...why is she gonna kill him!!!

  • C A
    C A Hour ago

    It's the inverse of "Her"

  • Suhani Gupta
    Suhani Gupta Hour ago

    omg they arent putting mushu? but like what is mulan without mushu

  • Drake0306
    Drake0306 Hour ago

    PE Coach: Ok we are gonna play boys vs girls dodgeball Girls: OMG PLEASE GO EASY ON US!!! Boys: 0:21

  • vincent allen
    vincent allen Hour ago

    I cant even stand the sight of women anymore.

  • Thanos43 Infinity

    When they try to create complex threads in these type of movies they tend to end up going up their own arse by the finale because they have no logical conclusions. I see this going that way but i could be surprised for a change.

  • vincent allen
    vincent allen Hour ago

    Great another rug munch of a woman. Grow some hair bitch.

  • Bob Tob
    Bob Tob Hour ago

    Home Alone 3: Rambo

  • Some Dreemurr
    Some Dreemurr Hour ago

    Double Tap root beer.

  • Zikri
    Zikri Hour ago

    Let me guess, she is from the future, back intime to kill people that will become threat to humanity in the future, or their offspring.

  • Ethan Sorrell
    Ethan Sorrell Hour ago

    why is his PC on indoors

    CUTIE PIE Hour ago


  • TheFüher NoNeedForLastName

    I lost a couple pounds

  • Sami Gaming YT
    Sami Gaming YT Hour ago


  • Imad Guemmah
    Imad Guemmah Hour ago


  • Step Vaughn
    Step Vaughn 2 hours ago

    Moon Rovers like these from the Apollo Mission ..Wtf

  • Andrey Pedroso
    Andrey Pedroso 2 hours ago

    new joker the Joaquin Phoenix Oscar

  • TheEmoStutterQueen :P

    Came here purely for Jon Bernthal

  • Guy That
    Guy That 2 hours ago

    I'm rewatching this for jim carry and gangster's paradise

  • Gregory Wesley
    Gregory Wesley 2 hours ago

    Garbage, as usual! Nothing new here!

  • leon huggins
    leon huggins 3 hours ago

    Best thing to happen in the cinematic world a true saga of epicness

  • Footfetish Playz
    Footfetish Playz 3 hours ago

    This is what people from bird box see before killing themselves

  • Elie M
    Elie M 3 hours ago

    Who the hell is Ed Sheeran? I came here because Rotten Tomatoes hasn't figured out how to display a trailer video.

  • aalever
    aalever 3 hours ago

    What the hell are all these LGBT comments about? You boys should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Arrie A
    Arrie A 3 hours ago

    What is the song at 1:23

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 3 hours ago

    Godfellas....godfather....Scarface...hell I even throw in my cousin Vinny... now 3 legends working together...good way to end my year

  • cartwork2013
    cartwork2013 3 hours ago

    I wonder if Germans get sick of seeing shit like this in the cinemas.

  • Jeremy Abbott
    Jeremy Abbott 3 hours ago

    Wow good thing the Blu-ray trailer doesn't give away every single major story beat except for one! That would be some bad marketing.

  • Leo Tang
    Leo Tang 3 hours ago

    It looks like a comedy.

  • Dev Biswas
    Dev Biswas 3 hours ago

    Mike Larry is back

  • Enmanuel S
    Enmanuel S 3 hours ago

    Hey its young Sam Winchester

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 3 hours ago

    Looks great I just can't stand her new 52 outfit though

  • Asher Tye
    Asher Tye 3 hours ago

    Always nice when the cavalry arrives.

  • Angel of Chaos
    Angel of Chaos 4 hours ago

    One of the darkest,most mature and realistic "superheroes" universe ever created,going from bad to worse.

  • Angel of Chaos
    Angel of Chaos 4 hours ago

    What did i just watch?

  • biollante62
    biollante62 4 hours ago

    did I see a female pilot? Nope!!! the first one was bad enough without this bullshit liberal hollywood sjw lgbtqrsvp crap!! I'm ex navy from the long ago 80's...this is typical crap

  • me and me
    me and me 4 hours ago

    Crazy series. I really didnt expect it to be so good and nervse racking...

  • Paddy X91X
    Paddy X91X 4 hours ago

    22:50 Black & Blue.. more like "Black&White" or more like "the strong, rightous black female officer vs. the white, corrupt male cops from the patriarchy." 🤦‍♂️

  • catbearlol
    catbearlol 4 hours ago

    im a guy that really hates the left pro women propaganda strong women bullshit, but charlies angels looks sick. imma go see it

  • Diego Rodríguez
    Diego Rodríguez 4 hours ago

    cheap shit

  • mbadiwe joseph eze
    mbadiwe joseph eze 4 hours ago

    I like the film,is nice and interesting.

  • xPeanutz
    xPeanutz 4 hours ago

    alladin girl is in this movie too

  • landon Mcfee
    landon Mcfee 4 hours ago

    Lol ima penetrate this man soul wit my heart lmao martin still a legend

  • Moz Moz
    Moz Moz 4 hours ago

    Damn I’m gonna love this movie😂

  • Eric Bukley
    Eric Bukley 4 hours ago

    HA!!!!! The ad for the movie at the end was longer than the scene they showed. That's just TYPICAL...

  • stephen schneider
    stephen schneider 4 hours ago

    My god they ruined it.

  • George III
    George III 4 hours ago

    Looks Good!!

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 4 hours ago

    Hollywood is officially dead. Good. I've always preferred Indy movies anyway

  • Ozone The Great
    Ozone The Great 5 hours ago

    This looks pretty dark and an in depth story. Excited for this one!

  • Charles W Jansen II
    Charles W Jansen II 5 hours ago

    Man. So much garbage coming out of Hollywood.

  • Mindburner
    Mindburner 5 hours ago

    Cartoon graphics for the hard of thinking

  • RICHARD10195
    RICHARD10195 5 hours ago

    The scariest thing is the subtitles 😱

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 5 hours ago

    Why is Rambo making a new movie instead of kicking isis ass? We need Rambo in Syria ffs

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok 5 hours ago

    howws reeeggieee

  • JoeM350
    JoeM350 5 hours ago

    My guess, young John gets killed off in the beginning, but then somehow history changes and he appears at the very end, like Luke Skywalker in Force Awakens.

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 5 hours ago

    Uhm Never like DC Universe!!! Seems Weird to Me!!! 😦😦😦

  • Kenny Vazquez
    Kenny Vazquez 6 hours ago

    Yesss!!! Looks real good! I like the fact that it was shot in Philly & for the story to take place in Philly. Not like few other films that a lot of it was shot in Philly & was portrayed to be NYC like the (21 Bridges the movie) I’ve seen them shoot 90% of that movie here in Philly, but in the actual film it tried to look like NYC, but I was still able to tell it wasn’t lol... We need more film like The In The Shadow Of The Moon. I can’t wait to see this movie. Keep it up the good work Netflix!!! 😁👍🏼👍🏼

  • Lucian
    Lucian 6 hours ago


  • ranger L
    ranger L 6 hours ago

    I'll watch that dude in anything. I actually paid to see predator in theaters so

  • kernowarty
    kernowarty 6 hours ago

    OH MY GOD!! If ever we needed a new David Lynch film, it is now. Come on David save us from this predictable action movie overload crap for people with IQs below 50!!!!

  • Lars Erik Volden
    Lars Erik Volden 6 hours ago

    Taking the dinos out of the park, eh? Risky move. I like it.

  • canadavatar
    canadavatar 6 hours ago

    This scene alone makes this movie worthy of beating Avatar at the box office!!!!

  • B Mann
    B Mann 6 hours ago


  • Luke M
    Luke M 6 hours ago

    C'MON CAMERON! Beat the shit out of your cheap, pandering, overrated competition.

  • sfamerken12
    sfamerken12 6 hours ago

    Shitty list, Dune isn't in it? Star Wars is mediocrity at best.

  • kernowarty
    kernowarty 6 hours ago

    "You should be at least a two star admiral by now" says Ed Harris who looks like he should be at least two years under the ground by now.

    • Will C
      Will C 5 hours ago

      Lol yup why would the admiralty be full of walking stiffs!

  • Pho8os
    Pho8os 6 hours ago

    Is it just me, or do none of these movies hold any interest for me, 90% of these movies are sequels the other 10% is garbage.

  • nplovingham
    nplovingham 6 hours ago

    sorry - but will not watch another Jumanji without Robin Williams

  • Jarrell Thoms
    Jarrell Thoms 6 hours ago

    Is this a movie without some SJW, political or feminist agenda? Can we go one movie without that?

  • Matthew Coast - Relationship Advice

    When are they going to stop putting all the plot points in the movies and leave a little suspense? This is ridiculous.

  • Bralee Pichaiya
    Bralee Pichaiya 6 hours ago

    It's scary. I finished in 2 days.

  • pratz p
    pratz p 6 hours ago

    Thank you for showing a whole movie ❤️

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 7 hours ago

    All that for Chupacabra. Seems kind of excessive.

  • TM Snacks
    TM Snacks 7 hours ago

    Yo, if Moneypenny takes down Luke Cage Thunder AND Crossbones.......she deserves to just be promoted to double O status

  • Jan Kohler
    Jan Kohler 7 hours ago

    Sunset Overdrive: The Movie Yes please

  • TM Snacks
    TM Snacks 7 hours ago

    3 girls are 47 meters down under water, a crew is 7 miles further down.....hasn't anyone seen aquaman

  • M M
    M M 7 hours ago

    song: Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D. City (Feat. MC eiht)

  • Robert Harper
    Robert Harper 7 hours ago

    Charlie's Angels looks like one big political statement! I will say it will be lucky to make it's budget back and slowly slip into obscurity with that horrible version of Ghostbusters that was made without any of the original members! Has anyone told the racist WIll Smith that his film career ended when him and his wife started funding black only studios and Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam movement? Gemini Man will flop very big! Terminator looks great!

  • Adam Blundon
    Adam Blundon 7 hours ago

    Nice video Kinocheck International

  • Adam Blundon
    Adam Blundon 7 hours ago

    Nice video Kinocheck International

  • gibriel mansaray
    gibriel mansaray 7 hours ago


  • LamproNI
    LamproNI 7 hours ago

    0:00-0:54 Wow seems interesting 0:54-2:00 Shit never mind

  • TeachMe4Free
    TeachMe4Free 7 hours ago

    Don't bother with anything from Netflix. They'll cancel it half way through the Season. If they don't bring back OA for a third season, I'm switching to Amazon Prime or Hulu.

  • TeachMe4Free
    TeachMe4Free 7 hours ago

    Don't bother with anything from Netflix. They'll cancel it half way through the Season. If they don't bring back OA for a third season, I'm switching to Amazon Prime or Hulu.

    • veksone77
      veksone77 4 hours ago

      Kind of hard to cancel a movie 🙄

  • safwat Abdalla
    safwat Abdalla 7 hours ago

    0:57 her face when she crays is so beautiful

  • Sock Puppet
    Sock Puppet 7 hours ago

    Well that looks particularly dumb

  • Taylor Lange
    Taylor Lange 8 hours ago

    I loved this movie!

  • Hamza Riyahi
    Hamza Riyahi 8 hours ago

    Fuck I stop watching the trailer kidz

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 8 hours ago

    Ads in the middle of a movie preview. Yoy gotta be kidding.

  • PandemoniumMeltDown
    PandemoniumMeltDown 8 hours ago

    "You're welcome America" XD