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Has KFC Conquered Asia?
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Japan's 48 Ways To Poop
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Extreme Natto Challenge
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  • Benjamin Dutschmann
    Benjamin Dutschmann 2 minutes ago

    by the way, I really enjoy your style of plot twists. Very interesting.

  • Greg Nadd
    Greg Nadd 21 minute ago

    So what your saying is that we need a train to busan?

  • Elijah DeShaw
    Elijah DeShaw 24 minutes ago

    At 0:36 please count the fingers.

  • Infinite HD
    Infinite HD 31 minute ago

    Sneak *100*

  • Chowdhury Rahman
    Chowdhury Rahman 51 minute ago

    Love it.

  • Rebecca H.
    Rebecca H. Hour ago

    It’s not about technique at all, those little indents were made to hold the marble as long as you don’t tilt it aggressively

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Hour ago

    he deserved a like fr the great story and transition

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Hour ago

    smooth ass transition

  • AnythingAtAll
    AnythingAtAll 2 hours ago

    This guy has: Lockpick 1000 Strength 1000 Flexibility 1000 Intelligence 1000 Illusion 1000 Sneak 10000

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 2 hours ago

    Shiratori cell escapes are like defeating my rival in pokemon no matter how much he improves I make him my joke

  • rain water
    rain water 2 hours ago

    I'm crying now this is amazing

  • T A I
    T A I 2 hours ago

    im Polynesian and i can actually see those Asian features in my face

  • Emza 89
    Emza 89 3 hours ago

    aww, poor Looty and her dog friends being taken away from their families...

  • JesswithlimitGamingTV

    i was here becuz of KAALAMAN and the expose he revealed ,, tsskkk... tskkk...TRANSLATING JAPANESE WORDS TO YOUR OWN? OWSHIIITTTT

  • br33z13
    br33z13 3 hours ago

    me escaping from my responsibilities.

  • Halenah Le
    Halenah Le 3 hours ago

    wait what??!? im asian O[]O

  • Amych
    Amych 3 hours ago

    Ok but people NEED to make an anime out of this 😂

  • Infinity Beats
    Infinity Beats 4 hours ago

    I only liked for that joke at the end

  • Arthur
    Arthur 4 hours ago

    well.maybe his fifth abilty made us win after all

  • Love Me If You Dare p.O.r.N xx KUTE

    1 like = time sorry to god :3 ⭐

  • Rodney Dede
    Rodney Dede 4 hours ago

    25 minute dashlane commercial. 😂😂😂😂

  • Space Commer
    Space Commer 4 hours ago

    Considering that Kim il Sung (Kim Jong il's dead grandfather) is still considered to be the president of North Korea, I'm not sure that assasination would do much good

  • Dim Moon
    Dim Moon 4 hours ago

    Im laughing at “nOt actually me”

  • Dim Moon
    Dim Moon 4 hours ago

    Kentobents i luv u i want more folowup bideo kthn XD jK I dont mind either way after all i luv your bidEO

  • kostasmpyras
    kostasmpyras 4 hours ago

    amazing video. would be a great movie but now I have been "spoiled" :P

  • Tugra & Sid Vlogs/games

    My man can sneak out of prisons .. I freaking can’t sneak out the house when I’m grounded

  • Rizmacadillac
    Rizmacadillac 5 hours ago

    I do not actually know or understand criminal or illegal activity such as picking locks. I was raised in a conservative christian family and actually never had any friends whatsoever. Ironically the reason I never had any friends even as a young kid was that people around me were constantly calling me a criminal and I was harassed many times even in a legal system that seems to be fair and just over stuff I was not thinking much less doing. Thought crimes mostly or so it seems... like I'm trying to be a homosexual or a communist or thinking about committing treason. My 5th grade class had a mock or moot court and I was made judge and I actually craved the feeling that I was doing things legally and had legal recognition but I still had no friends and any effort to have friends or a peer group was denied. Heck, people even accused my church as being the source of illegal activities and somehow by going to church (I am American) I was committing a crime. Remember this guy was falsely CONVICTED of murder and he may have had decent values and a general respect for Law and Authority. I have been beaten up by police without cause or reason so I know they can induce in me a state where I hate them and want to lash out and protect myself from what I see as being their dishonesty... but the ability of our government to manipulate public opinion is frightening. I went to college and started to take a Law Class during my Sophomore/Junior year. I was a Sophomore by age but a Junior by credit hour and the university mobilized with claims they wanted me to teach a "special course" and this might lead to work in business or even a teaching or research professorship. Like a lot of people who are falsely accused, I did not know, for example, what communism really was in America although I knew I had not committed that as a crime... but these very intelligent professors actually got me involved with people who knew and were close to communism and the promise of teaching and earning a living in business or as a professor vanished in a couple of years. Basically the University made things worse for me. Actually, I wonder if this innocent individual who seems to trust and authority at his core was part of an experiment just as I wonder if I am part of some sick experiment. Even after being ... I would call it deceived by the University... I enrolled in Law School for a year and took a Constitutional Law Seminar later on because I felt understanding the basics was essential to maybe one day living a real human life. But I've mostly given up on this at age 60. People even claim that my family is behind my difficulties. That they have caused this problem. But some of this becomes circular over time. People accuse you of being a homosexual and criminal as a kid and so you grow old and have no family ties or friends and so they blame this on my alleged but non existent homosexuality and criminal activity. Teachers also encouraged me to write when I was in school and I know this is their way of digging up dirt on me without actually allowing me any friends or social life. But do I have a choice? It is NOT journalism.

    • 32 999
      32 999 4 hours ago

      Wow, how can such Things happen?

  • callum hall
    callum hall 5 hours ago

    How dare they steal from Durham my home town

  • branden jones
    branden jones 5 hours ago

    Holy shit that sponsor ad transition was flawless. Fuckin pro lol.

  • biggestboialive
    biggestboialive 5 hours ago

    I love some good fried chicken while I'm being circumcised

  • Pluckaiy
    Pluckaiy 6 hours ago

    this guy sounds like a super hero wtf.

  • Kami no Hikari
    Kami no Hikari 6 hours ago

    One of the few cases I know in which a cigarette saves one's life

  • Chriscraft6190
    Chriscraft6190 6 hours ago

    Congrats on 900K!

  • rabidkoalaz
    rabidkoalaz 6 hours ago

    I came looking for cooper but instead found gold

  • Prince AfterBurn
    Prince AfterBurn 6 hours ago

    This guy is bad ass. Feel bad for him not only for the abuse but he came back to only one family member

  • Pawā
    Pawā 7 hours ago

    wow this story is good

  • Sami Aziz
    Sami Aziz 7 hours ago

    He’s nero lol 😂

  • Ben Kaplan
    Ben Kaplan 7 hours ago

    And us Americans rely on women to do our bidding and get us out of prison..Bundy had a girl seduce a guard and the infamous dannemora escape especially when they had a prison nurse aiding the prisoners because they were "in love" pussification of America

  • bekah ?
    bekah ? 8 hours ago

    I'm half Asian but I don't have the Asian eyes lol

  • Chase Hatch
    Chase Hatch 8 hours ago

    Why do all of these videos end in a Dashlane advertisement/plug?

  • DyNa
    DyNa 8 hours ago


  • Pugzilla Dohnut
    Pugzilla Dohnut 8 hours ago

    Yoshi was a good escape artist

  • DyNa
    DyNa 8 hours ago

    Someone really said nuke that little fat man 😂

  • DyNa
    DyNa 8 hours ago


  • DyNa
    DyNa 8 hours ago

    Why north korea gotta do that tho

  • The Sharpest
    The Sharpest 9 hours ago

    He died of a heart attack-Ha maybe he transferred extra years of his life for his 'abilities'

  • MrGramita
    MrGramita 9 hours ago

    that smooth sponsored at the end #legit

  • J Modica
    J Modica 9 hours ago

    You should follow the borders by what countries associate them with. Cyprus is a European country. Its close to Asia, sure, But Russia is close to Alaska and thats part of North America. The Turkish Republic of Cyprus is more Asian than the Island itself.

  • J Modica
    J Modica 9 hours ago

    Australia is a continent and a country. The countries around it are not a part of Australia. They are part of Oceania, a subregion of the world. New Zealand is not part of Asia or Australia, it is actually part of Polynesia. Oceania is not a continent. Thus, Indonesia, and Timor Leste, and Papua New Guinea all are a part of Asia, technically. Papua New Guinea tends to associate itself with Oceania in the geopolitical sense, but geographically, its Asian. Dont go calling it Asian though.

  • Spencer T
    Spencer T 9 hours ago

    damn...all that good info to get an ad at the end. what a waste.

  • Roblox life
    Roblox life 9 hours ago

    This sounds too good to be true But I know it is mostly true

  • Cryptic jK
    Cryptic jK 9 hours ago

    He is going to die... PLOT TWIST HE TURNS SUPER SAIYAN

  • tulus mawati
    tulus mawati 10 hours ago

    I eat much but never get fat wow.....

  • zuo qi
    zuo qi 10 hours ago

    In fact live in North Korea has a better quality of life than live in India.

  • Sabiq
    Sabiq 10 hours ago

    Not so secret any more eh

  • Unkown_ Player?
    Unkown_ Player? 10 hours ago

    dam this guy has man knowledge

  • Sonicgamer 999
    Sonicgamer 999 10 hours ago

    I actually assumed shiratori broke the cuffs because the cold made them more brittle

  • Valerie Madden
    Valerie Madden 10 hours ago


  • Jean kacey go De Jesus

    How about Kim jong un goes to the US with Trump and then just shoot Kim while walking

  • Antoliv Diaz
    Antoliv Diaz 10 hours ago

    is this bullshit real or what? im confused af

  • The Whoreceress
    The Whoreceress 11 hours ago

    Judge: Life sentence! Shiratori: Ok boomer.

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion 11 hours ago

    4:25 Tripoli is in Libya, not Lebanon

  • Rin The Cat Dumpling
    Rin The Cat Dumpling 11 hours ago

    Is this the bases of nanbaka ??? Besides the actual differing plot and pretty boy theme with death blood and badassery? XD

  • Rohit Rudra
    Rohit Rudra 11 hours ago

    Finally someone made a proper informative video of the BANGLADESH bank heist. The director was sacked soon after that. ❤🇧🇩

    SURYANSH AGRAWAL 11 hours ago

    Wtf ... i just watched a complete hardcore anime story in 25 minutes 😂 ... so Japan got the anime inspirations from this man

  • Filip václavík
    Filip václavík 11 hours ago

    That smooth dashlane transition at the end wtf

  • eboy
    eboy 11 hours ago

    Japanese John wick

  • Karr Kämpe
    Karr Kämpe 11 hours ago

    Dammit this story is so good I'll take 70 years of Dashlane please

  • James Mac
    James Mac 11 hours ago

    Blow up that fat boi

  • マサキリト発泡スチロール


  • Karr Kämpe
    Karr Kämpe 12 hours ago

    Why isn't this an anime or a movie? I fucking love this guy.

  • Sejez
    Sejez 12 hours ago

    This is a good argument for an immidiate death sentence.

  • raine's youtube world -raine isaac-

    Hey Philippines is asian !!!!! Im Filipino booo wrong

  • PsyRaf
    PsyRaf 13 hours ago

    Death penalty for stealing money? :o

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 13 hours ago


  • Nicolas Bustamante
    Nicolas Bustamante 13 hours ago


  • Chef Zeff
    Chef Zeff 13 hours ago

    Ah yes, abashiri prison, that one from Golden Kamuy

  • Денис Бородулин

    Oh man, you missed such a chance at 5:43 to make all the menu items disappear as KFC was being removed from Iran.

  • Ibrahim Alkurd
    Ibrahim Alkurd 13 hours ago

    someone needs to make a movie about this guy

  • Денис Бородулин

    1:20 Wait-wait-wait. You mean you still call them Zinger Burgers? In Russia they ditched the name of my favourite burger 5-6 years ago and changed the recipe a little bit. Now it's Spicy Chiefburger here.

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar 13 hours ago

    Banana trees aren't that tall you guys.

  • Dj Francis
    Dj Francis 13 hours ago

    That Bangkok HFC was such a sucker punch to unexpected surprises lmao.

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar 14 hours ago

    I am just here to hear that I am not cute.

  • Fatibut Original
    Fatibut Original 14 hours ago

    mr.beast lol

  • Tæ Tæ
    Tæ Tæ 14 hours ago

    is this a real story?

  • Allan Lara Barros
    Allan Lara Barros 14 hours ago

    Go read Golden Kamui, you will be amazed by shiratori

  • Moonraper205
    Moonraper205 14 hours ago

    *digs tunnel* Dirt: vanishes

  • Beepsprite
    Beepsprite 14 hours ago


  • Øverhauł
    Øverhauł 15 hours ago

    Yoshie Shiratori, Quirk: Yes He is able to do anything he wants

  • 12SPASTIC12
    12SPASTIC12 15 hours ago

    That’s a very interesting map of North Korea near the end of the video.

  • boy boy
    boy boy 15 hours ago

    5th ability, flying.

  • King Yeti
    King Yeti 15 hours ago

    I find it funny how he was so strong but in the statue of him climbing in the abashiri prison he is skinnier than a toothpick

  • Garras Porgratix
    Garras Porgratix 15 hours ago

    I KNEW it!! This is a 25 minute commercial for Dashlane!

  • Michael Lück
    Michael Lück 15 hours ago

    I guess after all you could say he was just a prisoner for fun.

  • ryzu28
    ryzu28 15 hours ago

    This is like something straight out of nanbaka

  • Steven Ethan
    Steven Ethan 15 hours ago

    Better than infographics show

  • Duy Lê Quang
    Duy Lê Quang 15 hours ago

    all of the thing is like school to me

  • Steven Ethan
    Steven Ethan 16 hours ago

    Half of the things seems fairytale. Anyway I enjoyed it.

  • BesTech
    BesTech 16 hours ago

    Is this even for real broooo....

  • Lancim i
    Lancim i 16 hours ago

    damn i would rather not live if the iron handcuffs and leg cuffs were putted on me