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Simon and Martina
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  • Ange Maidment
    Ange Maidment 2 minutes ago

    Wow, it looks like science experiment 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tundrafire
    Tundrafire 11 minutes ago

    Simons Many Useful Tips SMUT

  • Sophia
    Sophia Hour ago

    I get a birthday cake every year too! But mainly cos my moms bday is on christmas

  • Ange Maidment
    Ange Maidment 3 hours ago

    Pencil shavings? How does anyone even know that taste?

  • John
    John 3 hours ago

    As a guy without a gall bladder, I felt your pain with that story, Martina.

  • MylkT1023
    MylkT1023 4 hours ago

    My friends always give me crap about what i put on my pizza but because MOD is a beautiful thing; I put cilantro, roasted corn, spicy chicken sausage, and jalepenos on my pizza and of course Im like Simon and I gotta have my ranch

  • FatAssasin727
    FatAssasin727 5 hours ago

    Yo why is it that Canadians get to go shoot full auto shit and I’m stuck in Cali like wtf

  • Nona Mackenzie
    Nona Mackenzie 5 hours ago

    I'm with Simon on the ice cream. Jeni's ice cream in the states has a goat cheese and cherry ice cream and its *ten million chef's kisses*

  • Candycane
    Candycane 5 hours ago

    OMG, almost had to pull over car. Laughing.....poo just happened to be on my would you get it off? ,💩

  • Katherine-Alice Werner

    These are all typical preparations for Floridians during hurricane season (with the addition of evacuation). It's great that the Japanese take it so seriously. I was really surprised when Korea didn't take this past Typhoon seriously. Luckily it was just *really* windy northwest of Seoul.

  • Ange Maidment
    Ange Maidment 6 hours ago

    You guys need GLAD wrap! It comes in a cardboard box that has a sharp edge to cut it!

  • Yesenia G Anguiano
    Yesenia G Anguiano 6 hours ago


  • esangrizal
    esangrizal 6 hours ago

    This is a fantastic recipe! Experiencing gout attacks right now so this was perfect with artichokes and cheese toppings. Siracha hot chili sauce sealed it! Thank you so much!

  • Likealady
    Likealady 6 hours ago

    omfg my mom really knows her appliances! She brought it on the plane with her back to california. She had to go to several different convenience stores to be able how to figure out how to wrap it up and bring it on the plane with her. 😂

  • tonitsi78
    tonitsi78 7 hours ago

    Oh, this is sake. Now I know where the idiom "for God's sake" comes from.

  • KitsuneAdorable
    KitsuneAdorable 7 hours ago

    I didn’t notice when this video was published that at 6:21 a group says Itadakimasu.

  • laura reid
    laura reid 8 hours ago


  • Gerthuya Rana
    Gerthuya Rana 8 hours ago


  • Tepu Jina
    Tepu Jina 8 hours ago

    Woowww so nice beautiful love it 😍😍😍

  • SavvyLikeThat
    SavvyLikeThat 8 hours ago

    I would love it if you’d go to China and meet Liziqi and eat her food ☺️

  • Sophia
    Sophia 9 hours ago

    People checking this video now- when it was first posted- there were indeed a fuckton of vegan comments getting really angry over this. thankfully it got flushed down from the other comments watching the video later.

  • Kristin’s Pain
    Kristin’s Pain 10 hours ago

    I just started a channel as an outlet for my chronic pain. I could relate a lot.

  • Emperor Alexander
    Emperor Alexander 10 hours ago

    All I want is the name of the song playing in the restaurant at 9:18

  • Mary MacDonaugh
    Mary MacDonaugh 10 hours ago

    My favorite part in this video is the very beginning. When the English fellow vomits and Martina calmly keeps chewing and filming whilst reaching for napkins for the poor guy. Lol. She is fantastic!

  • Angie Sierra
    Angie Sierra 11 hours ago

    I just loved that cumbia in the background.

  • ninety
    ninety 11 hours ago

    randomly watching this in 2019 and realise that i actually do this with videos. i watched ramen tips video million times when i ate because it's about food and i like watching people eat food when im eating myself

  • Rey Of Light
    Rey Of Light 11 hours ago

    *watches ads so there can be more expensive fruit taste tests* lol

  • Malika Lim
    Malika Lim 11 hours ago

    I'm going to Japan in January. I'm a little nervous cause of all the scary weather updates. How is it in Jan (normally)? (I'm going to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, maybe up north)

  • lllchironexlll
    lllchironexlll 11 hours ago

    I'd like to smack that Halibutt. 😂

  • Pablo Raster
    Pablo Raster 11 hours ago

    Glad you enjoyed time in Rome :) Welcome again in Italy hopefully soon! :)

  • Claudia Rivera
    Claudia Rivera 12 hours ago

    I've been binge watching your videos and I have that baby when you move your body song stuck in my head. I sing it all the time. 😂

  • BD Fan creation of Sultan Suleiman

    why raw fish is so tasty?

  • James Clark
    James Clark 13 hours ago

    I love you guys - so pleased I found your channel.

  • Kimmi Lee
    Kimmi Lee 13 hours ago


  • Unknown Vv
    Unknown Vv 13 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at the sausage incident. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Linda Trevino
    Linda Trevino 13 hours ago

    Simon... you’ve massively changed in voice & looks. You both awesome 😎. Look forward to seeing more❣️❣️❣️

  • Unknown Vv
    Unknown Vv 13 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at the sausage incident. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Kimmi Lee
    Kimmi Lee 14 hours ago


  • Corrupt Disk
    Corrupt Disk 14 hours ago

    pompompurin is the same age as me lol

  • Carlos Lacayo
    Carlos Lacayo 15 hours ago

    the amount of waste due to the packaging is pretty insane thou.

  • scrundler
    scrundler 15 hours ago

    what are the bees filled with??

  • 許さん
    許さん 16 hours ago


  • Katajama
    Katajama 17 hours ago

    kick this guy -.-

  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins 17 hours ago

    The winds were only 120 mph. What was the fuss about? :P Edit: But really, though. I think you guys did good to prepare the way you did. It's important to take these things seriously in case the worst case scenario _does_ happen

  • Savannah Collins
    Savannah Collins 20 hours ago

    I’ve watched your videos since your days in Korea & i’ve recently stumbled upon your channel again. I’ve been in probably the worst depression i’ve had in a long while but your videos have helped me so much! You both always appreciate the smallest things & not only that but you show the real sides of your lives as well (martinas pain, your depression,etc.) this channel has only gotten more magical & special to me & I just want to thank you both so much for being absolutely amazing! ❤️

  • Otokagi
    Otokagi 20 hours ago

    11:03 So how come they don't just write 1 Litre on the bottle?! XD

  • Persephones Charm
    Persephones Charm 20 hours ago

    I have a hatred for milk sorry. Childhood trauma with milk. It sounds funny but legit no, I will bark as soon as I swallow regular milk. I can do banana, strawberry or chocolate but regular milk is... No..

  • Carl Turner
    Carl Turner 20 hours ago

    The funniest thing I have ever seen, Martina trying to get that cookie! lol

  • Aylin Frzn
    Aylin Frzn 22 hours ago

    Isn’t Japan cold? Cause you guys are not wearing much clothes 🤔 & the students don’t go to school write?

    MDR. FOXY 23 hours ago


    HEIRRA SMILE Day ago

    Lucu banget from indo

  • Sophia
    Sophia Day ago

    1:32 me in persona 5 in the station trying to do quests BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE TO GO

  • Sophia
    Sophia Day ago

    If I ate that- which I could most likely finish- I would have to separate the burger in my half cos my jaw would unhinge definitely

  • Ange Maidment
    Ange Maidment Day ago

    I love people doing the happy food-eating dance! I even do it at home!

  • TheicMoggy
    TheicMoggy Day ago

    Wintermelon is my favorite. But soy milk not regular milk

  • Raymond Shih
    Raymond Shih Day ago

    Thats a dope Jays Cap!

  • F.k L
    F.k L Day ago

    It took me sooooooo long to watch this video! Simon at the end killed me with his fangurllia dance and everything that he said 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samantha Ford
    Samantha Ford Day ago

    so, i’m an exchange student at waseda and i live out in chofu right now. i have to change trains at shinjuku at rush hour 5 days a week and it’s kind of the worst thing ever 😭

  • Elementia David

    *the ass crack* makes me die of happiness

  • Transient Panda

    Uh that was rediculous and not in a good or might funny way.

  • katie h
    katie h Day ago

    Having a crazy bad pain day but at least I can curl up in bed with my ice packs and watch Simon and Martina! You guys are amazing, thank you for bringing me some much needed joy after a rocky couple of weeks. Tomorrow I will work on building my ladder!

  • alkalinefailure

    Your video has brought me a lot of joy. My dog Dean passed away from kidney failure. I miss him terribly but watching you remember all the good memories of Spudgy has helped me try to remember my good memories. And his rice story gave me my first laugh. I'm sorry for your loss. And thank you.

  • natascha zehar

    Hey Simon r u doing ok u got black bags under ur eyes have u guys been sleeping well lately ??? I really hope u guys r doing ok

  • trogdorthe8th
    trogdorthe8th Day ago

    Coming back to watch this moment, it still hurts so much. It took so long to get over Jonghyun's death, and now that we've lost our sweet peach, it just brings back so many emotions. Thank you for everything your channel has given us past and present, and thank you so much for this short but special moment with Sulli.

  • denenbelin
    denenbelin Day ago

    I enjoy your videos so much. Thank you for all your work.

  • Eli G.
    Eli G. Day ago

    12:33 I think I found my favorite Martina moment 😂😂

  • iambeeman1
    iambeeman1 Day ago

    Why are you guys making Canadians look like pansies? My kids, 6 and 8, have shot similar guns with less fuss!

  • Nicky S
    Nicky S Day ago

    Gil Faizon and George St Geegland’s ears are ringing at the “too much tuna” comment

  • Aaron Dang
    Aaron Dang Day ago


  • R W
    R W Day ago

    simon is one of the most thoughtful people ever aw

  • Lucy Pangelinan

    The typhoons/hurricanes these days are crazy--stronger than ever. STY Hagibis just brushed passed us before making its way to you guys there (we're in the Northern Marianas Islands). We were lucky to be spared from the worst of the it this time but not so lucky for Japan. We all learned our lessons from STY Yutu and STY Soudelor so it's best to be overprepared than not! Hope the other typhoon that just left us (TY Bualoi) will spare Japan (it's heading that way again).

  • Jimmy Miranda
    Jimmy Miranda Day ago

    Japan the best

  • Susie English
    Susie English Day ago

    Dirty dirrrrty cheese mmmm

  • Odd Zee
    Odd Zee Day ago

    Guys: crackers store well and an alternative to bread and empty shelves. You can make your own bread with a little yeast,salt,sugar,flour and water. Can also try biscuit mix or make your own, yeast not needed. I filled bathtub during hurricane Sandy. FYI- a lot of the flooding in Brooklyn came up through plumbing and storm drains. Thankfully I had no problems. Fruit stand a few blocks away stayed open through out, so I understand how you felt about coco store. I call the stand "my store", still.

  • Victoria Gates

    *drools while googling how to make Onigiri because Japan is too far to go right now*

  • James Back
    James Back Day ago

    It's very difficult watching you guys and being highly Lactose Intolerant.

  • Philly Freedom

    Basic food safety, Simon: keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for heaven’s sake!

  • Philly Freedom

    The Ojibwe of northern Minnesota say “Ho den!” Cuz we all hos.

  • ArmyOfAll
    ArmyOfAll Day ago

    You: "The Biggest Storm of the Century!" Nature under global warming: "hold my beer"

  • Ericat
    Ericat Day ago

    Hey Simon, have you tried this with beef broth too? Or chicken broth if ur using the pollo?

  • Bonnie Pilgrim

    I’ve lived in Japan, since my second year of high school and all throughout my uni life (6 years) and have just started living in Korea but I find things a lot more honest and laid back here. Yes Japanese are incredibly kind but as the common saying goes I find that they have two faces. I found it very difficult to connect with people on a deeper level or have any type of DNM with even my closest friends of 5 years. Korea, however I’ve found people are a lot more blunt. They’re a just as kind as Japanese but don’t beat around the bush and say it as it is and that’s something that I’ve grown to appreciated after living in Japan where people are constantly striving for perfection (in terms of manners). Both countries are great with their differences but I honestly personally find Korea a lot more realistic and liveable long term! :)

  • Kelsi G
    Kelsi G Day ago

    i started watching when they posted the McDonald video and I remember when they posted the first fapfap! Watching this makes me sime and feel so nostalgic!

  • Japan101
    Japan101 Day ago

    School started 4 weeks ago. First day of classes was cancelled, Hagibis showed up and now, another coming in 3 days. Yeah, we get used to it...

  • katerina k
    katerina k Day ago

    he is such a cute guy, i'd love to have him as friend! I have such a standard lifestyle and i think he would be a good inspiration!

  • Kimmi Lee
    Kimmi Lee Day ago


  • Anica Jasmine Tiu

    21:20 every time I want to take a photo/video of my pet AKDKSBCKA

  • caleb aizen
    caleb aizen Day ago

    raw fish + rice = sushi.. whats so spcial bout dis?

  • MJ I
    MJ I Day ago

    I would totally wear those clothes because they look so comfy!

  • Gabba
    Gabba Day ago

    08:26 Simons smile is so adorable we love our elf king

  • Gabba
    Gabba Day ago

    08:31 why does simon have such a SMOOTH NECK it looks airbrushed

  • MJ I
    MJ I Day ago

    I don’t have EDS but I do have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis so I can empathize with daily struggles! I had to stop doing my high intensity cardio workouts that I love because I fried my adrenal glands... and now I am working on going full AIP lifestyle. It’s not just about the food but there are many foods I can never eat again because they trigger flares of symptoms and exacerbate my chronic pain. You guys are amazing people. Thank you so much for letting us into part of your lives. I am a new subscriber and I subscribed because of the living in Japan videos... I am glad I did because your videos are motivating and inspirational as well as funny and so very human. I hope you all are well after the typhoon.